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World Championships day eight as it happened



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By Mark Ashenden

2035: Right let's wrap up folks. A little bit smoother tonight without the Berlin rain and I guess when those Jamaicans are about events get completed a little bit quicker. But don't go away for too long. With half an eye or a nose on the Ashes tomorrow, there's still one day to go at the Worlds. Women's marathon in the morning -no Paula. And then it's a dazzling list of finals. Women's long jump, men's javelin, men's 5,000m, women's 1500m (Lisa Dobriskey), men's 800m finishing up with the men's and women's 4x400m. Still a chance for GB to grab their fifth medal and keep the smile on chief Charles van Commenee. Thanks for all your comments on a day of drama and stinky technical problems. Let's wait to see what Berlin has for us tomorrow. Til then.

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From lboroben on 606: "I don't mind it that we don't see World Records in every event. It means the novelty of achieving a WR is retained, unlike in swimming where they're being broken every five minutes- and that's pretty boring.."

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From alfie on 606: "Jamaica again What no World Record? Bolt's slipping Nice Bronze GB lads.And a big hand for the Aussie Steve Hooker for a phenomenal Gold in the PV just about off one leg. His cricket team might take some heart from that."

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From Macheda Stole My Hair Gel on 606: "Just continuing from my post, we still have alot of medal hopes, if Christine Ohorogu can perform to her best then a quartet of Barr, Sanders, Ohorogu, and McConell can grab a medal. Bingham, Tobin, Rooney and Conrad Williams looks good for a possible silver. Lisa Dobriskey in what looks like a poor 1500m final. And after these championships, I have a new dream. William Sharman & Usian Bolt double interview!"

It's good news for GB
2018: Time for the Brits to have some time at the mic. They did win relay bronze you know. Williamson says "It means a lot. It's my first relay medal ever. I'm very happy". Edgar (disqualified for false-starting in the 100m) says: "It was a bit scary. I told everyone to keep your composure. I've never felt this feeling before and I just want to get back to training. I want more and I want more." He's happy and pumped! Devonish - the veteran - keeps his cool and says: "It's lovely to share this experience with these guys. I have had a slice of it and there is more to come. I'm very proud of the guys. We had some ups and downs individually. But there will be a bit of a party tonight". Aikines-Aryeetey says: "It's absolutely amazing. We've been drilled, we've worked hard and we're going to keep on going for more."

2012: Bolt steps up to Phil Jones and he provides the standard bunny ears behind Asafa Powell. Powell says "he's just mad because I'm looking so cute today." Fighting talk from Asafa. Bolt steps up. " I just wanted to come here and do well - I wasn't in the best of shape." And then when asked about all the Jamaican fans in Britain, Bolt beams like a man who's just won his sixth major gold medal in a year. "We love the fans. 2012 is going to be crazy. We are just doing our best." Interview over? Not a chance. Usain returns to the camera and screams "I love you Britain". Is it wrong to be the fastest man in the world and joke around so much? It's a wonderful wonderful thing. Let's enjoy it all while it lasts. Er ist ein legend. That's German for "he's a top bloomin bloke"

2002: Marvellous moment this one. Shame no Brit is picking up a long jump medal but Jesse Owens's granddaughter and German Luz Long's son are on hand to hand the medals to winner Dwight Phillips. Check out Tom Fordyce's blog who tells the story of the friendship between the two athletes.

1958: Happy happy days. The British relay boys give Berlino the Bear a piggy-back. Magical.

1955: Brilliant effort by the Brits. Williamson, Edgar, Devonish, Aikines-Aryeetey powers in for a magical bronze. What do I know? Trinidad and Tobago get silver. Michael Johnson says: "Even on the first leg. Great exchange for the Brits. Another great exchange. Devonish was great on the bend. Three great exchanges. Harry is able to hold that third position - good performance from the British team". Jamaica win in 37.31.

Bronze medal boost for Britain
Gold medal
1951: Williamson hands over well. Bolt has the baton in his hand. Devonish doing well. Jamaica win. NO WORLD RECORD. Bronze for GB.

1950: Massive roar for the Jamaican team. Can they repeat their antics in Beijing? Powell is the last leg. Bolt is the third leg. Here we go....

1948: Can Bolt win a third gold? can the Brits get a medal?...I'm a hugely optimistic person but I reckon fourth for the GB boys. Simeon Williamson is first up and sticks his thumbs up....GB flags scattered around the stadium.....

Gold medal
1945: POLE VAULT LATEST - Aussie Steve Hooker - who was very doubtful for the final - leads with 5.90. France's Romain Mesnil clatters into the bar and is almost cut into two but he settles for silver. HOOKER WINS. Phenomenal effort from the Australian. Steve Lewis is joint seventh with 5.65 jump.

