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Wimbledon 2011: Andy Murray v Richard Gasquet as it happened


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By Tom Fordyce at Wimbledon

1521: This from the victor: "I thought it was good - I think I served well, got a lot of free points off that. Conditions were very warm today so if you can get in front of your opponent you're in good shape. I made quite a lot of good pasing shots in the end and I did well to come through. I need to improve - the best players ever are still in the tournament, so I need to get even better."

1518: Stunning performance from Murray - many wise judges thought today was going to prove a real test for him, but he's breezed it. Delighted ovation from the happy hordes around Centre, bow to the Box from a grinning Sir Muzzington as he heads off for autographs and a well-deserved cold bath.

Murray 7-6 (7-3) 6-3 6-2 Gasquet
Serena Williams is OUT on Court No.1 - beaten in straight sets by Bartoli. It's all happening. Murray to serve now to seal his own victory, Lukasz Kubot or Feliciano Lopez awaiting in the last eight. Ace for 30-30, but he's crashed that volley wide - challenge coming from the Brit, but it's way gone. Break point - return long from Gasquet - and when another French forehand goes long, it's match point. First serve... let. First serve mkII: net. Lucky net-cord from Gasquet, and we're back to deuce. Was that the turning-point? Get out of here. Big serve out wide, return into net, match point no.2. Ace! An ace seals it in just two hours four minutes, and Murray is into his fourth consecutive Wimbledon quarter-final.

John Lloyd
John Lloyd on BBC TV: "The way Murray's playing here he's stepped up a level since the first week, that's what you have to do. The first week is all about getting through it. For Richard this is another of those disappointing mental performances. After he lost that first set. I don't think his new coaching team will be very happy with the way it went away in the second set."

* Murray 7-6 (7-3) 6-3 5-2 Gasquet
Wheels coming off the Gaswagon here. Long forehand, and although a backhand drops in, Murray has two more break points - lob forcing Gasquet back, a smash from the back - stuffed long, and Murray is on the brink of the quarter-finals...

Murray 7-6 (7-3) 6-3 4-2 Gasquet *
Murray touching the heights now, a forehand pass on the run leaving Gasquet shrugging his shoulders in stereotyped Gallic exaggeration. Blue sweatband on right wrist, white on left, Murray is in red-hot form.

Text in your views on 81111
Steve in a boiling hot office via text to 81111: "Anyone else worried that this was Gasquet's plan from the start? Reverse the comebacks that Murray completed in their last 2 meetings. True revenge."

* Murray 7-6 (7-3) 6-3 3-2 Gasquet
Too casual from Gasquet - Murray's stranded at the tape, but his volleyed lob has too little mustard on it and is smashed away. Oh, what a forehand cross-court - creamed away onto the line for two break points, and - ooh la la - he's done it again! Murray's single best game of the championship so far - he has the break, he has the two-set lead, he has magic flowing through his fingertips.

Murray 7-6 (7-3) 6-3 2-2 Gasquet *
Just across the concourse, Serena has just saved another match point, and gone on to break Bartoli. Tie-break in second set, the Frenchwoman doing better than her compatriot here on Centre with a one-set lead. Murray holds as ladyfriend Kim Sears glowers in the VIP seats.

* Murray 7-6 (7-3) 6-3 1-2 Gasquet
Gasquet has come back from two sets down just once in his career; in any case, his career five-set record is four wins to 11 defeats, while Murray's is 25-8. The Frenchman holds in rapid fashion again to keep his statistically unlikely hopes of victory alive.

Murray 7-6 (7-3) 6-3 1-1 Gasquet *
Murray now holds to love. On Court no.1, Serena Williams has just saved two match points against Marion Bartoli. Marvellous Monday in full effect all around.

* Murray 7-6 (7-3) 6-3 0-1 Gasquet
Gasquet holds to love in impressive fashion. 17 winners from Murray in that second set, compared to the Frenchman's nine. Magic numbers. * denotes next server

BBC Radio 5 Live
Annabel Croft on BBC Radio 5 live: Gasquet's footwork is definitely not there. This is coming down to the fitness of Gasquet and he's just not in getting in position and Murray is taking advantage."

Murray 7-6 (7-3) 6-3 Gasquet *
Some dispute around the Jacko tale coming in on Twitter, not least because both player and song are spelled Billie. Murray charging through this - 40-0, brief breather at 40-15, big serve, set sealed. Centre roars its approval, Prince Wills pumping a little royal fist as Kate on his right beams with patrician pleasure.

* Murray 7-6 (7-3) 5-3 Gasquet
Beige patches of worn-out grass spreading out along the baselines and around the net-pot where ball-boys crouch. Murray at 30-30, forehand to the corner, Gazza sprinting out wide... oh, how has he made that? Almost over the net-post itself, only entering court airspace at the very last moment to kiss the corner. Murray lining up a backhand pass of his own - mmmm, the crowd purr as sauce of it seduces them - and he'll have a break point. Gasquet on the forehand - it looks long... it is long!

