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Saturday, 22 June, 2002, 13:58 GMT 14:58 UK
Quiz the BBC's Wimbledon team
E-mail the BBC's Wimbledon team
Join Sue Barker and the team for the BBC's coverage of the this year's Wimbledon tournament.

Email your questions and comments now.


Watch the action at SW19 as this year's Wimbledon tournament gets underway.

Sue Barker and John Inverdale will bring you a plethora of live TV coverage and quality highlights during every day of the championships.

Sue and John are joined by an unrivalled TV team of former players including some faces which, although new to the commentary box, are familiar to tennis fans throughout the world.

Wimbledon greats Boris Becker and Chris Evett will join in with John McEnroe's quick fire banter.

And the team await your comments and look forward to answering your questions on air.

This page is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.

I've enjoyed your splendid coverage of all the matches on radio and on the web but not on TV as I am working when the matches are on. But that has only added to the pleasure I get when I listen to the live commentary and follow the matches on the web. What do you think of Venus Williams' comment about Graf not being a grass court player? And who in your opinion is/was the best?
Jay, USA

Neither the BBC nor Wimbledon websites list the draw/results of any over 35 competitions - they can only be found in the days order of play and in the round-up of matches/reports etc the over 35's are missed out...why?
Paul Seed, Wales

I am very keen to find out how the court allocation takes place at Wimbledon. It appears that both Henman & Rusedski have the "right" to play on Centre or No1 courts whilst other players who are sometimes seeded much higher have to make do with the outer courts (eg Sampras, Safin etc).

Surely this gives an unfair advantage to the GB pair insomuch as the crowds are obviously bigger and more patriotic and the opponents may not have even set foot on these courts before.
Brian Waller, UK

I heard in the past that the tennis scoring system was designed by a Naval Officer and the 15, 30, 40 (lbs) were the size of the guns on his ship, is this correct?
Darren Grovenor

Behind the umpires chair was a small device on a tripod. What is this and what is it for?
Dave Hall

Am I alone in being driven mad by players grunting at every shot. It is ridiculous. If I was the opposing player I would stop play and ask the umpire for a let. Currently I am refusing to watch any matches with a grunter, however as a compromise if say Tim were to meet one I will watch it with the sound turned down.
Peter, England

Has anyone else noticed that Tim Henman's wife never sits next to his Mum, Jane Felgate is always in the middle. Do Mum and daughter-in-law not get on?
Lyn Gregory, UK

I was at Wimbledon yesterday on Court 1. Behind the umpires chair was a small device on a tripod. What is this and what is it for?
Dave Hall, England

I just wanted to point out an amazing story which has been given some coverage. The story of the Aisamul Haq Qureshi from Pakistan and Amir Haddad from Israel.

I cant remember any partnership between the two countries and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the two and wish them good luck for the rest of the tournament.

It's great that these two can look beyond the short sighted view everyone takes when it comes to Jews and Muslims.

I would appreciate it if you could include just some small highlights atleast in the evening highlights show. For once there is something positive happening and these two need all the encouragement they can get.
Mohammed Omer Ghaznavi, UK

I noticed that when Hewitt asked a ball girl for a drink he said 'thank you' but when Henman asks for anything from a ball boy/girl I cannot remember ever lip reading a 'please' or 'thank you' from the TV coverage.
Richard , England

Is it not time to let the line judges make the line decisions, without over rules by the umpire?
Frank Wilson

I have to say that you guys are unable to interview Tim Henman properly. He played appallingly for most of the match against Ferreira but nobody afterwards asked if he was even remotely concerned with his game. Poor old Anna Kournikova gets a right mauling, however...
Oliver, Chiswick,

Is there a CD available with the music from the closing credits of Today At Wimbledon, because I love the music and listening to it all year round would remind me of wimbledon! Any one any idea? if not the BBC should bring one out.

How difficult it is for the players when it rains as they never know when they are going to be on, so do they practice, when do they eat, how long do they want to sit around in the dressing rooms for?

I watched Lleyton Hewitt's 3 set victory over Julian Knowles, and I wanted to ask when was the last time Hewitt lost a match?
Abu, U.K

When was the last time Henman played a match at Wimbledon on any court other than Center or No 1?
John Reynolds

I also have a request if it doesn't rain. I've looked at the order of play and I see that in the seniors events there are some great players taking part. Towards the end of the week, when there aren't so many matches to cover, could we please see some of these over 35 and over 45 matches? They are hugely entertaining and I am a particular fan of Bahrami.

Please could these be shown on the regular BBC channels and not consigned to the digital choice channels as they were last year. I'm not asking for them all to be shown, just one would be enough.
Zoe, England

Why do we have to see the face of the player's partner so much during the match? It is fair enough to show them sometimes, but the amount of cuts in particular to Lucy Henman during Tim's matches is quite ridiculous! Can we just see the tennis please!!
Jo, uk

Following the controvertial over rule in the Henman-Ferreira match, is it not time to let the line judges make the line decisions, without over rules by the umpire? Each of the 10 line judges on centre court has one line on which to concentrate, the umpire cannot possibly be able to carry out his various duties and still have a better view of each line than the line judge.