1943: "It's not long before we see the greatest athlete around at the moment", says Steve Cram. Any guesses? Berlino the Bear perhaps? I wish. Sadly we'll have to settle for a 23-year-old Jamaican who's going for his third gold in Berlin. Don't go too far. It won't last long.....

Tom Fordyce
Tom Fordyce on Twitter in Berlin: "It's been a bad day for Australia at The Oval, but Steve Hooker has just performed miracles in the pole vault here. Cheer up Ricky P"

1939: GB girls after qualifying in the 4x400m. Barr says "I just had to tuck in behind and kick. We've been in Portugal in the holding camp so I've been waiting three weeks to get out there." Meadows says (who found out last night she was running) says "I cruised the first 200m and made sure I finished strongly". McConnell says "I'm glad we qualified. I sensed the German on the inside. I was worried but I'm glad now."

1933: Second semi of the women's 4x400m. Nicola Sanders starts well, Vicky Barr picks up the action and does OK. Jenny Meadows - fresh from her 800m bronze - and Brits in third spot. Lee McConnell takes up the anchor leg. First three go through. The German girl is breathing down McConnell's neck. And we get fourth. McConnell gets pipped at the end. Still hope for fastest qualifier. Russians looked strong. Jamaican came second and the German Hoffmann nabs the third spot.

1926: It's the women's 4x400m semis. US flying with Sanya Richards - 400m champion - and they come in first, ahead of Nigeria and France and Australia.

1921: GB's two long jumpers. Rutherford says: "After qualifying the way I did, I wanted to win a medal. Coming into this if you'd told me I'd get fifth then I'd be pleased. I knew I had more in the tank but I'll take fifth." Tomlinson says: "I gambled a little bit with my technique - I tried to make it. I've only been with my new coach for nine months and next year I will be a lot better. I'm sure I'll be medalling."

1917: NEW WORLD RECORD IN WOMEN'S HAMMER: Poland's Anita Wlodarczyk hurls 77.96m - she screams the roof off. Amazing. She leads local girl Betty Heidler by over 4 metres.

1915: GB girls after their relay sixth spot: Turner says "I'm really disappointed. I ran better in the final but it's not good enough." Freeman says: "We need to work harder towards London and I believe we can medal in London." Ania says: "I'm quite upset - next year we will come back stronger."

1910: Jamaicans win in 42.06 anchored by Stewart. Bahamas in second. The Germans get bronze. GB in sixth. Michael Johnson on GB: "Douglas does a great hand-off. Great bend by Emily Freeman and gets them back in it. Emma Ania just didn't have the foot speed. Not able to get in there with the front group."

Gold medal
1904: Women's 4x100m final. GB got fourth in Osaka two years ago. A small fact for you. Here we go. Jamaica favourites. Laura Turner runs well. Shelly-Ann Fraser flying for Jamaica. Jamaica win. Easy. And Berlino the Bear strolls onto the scene. I've missed you my long lots furry friend.

Gold medal
1858: GOLD FOR DWIGHT PHILLIPS IN THE LONG JUMP. Rutherford in fifth with 8.17. Tomlinson eighth with 8.06. Silver for South African Mokoena and bronze to Aussie Mitchell Watt.

1856: Kibet gets 5,000m silver behind Cheruiyot. Defar bronze.

Gold medal
1853: After a slow 24 laps ,the bell clangs. It's down to three. Defar kicks on and makes her move, Cheruiyot times her race to perfection and out-sprints Defar to win. 25.5 laps and you leave it to the last 40 metres. Talk about timing. Winning time of 14:57. 97. don't even think Defar got silver.

1849: Reigning champion Defar looking Ok. Few bumps and shoving. Looking lively. Three laps to go. This will be a tight one and will leave it open for a sprinter to wind it up and go for glory. They are jogging along in a pack and waiting for someone to make their move. Can I say it's like a game of chess? Over-used phrase that one. So i won't. Monopoly maybe. Nope. This is just tight. It's like a tight running race, that's what. "I would have liked to have seen someone make their move in this race and not leave it to a sprint," Steve Cram says.

1846: Meselech Melkamu moves up through her gearbox and Vivian Cheruiyot takes hold of the race. Rutherford up for his leap....we need a whopper Greg. Not good enough. Didn't look that comfortable. He's up to 8.17 and his head hangs down. Not enough. Back to the women 5,000m....

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From VillaFour on 606: "Update on Berlino the Bear: The Jamaicans are so confident they'll win the 4x100, they've asked Berlino to run their second leg. That's what he was training for yesterday."
I would pay 400 Euros to see that. Marketing peeps - are you listening?

1839: 12.5 laps for the women in the 5,000m final. Four Ethiopians in this one. Japan's Yurika Nakamura stretches the field out and she sits in front. Would you rather be up front unable to see anybody or sit at the back and make your move when ready? Think I'd sooner sit in the office and take it easy. One lap's enough for me. Meseret Defar the one to beat.

