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World Championships day six as it happened



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By Mark Ashenden

Gold medal

2138: MASSIVE NEWS. The biggest news you will hear all day. It's the video of the century. The editor has weaved his magic. Here goes. It's Berlino the Bear proving he's got some speed as he takes Melaine Walker for a ride. Berlino - I applaud you and give you a GOLD medal. Here's til tomorrow folks.

2136: Hardee posted personal bests in three of the 10 events and collected 8,790 points for the gold medal, his highest total to date. Good work my man. WOW. I'm wrapping up. What a bloomin' day. Not just Bolt, just everybody else. And a magical effort from you guys. I hope I can count on your company tomorrow. It's a date. Let's hope the bear hasn't tired himself out and can carry on his phenomenal antics in the stadium.

Gold medal
2132: American Trey Hardee becomes world decathlon champion The 25-year-old beat Leonel Suarez of Cuba and Russia's Aleksandr Pogorelov takes bronze.

2122: Decathlon latest in the 1500m - Atis Vaisjuns of Latvia secures victory in the first of two heats in a PB 4:12.15 - the second fastest by any athlete at a world championships. Second heat in action and Hardee is running towards gold.

2114: If you've had a poopy day at the office or just want to have a giggle, then just go to the front page of the BBC Sport website and check out the picture of the mascot with Bolt. It is truly the day when a new legend was made. Bolt - I love you man. Bear person mascot type person - I want to marry you. My wife will totally understand. The incident with Melaine Walker will live inside my head for the rest of time. (The video is being edited as we speak) Watch this space.

2108: DECATHLON RESULTS OF 1500M: Atis Vaisjuns in first, ahead of Ingmar Vos, Nadir El Fassi. More on how that affects the final standings in a sec.

2100: With the decathlon's last event about to get going there's time for me to quick chuck you a quick overview on what's happening tomorrow. I told you we'd get drama today. Not just Bolt, but the beat, Vlasic, Walker, Sharman. Today had everything. Beautiful. Tomorrow? It's the men's 50km walk in the morning. Men's high jump final in the evening (sadly no Germaine Mason), the 100m relays get going, Michael Rimmer is in the 800m semis, it's the women's 200m final and men's 400m final (go go go Michael Bingham). Right, let's cast an eye on the decathlon.

2053: ShuBob on 606 has worked his magic and reveals the men's decathlon final event - the 1500m - gets going at 2100.

2048: While I continue to hunt down what's happening in the decathlon, plenty of you have been chucking in your thoughts on what Thursday's athletics should be called. "Thunderbolt thursday", says Matthew in Lisburn, YorkshireAlpineGirl agrees via text, Sharon in Hampshire says "tracktastic thursday", Henry in Manchester also suggests 'thunderbolt thursday'

From JackHughesByZola on 606: "Is a Jamaican WR in the 4x100m an 'inevitability'?"

Get involved on 606
From Jinadine on 606: "It's Usain Bolt's birthday tomorrow & being the decent bloke that he is, he gave the whole world a present instead."

Text in your views on 81111
From Sarah via text on 81111: "This should be called 'thrilling Thursday' - no other words to describe it!"

2030: TV coverage is over so I shall try to keep you across the decathlon 1500m as best I can." Might have to send my German satellite up into the sky. And also keep checking out Tom Fordyce's twitter. He's in the stadium.

Alonso Edward of Panama, aged 19 and second in the 200m - 0.62 seconds behind Bolt, says: "I feel very happy. I've been working hard. It's so exciting. I haven't even got words to say. It feels great - I came second and I'm just going to enjoy it."

Gold medal
2027: Women's high jump here we go. Blanka Vlasic has cleared 2.04 and she's going for the world record of 2.10. The record's stood for 22 years. But nope. The bar crashes over. With 'Croatia' splashed across her pants she initially looks unhappy but then leaps up off the mattress and heads to the crowd and now the tears are flowing. Boom. She screams like you wouldn't believe. They reverberate around the Berlin stadium -I think she just woke up half of Hamburg and every sleepy village in Sleepyland - wherever that is. Russian Anna Chicherova is second after a phenomenal competition and German Ariane Friedrich grabs a fabulous bronze.

Wallace Spearmon on finishing behind
Gold medal
Usain Bolt in the 200m: "I knew he was right in front of me. That guy's a beast."

