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Athletics Worlds - day two as it happened


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By Mark Ashenden

ALL THE ACTION (all times BST)

2142: I'm going wrap up. That boy Bolt and Jess has warn me out. How are we going to follow that on Monday? Kate Dennison goes in the pole vault final, it's the women's 100m final and the British trio go in the 800m semis. Thanks for being there. What a day. Ennis, Bolt. What a day. I have literally forgotten to have a toilet stop tonight because of all the excitement. Will be back. Before I go.....then check out this bit of video.
Re-live Bolt's magic. Sporting HISTORY in front of your very eyes

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From Tab via text on 81111: " What the hell is going on with the live text? Jessica E wins a blinking gold and she warrants a couple of lines about her 800m? She didn't even get an up arrow!"
Fair comment Tab and I've taken it on the chin but after three minutes of Jess winning - which was simply incredible - the 100m boys were out on the track. It probably seems like complete neglect but it was tricky to keep across both events. The reaction as you can imagine after Bolt's run was staggering. The report on Jess is up and running and reflects her stunning victory.

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From SHERWICK on 606: Ennis brought tears to my eyes when she won. My heartfelt congratulations to her. As for Bolt. I'm in shock."

Get involved on 606
From JackHughesByZola on 606: "It's easy to overlook Gay's performance given Bolt's amazing run but if he's got a groin injury, 9.71 is almost as incredible a feat."

BBC Radio 5 Live
More words from the new world 100m champion: "I can believe what I have achieved and I'm proud of myself. I work hard for this so I'm happy. It's just hard work and dedication and I got it right. It's a great performance - it's all fun. I will continue doing my best as long as I stay fit. It's big in Jamaica so I just went out and did what I had to do." Enough said.
It's seeing performances like that that just put a massive smile on your face. I've got goosebumps all down my spine. Just incredible. Enough of me. Keep your thoughts coming in. If there were gold medals for 606 comments I'd be dishing them out to all of you.

2114: Let's not forget Dwain Chambers who finished sixth. He says: "That was an amazing experience to be a part of. I came here with a season's best and raced against the world's best. It doesn't get any easier at this age but it's all worth it. I can't put that race into words. I want to recuperate and encourage the other team members, get ready for the 200m and have some fun."

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From The Wednesday on 606: "If Michael Johnson says you're good. You're good. If Michael Johnson says you're a great. You're great. If Michael Johnson is dumbfounded by you.You're the greatest of all time."
Crikey. I can't argue with that. Can I? Nope. Official.

BBC Radio 5 Live
5 live's Mike Costello on Usain Bolt: "We have been so blessed to be around this man."

From blueboyrob on 606: "Well done to Powell, Gay and Chambers. All performed admirably. Bolt, I'm not qualified to even talk about him, just incredible."

Usain Bolt after running 9.58 seconds: "I was ready. I was feeling good after the semi-finals. I knew it was going to be a great race and I executed it. It's a great time. I did well and I feel good. It was a big build-up. I have to rest up now and no partying for me and come back out Tuesday."

Tyson Gay on his national record and silver: "I ran the best I could. It wasn't the best on the night - I gave it my all."

Steve Cram on Bolt's exploits: "Brilliant beyond compare. We have seen nothing like this before ever ever. He writes his own history with every stride he makes. Frightening. Absolutely frightening."

2053: If anything, Bolt didn't have a brilliant start - it was OK - but then he cranked it up. Boy, did he crank it up. Daniel Bailey fourth (9.93), 5. Richard Thompson (9.93), 6. Dwain Chambers (10.0), 7. Marc Burns (10), 8. Darvis Patton (10.34).

2046: Oh lordy lordy. Gay gets silver and he runs 9.71 and still gets beaten by two metres. "Mind boggling" says Michel Johnson. Asafa Powell gets bronze in 9.84.

Gold medal
2045: Crowd go mad. Then quiet, almost. Hush everybody. they stoop over their blocks. Beads of sweat on Powell's head. And it's a new world record for BOLT! 9.58!!!!!!

2042: Bolt says "he's ready, are you?" Gay looks a little dazzled. This is it folks.....Powell looks cool. Everybody looks cool. I am not....

2040: The photographers are ready again. They switch their lenses towards Bolt and Co. Here we go....Chambers the only European in the final. A lot of dancing going on at the start line.

