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Jankovic v Ivanovic as it happened

French Open: Sunday 25 May to Sunday 8 June
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French Open

Semi-final result:


4-6 6-3 4-6


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By Caroline Cheese

1714: Don't let anyone tell you that was a classic, but it was gripping. New world number one Ivanovic will face Russia's Dinara Safina in Saturday's final, with both players looking for their first Grand Slam title. Be back tomorrow, folks, Nadal v Djokovic is up first at 1200 BST.

Jankovic 4-6 6-3 4-6 Ivanovic
Ivanovic begins the game with a crunching return winner and gets to 30-30 with a cool drop shot. Another stunning inside-out forehand takes her to match point and a booming return sends her through to the final and also sees her crowned the new world number one. Cue super-excited fist pumping.

Jankovic 4-6 6-3 4-5 Ivanovic
Jankovic saves one game point with the luckiest netcord you'll ever see, the ball dribbling over with Ivanovic stranded behind the baseline. But Ivanovic holds her nerve to move one game away from the final. Should be a walk in the park...

1705: "Jankovic is cute too !!!"
roomurrhamil on 606
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Jankovic 4-6 6-3 4-4 Ivanovic
Ivanovic probably pumps her fist if she successfully gets out of bed in the morning. Still, she probably deserves some self-congratulation after that game, hammering a couple of superb winners onto the line and earning three break points. Jankovic saves two but Ivanovic flings a brilliant inside-out forehand onto the side-line and, stop the press, it's another break!

Jankovic 4-6 6-3 4-3 Ivanovic
Strange. Just as you think the momentum has swung, Ivanovic throws in another terrible game. A fifth double fault hands the advantage back to Jankovic. That's 11 breaks of serve now.

Jankovic 4-6 6-3 3-3 Ivanovic
I bet no one predicted this did they? Did they?! Just as in the first two sets, the player with the early lead is pegged back. Ivanovic seems to be back in the room now as a wrong-footing forehand sets up three break points. Jankovic's mistake put Ivanovic level again.

Jankovic 4-6 6-3 3-2 Ivanovic
Big serve + big forehand=game point Ivanovic. And goodness me, was that a bit of variety I just spotted there? Jankovic plays a drop shot off a wickedly angled forehand from Ivanovic and the younger Serb puts away the subsequent volley despite a netcord. The crowd loved that. Perhaps that might stir Ivanovic...

1649: "Having just watched Day of the Dead on DVD, you definitely need buckets for the nerves."
randalthor1812 on 606
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Jankovic 4-6 6-3 3-1 Ivanovic
Ugly. Jankovic sets up the put-away with a swinging serve out wide but smacks the net with a forehand. Doesn't matter though because Ivanovic is even more error-prone at the moment. Jankovic wins the game to 15 with a simple forehand pass.

1645: "I think whichever player gets through will really struggle against Safina, they both look a bit ropey!"
JonnyFedFan on 606
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Jankovic 4-6 6-3 2-1 Ivanovic
Oh look, there's Arantxa Sanchez Vicario. The 'Barcelona bumblebee' is commentating for Spanish TV I think. Meanwhile, Ivanovic's considered response to a run of seven games against is to... hit the ball even harder. It works and she stays in touch.

Jankovic 4-6 6-3 2-0 Ivanovic
This third set is not only a shoot-out for the French Open final, the winner will also be crowned the new world number one on Monday. No wonder there's a bucketful of nerves out there. Not sure nerves come in buckets but you know what I mean. Anyhoo, Ivanovic keeps the ball in court long enough to earn a break point but the errors come back to haunt her and Jankovic consolidates the break.

Jankovic 4-6 6-3 1-0 Ivanovic
Ivanovic needs to find her serve, and quick. She's just floating it in at the moment, allowing Jankovic to take control of the point. That's six straight games for Jankovic now in this topsy-turvy match.

1631: "C'mon JJ! She's an honorary Brit after winning Wimbledon with Jamie, and comes across as a very nice and funny girl. And all this battling despite injury is very impressive."
Addicted_Louisa*GG* on 606
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Jankovic 4-6 6-3 Ivanovic
Ivanovic is angry, Jankovic is panicking. It doesn't make for a pretty game - although it is gripping. Jankovic wastes one set point with an almost comically wild backhand and another with a double fault. A third goes astray with a mis-timed forehand pass. Eventually Ivanovic gift-wraps the set for her compatriot by belting a routine return long. Into a decider we go and it's still impossible to say which way this is going.

Jankovic 4-6 5-3 Ivanovic
The French crowd sense a chance to get involved as Ivanovic complains about a line call. The whistles soon have Ana scurrying back to the baseline though after the double fault is confirmed. Ivanovic is muttering towards her coaching team in the crowd as she faces two break points. She smacks an easy backhand into the net and Jankovic will serve for the set. Don't hold your breath though...

Jankovic 4-6 4-3 Ivanovic
The momentum shifted dramatically in that last game. Some tremendous serving puts Jankovic ahead in the set.

Jankovic 4-6 3-3 Ivanovic
Jankovic has a quick burst of treatment on her arm during the changeover and her mood is not helped when she comes out and sees the umpire overrule the linesman and give Ivanovic an ace. But Jankovic does brilliantly to fight back from 40-0 to deuce. Ivanovic's second double fault gives Jankovic a break point which she takes with a winning backhand. Could be a key game.

