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European Championships day three as it happened


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By Mark Ashenden

2111: So it's a wrap, adios and all that. As well as Ennis doing her thing, the podium could be feeling the tip tap of a few more Brits on Friday. Martyn Rooney and Michael Bingham in the 400m. Jenny Meadows and Jemma Simpson in the 800m. Will Sharman and Andy Turner in the 110m hurdles. A busy day. I'll be here. Will you?

2104: The fans drift out of the beautiful Barcelona Olympic stadium. Time to give a little mention to what's happening tomorrow as Martyn Bernard picks up his bronze high jump medal. Friday is ALL about Jess Ennis. She gives her thoughts to the BBC as she prepares for the start of her heptathlon campaign which begins at 1000 BST with the 100m hurdles - her first and best of her seven events.

British silver medal boost
2058: Time for Mark Lewis-Francis to stroll on to the podium to pick up his 100m silver medal. He's got a lot of knockers this boy but fair play to him - he's been blighted with injury and to bounce back is a fine effort. But it's Christophe Lemaitre who's grinning like a man who's won the 100m European Championships at the age of 20. And that's exactly what he's done. He's still up for a sprint double after easing through the 200m semis today.

2053: A quick decathlon round-up. France's Romain Barras won after leading by five points going into the 1500m. His total score is 8,453 points. Sintnicolaas took silver with 8,436 points and Andrei Krauchanka of Belarus won bronze with 8,370 points.

2048: Blimey. Nobody screams like the female. Is that fair to say? Well, Sailer, Mong and Soumare are all unleashing their lungs. Loving the efforts of Barni the mascot though. It nestles up to Sailer who's celebrating trackside and the cheeky mascot is looking for a double high-five. Patience is a virtue. 40 seconds later and it gets its wish. Barni must be grinning inside that white suit. The women's javelin's still going on....

Gold medal
2046: Verena Sailer holds off Mong and wins 100m GOLD. Brilliant race. She can't believe it.

2045: Don't go away. This will be over in 11 seconds....

2044: Women's 100m final coming up..... More French gold?

Get involved on 606
Tiger Rose on 606: "Congrats to Phillips. Definitely didn't expect him to get a PB. Fantastic performance under pressure - Tamgho seemed to wilt under the tag of favourite. However, I am sure he will come back stronger in the future. There could be some cracking competitions between the pair over the next 2 years."

2041: A cracking night. Phillips Idowu's golden night and Martyn Bernard's brilliant bronze. More thoughts please. Or maybe you still need to lambast me for getting Tommy's, I mean Teddy Tamgho's name wrong earlier. Tweet me @bbcsport_mark, text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with ATHLETICS before your message, or join the banter on 606.

2038: Action still going on. Women's 100m final coming up at 2045. Hope Barni is keeping up with the action.

2036: Idowu admits to shedding tears in front of interviewer Phil Jones. Nice. I'm a big fan of the modern crying man. Quotes in a minute but right now, the new European champion is standing next to Teddy Tamgho and the pair are being interviewed by a man in a pink shirt and the world's finest and tightest grey perm. Sensational scenes all round. I love a tight perm.

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce in Barcelona on Twitter:
"Commonwealth champion, World champion, and now European champion. Grab a Union flag and go for a little jog, Phil"

2032: Jonathan Edwards on Phillips Idowu: "It is about producing your best when it matters the most and Phillips has done that. On the back of a tricky season, when he hasn't looked 100%, I honestly didn't think he was going to win. I thought Teddy Tamgho was going to take gold. But Phillips really dominated from the start. In conditions that weren't good - it was wet, and they were going into the wind - he was outstanding."

Gold medal
Romain Barras takes the decathlon by winning the 1500m. But hear me now - no man over 5 feet high should ever wear long socks. Particularly in such a gruelling event. I don't care how much good they do to the calf muscles. Great effort though.

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IzzyMiyagh1 on 606: "Awesome stuff from Idowu - 17.81m - phenomenal...this championship was always important; Idowu was up against the 3rd longest jumper of all time, and competing as the current world champion...a hell of a lot significance in this result...Great stuff!"

2024: Get in there. Barni the mascot returns. Thought he'd nipped out for a bottle of sangria. But the mighty white blob grabs the hand of Phillips Idowu and it's another lap of honour for the grinning Brit. Who knows if Barni's smiling. You're going to be telling me it's a bloke underneath a costume and he's doing anything but smile. I don't want to hear it. Santa is real. Barni is real. Berlino the bear is real. It's time for the decathlon final event....the gruelling 1500m.