1833: Women's 5,000m final coming up....

Tom Fordyce
Tom Fordyce on Twitter in Berlin: "Absolutely rammed in the Olympiastadion - sensational atmosphere. Long jump, pole, both relays - it's non-stop 'ffletics joy"

It's good news for GB
1830: Rutherford has two jumps left and now he comes flying down the runway. He looks fast, he looks more steady and he lands like one of those swans arriving on an icy lake after a 3,000 mile flight. Face first, knees down, ugly, very ugly but he gets 8.15m and he slips up into fifth. Bit better.

1826: Mokoena still trails Dwight Phillips with a jump of 8.19. Never been comfortable watching any athlete - even Paula Radcliffe - wearing those long socks. Good for blood flow, good for calf muscles we're told by the professionals. Looks ridiculous though. C'mon. You've got to look good out there haven't you? My mum always told me before I went to school "it's not a fashion show". Mmmmm. Thoughts?

It's bad news for GB
1823: Medals look a tall order for the Brits in the long jump. Tomlinson almost falls into the sand and can only make 7.66. Not good enough. Rutherford's best so far is only 8.05. It's all about being able to perform on the day. There are only so many times you can say "well it's good experience" because there are only so many times when it's your day. C'mon Greg. C'mon Chris. Stay cool and wind it up.

Tom Fordyce
From BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce in Berlin: "If you read my Jesse Owens blog earlier, I've got a nice update for you - the organisers have managed to find a ticket for Werner Textor for Saturday night's action, and he's been brought from his nursing home over to the Olympiastadion. I've just been to see him, parked up in his wheelchair in the disabled section overlooking the first bend, and it was quite fantastic - he pointed out where he'd been standing when Owens and Long went in the long jump, 73 years ago. Having witnessed Jesse Owens in action, tonight he'll see Usain Bolt run too. He's a very happy 89-year-old. Emotional scenes..."

It's good news for GB
1817: POLE VAULT - Steve Lewis clears 5.65 and that's a magical effort there under real pressure under the stare of thousands of very noisy Germans.

1815: Jamaicans in this 4x400m heat. German crowd are cheering on their boys. Bahamas have the lead and they still have the advantage over Dominican Republic. Jamaicans have got to puff their cheeks out for this final leg if they want to go through. The Germans are squeezed into fourth with the Poles bursting their lungs to grab third. Belgium's Borlee finds some late speed from the inside of his spikes and cruises through to win. Where did that come from? Bahamas in second. Dominican Republic in third.

1810: Next men's 4x400m heat coming up. Women's hammer final 1830. Women's 5,000m final at 1835. Bolt should be in action in the 100m relay final at 1950. Enough action for you?

1807: If Saladino jumps beyond Rutherford's 7.96 the Brit is out. But the Olympic champion gets a red flag and he's out. "A schoolboy error," says Jonathan Edwards. Rutherford is in eighth spot. He gets another three jumps. The lucky lucky star is shining on the Brits with a full beam so far tonight.

1804: "I love the first leg - the crowd are amazing," Williams says. "I pushed it too hard. I wasn't relaxed," Tobin says. "It's our first ever 4x400m and I'm pleased with the run," Greene says. "The boys ran well. Hopefully tomorrow we'll run better," Rooney says.

It's good news for GB
1801: The 4x400m boys get down to the blocks. What a gut-buster the 400m is. Williams - with his John McEnroe headband does well - in third place - US and France in the lead. Tobin on it. They start bunching up. Tobin ties up at the end. David Greene has some work to do. Aussies right back in it. This is not good for the Brits. US then France in the lead. Rooney has it all to do. He's tall this boy. Phewww nervy nervy. Rooney stays ahead of the bright green lycra and GB gets third. Into the final. Tight that one. US win in 3:01.40 ahead of France. Up arrow for the Brits but no graphic for squeaky bottoms.

It's good news for GB
1757: Steve Lewis clears 5.50 in the pole vault final. Sweet.

1756: GB's 4x400m boys lining up. The US team without Merritt or Wariner. Conrad Williams, Rob Tobin, David Greene, Martyn Rooney in the team....let's go

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From davidkempshall on 606: "Just watching the Americans in the Women's 4x100m and no-one on the telly seems to have spotted that there WAS contact between Lee and her team-mate which caused her to trip, her right leg brushes the handover girls knee ever so slightly."

1750: Possible protest. Rutherford is getting the officials to look again. In cricket terms, I think the decision has been moved upstairs. The men's 4x400m semis coming up.

