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World Athletics Championships 2011 day three as it happened

Schedule from day three in Daegu (External link from official website)


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By Chris Whyatt

Bronze medal boost for Britain
1435: And what a way to wrap up our live text commentary for today. The Cuban team is appealing the decison. But great news for the Nottingham man, as it stands. Please keep locked in, whatever that means, to our website for the rest of the day for full reaction. Our team in Daegu will be filing all the latest analysis, plus we'll have highlights of all the drama in about two hours' time. See you tomorrow. Same time, place, etc. Until then.

1428: Which means Jason Richardson takes the gold, Lui Xiang is in silver... and BRITAIN'S ANDY TURNER WINS A BRONZE MEDAL.


1426: But in even bigger news, just about...

Gold medal

1419: If Robles were disqualified - and once again I stress if - then that would mean a bronze medal for Britain's Andy Turner. We'll see. Hoping for some news soon. Stay tuned.

1414: Not altogther surprising. Just seen another replay, and it does appear that Robles groped at Xiang's arm twice. The first time looked like a decent rugby hand-off. But I must stress looked like. There is definitely footage there to be properly examined.


1412: Lazaro Borges goes so close to clearing 5.95m... but the top of his thighs shave the bar, which tumbles down on top of him.

Text in your views on 81111
Webby texts in on 81111: "How about this for an exotic location? Am watching hippos and elephants wallowing in the Crocodile River next to South Africa's Kruger Park. Thanks for entertaining us."

Jon Collins on Twitter: "One of life's mysteries. How do you ever discover that you're good at the pole vault?"

1404: Wow. Lazaro Borges sets a new Cuban record in the pole vault. But that's silver medal position. Wojciechowski still leads.

1401: Paraphrasing Mike Costello on 5 live talking about events for Jessica Ennis tomorrow... She has a few issues with long jump. That will be absolutely key. As for the javelin. She's doing alright. It's where it needs to be. Her running, for the final 800m event, is in good shape. But Tatyana Chernova, her main rival, is improving fast.

1356: The men's shot final put is still being fought over. Poland's Pawel Wojciechowski has just bravely taken the lead with 5.90m after passing up 5.85m. "He hasn't come here to come fourth. That decision shows great mentality," says famed field athlete Steve Backley on BBC Radio 5 live. "He has come here to win."

BBC Radio 5 Live
1352: Just to wrap something up from earlier on, Britain's William Sharman finished joint-sixth with Aries Merritt in the men's 110m hurdles final - after which he complained about clashing with American over the first two hurdles. "What I take away from Daegu is not an arrogance, but confirmation that I'm one of the best hurdlers in the world," he told BBC Radio 5 live. "There's still London - and these guys have to be worried."

1350: Immense. "She was gone after the first five metres. Jeter deserved that," says Campbell. Such was the 31-year-old's American's tunnel-vision focus, she didn't realise she had won. But it wasn't close come the finish line. She annihilated Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, who was second. Kelly-Ann Baptiste came home in third.

Gold medal

1345: The day's climax. Here's the women's 100m final. "I can't call this," says Darren Campbell on BBC Radio 5 live. On your marks.

1344: All I can say to you is that replays do confirm that Robles and Xiang did clang arms pretty heftily as they came over the final hurdle, with the Chinese athlete's momentum slowing significantly.

Kelvin Yip on Twitter: "Liu Xiang would have won had Robles not hit him, which unbalanced Xiang. Look at the replay, upper body twists mid stride."

1334: Decent from Britain's European champion Andy Turner, too, who finished fourth. Another disaster for Lui Xiang after he had to pull out in Beijing with injury. "I have mixed emotions," Turner, from Nottingham, tells BBC Radio 5 live. "I did beat David Oliver. But I have ran quicker before. There is so much pressure and expectation."

1331: Sensational race. China's Liu Xiang was winning with a hurdle left, but it appeared that he forget to run upon landing after clearing it. He didn't hit it. Bizarre. Robles finished strong to capitalise with a winning time of 13.14 seconds while Jason Richardson, of the United States, was second with 13.16. Hang on. Our team on BBC Radio 5 live are saying that Robles and Xiang clashed hands twice. Hmmm.