Gold medal
It's good news for GB
Phillips Idowu wins the triple jump. "That is the best performance of his life" says Edwards. Idowu is European Champion. Tamgho is third. Oprea gets silver.

2017: One jump left for Teddy (YEP TEDDY - don't know where Tommy went to) Tamgho and he runs fast. Very fast. But it's not enough. Idowu can breath again. "He tried too hard" says Jonathan Edwards. "His day will come again," he adds.

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce in Barcelona on Twitter:
"KABOOM! 17.81m from Phil - personal best in the big final, just like Berlin last year. Who's been Tamghoed now?"

2008: What a wally. Yeh that's me. There was me getting excited about the finest name in athletics and I go and get his name wrong. If there were some local stocks I'd happily place my head in there and receive all your rotten fruit with a smile on my face. YEP - it's Teddy Tamgho. Not Tommy Tamgho. I was just buzzing too much on the efforts by Mr Idowu. WALLY WALLY WALLY. Any other insults - clean ones - you want to throw my way? Teddy...Tommy....whatever...Tamgho. Either way it's still a great bloomin' name.

2004: Idowu beats his PB by eight cm. Talk about pole position. In the mean time, I effortlessly ease back to the track and tell you Michael Rimmer wins his 800m semi. Easy. Really smooth. Brendan Foster thinks he can win a gold medal. "I'm in good shape". Replays show a cameraman holding cable almost knocked Rimmer over on the track.

It's good news for GB
1959: Oh lordy. The crowd go mad. Phillips Idowu powers along and goes....WAIT FOR IT.....17.81 in the triple jump. I repeat . 17.81. That beats his personal best. He's flying. Bloomin' flying. Tamgho has it all to do. Jonathan Edwards is going a little bonkers in the commentary box. If he is in a box?

pop_up_sean on Twitter: "I was always a fan of 200m runner Daniel Batman's name back in the day. Flying down the back straight, etc."
See entry at 1939. Any more quality athletics names?
1954: It's the men's two-lapper. 800m semi-finals and Britain's Michael Rimmer is in the second heat. Spain's Lopez delights the locals and goes through. His first name? Kevin. A quality first name in Spain make no mistake. Poland's Lewandowski edges through and Okken in third. Winning time is 1:48.11. Pretty quick. A tight finish that one. Rimmer up next....

1950: It pains me to say this and I can't believe any of you will want to follow football, let alone Liverpool football club, but colleague Mark Orlovac is doing live text for the Reds vs Rabotnicki in the Europa League third qualifying (first leg) as Mark is calling it. Enough said. Football shouldn't be happening until the mud appears in October anyway. But it's there if you fancy it.

1945: Tamgho crashes down the lane. Last night in Tamgho? I can't take any credit for that one. But Teddy oversteps the line by a few inches and the red flag gets flapping. This will crank up the pressure. He looks a longer jumper but it doesn't mean anything if you go over that plasticine. Idowu looking a little edgy on the bench. A lot of fans in the stadium without a shirt. Thankfully, this is the Montjuic Stadium and not St James' Park. With respect to you Geordie football fans.

1939: It's three jumps each for the triple jumpers and the top three go through to more attempts. Nathan Douglas fluffs his third attempt and he's out. Disappointing. He did OK to make the final and coach Aston Moore said at the start of the evening he was only aiming for top eight. The last batch of jumps will surely see France's Teddy Tamgho relight his fire. Surely the finest name in athletics right now. Triple jumper, super hero, porn name, cartoon football player in Roy of the Rovers. Any other top athletics names I'm forgetting?

1938: Idowu powers down the runway but looks a little off balance and makes 17.40. "Very consistent" says Jonathan Edwards. Blimey - looking at the slow-mos, doing this event must knacker your knees. A lot of high-impact action happening on the creaking limbs. Our Phillips Idowu video masterclass if you fancy picking up a few tips on the hop, skip and jump.

1935: Phillips Idowu. Red hair. White head band. Crowd clapping. Third jump....

It's bad news for GB
1931: Super-competitive second semi for the women's 100m. German Verena Sailer with blonde hair crashing against the back of her neck flies down the track and wins in 11.06s. "Red hot" says Colin Jackson. Soumare in second, Arron in third ahead of Kokloni. Men's 800m semis coming up with Michael Rimmer in action....Laura Turner does not make the final.