Jankovic 4-6 2-3 Ivanovic
Ivanovic dances around the ball and wallops a forehand crosscourt, a bit like Steffi in her heyday. That's 30-30 and after another epic baseline rally, Ivanovic goes on to make it deuce. Jankovic appears to be struggling with that arm injury. She does well to hang on, but that's about all she's doing at the moment.

Jankovic 4-6 1-3 Ivanovic
I've never really noticed it before, but Ivanovic's constant fist-pumping is tres annoying. A bit like Lleyton Hewitt in his early days. Some clutch serving gets Ivanovic out of a little hole at 30-30.

Jankovic 4-6 1-2 Ivanovic
Jankovic came into this match talking about the need to get her tactics spot on. If she had any, those tactics appear to have gone right out of the window. Still, she scrapes through that game to keep herself in the hunt and end a run of six games against.

Jankovic 4-6 0-2 Ivanovic
Ivanovic switches off for a moment, allowing Jankovic two break-back points. Ana saves both and then pumps her fist - prompting a long, hard stare from her fellow Serb. Another heartbreaking game for Jankovic. Hard to see her coming back from this.

Jankovic 4-6 0-1 Ivanovic
Brilliant defence from Ivanovic. Jankovic looks like she's done enough to earn the point in a marathon rally but with Ivanovic scrambling everything back, Jankovic plays a strange volley from just inside the baseline which puts her on the back foot. Ivanovic earns two break points and some more magnificent defence gains her the advantage. That was a morale-sapping game for Jankovic - just what she didn't need.

1543: "As I don't have access to tv pics could you describe the lovely Ana's appearance at the moment for me?"
Derek via text on 81111
You're asking the wrong person Derek. But I am dedicated to keeping the people happy so here's a drooling male colleague's attempt: "Pretty in pink, radiant."


Jankovic 4-6 Ivanovic
Jankovic has her head in her hand as she makes yet another error to give Ivanovic a 30-0 lead. A mistake off the backhand hands Ivanovic the set. It was a strange one. It looked like it might be warming up when Jankovic took a 4-2 lead but she's been all over the place since then.

Jankovic 4-5 Ivanovic
Oh dear. Jankovic sprays a terrible forehand into the tramlines to give Ivanovic two break points. Ana plays Jankovic at her own game with some feisty defence before forcing the error. All of a sudden, Ivanovic is serving for the set.

Jankovic 4-4 Ivanovic
Is it me or does Ana sound like she's sneezing when she hits the ball? It's quite endearing though. Ivanovic is level for the first time, holding to love.

1531: "I don't follow women's tennis that closely, are breaks of serve as regular as they have been today?"
stag84 on 606
Er, yes.

Jankovic 4-3 Ivanovic
A hat-trick of breaks as Jankovic smacks a backhand over the baseline to concede the game. Impossible to say which way this is going to go. Now, I bet you thought British interest was over at the French Open. Well it's not you know. Hang out the Union Jack bunting because Cornwall's Jade Curtis and her Austrian partner Nikola Hofmanova are through to the girls' doubles semi-finals. Hurrah!

Jankovic 4-2 Ivanovic
Well, we weren't back on serve for very long as it turns out. Jankovic battles back from 30-0 down to earn break point. An absolutely unbelievable rally which Jankovic has to win about three times over earns her the break. Brilliant stuff.

Jankovic 3-2 Ivanovic
Ivanovic is absolutely irate - well, as irate as the smiley Serb ever gets. At 40-0 to the good, she flings a backhand onto the sideline and marches triumphantly to her chair. Jankovic has other ideas though and circles the mark, with the umpire calling the ball out. Ivanovic is convinced it's the wrong mark but has to concede the point. No problem though, she goes on to break back and we're back on serve.

Jankovic 3-1 Ivanovic
Just as I was typing "that's much better from Ivanovic", she goes and double-faults. That makes it 40-15 but on the next point, she does some magnificent scrambling on the baseline, winning a point she had no right to with a delicious backhand pass. Just the ticket I would think.

1510: "Jelena needs to get over stage fright. She needs to deliver on her potential. Winning a load of other tournaments means little if she cannot win through the tough end of the Slams."
Sri Gutta on 606
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Jankovic 3-0 Ivanovic
If you're a regular viewer of women's tennis, it won't come as any surprise to you that there's not a lot of finesse out there. A peach of a crosscourt backhand earns Ivanovic a third break point but she finds the net again. Neither player has settled.

Jankovic 2-0 Ivanovic
Horrible start from Ana, who squeals as she puts a rushed forehand into the net. That's 0-30 and she goes long to give Jankovic three break points before overhitting again to give up the early break.

Jankovic 1-0 Ivanovic
A few mistakes from Ivanovic allow Jankovic to hold easily first up.

1458: Jankovic to serve first. We're away...

1457: "Safina winning again, first she takes out the lovely Miss Sharapova and now into the final. What on earth is going on? Ivanovic for the final, she's a fittie."
Murtz via text on 81111

1453: This match pits number two seed (Ivanovic) against number three seed (Jankovic). Ivanovic is the favourite. She has a 5-1 head-to-head lead over her fellow Serb, who has been struggling with tendonitis in her arm.

1450: As ever the pre-match interviews in the tunnel reveal... precisely nothing. To summarise: both players are very excited.

1445: Bonjour tout le monde. So Dinara Safina awaits the winner of this match in Saturday's final. Not sure what was up with Svetlana Kuznetosova in that match - she looked like her mind was elsewhere. Still, good on Lil Sis Safina. I can't be the only female hoping Marat decides to pop back to Paris for the final...

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