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Ferrero's forehand

By Dan Thorp
LTA coach

Juan Carlos Ferrero has one of the most awesome forehands in the game.

He hits with tremendous power, generates terrific topspin but very rarely misses.

However, just hitting big forehands doesn't necessarily win you points.

You need to know where to hit them to really hurt your opponent.

Ferrero's cross-court combination is his speciality.


Ferrero's forehand

Drive them back and wide on the diagonal

When the ball comes to his forehand side Ferrero will nearly always go cross court first.

He will then keep going cross court with his forehand driving his opponent further back and wide until they start to struggle to hit a good shot back.


Ferrero's forehand

Look for the weak shot in the middle of the court

The moment his opponent drops the ball a little shorter and more in the centre of the court Ferrero steps up the play.

He moves up the court and around the side of the ball, making sure that he has giving himself plenty of room to unleash another forehand.

Because the ball is now more in the centre of the court there is now a better angle to hit to the other side.


Ferrero's forehand

Nail the inside out forehand

With his opponent still struggling to recover from the forehand side Ferrero now rips a forehand into the backhand corner of his opponent.

This is called an inside out forehand.

Often it is an immediate winner, but if his opponent does get to it, defence is the only option.

He will then look for the kill on the next shot.


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