1928: No Brits in the decathlon but we're always thinking of the global audience. Barras leads the decathlon by five points with only the 1500m to go. Always a cracker to watch. More details in a bit.

1923: A big library-esque SHHHhhhh rings round the stadium. It's the women's 100m semis. GB's Laura Turner looking pensive. 11.13s by Mang who wins. Turner in fifth. It could be enough. But I'm not a fan of her sunglasses. They look like a £2.99 set from the local market. Probably an exit for her. Okparaebo in second ahead of Ryemyen and Grincikaite.

1919: Idowu gets bouncing again and beats his first jump by one centimetre with a 17.47. Everybody else has plenty of work to do. Teddy Tamgho trailing but he looked long in his first jump despite looking a little ragged. This competition is far from over. Magic start from Idowu though.

Gold medal
1917: Shustov takes his first major title and wins the HIGH JUMP. Ukhov takes silver. And oh yeh - Martyn Bernard will be having a bronze necklace dangling around him tomorrow. Shustov takes a big bow after his winning 2.33m. Idowu up again....

Get involved on 606
sxp123 on 606: "Has anyone seen Ukhov and Jimmy Bullard in the same room?"
Thank you thank you thank you. The day's first lookalike. Ukhov is doing well in the high jump by the way with fellow Russian Shustov.

1911: Lemaitre clocked 20.39. Bernard wins bronze in the high jump and quickly wishes his mum a happy birthday live on TV. She'll be delighted with that. "It's a big one" her son says. She'll be even more delighted with that. Is there ever an appropriate time to reveal a lady's age without getting a clip round the ear? Perhaps I'm just old-fashioned.

1906: Oh lordy. Where did that come from? Malcolm goes through in second spot and makes the final. But there's that French blur again. 24 hours after winning the 100m, Christophe Lemaitre pumps his skinny arms and comes through in first place. Sluggish on the bend and on the straight he's got five more gears. Frightening for a youngster. Michael Johnson is impressed with the Frenchman - "he can turn it on when he wants to" Johnson says.

1902: Martyn Bernard is guaranteed a high jump medal. Still more action to come but that's great news. The Russians look good for the top two at the moment. Christian Malcolm coming up in the 200m semi.

It's good news for GB
1901: "Nathan and Phillips have to hit him hard and then the stress will settle in," Idowu and Douglas coach Aston Moore says about how to deal with hot rival Teddy Tamgho. Idowu steps up to the runway - and boom. Jonathan Edwards says "that was really good". Talk about replicating your coach's instructions. Idowu leaps 17.46 into a minus wind. "Outstanding" says Edwards. A great start.

It's good news for GB
1855: First three go through. Devonish cruises through in second. A fine run. France's Mbandjock in lane eight bundles through. "Marlon represented himself very well", says Michael Johnson. "A good day's rest and I'll come back for the final with all guns blazing," Devonish says. Saidy Ndure wins the heat. Paul Hession will have to wait for the other semi.

1854: Back to the track and it's the 200m semis. GB's Marlon Devonish in the first race. Stadium goes quiet.

1852: The triple jump final has started. Phillips Idowu prowling but not jumping just yet. Martyn Bernard up next in the high jump - he crashes into the bar at 2.31m. That would have been a lifetime best. His tongue comes out but he's got two more efforts.

It's good news for GB
1845: Permission to wave that Welsh flag. You'll have to settle with the Union Jack for now. Rhys Williams comes through in top spot in the 400m hurdles. Commentator Colin Jackson is delighted. "That was guts and grit" he says. Williams wins in 49.61s. Williams says: "I'm happy to go through. I'm going for the gold and can't wait to get back out there. Going head-to-head is what it's all about and brings out the best in you." Williams vs Greene in Saturday's final. Should be a cracker.

It's good news for GB
1839: Martyn Bernard may have been close to going out 20 minutes ago but he strolls up and clears 2.29m with his first attempt. More air punching and he's in gold position. Sweet leaping. The high jump used to scare the hell out of me. I used to have a mental block at one metre. Ridiculous. Rhys Williams off in the second heat of the 400m hurdles....

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce in Barcelona on Twitter:
"Almost exactly 50-50 Phillips v Big Ted on TweetPoll2010. Weather the same - rain like London, heat like Paree. Zut alors..."