Murray 7-6 (7-3) 4-3 Gasquet *
The big moments don't always come on the deciding points. Murray is at 0-15 when Gasquet blitzes a return straight into his shoelaces - it's got 0-30 written all over it, only for Murray to twinkle his toes out of the way and conjure a magical half-volley up and over the tape. Murray landing just 57% of his first serve, and that's causing the obvious issues - backhand pass carressed away to avert the immediate danger.

* Murray 7-6 (7-3) 3-3 Gasquet
Line-judges lean forward, hands tucked between knees, cream skirts skipping in the breeze and blue striped shirts darkening with perspiration. Glimmer for Murray at 30-30 on the Gazza serve, but he guesses the wrong way on an overhead and the moment slips away.

Murray 7-6 (7-3) 3-2 Gasquet *
The court a pattern of light and dark green stripes stretching from Royal Box to bank of television cameras, the crowd all around a sea of pinking faces, yellow blouses, straw-coloured hats and discarded blue blazers. Murray's turn to hold to love, and he squeezes half a bottle of water down his parched throat as the pair go to their chairs at the changeover.

* Murray 7-6 (7-3) 2-2 Gasquet
Nice piece of trivia from my colleague Dave Lee: the Michael Jackson smash referenced at 6-6 in the first set was apparently originally going to be called 'Not My Lover' because Thriller producer Quincy Jones worried people would associate the tennis player with the song. Michael had a massive and the name was changed back - but with the alternative spelling of 'Billie' for added clarity. Gasquet holds to love with minimal fuss. Shamone.

* Murray 7-6 (7-3) 2-1 Gasquet
Felt like a missed opportunity, that last Gazza service game - at a set and a break up Murray would have been hard to haul back, but fresh hope springs for the perspiring Gallic toiler. Murray holds at pace, Mervyn King in the Royal Box beaming happily.

Text in your views on 81111
Nimit via text to 81111: I'm at the hospital with a broken finger, they're showing bbc news 24 and my girlfriend is moaning at me for asking them to change it! Come on Murray :)

* Murray 7-6 (7-3) 1-1 Gasquet
Lovely backhand from Murray out wide, fizzing over the highest part of the net before biting the outermost reaches of the line. The line-judge called it out; Murray and Hawk Eye put him right. Another glorious backhand cross-court, and suddenly he has a break point here - Gasquet the net, room for a pass... ooof, just wide, and I think a string broke on that shot. Yup - Murray drops the offending racquet the the turf and strides to his bag for a pinging replacement. Gasquet struggles to put this one to bed as the sun continues to thump down - Mark Webber in the Royal Box too, HRH Wills throwing hands skywards as Murray misses another opportunity at deuce - until a crisp backhand pass curtails the exchanges.

If you've just joined us, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on Centre Court to watch Andy Murray - this is how they arrived.

Murray 7-6 1-0 Gasquet *
17 winners from Gasquet in that first set, compared to Murray's 13, but it was all about three big points in the breaker. Murray starting sloppily here - he's suddenly 0-30 in his serve and in danger of following a first set success with a second set slide, just as he did against Ivan Ljubicic on Friday night. That's more like it - running round his backhand to cream a forehand drive away, making use of the space left by Gasquet failing to step in behind his second serve return to canter through the remaining points.* denotes next server

Text in your views on 81111
Anonymous via text to 81111: Gasquet: A player based around skill, touch and talent. Not mental and physical toughness. Murray in 3

Murray 7-6 Gasquet
Now then. Murray to receive, and that's... ole! Wonderful pass, first blood to Scotland. Gasquet responds with a clattering volley off Murray's serve, but that's big serving - 2-1, back on serve. Super double-fisted backhand drive cross-court - tiny angle available and he found it - but that's a fast, sliding serve out wide from the Frenchman, and Murray can only frame it into the photographers' pit. 4-2, another serve to come - oh, but that's poor, a feeble one-handed backhand into the net as Gasquet rushes to the net. Eyes on the prize, not the player. Long, nerve-shaking exchange from the baseline - Murray slices again and again to the backhand, driving the Frenchman to distraction - 6-3 now, Murray on serve, the set awaiting... Big serve, whipping forehand, to the net with the ball floating towards him and the open acres on the backhand side awaiting - easy put-away, and he's drawn first blood in ruthless fashion...

