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European Athletics Championships day five as it happened


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By Mark Ashenden

2121: And before I press the shutdown button, a massive thank you for all your comments tonight on text, twitter and 606. It makes such a difference to have so many on board giving your opinions. Til tomorrow. I'll be here. I hope you will too. Night.

2113: Phew. Permission to take a breath. What an electric evening of athletics. A quick look at tomorrow. Yep - the final day in Barcelona. GB have surpassed Charles Van Commenee's hopes for at least 10-15 medals with 16. Sadly no 4x100m relay finalists for GB. The day kicks off with the men's marathon at 0905. Check out Blanka Vlasic in the high jump final from 1830. Chris Tomlinson gets leaping in the long jump final from 1910. Lisa Dobriskey, Steph Twell and Hannah England all run in the 1500m final at 2015. And GB's women and men have teams in the 4x400m finals to end the championships. One or two more medals me thinks. Bring it on. And go have a bath Mo. You deserve it.

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce in Barcelona on Twitter:
"Mo medals, mo golds. Double gold for Farah with a sensational display of distance running. Just another Manic Mo-day"

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Anonymous, via text: "Come on British friends! How did you forget Lavillenie's pole vault title? Le Crunch is never ending in Barcelona!"
Massive apologies. My eyes seemed to have missed some of the action. Seeing as I took a jokey little pop at the French earlier, the least you deserve is a mention of the long stick event. Renaud Lavillenie takes pole vault gold with 5.85. Ukraine's Maksym Mazuryk wins silver with 5.80 and Poland's Przemyslaw Czerwinski takes bronze with 5.75m. Have I missed anything?

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Anonymous, via text: "Thank you thank you thank you BBC sport for covering our Irish athletes so well. Thank you. I know Jessica is queen of Britain right now but Derval is the Irish Queen I can tell you tonight!"

Jess Ennis' coach Toni Minichiello on Twitter:
"What can I say, words fail me at this time but so happy and impressed with the Jennis"

J_Donovan on Twitter: "People were complaining that Britain's men weren't delivering? We have the most men's medals, overall. I'd call that success."

drdickdixon on Twitter: "Sir Mo and Dame Jess?! Ok maybe I'm getting carried away."

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Martin P Standen-Grant, via text: "Wasn't Mo fantastic!! All athletes (not just the GB nearly golds) should learn a great deal about guts and desire. Well done Mo, you really deserved the gold and I am proud that you wore the GB best."

2052: Paula Radcliffe is in the BBC studio and reveals she almost cried watching Farah's race. "I thought he was gone with 300 metres to go," the marathon star says.

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And on 606: "That was wonderful - bringing tears to the eyes. What a fantastic performance from Mo"

2048: Take that France! Britain rise to number two in the medal table behind the Russians. Another day in Barcelona, another medal haul for the GB team. Six golds now with six silvers and four bronzes. That's 16 in total. Russia have eight golds. Mo Farah passes his thoughts on to Phil Jones. Sadly Mo didn't heed my advice and dye his beard but at least he gave it a snip. His mum will be happier with that I'm sure.

2046: Hold your horses Mo. You can't have all the limelight. Dai Greene strides on to the podium to take his 400m hurdles gold. Sweet moment.

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alfie on 606: "FANTASTIC FARAH !!!! Tactically brilliant (should get him to coach the 1500 metre boys) and a great finish - this was better than the 10000 I reckon 'cos he beat a really strong opponent , but Espana just had no answer...what a way to finish the day ...."

2044: What a year for Mo. European long-distance double. Married a few months ago. He even had to cut short his honeymoon to go training. That takes a very understanding and sympathetic newly-married wife. I'm sure a massive pay cheque popping through the letterbox sometime soon will keep her quiet! A bit. Mo kisses to the crowd and the smile is as wide as the Nou Camp.

2040: If you were going to choose an event to run you'd choose something like the 100m. Shortest possible yeh? Not a bloomin whopper like the 5,000m. Or even the 10,000m AND the 5,000m. Farah has won them both. When he leaves Spain, customs are going to love checking out his two new shiny gold necklaces.