1836: Greene in lane three looking strong. Pumps through on the top bend. Greene is actually walking over the finish line and wins in 49.49. Solid. Woodward was in third in final straight but fades strongly at the end. Greene - Europe's number one - is rated at 1/3 on with the bookmakers to secure gold. Pressure on but he looks good. Derevyagin and Bellaabouss trail in 2nd and 3rd and go through. "It was tougher than my heats," Greene says. "Yesterday was straight forward. I'm pleased I've got a day off and I'm looking forward to Saturday's final." Go put your feet up Dai. Top work.

1830: Let's go the Welsh boys. It's the 400m hurdles semis. Talk about gut-busting events. Dai Greene is a massive favourite. He is up for it. Cooler than a bowl of yoghurt. Rhys Williams is in the second heat. Don't forget, the 20-year-old Brit Nathan Woodward is also in this first heat.

1826: Phillips Idowu (jumping in the triple jump final at 1840) says: "Have you noticed the cities I've won medals in have begun with B - Beijing, Berlin, Birmingham..." Barcelona? Let's see...Jonathan Edwards says it will be a "fun" final.

Text in your views on 81111
B in London, via text: "Surely with this much rain someone has to attempt a sandcastle in the sandpit"
Oh sandcastles. Memories. Those rubbish little flags. And for the advanced - a cheeky little trough allowing the tide to create a river. I digress. Apologies.

1822: Farah eases through in first place. Sanchez came through but he looked a little pained at the end. Farah looking as fresh as a bed of tulips. He wins in 13:38.27. Farah says: "I feel good. I'm looking forward to the final. I've got to recover. It's not easy. Thank you for all the support." What a lovely man. Espana in second spot.

1818: What's coming up? 400m hurdles semis (Greene, Williams) at 1830. Phillips Idowu in the triple jump 1840. Then it's the men's 200m semis, women's 100m and men's 800m semis.

1817: Martyn Bernard clears 2.26m and the bar wobbles, has a little look around and then decides to fall off. That's a gutter for Bernard. He puts his head in his hands. Two more attempts though. Sanchez leads heat two of the 5,000m and Farah sits comfortably behind. That boy has definitely got a spring in his step. Farah gets bored, moves up a gear and takes the lead.

1814: Yep. The Barcelona sun - I guess it's the same one that hovers over the rest of the planet - is officially out and drying up those rain puddles. You've got to feel for Tom Parsons who made an early exit in the high jump final. Any other suggestions for graphics for the live text commentary? I have friends in high graphic-creating departmental places you know.

failtosucceed on Twitter: "If Mo and Chris repeat their 10,000m feat in the 5,000m final on Sunday will it be an historic double or doubly historic?"

It's good news for GB
1810: Phew. Martyn Bernard flies through the air and clears 2.23m at his third attempt. He punches the air like a very happy man. Top effort. There was a massive SQUELCH as his take-off foot flew off the wet surface. He survives and is still sniffing silverware. I tipped him to get a bronze earlier. We'll see.

1806: Right. Time for Mo to wind up those legs again. It's the second heat for the 5,000m and he lines up alongside Spanish duo Sergio Sanchez and Jesus Espana, the man who pipped him to gold by millimetres in this event four years ago. Off they go. Sun trying to poke through.

It's good news for GB
1802: Chris Thompson (who clocked 13:35.58) is delighted to make Sunday's final: "I enjoyed that. The rain meant I could relax and thankfully I'm in incredible shape. It probably didn't look relaxed but I was. Job done. Really chuffed. That half an hour turned into an amazing 24 hours. This morning I woke up and thought - right I've got a job to do and I'm really looking forward to the final."

1800: First five qualify in this 5,000m. Thommo looking a little weary but he comes through in fourth but Alistair Cragg of Ireland will have to wait to see the times of the next heat. 10,000m champion (sounds good doesn't it?) Mo Farah coming up....I'm sure his never-ending smile will light the track up again.

1758: Back to the high jump. Martyn Bernard strides through the wet runway and brings the bar down at 2.23m. Doesn't look too good for the GB high jumpers.

1757: Thommo strides out in front using similar tactics to those used in the 10,000m. The final is on Sunday so maybe he's thinking about an early finish and saving his legs? In the mean time, what are your thoughts of playing sport in the rain? I used to love sliding through the puddles in football. Wonder what swimmers think of the rain?

1755: Let's get hearing from you. Tweet me @bbcsport_mark, text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with ATHLETICS before your message, or join the banter on 606. I'd love to hear from you.

1752: Alistair Cragg of Ireland leads the 5,000m runners. Thommo in third looking confident. He's wearing spikes the colour of satsumas. Bright ones at that. Local favourite Alemayehu Bezabeh, who bagged the third fastest European of all-time in Oslo last month, is in this heat.