1747: Greg Rutherford leaps about 8.20 but the red flag comes up. Greg bends down and asks the officials where the mark in the plastercine is. Don't argue Greg. Move on. Dwight Phillips leads in 8.54. Godfrey Mokoena is second with 8.47. Mitchell Watt in third with 8.28. Tomlinson's best is 8.02 (he's in sixth). Rutherford in seventh. Let's hope those ginger locks get flying again

1739: Michael Johnson on Muna Lee's injury: "If it is a hamstring injury, it's a result of a poor exchange. It puts the body into an awkward situation and the muscle pull results from that."

Tom Fordyce
Tom Fordyce on Twitter in Berlin: "Scorchio again in Berlin. Memo to self: approach local version of Dragon's Den with business plan for frozen currywurst"

It's good news for GB
1734: Women's 100m relay....and the Americans don't finish. Injury for Muna Lee and she's in tears. Shocking changeover and she stumbles and falls over clutching her left leg. She hops and skips and goes down. Messy and ugly and not nice to look at. Back to the winner. Brazil win, Russians in second but hey.....the female Brits will be happy though because that little incident has led to qualification. Lucky lucky lucky. Lee lifted onto a stretcher and they better get her off quick or we could have another flooded track. Don't mean to be nasty though. Looked a nasty injury. Hope she's OK.

1730: Long jumper Dwight Phillips kicks in the air and flies for ever. Amazing. He had time to do that bicycle kick in mid-air. Poetry in bloomin motion. 8.54. Crikey...

1726: LONG JUMP. Greg Rutherford leaping again. Dwight Phillips still leads with 8.40. Aussie Mitchell Watt - it's that shocking green lycra again - gives it everything and slips into second spot with 8.28. Fab effort. Fabrice Lapierre has 8.21 in the bag.

It's bad news for GB
1722: Here are the GB girls in the relay. Keep hold of that baton. Laura Turner gets off to good start in the outside lane. Emily Freeman struggles and oh dear Ania battles in the final straight but GB are only third. They'll have to wait. Germany win in 42.96, Colombia in second in 43.30. Michael Johnson says: "Great start by Turner, Douglas does not get out quick enough, she does not sprint, Turner had to slow down, not a bad exchange for Freeman. Great leg by Freeman. A decent exchange. Emma Ania under pressure. But because of the poor exchanges they find themselves in a poor position."

1719: Hair glistening in the Berlin sun, Tomlinson pounds the runway and mis-times the take-off. Not a bad start. It's 8.02. In third place. Steady.

1715: The GB girls are up in the 100m relay. Turner, Douglas, Freeman and Ania. "We have enough leg speed to get close to a medal," Freeman says before the race. They face the Germans, Belarus, Nigeria, Colombia and Thailand. Should be OK - all about baton control though isn't it? Chris Tomlinson coming up in the long jump.....

1713: Women's 4x100m relay. Bahamas lining up alongside Jamaica with Shelly-Ann Fraser. Plus Belgium, Trinidad and Tobago. Jamaicans flying and they win in 41.88. Bahamas second in 42.66. T&T in 43.22. "This is a great team," says Johnson.

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From 7Matthew7 on 606: "I think Bolt should wear the Berlino outfit on the last day, then take the head off and watch everyone's reaction."

1710: The men's long jump starts. After leaping 8.30 in his first jump in qualifying, Greg Rutherford bundles his way into the sand and it's a stuttering opening jump. 7.83m will not get him a medal. Plenty of time yet.

Michael Johnson
1707: Overview of Berlin in the studio: "It's been a quality championships. Five records broken. We've seen some great races," Michael Johnson says.

1703: Just before the long jump gets going, it seems a poignant moment to point you towards Tom Fordyce's latest blog. 73 years ago in the Berlin stadium at the 1936 Olympics, an on-looking Adolf Hitler was hoping German Luz Long would win the long jump. Jesse Owens spoiled his party with gold, but only after Long had helped the American with his run-up. Tom tells the story of the friendship between the two athletes and with Owens's granddaughter and Long's son in the stadium tonight to present the medals, it should be a moving occasion.

1657: Men's long jump first up from 1705, 4x100m semis at 1710, men's pole vault kicks off at 1715, the men's 4x400m heats start at 1755, then the women's hammer final (1830) and women's 5,000 final (1835) finishing up with the women's 4x100m final at 1900 and Bolt eyeing triple world gold in the 4x100m at 1950.

1655: If you think your dinner table's seen a feast this weekend then you aint seen nothing. We're in for a cracker in Berlin tonight. On the menu? There's GB's new record breaker Greg Rutherford hunting long jump medals for a tasty first course, followed by a sweet drizzling of pole vault action as GB's Steve Lewis leaps with Aussie Steve Hooker and Co. The women's hammer and 5,000m come steaming in for a succulent dessert, and all sprinkled with huge dollops of relay throughout dished up by a chef called Bolt. What more could you possibly ask for? Check out full timetable details.

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