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European Team Championships - as it happened


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By Mike Henson

Steve Cram
1746: By my reckoning the Diamond League event from Lausanne on 30 June will be your next bit of live athletics on this website. If you missed Steve Cram dropping in on Mo Farah at his stateside base on BBC One yesterday, it is worth a little look, or even repeat viewing, on the iPlayer in the meantime. Real goosebumps stuff as Cram cheers him to a new British 10,000m record and gets the grey matter ruminating his 2012 chances. Bye for now.

It's good news for a Briton
1737: A fourth-place finish for Britain then, down from second the previous year. There have been some really encouraging performances though, with Charlene Thomas, Stevie Stockton, James Shane and Goldie Sayers particularly shining. I imagine Van Commenee will spend the evening smiling to himself while stroking a cat like an over-confident Bond villain.

1730: Unfortunately Ukraine's Maksym Mazuryk has also made it over 5.40m as well. With five from the rest of the field not clearing the height, both will finish in the top seven and any hope of recouping the difference has gone.

1723: That result leaves Great Britain nine points adrift of third-placed Ukraine on 283 points. So that's the end of that? Not quite. Somewhere in the Stockholm suburbs there is a delayed pole vault still going on. Britain's Steve Lewis has cleared 5.40m at his first attempt.

It's bad news for a Briton
1717: The inquest continues, as Michael Bingham ("I am strong enough to run through the traffic and finish, but I didn't do that today") and Richard Buck ("I think it was me, I pushed over the top of it") both take the blame for their fluffed changeover. Heartening at least to see that they are both taking responsibility and Buck, in particular, looks absolutely crestfallen.

1713:Head coach Charles Van Commenee is in predictably unsympathetic mood for the men's relay team. "A total anti-climax. Richard Buck went too soon, but that comes with relay running, there is just no excuse," he tells Jonathan Edwards. But kinder words for the rest of the squad: "I think they have done terrifically, especially Charlene Thomas today and Goldie Sawyers yesterday. But it is a team event and you want to come home with a medal and we haven't." One final word on his tactic of getting his athletes to declare their predictions for their finish at the team meeting before the contest: "Every human being runs faster with fear if you have a lion behind you run faster."

Elyzabeth SB on Twitter: "One word about the GB men's performance in the 4x400m, Shambolic."

1701: Replays show Richard Buck turning his back on the baton just a fraction too early, thinking it is safely in his grasp. It isn't and Great Britain's roll into the gutter with it.


1657: Clang. The baton hits the floor and that will be the end of Great Britain's hopes. Michael Bingham had run a boisterous leg, nudging the Polish and French athletes at the start of his run and then makes a pig's ear of handing over to Buck. Bingham's attempt to throw it to his team-mate mean that disqualification is surely in the pipeline...

1653: Williams lies third behind Russia and France after the athletes break on the bend.

1653: Andrew Steele leads off Great Britain's 4x400m team. Conrad Williams, Michael Bingham and Richard Buck wait in the wings. With that order Great Britain may be hoping to build a lead through the middle stages.

1651: Despite that relay win, Great Britain have dropped back into fourth in the overall standings after a Ukrainian win in the men's triple jump. The gap is two points with the Ukraine on 285 to GB's 283. The men's 4x400m relay and the delayed pole vault will decide it.

Perri Shakes-Drayton: The commentator helped as I could listen to whether the Ukrainian was coming. I couldn't hear her and so I just focused on trying to chase down the Russian girl.

Denise Lewis
BBC analyst Denise Lewis: That 4x400m squad is extended with the likes of Shara Cox in there as well and I think we could do some really good things in the next few years.

It's good news for a Briton
1643: Shakes-Drayton comes within a whisker of snatching a win as the Russian tires in the last 100m. The Londoner's dip isn't quite enough to put her ahead though as GB come home four thousandths of a second behind the Russians with a time of 3.27.21. Both Shakes-Drayton and McConnell have 50.6 second splits to look back on with pride.


1637: An excellent run from McConnell ensures that Shakes-Drayton takes over in second with Russia leading.