2015: Still trying to catch up on all this madness. Yep - the events have gone on longer than anyone could have planned for. The women's high jump's still going. And the decathlon wraps up in a few seconds with the gut-wrenching 1500m. Action still live here, still live on the video on the website and still live on the red button. Get involved. What else is there to do? Keep the thoughts coming in.

Tom Fordyce
Tom Fordyce on Twitter in Berlin: "I need some words to describe that. Any suggestions? Or should I just post an empty blog as a mark of ultimate respect?"

2006: Michael Johnson on Usain Bolt's new world records: "The person who could break those records has probably not even been born yet."

2003: More Sharmanisms. "It's fantastic. I'm lost for words. The gun went bang and I just ran. I stumbled at the beginning, and I did what I did in the previous rounds. I could feel the American on my inside. In the last third I couldn't even seen the hurdles. I was hurling blind. Fourth in the worlds, I cant say I'm disappointed. The three that finished ahead of me are all my idols. I'm 24 and so by the time 2012 comes round I should be in my prime and pushing for gold."

It's good news for GB
2000: Phew. What a mad 30 minutes. It all started with the bear. Terrence Tramell gets silver in 13.15. David Payne wins bronze in 13.15. Wow that was tight. Where's Sharman? Fourth or fifth. Blanka Vlasic clatters into the bar as the women's high jump gets close to finishing. Sharman is fourth...stunning.

Gold medal
1954: Time for the 110m hurdles and Britain's William Sharman looks up for it. And no Robles...let's go....tight tight tight. All three together at the end. No one can call that one. Photo time - we don't have to wait three days for processing at Boots do we? And it's Braithwaite with gold in 13.14.

Usain Bolt: "Tonight I can definitely say I didn't expect it. I was tired but I thought 'what the heck, let's try'. I ran hard and now I'm really tired! Next time perhaps I shall just run the 100m or 200m alone. I wasn't running upright - it wasn't a good race but it was a fast one."

Tom Fordyce
Tom Fordyce on Twitter in Berlin: "If I live to be 150, I'll never forget witnessing Usain. 19.19 seconds? 19.19 seconds?"

Get involved on 606
From alfie on 606: "It ain't fair. Bolt is just TOO good. The others have about as much chance of catching him as the bear would. 19.19 Amazing - just what is his limit? Poor Crawford : 19.89 and misses the medals..."

Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson is lost for words about Bolt (almost): "Unbelievable - a ridiculous race. The bend is unbelievable. No one has ever run a bend like this and probably never will. They've all run 19 seconds - that's how good he is. He ran hard and tried as hard as possible. He was up on Spearmon 15 metres into the race. This is the most incredible bend ever. He doesn't run with technique - he's rocking all over the place - and then he's already got a big smile on his face at the end."

1941: "You've got to be kidding" says Steve Cram. Let's take a breath. 19-year-old Alonso Edward gets silver in 19.81 and Wallace Spearmon wins bronze in 19.85. 4. Shawn Crawford. 5. Steve Mullings. 6. Charles Clark 7. Ramil Guliyev 8. David Alerte.

1938: Oh my lordy. The clock's shaved a bit off. Nice. It's 19.19. And now the bear's doing the pointing with Bolt. Amazing. Bolt high-fives the bear!

Gold medal
1936: Is Bolt too tired? False start of course. Bolt was definitely twitching there. A sign of him in the mood of record-breaking? On your marks....fingers primed on the line....deathly hush...great start from Bolt....he's up for it.... WORLD RECORD in 19.20!!!!!!!!!!!

1935: "Yes, yes" Bolt blasts at the camera. Think he's up for this one? Mmmmm yeh I think so. Calmness restored, bear disappeared and here we go. I'm nervous. Bolt points at the camera....

1933: Men's 200m final in two minutes......the bear moment calmed my nerves. World record? we go...

1929: OK listen up. I think I may have witnessed one of the maddest things I have ever seen in sport, bar none. I do hope you've seen it. What would you do if you've just won world gold in the 400m hurdles? Find the 9 foot high bear mascot, jump on his back and get him to give you a piggy-back. Yeh? And hopefully the bear's eyesight will be limited and he'll run into a trailer load of hurdles which sends you flying. Melaine Walker's ride of doom and she was on that very bear! Sensational. My favourite Berlin moment so far. Forget Bolt. Let's get that bear into some lycra and a set of size 28 spikes. Amazing. "I had a laugh out of it and was able to celebrate all the same" a delighted Walker says.