2039: Ennis won her 800m heat after a right old battle with Dobrynska. The Ukraine athlete ends up with no medal. Here's the 100m.

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From JM-Sixto-Diabolos on 606: "What an 800!! Great run down the home stretch. Honestly thought she messed that up by going out too fast but she showed great fight & champion qualities by coming back in the home stretch. Well done Jessica!!"

2036: Sensational scenes. Ennis is holding aloft the flag and is running round the track with hundreds of photographers snapping like bonkers. "I can't believe it," she says. No water works yet. She's being hugged by everybody - her rivals - even the Berlin mascot. I've no idea if it's a bear or just a massive mouse. Anybody know? But that's got to be her magic moment - hugged by a mouse three times as high as her. Her smile is as big as something very large. Early shout for Sport Personality of the Year perhaps?

Denise Lewis on Ennis: "I am more than smiling. I am so proud of her. It's such an over-whelming feeling. She's performed out of her skin. This is just the beginning. She needs to soak up the atmosphere. There's nothing like it."

Gold medal
2028: GOLD for Jess Ennis in the heptathlon.

2026: Just seen my favourite athletics fan ever. A Polish man - looks like a mini version of father Christmas. When Poland's Chudzik is introduced, he waves, grins and waves a flag about 8 inches long. Amazing.

2025: It's the 800m in the heptathlon for Jess. She has to finish less than 12 seconds behind Kamila Chudzik to become heptathlon champion. Walk in the park isn't it?

2021: Ennis coming up. And the 100m boys rock up to the call room in one of those golf buggies. That final is in 15 minutes. Hands up who's feeling the butterflies?

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From ShuBob on 606: "My prediction is that one or two of Gay, Powell and Bolt will either be DQ'ed for false-starting or something else but I feel at least one of those three will not medal. Chambers I think will come either 3rd or 4th "

Ennis' coach Toni Minichiello: "We believed we'd be at the worlds but to be close to being world champion? We never believed it." Ennis running in about 8 minutes. GB's Louise Hazel running this heat - she's had a brilliant championship and is a bright hope.

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From lsabre on 606: "I just read on the Live Coverage text that Britain haven't won a global championships medal since Denise Lewis' gold in Sydney...Well, what about Kelly Sotherton's bronzes in Athens 2004 and Osaka 2007?"
Oh, it's harsh world. What a difference one word makes. The word gold was dropped. Hands up Isabree. I made a boo-boo. Forgiven? Some athlete I'd make in the blocks of a 100m final.

It's bad news for GB
2006: A gutter for Larry Achike. He fails to make the triple jump final after Bulgarian Momchil Karailiev leaps 17.07 with his final jump pushing the Brit into 13th place.

2001: Why no Jess in the 800m? Don't panic folks, her legs haven't fallen off. There's more than one heat of the 800m in the heptathlon. She's coming up in heat four.

Tom Fordyce
Tom Fordyce on Twitter in Berlin: "Lane draw for 100m final: Usain in 4, Gay in 5, Asafa 6. Dwain in 1. Perfect for the big three"

1957: Everybody's asking when the men's 100m final is. Even I am. 2035 BST. That's in 38 minutes. Are we going to see a world record? Have you ever had to perform in a big event when the pressure's on? Stories please. I remember being in a penalty shoot-out in a football knock-out competition at school and walking up to the ball with my legs feeling like a bowl of wibbly wobbly raspberry jelly. I blazed it over. Nightmare. Give us your thoughts.

1953: Britain have not won a multi-eventing championship medal since 2000. Any idea what happened then? Lewis - with her left calf strapped up - limped over the finish line to win Olympic gold. C'mon Jess. She's got a 12 second cushion and she's got the talent to win this 800m. "She can afford to enjoy it," says Denise Lewis. Enjoy the 800m. Are you having a laugh Denise?

1940: Just so you know, Jess Ennis will be running in the 800m in 10 minutes. She will have to fall over, stop to do her shoe-laces, have a cup of tea and have a two-minute snooze for her not to become heptathlon champion. Crazy times. Lap it up folks. This could be Britain's only gold at this championships.

Phillips Idowu after qualifying in the triple jump: "Everyone says qualifying is the hardest round but I've never had a problem. I feel good. Another generic quote! I feel relaxed and really looking forward to Tuesday. It was quite smooth but let's see how it goes when I spice it up a bit."