Gold medal

1324: Few hearts skipping a beat on the starting line in Daegu. It's the men's 110m hurdles final. This should be an entertaining 11 seconds or so. British duo Sharman and Turner real outsiders.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Oscar Pistorius tells BBC Radio 5 live: "I was a bit disappointed with my time, but I'm happy with my experience here. It's been a wonderful opportunity. I've been very blessed to be part of this sport, but I'm just one athlete. You fight for things that you believe in. There are many races here that will inspire people. I've been to London to train, and the whole feeling there is amazing. I could do both the Paralympics and the Olympics."

1314: Defending champion Ross-Richards stomped away from the track after finishing well down the field, way off the pace. Drama in Daegu Some pole-vaulter has just snapped his pole vault.

1312: History. That's Botswana's first ever medal in these championships. In-form Montsho just managed to hold off Allyson Felix in the home straight, winning in 49.56 seconds. Felix - who was gaining - clocked a personal best with 49.59. The slo-mo is a treat.

Gold medal

1307: Felix starting strong. But Montsho leading...

1306: And here is that women's 400m final [minus Christine Ohurougu]. Strong field. Sanya Richards-Ross, the defending champion, is in lane one. Athletes looking very nervous.

1304: Slight lull at the moment - but the South Korean evening's climax is yet to arrive. Plenty of action to come. The shot put final. Women's 400m final [minus Christine Ohurougu]. The men's 110m hurdles final. With the women's 100m final your coup de grace. Any off-kilter predictions you'd care to share with us all? Anyone following these events in a ridiculously exotic, or random, location?

Gold medal
1255: Japan's Koji Murofushi won the men's hammer title a little earlier. The 2004 Olympic champion threw a best of 81.24m. Hungary's Krisztian Pars took silver.

Text in your views on 81111
Scotty texts on 81111: "Let us not patronise Pistorius. He was last by a mile. For a man who has run 45.3 he performed terribly today. We should treat him like an athlete and be honest. Or is it politically incorrect to tell the truth?"

Jessica Ennis tells BBC Radio 5 live: "It's been a lot of hard work today. It's been a completely different day from me. I've had to work really hard to get that lead. I just channelled my frustration of this morning into the next event. I ran hard in the 200m, I was happy with it. I won't be watching the Gossip Girls box set tonight. I just want to get some food inside me, rest properly, and come back strong tomorrow." THREE EVENTS TO GO FOR THE REIGNING CHAMP...

BBC Radio 5 Live
1238: Storming run from Britain's defending champion. Given the headwind it was more like 23 seconds. She should lead going into the second day of competition. It's close though. "You can't help thinking this heptathlon will come down to the final event," says Steve Backley on BBC Radio 5 live. "Very impressive from Jess," says Darren Campbell. "Worthy of a 22.90."


1233: Taking in deep breaths of South Korean night air, staring straight ahead, Jess Ennis is getting set for the 200m. Event IV...

BBC Radio 5 live's Allison Curbishley on Oscar Pistorius: "It's one year to the day until the Paralympics and he will be one of the faces there. But I'm sure he will be at the Olympics too. He will keep getting quicker. He's had a taste of what this level is like."

Paul H on Twitter: "Good effort Oscar - come back and make the final in London."

The 18-year-old 400m sensation Kirani James, who has only been a professional athlete for a month, tells BBC Radio 5 live: "There are a lot of great guys here competing. I'm just happy to be representing my country. Everybody there is very excited."

1220: But the South African double-amputee athlete makes history nonetheless. He just could not make up the ground and clocked 46.19 seconds. No doubt he'll be determined to show at the 2012 Olympics.


1216: Here's Oscar Pistorius. What a story this is...

BBC Radio 5 Live
1214: Kirani James, an 18-year-old from Grenada, loped to victory. Stunning. He's a big threat for the title. Defending 400m champion LaShawn Merritt- who has been missing in action a wee while after failing a doping test - tells Ed Harry on BBC Radio 5 live: "I love the sport. I love my job. I can't wait to defend my title. My agent and my coach and my family have all stuck by me. Kirani is a great talent. He's come to win this competition. We'll just have to show up tomorrow."


Tony Minichiello, Jessica Ennis's coach, has told our chief sports writer Tom Fordyce: "The smile is back on her face, and mine. She was a little bit down-hearted after the first two events. But we moved forwards after assessing the damage. The belief is back. A personal best in the shot usually doesn't happen. She's in good shape for the 200m. [A time of] 23.12 seconds, or better, would be good."

1203: LaShawn Merritt romps it, jogging down the final straight for 44.76. Kevin Borlee second. They are the guaranteed qualifiers. no Jeremy Wariner in South Korea remember.