1637: Lee McConnell takes up the baton with Great Britain in fourth and she makes early inroads into the German and Ukrainian quartets.

1635: Kelly Massey leads off for Great Britain's 4x400m women. She will hand over to Nicola Sanders, Lee McConnell and Perri Shakes-Drayton.

1631: The wet weather caused the pole vault to be relocated to an indoor arena and that could play havoc with a final definite team result. The outcome of that event could be three hours behind the rest of the meeting. So let's hope Great Britain have shored up third with some relay victories before then.

1625: The field events have been particularly tricky in the wet conditions. Rebecca Perkins has finished 11th with a leap of 1.75m in the high jump where Emma Green took the win for Sweden by clearing 1.89m. Meanwhile Kola Adedoyin, 20, is tenth with an effort of 15.32m in Phillips Idowu's absence in the men's triple jump.

Luke Gunn: "I'm really disappointed. I'm in much better shape than that I haven't run as slow as that for some years. I felt alright in warm-up and I'm disappointing because it is in a crucial point in the meeting in terms of points."

1619: Vincent Zouaoui Dandrieux looks the class of the field as his long stride carries him beyond Germany's Steffan Uliczka. Great Britain's Luke Gunn clocks a 8.45 in ninth.


1614: The men's 300m steeplechase is the final individual event on the track and Great Britain's Luke Gunn is being stretched out the back as Frenchman Vincent Zouaoui Dandrieux chases the breakaway from Portugal's Alberto Paulo.

1611: A quick round-up of those team standings. Great Britain is floating in an isolated third place at the moment, but there is an outside hope of wobbling the Germans over the relays.
1. Russia 330 points
2. Germany 275.5 points
3. Great Britain 260 points
4. Ukraine 244 points

Helen Clitheroe: I'm reasonably pleased, I think I did better than predicted in terms of points, but competitively I would want to hang onto the first two runners a little longer. I really do feel I can make more steps over longer distances, I just need to get my head down and do more specific training for the 5000m amongst the 10,000m stuff.
A final time and personal best of 15.33.03 for Clitheroe.

1602: Spain's Checa stamps her authority over the rest of the field, and waves to the crowd as she laps other runners on the back straight. Clitheroe has enough in reserve to preserve her third place behind Zadorozhnaya.


1558: Checa has ratcheted up the pace and opened up a good 30m gap on Zadorozhnaya and Clitheroe. The 37-year-old Clitheroe is falling back off the second-placed Russian as well and this could be a grim last lap and a half for the Preston Harrier.

1555: European 3000m indoor champion Helen Clitheroe's battle with Dolores Checa is in progress on the track. The pair are locking horns over 5000m and that will favour Spain's Checa who clocked the fastest time in Europe this year in Oslo. Checa and Clitheroe are joined by Russia's Yelena Zadorozhnaya in a three-strong leading group with five laps to go.

1547: A ninth-place finish in the long jump from Shara Proctor, but she is taking an anti-climax of a debut pretty well: "I'm used to the warm weather so this was a harsh welcome. I wouldn't say I'm happy, but I couldn't control the conditions and just had to make the most of it. I want to thank the British team for welcioming me and I will work hard to make them proud."

Steve Cram
BBC co-commentator Steve Cram on Christophe Lemaitre:"If he ever gets that left arm connected to the rest of his body he really will be flying."
He certainly flaps a bit as he flashes past, but Michael Johnson was hardly textbook and he could shift a bit as well.

Daniel Talbot:I tried to treat it as a normal race, but it was hard. I was sitting next to Lemaitre in the warm-up area waiting to be called through. But I thought I did well.

1536: A hugely impressive run by Lemaitre into a 3m headwind, Talbot, third in the heat, drops down to fifth overall with a time of 20.96.


1535: France's Christophe Lemaitre, winner of the 100m in 9.96 yesterday, would represent a major scalp for 20-year-old Daniel Talbot and a great way to follow up Thomas' win. Two tenths of a second between them on their season's bests.

Athletics Weekly on Twitter: "Charlene Thomas should be given the position of "chief tactical advisor" for all GB middle distance athletes."