2037: Farah wins in 13:31.18 and he grabs the flag. Is he smiling beneath that 20 gallons of sweat pouring off him? You bet ya. It's the first European long distance double since Italian Salvatore Antibo in Split 20 years ago.

Gold medal boost for GB
2035: Farah looks hurt. He's kicking out in the last 200m. UNBELIEVABLE. Spain down and out. DOUBLE GOLD FOR MO FARAH. Stunning. "Quick. Brave. And the best," says Steve Cram. How's that for a useful week at the office for Mo?

2033: Spaniard Bezabeh is causing the crowd to get on their feet and start screaming. This race is heating up nicely. Farah strides to the front. Has he got the legs after his 10,000m gold the other night? He's raised the bar - he's gone up another gear...ONE LAP TO GO.....

2032: As the 5,000m boys get more sweaty, get your comments in now. Reaction to Jess Ennis and Dai Greene. I'd love to hear from you. Tweet me @bbcsport_mark, text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with ATHLETICS before your message, or join the banter on 606.

2029: Farah tucked in nicely in the opening pack behind Sanchez. I wonder if he'll adopt the tactics seen in the 10,000m where he was speaking to some of his rivals. Seven laps to go. Serhiy Lebid moves up a gear. "It's a shapeless race" says Brendan Foster. Ireland's Alistair Cragg running almost arm-in-arm with Farah. Plenty left in this race.

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce in Barcelona on Twitter:
"Beautiful scenes here - Jennis waving at Ma and Pa and Sis up in the stands, Union flag wrapped round her shoulders"

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djlovesyou on 606: "Great stuff Jess. Never in doubt there really, controlled the first lap in 64 and basically waited for Dobrynska to make her challenge. Always saved that little bit for the last 200. Could have been a British record had making sure of winning the gold not been the priority."

2020: The reigning champion Jesus Espana gets a massive reception. That's what being a local boy does for you I guess. Chris Thompson in the outside lane to start with and looks super-relaxed.

2018: There's no let-up in the action. Mo Farah goes for the double. It's the 5,000m. Another British gold? I'm sensing silver. Prove me wrong MO. You hearing me sir?

2013: Jess Ennis: "It's been nerve-wracking having all the athletes on my heels. It feels so good to win again. I had to raise my game and to come out on top I'm so proud to come out on top again. Before the 800m I just wanted to win and I have! I'm so made up."

Michael Johnson
2011: Michael Johnson on Ennis: "She's positioning herself to be the face of 2012."
You aint kidding MJ.

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alfie on 606: "Jess wins - in style !!! No safe option - kicked and won by a street...close to her PB too. Credit to Dobrynska she gave it everything , and was very quick to congratulate Ennis after she finished...I'm even warming to her as long as she keeps coming second to : Jess you champion"

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Greg on 606: "Well done Jessica Ennis! A super performance in the end. The Ukrainian pushed her right to the end. That is what she needs. Bodes well for 2012"

2007: Denise Lewis: "Beautiful running. Very relaxed. She wants to win and wants to win in style." Ennis ends up eight points behind Denise Lewis's national record. Mummy and daddy Ennis in the stands are going bonkers. Ennis wins with 6823 points - a championship record. Dobrynska takes silver with 6778 points. German Oeser takes bronze with 6683 points. The Queen of heptathlon. "You won't see a more popular victory" says Denise Lewis.

It's good news for GB
Gold medal
2000: Two laps. Here we go. Ennis wins and she's champion. Easy. She takes the lead. Dobrynska in third prowling behind. Ennis's arms a little wobbly but who wouldn't be wobbling after two days of intense battle. "It's looking good" says Denise Lewis. Dobrynska takes the lead but Ennis bounces back. She's going to do it. She cruises home in 2:010.18. GOLD and HEPTATHLON CHAMPION.

1957: Jess Ennis lines up for the 800m She has a cushion of 1.2 seconds between her and Dobrynska. Two laps. It's going to hurt Jess, but there's a golden necklace waiting for you. Easy from the office isn't it. 11 months after becoming world champion, the European crown awaits. Ennis looks sweaty, a little nervy but pretty cool. Just 24 years of age.....stay calm Jess.