Tom Fordyce
Tom Fordyce on Twitter in Berlin: "Emily Freeman in 200m final - first British woman into world 200m final since Kathy Cook in Helsinki 1983."

Gold medal
1923: And it is Walker. Lashinda Demus gets off to a flier but the Jamaican hits back to storm away on the final straight to win in 52.42. Only 0.08 off the world record. The second fastest time in history. Demus gets silver in 52.96 and Josanne Lucas wins bronze in 53.20. Jamaica go top of the medal table.

1916: It's the women's final of the 400m hurdles. Melaine Walker surely? Surely?...I dunno.....let's see

Get involved on 606
From clarke_j on 606: "I doubt Bolt will break the record. His time in the 100 was 'only' what he would have run in Beijing if he had not eased up. The most compelling reason for the record to go is that the 200 in Beijing was run into a headwind. You never know with Bolt though."

Text in your views on 81111
From John on a train in London via text on 81111: "Just got on the train home - the big question is, do I go straight home and miss the 200m, or do I jump off at Guildford to watch the race and then jump on a later train for the journey home?"
Any advice for John anybody? Watch the race you fool. Anybody got a casserole waiting for you at home? If so, get on that train and follow the action on your mobile with the help of my words. Keep us posted.

It's good news for GB
1909: It's the third semi. It's a false start. Gives me a chance to pour some water over my burning fingers. Blanka Vlasic eases over her first height in the high jump. She looks super-cool. Das ist zuper-kool. I believe that's what they say in Berlin. Back to the 200m women. American Muna Lee wins in 22.30 ahead of Jamaican Simone Facey (22.58). This all means Emily Freeman makes the 200m final. Brilliant.

Tom Fordyce
Tom Fordyce on Twitter in Berlin: " Gorgeous evening in Olympiastadion, Sun sinking, still scorchio, rammed to the rafters. Athletics avalon"

1901: Second women's semi. American Allyson Felix wobbles at the start but stays comfortable and cruises through to win in 22.44. Jamaica's Anneisha McLaughlin clocks 22.55 in second, ahead of LaVerne Jones-Ferrette and Cydonie Mothersille. Felix says: "I wanted to get a good position in the final. I feel good. I feel excited."

1857: Chris Tomlinson through in the long jump. Big smile from the lad and he says he's got a 8.40m in him.

It's good news for GB
1856: Emily Freeman has to wait to see if she qualifies as fastest loser and says: "It was OK - bit tight at the end. I have to be happy to get a personal best."

1854: Emily Freeman does well. American Marshevet Hooker pulls up on the bend. Freeman drives on. It's a lifetime best for her - 22.64s. Debbie Ferguson-Mckenzie wins in 22.24. Veronica Campbell-Brown clocks 22.29 in second. "A great race by Emily," Michael Johnson says.

1850: It's the women's 200m semis. Britain's Emily Freeman in this one. She has it all to do.....

It's bad news for GB
1848: Paula Radcliffe on her withdrawal: "I almost made a decision three weeks ago and then my sessions picked up. Coming through New York was good but I wanted to feel a bit fitter in the race to be more comfortable. My gut feeling after the race was 'I don't know If I'm going to be ready'. What confirmed it was the bounce has not come back as quickly as it should do if you're ready to go. It's hard coming here, being with the team and wanting to put on the vest. I really wanted to be part of that. I have worked hard to be here. Sadly I'm not quite ready enough."

1844: Time to take a breath. What's coming up? Women's 200m semis at 1850. Women's 400m hurdles final at 1915. Men's 200m final at 1935. YOU GOT THAT ONE? Men's 110m hurdles final at 1955. Lordy knows what Sharman will say to camera if he gets a medal. Let's not knock a Brit showing a bit of confidence though eh.

Tom Fordyce
Tom Fordyce on Twitter in Berlin: "Usain messing about on the warm-up track, playing hide-and-seek with a tv cameraman. I've been more nervous posting a blog."