Steve Cram
BBC co-commentator Steve Cram:"She was in a terrible position with a lap to go but didn't panic when she got shoved back in. She made a good decision to get behind the tall Belarussian on the top bend and that paid off. If she can add a quick time of 4.01 or 4.02 with the strength and pace she has on the home straight, she can progress at the major championships."

Charlene Thomas:"I knew I could win the race, I'm so confident at the moment and my finish is so strong after the work I have put in. The Ukrainian athlete, who was favourite, has run 4.03 this season and I know that I can do something like that. I have run 4.06 today and I have been boxed in and been clipped and things. I really believe I can run fast."

It's good news for a Briton
1522:A tremendous run from Thomas as she weaves her way to victory, outkicking Mishchenko and Russian Yekaterina Martynova on the back straight. A winning time of 4.06.85.


1516:Thomas had to work wide after the bell to get free and is having to work her way through plenty of backmarkers.

1516: Charlene Thomas is competing in the 1500m for Britain. A late call-up, she will face a real test against Ukraine's Anna Mishchenko and Spain's Nuria Fernandez.

Hana Welsh on Twitter: "Carolina Kluft was always my favourite athlete, what a legend. She's always so nice in interviews too."
Hear, hear. She apologises for the Swedish weather, says it is a pleasure to be interviewed by Jonathan Edwards and is generally charm personified. Sweden's ambassadors must be smooth operators if they can keep her out of a post-retirement job.

It's bad news for a Briton
Andy Baddeley: "I'm disappointed for my team and myself as this was a race I could win and I just misjudged it. I was watching from the back and though we were going to jog on for a little bit further, but when the push came, there were a couple of moments that I reflect on when I should have moved up through the field."

1502: Baddeley is making ground all the time over the last 100m but has left himself and the top three remain agonisingly out of reach. Had the race been another ten metres longer, he looks certain to have improved his fourth place finish by another two positions.


1502: Right now on track, Great Britain's Andy Baddeley is hanging towards the back of the pack in the 3000m. Three laps to go and Baddeley will be keeping a particularly keen eye on any moves from Stefano La Rosa of Italy, Juan Carlos Higuero of Spain and Yoann Kowal of France.

1455: A disappointing ninth place for Shara Proctor in the long jump after failing to improve on 6.31m. She finishes ninth behind eventual winner Darya Klishina of Russia. Worth remembering that she finished sixth in the World Championships in Berlin in 2009 so plenty of promise that has gone unfulfilled today.

Tiffany Ofili-Porter "I just wasn't sharp, I don't enjoy the rain but if it rains on me, it rains on everyone else, so that is not an excuse. I'm going to get some good training, put it behind me in and look to the future."

A shock result
1451: No obvious errors from Ofili-Porter there, she just never delivers the burst that over the second half of the race and Talay proves the stronger. In another twist the first race proved quicker so Russian Tatyana Dektyareva wins overall. Ofili Porter is well off her season's best with a 13.28 that leaves her fourth in the event.


Andy Turner on Twitter: "Officially the worst conditions ever, my toes were like ice cubes and I think I can feel pneumonia coming on...12 points though!"

1442: Ofili-Porter should be pocketing 12 points for Great Britain here. Those who could pinch the victory from here include Belarusian Alina Talay, Spain's Josephine Oniya, German starlet Cindy Roleder and Lucie Skrobakova of the Czech Republic.

1439: Another of the athletes at the centre of this debate is hurdler Tiffany Ofili-Porter, who is originally from America, but has already won her first medal for Great Britain. She clinched a silver medal in the European Indoor Championships in Paris in March and is making her way to the start of the second of the heats in the 110m hurdles.

1431: Shara Proctor fails to improve on her jump of 6.31m with a third attempt of 6.28m. She is still in eighth position. An important caveat to her conversion to Britain (see 1414) is that Anguilla does not have an Olympic team, so if she wants to compete at London 2012 she has no choice but to get involved with the host nation. Does that make her a more "legitimate" convert in some people's eyes?