BBC Radio 5 Live
1200: Time for the men's 400m semi-finals. BBC Radio 5 live now out of the blocks, up and running live from Daegu.

Seb Coe, chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, on C4: "Mo Farah did fantastically well. People got hooked up on thinking he had to get a gold medal. He will probably win a medal in the 5km, and that's great progress.... I don't think we'd be talking about the false-start rule had it not been Usain Bolt... There's a lot we're learning here for the London 2012 Olympics. It's not often you get to see a working example of what you're after."

1153: Big boost for the Sheffield athlete... and the hopes of the rest of us following her. Happy with that? Meanwhile, pop a thermometer in the mouth. Yes. Women's sprinting in rude health today. Carmelita Jeter just cruised to victory in the third 100m semi-final in 11.02 seconds. Sending a message to the Jamaicans, some might say.


1147: Ah... Jess Ennis pinged 14.57m with the heavy orb for her third throw. Fine fettle. As our very own chief sports writer Tom Fordyce said just before the event, anything over 14.40 "would be a touch".

1142: No false starts there as Jamaican sprinting shines brighter than a film studio spotlight in the Mojave desert, as Shelley Ann Fraser-Pryce wins the second of the women's 100m semi-finals in hugely impressive style with 11.03 seconds. That was supreme, she's ready. Team-mate Veronica Campbell-Brown was just behind her.

Bob Hersch, vice-president of the IAAF, told the BBC's sports editor David Bond not long ago: "It would be a mistake to quickly reverse the decision [on the false start rule]. There would be enough time to change it [for 2012]. It's not on any current agenda but I wouldn't be surprised if it were reviewed. We will have to go back and talk to our stakeholders and discuss further. When it was adopted, among the people who supported it was Usain Bolt."

Jeanette Kwakye tells C4: "That's shocking. That's not the kind of shape I'm in, it's upsetting. What can I say? I'm not happy."


1128: But Fountain has a tasty 200m. And that's the second heptathlon event taking place later today. Can Ennis snatch the lead heading into the half-lap run? Key for confidence. Steamy evening in South Korea, who are eight hours ahead of British Summer Time.

1125: Second throw of 14.51 from reigning heptathlon champ Jess Ennis. Here's American rival Hyleas Fountain. She is winning the competition overall at the mo... 12.20m. Not her strongest event.

1122: Remarkably, Britain's Mo Farah had never heard of Ibrahim Jeilan before the Ethiopian snatched gold from him in the 10,000m yesterday. The 28-year-old says he and his coach will now decide whether he runs in the 5000m (heats on Thursday, final on Sunday). Hopefully he'll have some juice left in the legs after a superb effort in the longer distance, when he did at least grab a silver medal.

1118: Nice speed. Unleash. That's way over 14m. Yep, 14.67. A personal best with her first throw! Britain's defending champion - currently trailing Olympic silver medallist Hyleas Fountain of the United States in second - has a fight on her hands, but that's more like it after a slight struggle this morning in South Korea.

1117: The women's heptathlon shotput is GO. Here's Jessica Ennis...

1113: Superb from Sharman, who finishes convincingly in third. "A duck never dies on water," he tells Channel 4 seconds afterwards. Jason Richardson, dreadlocks flapping in the G-force, romped it with 'man mountain' compatriot David Oliver - shoulders wider than the Atlantic Ocean - in second. Should be some final. Robles looked to have plenty in the bank too. And great news for Andy Turner.

A celeb has been spotted

1107: To wild screams, China Liu Xiang takes it just an eyelash ahead of world record holder Dayron Robles. Britain's Andy Turner was in fourth with 13.44. He's not happy with that, shaking his head as he walks away, and must wait to see whether he qualifies for the final. I'll hold fire on a Brit-up or Brit-down arrow for now. Second semi...

1105: All unthinkable - much like Usain Bolt NOT winning the men's 100m yesterday. But it happened. We must move on, just as the "extremely disappointed" Jamaican sensation has insisted he will now. "There is no point to dwell on the past," he said an hour or so ago. Let's go right to the action. Men's 110m semi-final on the track.

1100: Russia's chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov suffering a rapid check mate to an 11-year-old debutant, Barcelona genius Lionel Messi missing an open goal in the World Cup final, failing to belly-laugh at an episode of British sitcom masterpiece The Office...

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