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From Nitebot9 on 606: "Very impressive by Greene! I think if that had been a race to the line, Greene had Jackson's number there."

David Greene after making Tuesday's 400m hurdles final: "I haven't been nervous like this for a very long time. It's all to play for."
Greene revealed yesterday he had a haircut in Berlin after asking for a number two. Little did he know that number two - in Germany - means 2 mm. He had to apologise on TV to his girlfriend. Shorter hair clearly makes you run faster. Might try that.

It's good news for GB
1930: Brilliant. He doesn't let us down. It was a very steady start from the Welshman but he came good at the end. Brilliant. I'll say it again. Bershawn Jackson wins in 48.23 and Greene is second in a personal best 48.27. Periklis Iakovakis in third. "What a brilliant performance," says Colin Jackson.

1929: David Greene up next in the 400m hurdles........C'mon boy.

1926: Bolt watch - he's being massaged again. Who wouldn't eh? Wouldn't mind one on my back right now. Bolt's legs being rubbed. He's still smiling. His mouth must ache at the end of the day. And Gay? His eyes look big again as he talks to his coach and he's going through his running technique. I'm no expert but he looks like a man with a lot on his mind. C'mon Tyson - it's just under 10 seconds of work. Most of us have a 10-hour shift to get through. Chill out man.

1921: Some of the 400m hurdlers are screaming their heads in pain at the end of the race and American Kerron Clement cruises through in 48 bang on. Veteran Felix Sanchez battles through in second. "A gutsy show from Felix and Clement looks favourite for gold," says Colin Jackson. Javier Culson in third.

1912: The men's 400m hurdles coming right I dishing up a feast of athletics fireworks tonight or what?

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From djkbrown2001 on 606: "Richards has that under control. Sherika williams is comming into form at the right time. She is a very good 200m and cold use that speed to put pressure on Sanya richards in the final 4th of the race.Between shericka williams and richards."

Get involved on 606
From MissyRed on 606: "1. Cha

mbers 2. Burns 3. Bailey 4. Bolt 5. Gay 6. Powell 7. Patton 8. Thompson."
'That's the lane draw not my prediction' MissyRed confirms. Phew. How many people out there will eat their socks if Chambers gets a medal? I'm thinking a sixth for the Brit. Although I should keep my thoughts to myself. I said an hour ago I'd eat my socks if Edgar got through - and we know what followed that.

It's good news for GB
Cracking jump by Phillips Idowu. He leaps a 17.32 and guarantees his qualification. Nice one. Nathan Douglas has a 17m in the bag - should be good enough and Larry Achike has leapt 16.94 which also should be enough.

1900: Christine Ohuruogu grits her teeth and comes in second in 50.35 (season's best) behind Sanya Richards. She walks off the track and is breathing very heavily. The American wins easily in 50.21. But hold on, did Christine step on the line on the final bend? Good strong finish though and shows she's still got that late power. Sanders doesn't make it though. "I felt really good and I was happy to shut it down with 70m to go," Richards says.

Tom Fordyce
From BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce in Berlin: "Warm as you like inside the Olympiastadion. Barely a mouse's breath of wind in the air. Still plenty of spare seats around the grandstands though - if you fancy watching a slice of Usain-inspired history, get yourself over to the west side of the German capital sharpish..."

1854: GB's Nicola Sanders gets a brilliant start and gives it everything but then fades in the last 100m and finishes in fourth in 50.45 (her fastest time in two years). It's won by Shericka Williams with the first three women under 50s. Sanders will probably not qualify. "That time there would have made the final in Beijing easily," Sanders says. Ohuruogu lines up alongside fierce rival Sanya Richards. Christine on her knees talking to herself firing herself up.

Get involved on 606
From MissyRed on 606: "Bolt really frustrates me sometimes. He eases up after about 70m or so and it just makes me think of all the opportunties of getting a new world record he may be missing. The man is pure class though and yes, doesn't ever need to really give 100%. He'll get a world record tonight without a doubt."

1844: It's the first women's 400m semi-final. Ohuruogu coming up. Novlene Williams-Mills wins in 49.88, ahead of Amantle Montsho and Anastasiya Kapachinskaya.