I do realise that the umpire is only supposed to make a decision when he is sure that the line call is wrong - a pity that Georges Diaz did not seem to know this! His action left a nasty taste over the whole match.
Frank Wilson, England

You should name the hill BARKER BALCONY then nobody would be worried if Tim or Greg met in the final.
Kenny Burke, Scotland

If you get a rainy day and put on previous year's matches, could we see the 1972? final between Nastase and Smith? Please, Please, Please, Please.
Nina Fry,

Thank you BBC for strength in depth that you have in you commentary team. Just listening to one match with Boris Becker and John McEnroe I learnt more about the game of tennis technically, mentally and tactically, than I've learnt from the last 10 years of Wimbledon commentary all together! Excellent no nonsense talk from John McEnroe, Boris Becker & John Lloyd, solid commentary from Jo Durie, Chris Bailey, Pat Cash, etc.

A few years ago the BBC had Boris Becker as a guess commentator for one of the matches, and I couldn't believe how much knowledge he was able to get across about each point and the match as a whole.
Chris Inglesh, UK

A highly respected institution like the BBC should not be looking at every event and incident in the tournament solely from Tim's perspective. When Agassi, Sampras and Safin were eliminated, all that was talked about was how this would affect Tim's chances of winning. Elena Baltacha and Henman both won a place in the third round on the same day, yet Henman's victory (over a qualifier) overshadowed Baltacha's impressive win over the no. 32 seed, Amanda Coetzer, ranked around 200 places above her.

I would love to see a British player (whoever it is) win Wimbledon, but at the same time want to be able to watch unbiased coverage of the Championships.
Katie Buchanan, Great Britain

There's a big debate within my work place regarding the hypethetical question "Who would win a 5 set match between John McEnroe & Venus Wiliams, if they were to play on Centre Court at Wimbledon?"
Paul Adatia, UK

Would it be possible, on the digital multi-screen to put the commentators names in by the games? At times I'm not sure which game to watch , but have favourite commentators which would aid me in choosing.
Andy Bassett, England

I am in total sympathy with anyone who is critical of Today at Wimbledon for having too little tennis. Its really become a tennis-based chat show, and not always about tennis. People who work full time and commute need some real highlights. Use another digital channel for the chat show. But make sure we keep John Mac - he's a brilliant analyst!
Sarah, UK

In 1931 Sidney Wood was given a walkover against fellow American, Frank Shields. Apparently the US Davis Cup captain didn't want Shields to aggravate an injury sustained in the semi-final as an important cup match was imminent, if heaven forbid any of next Friday's semi -finalists suffered a slight injury (especially if it happened to be Tim Henman or Greg Rudeski with the huge interest and media coverage) how long would the Wimbledon commitee be prepared to wait to ensure a proper final. We have had rain delays until the Monday. Would they wait longer ?
Philip Shewry, England

The BBC have been so good over the years setting pieces of footage of Wimbledon to music, is it possible to have a compilation of some of these moments (with the music) put together say for 10 minutes or so at a time? Possibly after the evening programme at Wimbledon, or when it is raining! Regards Jan
Jan Claussen, England

Since a player is obligated to do the press conference after a match, but chooses not to, they are fined. Does the same rule apply with host interviewers like the BBC?
Jacqueline, Isle of Man

When was the last time Henman played a match at Wimbledon on any court other than Center or No 1
John Reynolds, UK

Now that I have succumbed and bought myself an up to date computer I now have the chance, hopefully, of discovering the answer to a question that has been concerning me for approximately twenty years. In the 1980's before Centre Court was changed, under the score board sat a man with a long beard and long hair. He spent most of the fortnight in this area of the court but by the time the last weekend arrived he had changed his seat for one much nearer the net. As the years went by his beard, like his hair, became shorter until finally a moustache replaced the beard and his long tresses were of the short back and sides variety. Then they changed Centre Court and I have never seen him since. Please tell me who he is and how he managed to spend so much time at Wimbledon. I'm just green with envy.
Margaret Hamilton

John McEnroe is worth the licence fee alone
Chris Fleming

While comparisons are being drawn between Wimbledon and the World Cup (eg shocks), wouldn't it be funny to see Tim Henman getting knocked out in the quarter final due to a spectacular lob?!!!
Craig, Scotland

MP's claim that women players should get the same prize money as men. I agree but only if they play the same amount of games as the men (women play up to 3 sets while men play up to 5 sets) which means that they play 0.6 as much as men so they already get more than men pro-rata. If they want the same pay as men they should have to play the same amount of sets as men ie. 5 sets not 3 sets. Equal Pay For Equal Work.
Colin, England

Firstly - congratulations on excellent coverage in 2002- John McEnroe is worth the licence fee alone!! Secondly - if new balls are brought out and they are only used for one or two games - what happens to them? are they reused at a later date or are they recycled???
Chris Hemming, England

It was only when I went to Wimbledon four years ago that I appreciated just how fast the balls travel. Many players make comments on how fast the balls travel on different surfaces. Which surfaces are the fastest and is it really noticeable when you are playing?
Caroline Deacon, England

There are other British players than Henman-although to hear your commentators it would not appear so - to say the least it must be disheartening to say Greg Ruzedski who is equally deserving - I applaud John McEnroe's expert and fair comment by preference rather than the besotted comments a la Henman supporters ie Barker and Lloyd.
k h Effingham, UK

BBC Interactive coverage is excellent but there is something wrong with the picture this year - it looks as though the vertical hold setting has been turned to make everything look longer. What is wrong because all other interactive TV channels are OK?
Michael Gun, UK

I was thinking about the so called "Henman Hill". Being a Greg Rusedski fan I think it should be named after him so here are a few ideas. "Gregs Gradient" or "Rusedski's Ramp", "Rusedski's Ridge" or "Rusedski's Rise" or if you still want it to be named after Tim Henman then what about "Tim's Tor". If Elena Baltacha does well then what about "Baltacha's Bank".
Andrew Hudson, England

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