Gold medal
1955: Sorry folks, I need to give you an update on the shot put which ended half an hour ago. Sorry the track has distracted me. Andrei Mikhnevich of Belarus wins with 21.01m. Poland's Tomasz Majewski takes silver with 21.00 and German Ralf Bartels takes bronze after a 20.93. What about GB's Carl Myerscough? He finished 12th in the final with a disappointing best of 18.19m.

1951: And remember - today is not just the Jess Ennis show you know. Of course - Dai Greene dragged his Welsh backside over the line for a gold but this fifth day will also see Mo Farah going for a long-distance double. What odds on Thommo snatching gold in the 5,000m?

1948: Heptathlon 800m coming up. Hold on to your hats Ennis fans. The wait is almost over.

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Thomondstreasure on 606: "Ireland's first medal at the Euros goes to Derval O'Rourke!!! She ran a great race breaking the national record and just missing out on gold. She is from the best spot in Ireland aswell.County CORK!!! Best of luck to Alastair Cragg who is on soon!"

Text in your views on 81111
Anonymous via text: "You make Rhys Williams sound bitter. This is not how he said it."
See entry below 1925. Apologies if quotes came across as bitter. This is what he said but yes - the context was not that he was bitter, he was very happy to get silver but didn't feel it was appropriate to dance around having come second. He'll be back. I like the competitive spirit.

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce in Barcelona on Twitter:
"Cymrules OK in Barca - gold for Dai G, silver for Rhys W. Coach Malcolm Arnold does it again"

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SpeedyG2012 on 606: "Great to see to competitive Brits/Welsh run under 49 secs in a championship. Dai runs under 48secs this year or next year, he will be elite athlete who'll get medals in the Worlds/Olympics in the future."

1932: Oh those crazy clowns. 400m medallists Michael Bingham and Martyn Rooney are interviewed in the BBC studio and they're wearing black thick-rimmed glasses as a joke towards head coach Charles Van Commenee (who wears similar glasses). Those crazy cats.

It's good news for GB
1931: Dai Greene: "I was pleased to get a PB. I took out some of the hurdles but I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. I expected a gold medal and I'm glad I delivered. There was a lot of expectation and there is no better feeling to deliver on the day. I almost broke down in tears."

Gold medal
1929: Oh lordy. Another close one. And more screams. I thought tennis had the monopoly on big sporting grunts. Not a chance. Big screams. Big hugs all round. Turkey's Nevin Yanit looked great in the semis and she produces a 12.63 to win GOLD in 12.63. And Ireland's Derval O'Rourke does brilliantly and is only just pipped to take silver in 12.65. Barni even goes up to her and taps her on the back of the head. That mascot is all heart.

1926: Heptathlon 800m coming up at 1945. Don't you dare do anything else.

1925:Women's 100m hurdles final coming right up....

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Fiona in Rotherham, via text: "Not sure about anyone else but Rhys Williams has a look of Jason Orange from Take That about him."
Get in there. The day's first lookalike. I stood next to Mr Orange in the BBC bathroom following their appearance on the Jonathan Ross show last year. Fact. Friendly guy.

Rhys Williams following his PB and silver 400m hurdles medal: "I'm sorry for not winning but there's more to come."
He refuses to do a lap honour because "I didn't win".

1917: And when you've bagged a gold medal, you've become European champion, what do you do? Celebrate with the crowd? Phone your parents? Do a cartwheel on the track? You lift up your country's flag with Barni the blobby mascot and grin like a child. Love it.

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Isabre on 606: "Dai Greene was a class apart in the 400mh although he got off to a rather stuttering start to the race, coupling his gold with that new PB of 48.13 secs - sub 48s beckon! Well done to Rhys Williams who dipped under 49 secs for the first ever time (48.96) to make it a one-two for Britain - that's sixteen medals overall so far and there's more to come tonight!"

1915: Greene's time rounded up to 48.12. It's the fastest time in Europe this season. Williams gets silver in 48.96. Melnykov from Ukraine was leading after 40 metres but he comes home in third in 49.09.s. The British pair are training partners by the way. That can't be easy.