Text in your views on 81111
From Phil, hoping his train gets in early via text on 81111: "My train gets in just before 8 so worried im gonna miss jess in the 800 later. I'm joining you on the fence Mark - Bolt is and Johnson was in a different league."
You'll be able to catch up on all the action on the website later on

1837: Sorry folks. I don't want to be accused of ignoring the field events. Lordy no. Let's leave the track for a second and head to the triple jump runway for the qualification. Phllips Idowu was leading with a jump of 17.10m but then up pops Olympic champion Nelson Evora with a fabulous 17.44. That's going to shake them up.

Tyrone Edgar is not a happy boy after his disqualification:

"I don't think it was a false start. If anything, it was on the money. I reckon I would have made the final. I won't argue it. I'm disappointed - I feel I could have been in the final. I trained all year not to be disqualified. I was ready to roll today."
Edgar was also disqualified at the London Grand Prix. Needs to learn to listen to that gun perhaps?

It's good news for GB
Dwain Chambers on making the final: "It's tough out there. Just to be competing against these guys is a bit daunting. I relied on my experience and just ran. I'm grateful I'm just in this position. Anything can happen in the final."

1826: Here we go again.....on your marks. Gay looks up for this. An absolute shocking start from Gay. Cheeks puffed out and he gets back in it and wins in 9.93s but that was hard work. Asafa Powell is second but was slowing down in 9.95. Richard Thompson in third in 9.98 and Chambers gets fourth in a season's best 10.04.

1820: "I believe Usain is trying to break the world record again. This is as much effort as we've seen from him at these championships. This was a pretty good run," says Michael Johnson. Daniel Bailey (9.96), Darvis Patton (9.98) and Marc Burns (10.01) make the final.
A pretty good run? I should co-co. What would be a good run? We could be in for something pretty tasty in the final in just over two hours. Here comes Dwain and Tyson Gay.

1814: They get down....the gun goes and this will be a false-start. Oh dear. It's Tyrone Edgar. That's a massive blow. He walks off, almost smiling but he's got the red card - the smiles looks more like smiles of disbelief......gutted for the lad. Just shows the pressure these boys are under. That's the psyche of having Bolt near you.....Bolt wins in 9.89 and he was jogging in the last 20 metres. Madness.

1812: The boys are introduced to the crowd....Edgar looks pumped. Daniel Bailey looking happy as well. I will eat my socks if Edgar gets in the top four for the final. And guess what?.....Bolt's pulled up for a false-start. Easy Usain. Not getting nervy are you sir?

1809: The first 100m semi. Britain's Tyrone Edgar, Michael Rodgers, Daniel Bailey, Bolt all in this one. Don't put the kettle on just yet. Don't even blink.

1805: The men's 100m semis coming up and who's strolling into the stadium like a 14-year-old on his first day at school? Bolt's wearing his orange spikes with his rucksack thrown onto his back. Cool as a bloomin' cucumber sitting in the bottom of your freezer being chomped on by a penguin.

1803: In the next women's 100m, American Carmelita Jeter wins in 10.94 ahead of Shelly-Ann Fraser in 11.02 and Kelly-Ann Baptiste. "I'm running well," Jeter says. Can't argue with that.

1801: Quiff watch. No, that's not a new Jamaican sprinter but just spotted Seb Coe's hair on TV. The London Olympics 2012 chief is chatting to a few dignitaries and his hair is magnificent, flapping in the Berlin breeze. Nice.

1756: Defending champion Veronica Campbell-Brown looks masterful in her 100m heat and wins in 10.99 ahead of Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie and Muna Lee. "Not great out of the blocks but once she gets up into the next phase she's comfortable," says Michael Johnson.

1750: Ennis strolls up - and it is a bit of a stroll - and wallop. She gets a red flag with her final throw. Her lead currently is 171 points ahead of Poland's Kamila Chudzik. At least she hasn't ripped her hamstring before the 800m. Or legs fall off which was my worry an hour ago.

Text in your views on 81111
From Andy via text on 81111: "Regarding the Bolt vs. Johnson situation, my money would be on Bolt - he has already shown he can go faster with his WR at the Olympics. Plus, Johnson is a little out of practice."

1747: American Lauryn Williams impresses in the second 100m heat with a time of 11.06. Aleen Bailey and Tahesia Harrigan follow up in second and third. "I come out and perform like a true champion," Williams says.

1744: Jess Ennis goes trackside and has a quick chat with British javelin thrower Goldie Sayers. Few javelins tips being exchanged. Her third throw is coming up.