It's bad news for GB
1749: High jump newsflash. Sliding through all the wet, Tom Parsons fails on his third attempt at 2.19m and he's out of the high jump final. Martyn Bernard coming up.

1745: Chris 'Thommo' Thompson is lining up in the 5,000m. It's chucking it down cats and dogs. This will sort the boys from the men dancing through the puddles. Perhaps Thommo will be all over these conditions. He said after his 10,000m silver medal (46 hours ago) that the race was the best 30 minutes of his life. Wonder what his girlfriend Jemma Simpson (800m runner) made of that? Perhaps the best quarter of an hour of his life coming up? The track looks like a swimming pool. And they're off.....Mo Farah running in 20 minutes.

1743: Big shout out for a massive page REFRESH please. That's if you want your video anyway. Those bearded beauties have sorted the video quicker than you can say "Oh my lordy, Chris Thompson is about to run his 5,000 semi-final...."

1738: Techie warning. We're having a few problems with the live video. When I say a few problems - it aint working. Fact. I can assure you that some very lively people with beards and long white coats are working on it with urgency. I'll keep you posted.

Text in your views on 81111
Gazzelle in Crewe, via text: "Come on Phillips! He can and will do it. In the big comps he pulls off a big jump right at the end. I love the triple jump and the fact no Brit woman has been included is disgraceful!"

1734: BBC Two coverage a go-go. Headline of the evening so far is it's bucketing down. Michael Johnson and John Inverdale et al is hiding under a brollie in the studio. Where's that rain graphic gone? Some interesting Mark Lewis-Francis quotes coming up....

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce in Barcelona on Twitter:
"Apres le 100m, France v GB part deux tonight - Phillips v Teddy Tamgho in triple jump final. Thoughts/predictions/visions?"

1728: It's the return of the dynamic duo at 1745. It's the Farah and Thommo show. Fresh from their 10,000m exploits on day one, Mo and Chris crank up their aching limbs for the 5,000m semis. Welsh wizard (is there any other kind of Welshman?) Dai Greene is red-hot favourite for the 400m hurdles and goes in the semis from 1830 BST along with Rhys Williams and Nathan Woodward. Phillips Idowu hits the sand of the triple jump from 1840 BST. Can the world champion see off the flying Frenchman Teddy Tamgho? Later on is the men's 200m semis, women's 100m semis/final and the men's 800m semis. That bubbling fizzing feast working for you?

1722: So what's the first athletics dish my live commentary oven gloves will be serving up tonight? Here's a clue. It involves a bar, mattress and long socks. Nope not my old man's 60th birthday fancy dress's the high jump final. Russian Ivan Uhkov is sniffing gold but two Brits have a good shout for some metal. Tom Parsons scraped through qualifying and Martyn Bernard looks in good nick. Want to know the inspiration behind Bernard's qualification? If he didn't make the final, Phillips Idowu threatened to "embarrass" him "on live TV". The mind boggles. The boys will be introduced to the Barcelona crowd very shortly.

1715: More importantly, it's all about the audience. That's you folks. The watchers, viewers, pundits, aliens, customers. Call yourselves what you want. I want to hear from you. I want your words, opinions, lookalikes, predictions. Throw in a rant if you have to. I'm the only person working at the BBC tonight (slight exaggeration) and I'm lonely. I need you. Tweet me @bbcsport_mark, text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with ATHLETICS before your message, or join the banter on 606. Anybody in Barcelona? Tell me EVERYTHING.

1708: Let's not mess around here. There are necklaces to be won. The high jump final is up in 20 minutes. Coverage details. C'mon. What am I waiting for? Watch live on BBC HD/ BBC Two and the BBC Sport website (UK users only) from 1730 BST. There's live coverage on BBC Radio 5 live from around 1800 BST and watch out for highlights of the big events on demand online (UK only). Read about full coverage details.

Get involved on 606
wal1000 on 606: "Phillips won't win gold - I'd put my mortage on it. He has not been in good form for a while now - and will have to do a SB to win the title, which on his form is unlikely"

1701: Shocks (Dwain Chambers), scripts ripped up and spat out (several), resurrected sprinting careers (Mark Lewis-Francis), snapping pole vaults , a mascot crossed between a bear and a white blob, spindly Frenchmen winning the 100m and a British one-two in a long-distance race. Am I dreaming? What else could we possibly witness inside the Montjuic Stadium this week?

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