Gold medal boost for GB
British silver medal boost
Gold medal
1912: OFF. Good start for Greene. He wobbles on the bend. Greene wins in 48.13. And he's another screaming down the Olympic stadium. Dominant. He wins ahead of Rhys Williams by about 10 metres. Brilliant. A one-two for Britain. And Wales. Fly those flags peeps.

1910: Quiet please. They are in the blocks....

1906:Dai Greene has been Europe's undisputed number one all season. He's the 2007 European U-23 champ and owns Europe's five fastest times of 2010. Eleven months after sixth in the World Championships final, can he bag his first major medal? A lot of people think he can...can he? Can he? Tom Fordyce caught up with him the other day. Read Dai Greene's feature .

1903: Time for the men's 400m hurdles final. And it's time for a couple of Welsh boys to grace the stage. Dai Greene is red hot favourite. A lot of pressure but he's been cooler than a penguin's choc-ice during the qualifying heats. And there's Rhys Williams.

Michael Johnson
1901: 200m silver medallist Christian Malcolm in the studio says "I couldn't have done any more." Michael Johnson jumps in and having watched winner Christophe Lemaitre dip a little bit further than the Welshman on the line and says "You couldn't have done any more?" Malcolm gazes at Johnson and looks in awe. If Michael Johnson said my mum was a stinker and didn't cook the world's finest Sunday roast dinner I would probably believe him. p.s. My mum does do the best Sunday roast.

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Antwerp1 on 606: "Well done to Michael Rimmer for his silver. I thought he ran a good race tactically and was just beaten by a better athlete. Much better than Baddeley and Lancashire yesterday."

1856: It's the fastest time in Europe this season with 22.32. Bryzhina gets silver with a time of 22.44. Russia did get a medal but it's only a bronze. Fedoriva in third with 22.44.

Gold medal
1855:Women's 200m final. Oh dear. Veronique Mang (100m silver medallist) flies out of the blocks and she's out. Hands on the hips and she's gutted. She ran about 15 metres before anybody else even moved. Back to the blocks. I wonder what would happen if six others were disqualified leaving one athlete...? Arms pumping and French lady Myriam Soumare is screaming the house down. The 100m bronze medallist is now 200m European champion. What a blistering finish. The Russians - and there were three of them - look shocked.

1850: Keep your thoughts coming in. Tweet me @bbcsport_mark, text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with ATHLETICS before your message, or join the banter on 606.

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Frankie in Sheffield, via text: "Perri Shakes-Drayton has to be one of the coolest athletes around. Look forward to seeing her at Olympics 2012. And go Jess! You can do it."

1847 Women's 200m final coming up and men's 400m hurdles final at 1910.

1845:Lewandowski wins in 1:47.07. Rimmer in 1:47.17. Just a hand away. Poland take bronze as well with Kszczot in 1:47.22.

1845: Rimmer gets his first major medal and says: "I'm disappointed. He put me under pressure. I still thought I had enough. Maybe I tightened up. He was just a bit stronger than me on the day."

British silver medal boost
1841: Rimmer goes wide and bumps his way up to the front. Good stuff. He waddles into second spot and sits behind the Spaniard. The bell goes. Always makes my heart flutter that ding dong. "Has he got the nerves" commentator Brendan Foster asks. What a finish...Rimmer puts in a big kick in the final 100m. But it's not enough. Lewandowski stays close to Rimmer and is the strongest. Both of them kick like donkeys and the Pole wins by a couple of feet. Rimmer looks gutted but the boy's got a silver.

1839: "A huge opportunity for Rimmer" says Steve Cram. And they're off....

1838: A lot of big 800m runners missing with injury. Rimmer has a good chance of a medal. Rimmer is Europe's number two this season. Poland's Marcin Lewandowski could be a favourite here. Spain have a pair of runners also in the hunt....let's see. Rimmer is in lane six. He gives the crowd a big clap and looks cool. I said that about Will Sharman last night before he false-started.