1838: The roof of the Olympic Stadium goes northwards by about 8 inches. Local boy Robert Harting steps onto the podium to pick up his discus gold medal. Quite a sweet national anthem this one. He's trimmed his beard and looks very pleased with himself. Fair enough.

1835: 800m bronze medallist Jenny Meadows, in the studio and looking like a lady ready for a night out in Berlin, says: "I'm absolutely thrilled. Silver was almost there but beggars can't be choosers."

1833: 5,000m wraps up. Six athletes are in contention on the final bend. Ugandan Moses Ndiema Kipsiro wins ahead of Kipchoge, James Kwalia C'Kurui with Bernard Legat in fourth and then Bowattaoui.

1829: DECATHLON UPDATE - American Trey Hardee looks good for gold as he leads with 7,306 points after winning the pole vault. The javelin is just about to start and the 1500m race follows later at 2015. Oleksiy Kasyanov of Ukraine, who had led after the first day, is second.

1825: Next 5,000m heat. Ireland's Alistair Cragg in this one up against Bernard Legat and Ethiopian Eliud Kipchoge. "They are going really slowly. Six laps remaining. The pace steady and slow. Sometimes when you run slower than in training then nerves can set in," Brendan Foster says.

1817: You know I mentioned earlier it's all about providing a service. A few are asking when the 200m final is. I feel I may have to repeat this every 5 minutes. Exciting times though. It's 1935. Don't be late. Follow it live on the video, on TV or why not follow the live text. Talk about choice. We spoil you. And can Bolt break the record?

1814: I'll give you some decathlon updates in a minute. Been busy on the track. A happy Farah says: "I couldn't wait to get out there. I'm in there. The team are doing well and there's more to come. It depends how the race is run. I've got to get some food on board and have an ice bath. I'm confident. You have to mix it up with the best."
Who's up for an ice bath?

It's good news for GB
1809: Abdosh's efforts look like they'll be unrewarded. He'll be wishing he was wearing those strap-on shoes. Mo moves up with Bekele. Farah looking strong. He's got his sunnies on and looks good. Farah comes in third with a late burst. He's in the final. The crowd go mad as Abdosh crosses the line but it's not enough. Farah grabs a bottle water, rips it open with his teeth like a wild cat and takes a well-earned swig. Bekele first, Tegenkamp second. Farah third.

Get involved on 606
From Bunn-beatable on 606: "Go Abdosh!"
After running 63 second laps Abdosh is catching up looking like a 12-year-old running for the school bus. Absolutely cream-crackered and his neck wobbling. C'mon son. If this was a friendly event the runners would all stop for a couple of minutes and let him get his breath back. Farah makes his move on the right. C'mon Mo. Two laps to go.

1802: Long jump update. Chris Tomlinson still has some work to do. His second jump is 8.02m. Perhaps Rutherford's 8.30m half an hour ago has muddled his brain a bit.

Text in your views on 81111
From Chris in Bristol via text on 81111: "Why don't the top sprinters compete in the long jump anymore, as did carl lewis did? Surely Usain Bolt would be excellent at it, with his long legs and raw speed."

1758: Ethiopian Ali Abdosh is one of the favourites to progress to the 5,000m final and after being spiked his shoe comes off and he has to stop to do his laces up. That's a shocker for the lad. He's 120 metres down already and has to step on it to get back on it. He's straining to get back and the Berlin crowd are going bonkers and willing him on.

1754: It's the 5,000m heats. Mo Farah - one of the happiest athletes around - gets going in the first one. Bekele's in this one as well - if he was any more relaxed he'd be snoring. Top five and five fastest losers go through.

1751: Michael Johnson, who won 200m and 400m gold at Atlanta in 1996, doubts Bolt will break the 200m record tonight. The final is at 1935. Johnson said: "Bolt's exertions this week have taken a lot out of him. He's also been very busy and he looks tired. It is certainly less possible than it was a few nights ago. Also he has said that his training this year hasn't been as good as last year."
Do you agree with Mr Johnson?

1745: Another incredible GB performance. And it's William Sharman fresh from winning his 110m hurdles semi. Sounds like a man who's just won an Oscar. Here's a taster: "I'm really sorry for Robles - he's a friend of mine. He's my idol. Things happen in sport. I told you there was more to come. My mum always says I'm lazy. Before I got to the warm-up area I felt horrible. I think I ate too late this afternoon. Once I heard the roar for the German, I was next to Robles and I gave it everything."