Gareth Warburton: "I expected the Polish athlete to go off a bit quicker, but he just sat back a bit. I'm pleased with that performance, I stepped up from 400m a few years ago so there are no excuses."

It's good news for a Briton
1428: The Pole strolled over the line but behind him Warbuton was all grit and strain as he hung on to third. His time of 1.46.95 is a season's best. His creditable performance is boosted by the fact that the Ukrainian in the race faded to sixth.


1423: Spain's Antonio Manuel Reina leads at the bell with favourite Adam Kszczot lurking dangerously.

1422: Next up on the track for Great Britain is Gareth Warburton in the men's 800m.

1419: Great Britain's Abi Oyepitan, an Olympic finalist way back in 2004 before a run of unlucky injuries, comes home fifth in the race and sixth overall in 23.91. "I just didn't have the legs for it in the end," she said. She had a strong headwind sapping the energy out of her in the limbs though.


1414: The women's long jump is under way and to the delight of the home crowd former world and Olympic champion Carolina Kluft is setting the pace with an effort of 6.73m. Great Britain's Shara Proctor's best is 6.28m. From Anguilla - a British Overseas Territory 150 miles west of Puerto Rico - Proctor has held a British passport since birth and is one of the controversial converts to the British cause in the run-up to 2012. She has admitted that, in her heart, any Olympic medal will be one for her island homeland.

Text in your views on 81111
1408: You can of course keep me company on this lazy Sunday. The text number for UK users is 81111 while if Twitter is more your thing then #bbcathletics is our hashtag.

Andy Turner: "I came into the race confident, I felt good, the conditions were tough but I'm just happy to win the race and keep Charles van Commenee happy!"
Is Charles Van Commenee the scariest boss in sport at the moment? An absolutely terrifying man....

It's good news for a Briton
1400: The start was a touch slack, but Turner had plenty in reserve and ate up the deficit on the field for an easy win.


1358: Turner and his fellow hurdlers, all in skimpy team vests, look to be the only people in the stadium not wearing wet-weather gear. Putting a cagoule and a pair of warm woolly socks at the end could crank up the competition even further.

1356: European and Commonwealth Andy Turner up first then. His main threats are Frenchman Darien Garfield and 21-year-old Russian Shabanov Konstantin who won the world junior title in 2008 and has a best time of 13.56 this year. Five of the six best times in Europe this season have been posted by Turner though, so any defeat for the 30-year-old will be a shock.

It's good news for a Briton
1352: These are my pick of the British runners and riders to pick out through the drizzle: Andy Turner - 1010m hurdles - 1351 BST Shara Proctor - Long Jump - 1351 BST, Tiffany Ofili-Porter - 100m hurdles - 1444 BST, Andy Baddeley - 3000m - 1447 BST, Helen Clitheroe - 5000m - 1544 BST.We'll round it all off with the 4x400m relays from 1622 BST.

1350: The television coverage has just started on BBC One. It should be available for UK users amongst the videos above. Hit F5 and get stuck in.

Aviva Athletics on Twitter: "Wow it's seriously chucking down with rain here in Stockholm, our hearts go out to the guys competing in the Hammer right now."

It's raining
1342: The bad news comes from above. For the second sporting weekend in a row it seems to be raining all round the world. Just like at last Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix, the weather gods are trying to steal the show….

It's good news for a Briton
1340: An appeal was duly lodged and swiftly accepted, meaning Britain slide up a spot into third in the team standings. Russia have a McIlroy-esque lead at the top on 213 points with Germany second on 183.5, Great Britain in third on 166 and Ukraine on 163. Justice served.

1334: We'll go with the cheering stuff first. We wrapped up yesterday with the British 4x100m women on the wrong end of a mysterious disqualification. There had been a bit of a fluff on the final changeover between Laura Turner and Abi Oyepitan, but, according to the television replays, they had kept their flailing within the yellow-line box. A bit like one of my parallel parks.

1330: Good afternoon, excellent to have you back for the second day of the European Team Championships. Now I have good news, and I have bad news….

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