1833: While Perri Shakes-Drayton jumps into the TV studio to deliver her words. And she has a lot of words. "I like to perform" she says. Not a shy girl this one. One word to describe herself? She says "beast". Interesting. Back to the action. Michael Rimmer is in the 800m and it's a few minutes away.

1826: Jess Ennis coach Toni Minichiello: "You can't ask for any more. It's still extremely close. Jess is probably the better 800m runner - 1.2 seconds isn't a lot so we'll see. She'll be smiling right now and relishing that she's thrown a personal best. At 8pm we'll talk about tactics. I'll give her some options - the potential for breaking her PB, winning a gold medal. There'll be three or four options and hopefully she'll pick the right one."
For all those wanting to watch Jess in her javelin then you are one click away. Watch Ennis get a lifetime best in the javelin.

Text in your views on 81111
Hugh, via text: "MY HANDS UP :D i'm very impressed with our plucky brits... Medal table says we're 3rd... You can't argue with the medal table!"

Get involved on 606
isabre on 606: "The only chance that Natalya Dobrynska has to overhaul Jessica over the 800m is for the Brit either not to turn up or drop out. Jessica is in total control of the situation in the heptathlon and it would take a massive mistake to miss gold tonight."

1817: Second women's 100m hurdles semi. Why don't they run the 110m like the men? Bit lazy isn't it? Russian Tatyana Dektyareva wins in 12.81s. Norwegian Christina Vukicevic in 12.85. Yevheniya Snihur in third 12.88. Final at 1925.

Denise Lewis
1814: The TV crew are debating whether Jess Ennis can beat Denise Lewis's 10-year-old heptathlon record of 6,381 points. Ennis currently on 5861 points. I'm still chasing those small men in white coats to see if they can tell me what Ennis needs to beat that. But some basic stats for you in the mean time though eh.

1808: First track action. Women's 100m hurdles. First semi. Nevin Yanit from Turkey cruises through in 12.71s. German Carolin Nytra finishes brilliantly with 12.75 and Ireland's Derval O'Rourke the third to qualify for the later final in 12.75s.

1803: What's coming up? A quick reminder:
Men's 800m final - Michael Rimmer at 1835
Women's 200m final - No Brits but Russians looking good at 1850
Men's 400m hurdles final - Dai Greene and Rhys Williams at 1910
Women's 100m hurdles final - no Brits at 1925
HEPTATHLON last event - Ennis runs in the 800m at 1945
Men's 5,000m final - Mo Farah going for the double with Chris Thompson

Get involved on 606
alfie on 606: "Yes that last throw from Dobrynska changed things a bit! Only 18 points in it now. But unless Dobrynska borrows a motor bike she isn't going to beat Jess over 800"

1757: Heptathlon update. The 800m coming up at 1945 BST. Ennis leads on 5861 points. Dobrynska on 5843 (18 points behind). Jennifer Oeser on 5751. Ennis strolls off the track and says: "I knew I had to pull a big one out but I had a terrible warm-up. I will have to give it everything and hold on." In basic terms. Ennis has a gap of 1.2 seconds between her and Dobrysnka in the 800m. Simple right? "Jessica has the edge" says Denise Lewis. "She will want to win in style and I think she'll do it tonight." Even Michael Johnson is pouring out the compliments about Britain's princess of athletics.

Get involved on 606
Greg on 606: "This is going to be very close in the Heptathalon. Dobrynska has improved enormously in the running events. It could be that she ambushes Ennis to take gold in the final event. It would be a wake-up call for Ennis"

1749: BBC Radio 5 live coverage is up and running as well. We're covering all bases for you.

1746: Just as the BBC goes live with TV and video coverage, just to let you know that Dobrynska weighed in with a 47.04. Not as good as her second throw. Will give you a little rundown with the current standings in a sec. Ennis will need to keep a steady head in the two-lapper. She should be favourite though. World outdoor champion. Can she be crowned European champion? We'll find out in two hours.

1741: Do a big PAGE REFRESH and hey presto - the live video will be with you in a few moments.