1742: The athlete of the moment. Big big applause for women's 800m champion Caster Semenya who's had quite a 24 hours. Gold medal win and the controversy over her gender test. But now she stands on the podium wearing her medal. Nice moment.

It's good news for GB
1736: Drama oh drama in the 110m hurdles. Britain's William Sharman wins his semi in 13.38s. He's in the final. A PB. Unbelievable. Sixth fastest British hurdles run ever. Cuba's Olympic champion and world record holder Dayron Robles is OUT. He clatters into three hurdles and he pulls up. OUCH. Gutted for the big man. But Sharman - oh my lordy. Who'd have predicted that? Anybody?

Tom Fordyce
From BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce in Berlin: "Big, big crowd in tonight for the latest episode of The Incredible Adventures Of Bolt. #1 rule of watching Usain: there are no rules. Anything can happen."

It's good news for GB
Greg Rutherford after qualifying for Saturday's long jump final: "I half expected to jump well but 8.30m first round - I wasn't expecting it. I've been aiming for that since 2005. I knew it was there and I now need to keep my game head on. I let things emotionally get to me in Beijing. I'm hoping to keep it up for the final." Jonathan Edwards calls his 8.30m jump "pretty much perfect".

1726: No Andy Turner in these 110m hurdles semis. Hamstring yesterday made sure of that. Second semi. Another false start. Chris Tomlinson - who was the GB record holder 10 minutes ago now has his jump. With blonde locks flapping he leaps 8.06m. Fourth best so far. Right hurdlers - get your act together. Barbados star Ryan Braithwaite storms through in 13.18. American David Payne is second ahead of Jamaican Dwight Thomas.

1720: First men's 110m hurdles semi. American Terrence Trammell is first in 13.24s ahead of Petr Svoboda.


Get involved on 606
From plasticoutcome on 606: "19.67 for Usain Bolt. He told me last night on the phone."
Funny that. Usain texted me last night to say he was going to run in 26.03 seconds, retire and then take up cricket.

Steve Cram on 800m champion Caster Semenya: "There have been other athletes that people in the sport have made suggestions about. It's a much bigger issue, a more worldwide issue. Maybe the IAAF will have to find new ways of how we determine who's eligible to race. Otherwise we will continue to have confusion."

Get involved on 606
From bigcog on 606: "Fond memories of watching Beijing whilst on holiday in Whitby last year. Everyone willing Bolt to try and beat the 200m World Record."

Gold medal
1700: Jamaican veteran Brigitte Foster-Hylton picks up her 100m hurdles gold medal won last night and she looks a little stunned. Not for the first time and not for the last, the Jamaican flags go a little crazy in Berlin.

1655: As well as Bolt gunning for more gold, there's plenty to get our teeth stuck into - on and off the track. Paula Radcliffe announced her withdrawal from the marathon today declaring she was not 100% race fit. Can she come back for 2012? UKA Chief Charles van Commenee said he wanted five GB medals. Three down, two to go. Where are the others coming from? And then there's new 800m champion Caster Semenya who has to undergo a gender test. Has she been treated fairly by the IAAF? Denise Lewis and Michael Johnson don't think so. Thoughts now please on 606 or text 81111.

1650: The BBC is a service and I intend to honour that to the best of my ability. I will give you my all tonight. As well as telling you what's going on, it seems fair to reveal what's coming up. Click here for timetable details. Men's decathlon (1705) up first, then Greg Rutherford and Chris Tomlinson in long jump qualifying (1710), Mo Farah in the 5,000m heats (1755) along with Kenenisa Bekele, Blanka Vlasic gets leaping (1810), before Bolt and Co. rip it up (1935). BBC coverage 1645-2000 on BBC Two/Online/BBC HD/Radio 5 live. Then red button and online 1945-2100.

1640: What were you doing one year ago today? Usain Bolt was in the 200m Olympic final and after saying he's too tired for a world record he blew Beijing away with 19.30 sec. At 1935 tonight he's back eyeing 200m world gold, four days after stunning the world with 100m gold in 9.58 sec. Watch last Sunday's 100m final. More records tonight? All thoughts and predictions on 606 or text 81111. More on the schedule and other hot topics of debate in just a minute.

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