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Video icons house clips/streams
Camera icons offer photos
Text icons contain reports
Number icons are mile markers
Traffic icons display travel info
5 Live icons contain audio
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Use BBC Sport's interactive map to explore 2009's London Marathon in video, audio, pictures and text.

Updates will appear on this map throughout the marathon on Sunday, 26 April, tracking the runners around the 26.2-mile course.

When first loaded, the map's focus falls on the first few miles, as denoted by a series of numbered mile markers.

Use the controls in the top left-hand corner of the map to zoom in for a better view of individual icons, then click and drag the map to explore the whole course in detail.

Send BBC Sport and BBC Radio 5 Live your updates from the London marathon!

Whether you have a question for our presenting team or want to get a message about a loved one or friend up on screen - get in touch!

Text 81111 to contact us or, alternatively, have your say on 606 - tell us who you are watching out for, and where you are following the action.

If you have an account with photo-sharing website Flickr, submit them to BBC Sport's Olympics group:

If you add geotags to your photos it will help us display them on the map.


If you have a friend or loved one running, BBC Radio 5 Live want you to leave a message of support for them.

Call 5 Live's marathon message-line on 03700 100 500 and tell us who they are running for and why - don't forget to leave your name, too.

We cannot guarantee to use every message but we will try to play as many as possible.

(Standard geographic charges apply and calls may be included in your telecom provider's call package. Charges from mobiles may be higher. Texts to 81111 charged at standard rate, not all contributions can be used.)


- I can't get the map to work.

If you're having problems with the map, let us know using the feedback form below. Don't forget to tell us which browser you are using, and try to be precise about what went wrong.

We are aware that a small number of people are presented with a blank map of the US, or no map at all, and are working to resolve those problems.

- Some items on the map aren't placed where they should be.

The nature of the marathon means a lot of events happen in very close proximity along a fixed route - if we plot them too precisely, they overlap and become very difficult to see clearly.

If you zoom in to the closest level, the positioning of some icons may not be precise, but the spacing stops reports disappearing from view beneath each other.

- How 'live' is this map?

New content is added to the map as soon as it becomes available - in many cases there is a short delay involved, as video, audio and images must be received and edited before being published.

- But it looks like nothing had changed.

You need to refresh the page to see updates. Some points on the map, for example image galleries, update with fresh content as the marathon progresses. In other cases, older content is removed from the map and replaced by newer content from a similar area.

- It would have been useful to see the full marathon route on this map.

We agree. This was not possible this year, but we expect to offer this in future.


Did you find this map useful? How could it be improved? Tell us here .


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