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce in Barcelona on Twitter:
"Javelin you Jennis legend - I mean Jennis you javelin expert - 46.71m PB in the first round. One hand on the gold"

1734: Dobrynska's warmed up now and she chucks a 49.25m in the javelin. The smile returns. That gives her 846 points - 50 more than Ennis. That means Jess will still have a 18-point lead going into the 800m which is pretty good news. Third throw to go though....

1730: Want to know when you've got a three-minute window to flick the kettle on or slip a cold one out of the fridge? Here's the timetable:
Women's heptathlon - JAVELIN - Ennis vs Dobrynska from NOW!
Men's 800m final - Michael Rimmer up for a medal at 1835
Women's 200m final - No Brits but watch out for a Russian trio of medals at 1850
Men's 400m hurdles final - Dai Greene and Rhys Williams go for Welsh glory at 1910
Women's 100m hurdles final - no Brits but should be a cracker at 1925
HEPTATHLON last event - Can Jess do it? Ennis runs in the 800m at 1945
Men's 5,000m final - Mo Farah going for the double. Chris Thompson eyeing more silverware as well at 2025

Get involved on 606
T528FSK on 606: "These championships are on a par with the Commonwealth Games as far as the men's events are concerned, the British performances have been very disappointing apart from Turner Farah and Idowu. If they cannot clean up the medals at a weak championships like this, what chance for the worlds and Olympics? Forget Rimmer in the 800m, Greene should win. Thank god for the jewel in the crown Ennis"
Seems to be a bit of debate on Britain's efforts this week. So let's do a straw poll? All those happy with GB's efforts, stick your hands up.

1724: Loads of ways of getting your teeth stuck in to the BBC coverage. Watch live on BBC HD/ BBC Two from 1745 and the BBC Sport website (UK users only) shortly. There's live coverage on BBC Radio 5 live from around 1800 BST and watch out for highlights of the big events on demand online (UK only). Read about full coverage details.

1720: Ennis steps up for her second javelin throw. The tape comes out and it's 45.28m. Not as good as her opening 46.71. Hot rival Dobrynska threw 45.75 - her PB is 48.60m so she'll be chomping at the bit to close the gap on Ennis. Jess has the edge in the last event - the 800m. Nataliya Dobrysnka will be cranking up her next throw.....I'll keep you posted.

1716: Plenty to talk about. Batons, Medal prospects, Jess Ennis prospects. Can Mo Farah do the double? What do you make of Barcelona so far? What exactly is Barni the mascot? Tweet me @bbcsport_mark, text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with ATHLETICS before your message, or join the banter on 606.

It's bad news for GB
It's bad news for GB
It's bad news for GB
1712: Back to the relay. Blimey. If you didn't see it, then check out the video. It's the men's 4x100m semis from this morning. It's just horrible, painful even, in slow-mo. Mark Lewis-Francis is taking all the blame and says: "I'm more devastated for my team-mates. I panicked a little. I turned around and grabbed the baton but by then it was too late." There is history with GB. Dropped batons at the Atlanta Olympics (1996) and Sydney (2000), and the Edmonton World Champs (2001), and disqualification in Beijing. Is there any excuses? Marlon Devonish has come out defending the team: "It's not just passing the baton, there's a lot of technical things that happen. You can get all the press together, put on a tracksuit, try to pass the baton around and you'd understand the pressures and accuracy which is needed. You'd have more respect for what we're doing." What do you reckon? Baton buffoonery or sympathy?

It's good news for GB
1708: More details in a bit. FIRST I must inform you that Jess Ennis is hurling spears in the heptathlon. And she's only gone and thrown a lifetime best with a 46.71m. Sensational start for the Brit. More of all of this in a mo (Farah).....

1706: What? Tell me you're joking.........please.

It's good news for GB
1702: Welcome back. I had a really stinky bad dream this morning. Here's how it went. The British athletes are buzzing and have high hopes in the 4x100m relay. Until, that is, they forget the race involves handing over a bit of plastic called a baton. Or batt-ON if you're Michael Johnson. Big medal hopes and they bomb out in the semis. But HEY - thank the good lordy lord it was just a bad dream. That would have been a terrible way of starting the weekend.

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