1739: Bolt watch - massive grin and he's lying down on a massage bed. Most sprinters would be stomping round the changing rooms listening to Def Leppard. Wouldn't they? What would be your perfect pre-race tune? Bolt apparently was listening to reggae until 4 in the morning before his Olympic final in Beijing.

1736: It's not all about the blokes. The women's 100m second round is under way and Jamaica's Kerron Stewart drives out of the blocks and wins with an impressive 10.92 into a headwind. Brilliant. Michael Johnson calls her technique "unbelievable".

1734: Dobrynska looking a little dejected after an average javelin throw. her best 43.29. Ennis steps up and pops up with a poor one. 38.96m. She grits her teeth but her first throw of 43.54 is still OK. Don't panic folks. This girl's built of sterner stuff than the England cricket boys.

Gold medal
The giant of a man Christian Cantwell steps up to have his shot put gold placed round his neck. Huge man, huge beard and it looks like he's been handed a US tracksuit top two sizes too small. Although the tight look is in right now I hear.

1725: Just in case you don't know. No Brit has ever been world heptathlon champion. Not even Denise Lewis. She got silver in 1997 and 1999. Kelly Sotherton won silver two years ago in Osaka when Ennis was fourth. History in the making.

Steve Cram on marathon star Paula Radcliffe, who will decide soon on competing in Berlin after winning in New York today: "I don't think she'll make a decision for 2-3 days. She's fit and healthy but she hasn't spent a lot of time on the road."

1721: Jess Ennis gets hurling her first spear. It's 43.54m. Not a bad opener. Denise Lewis reckons Dobrynska needs to throw 10 metres beyond Ennis to have a chance of gold. And she should know. Looking good.

Text in your views on 81111
From T via text on 81111: "Who would have won in a 200m race between Bolt and Michael Johnson? I'm going for the genius of Johnson?"
I'll open that one out to you guys. On the fence me.

Get involved on 606
From Redandwhitestokie on 606: "I'll go for bolt and gay. i think bailey might just out-run powell. I think gay will be fine."

Denise Lewis on Jess Ennis's chances of winning the heptathlon: "Something disastrous has to happen for her not to win gold now."

1710: Predictions for the 100m. Michael Johnson says it's Bolt all the way. I can't disagree with that. Many of you are tipping Bailey and Gay to battle it out for the remaining medals. Has Dwain Chambers got a chance? Maurice Greene think so.

1707: Hazel Irvine kicks off the BBC coverage with a barrage of nicknames. Jess Ennis was named 'tadpole' by Kelly Sotherton and Michael Johnson was called 'the duck' before being called 'Superman'. Any other nominations folks?

Get involved on 606
From Freekingpain on 606: "I'll go bolt, powell, then bailey - gay's groin causing too much of a problem."

1659: What else is coming up? I hear you cry. Men's 100m semis from 1810, Idowu gets triple jumping from 1800, Christine Ohuruogu and Nicola Sanders in the 400m semis at 1840, David Greene (with his new shorn locks) goes for a final place in the 400m hurdles at 1915 and Bolt and Co go for 100m gold at 2035. Which part of that are you not excited about? Bring it all on. Give us your thoughts.

1651: Where have you been all day? Brit trio Jemma Simpson (no thanks to her loose shoe-laces), Marilyn Okoro and Jenny Meadows got through the 800m heats, Goldie Sayers failed in the javelin, Jess Ennis was ninth in the long jump and has a 269-point lead in the heptathlon. After the javelin, she's got two laps to run (1950) and that'll be it. Gold? US star Carmelita Jeter was fastest in the women's 100m and Russia's defending champion Olga Kaniskina won the women's 20km walk.

1648: Day two and it's going to be a cracker. I genuinely feel nervous. Not sure the word 'nerves' is in the Usain Bolt dictionary. It's the 100m final at 2035 in the same stadium American legend Jesse Owens was in 73 years ago to win four golds at the Berlin 1936 Olympics in front of a bloke called Adolf. Owens went on to compete against racehorses. Wonder how Bolt would do in the Grand National? Jess Ennis is first up in the javelin at 1705 - she could be heptathlon Queen tonight. Back in a second with a round-up of this morning and what's happening this evening. In the mean time, all thoughts and predictions via text or 606. Live video up and running at 1700.

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