Murray 6-6 Gasquet
Billy Jean King there in the Royal Box, which allows me to put an old rumour to bed once and for all: Billy Jean was not my lover; she's just some girl who says that I am the one. Murray wipes his face on a towel, tosses it back to the supplicant ball-boy and serves deep for 30-15. Gasquet dips a backhand cross-court - called out, challenged by the mutinous Frenchman, confirmed good by Hawk Eye. Murray scampering in to the net, the ball there for the pass - no no, onto the tape and away into the tramlines for 40-30. First serve... net. Second serve... good, but not as good at that Gasquet backhand drive. Deuce. Murray in the net again. Gasquet flailing, the ball beyond Murray and dropping, dropping... ooof, half an inch long. Kicking second serve, Gazza wrong-footed, and we shall march into a breaker...

In response to a couple of texters, the BBC online HD trial continues here if you want to watch this match in full high definition glory on this website.

* Murray 5-6 Gasquet
Gasquet now winning 86% of points on his first serve - only one ace, but the direction and variery is all. Hold to love, and Murray must do it again. Anxious yelps of encouragement fill the sultry air.

Murray 5-5 Gasquet *
Dapper, Gasquet - hair short and neat, blouson crisp, sideburns trimmed. Something of Damien Lewis about him, crossed with Scotty Parker. Ace from Murray, but that backhand flies long - 40-30. Wonderful flashing forehand, opening his body out, the backswing exaggerated and extended, the Frenchman left swishing at empty summer air.

* Murray 4-5 Gasquet
Hmm. Doesn't happen - doesn't happen at all - hold to love, done in the blink of an eye. Murray now staring up at a whole heap of pressure overhead - he'll have to hold to stay in the set. Punters in the sun-baked stands wipe brows and glug from squishy plastic pots of Pimm's.

Murray 4-4 Gasquet *
Murray far from demonstrative this afternoon, his face hidden under the long, curved peak of his cap, his body language calm and controlled. Dreamy dropper again, applauded by spectators fanning themselves feverishly with opened-out programmes and order of plays. Now to get some sort of foothold in the Gasquet serve.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Annabel Croft on BBC Radio 5 live: "I'm still fascinated by how much Murray keeps looking up at his camp almost as if they have some blame for what is going on out there."

* Murray 3-4 Gasquet
Whether it's the hammering heat, the presence of Their Royalnesses in the Box or weight of expectation I don't know, but this is the most muted atmosphere we've had for a Sir Muzzington match in this Wimbledon so far. Gasquet sprints to 40-0, landing 77% of his first serves and then taking 82% of points when they land, only for Murray to stir some sauce into the crowd with a battle back to deuce. He's in the next point too - out wide onto his favoured forehand, Gazza at the net... oh, what a half-volley, a feathering touch from the Frenchman to slip out of the tackle.

Murray 3-3 Gasquet *
The two rivals so evenly matched - Murray 24, Gasquet 25; Murray 25 wins in 2011, Gasquet 26; Murray no.4 in the word, Gazza back into the top ten if he wins here today. Teeter at 30-30, confidence quashing of trouble with a big serve and then super forehands that leave his opponent flat-footed.

The BBC online HD trial continues if you want to watch this match in full high definition glory on this website.

* Murray 2-3 Gasquet
Murray on a seven-match unbeaten streak at the mo, his three wins here following on from that splendid form in winning Queen's. Gasquet's backhand, a thing of beauty at its best, is starting to purr - mmm, that is a delight, breezing one past the helpless Murray to edge his elegant nose back in front.

Murray 2-2 Gasquet *
Someone employing an innovative shawl-headband combo there - necessity the mother of invention as always. First ace of the match so far from Murray, and he's slowly beginning to stretch out after the early tightness.

* Murray 1-2 Gasquet
Few of us need any reminder of the only time these two players have met on grass, that five-set classic in this very arena back in 2008. Murray was two sets and 5-4 down on a break in that match before producing the greatest fight-back of his career to that point. The noise that night.... Gasquet in the groove, holding to love as sweat begins to soak through the two combatants' clothing.

* Murray 1-2 Gasquet
Few of us need any reminder of the only time these two players have met on grass, that five-set classic in this very arena back in 2008. Murray was two sets and 5-4 down on a break in that match before producing the greatest fight-back of his career to that point. The noise that night.... Gasquet ion the groove, holding to love as sweat begins to soak through the two combatants' clothing.

Murray 1-1 Gasquet *
All manner of headgear being employed around the court to keep sun from face and ears from exploding - panamas, boaters, the occasional cloche and even a towel, worn in a drape a la player at changeover. Nerves tinkle all around as a Murray backhand slice dives into the net for the first break point of the match, but an escalating series of fiery forehands pull Gasquet apart on the baseline. Oh, first sighting of the trademark drop-shot - disguised with Hollywood CGI skill, Gazza nowhere near it.

* Murray 0-1 Gasquet
Murray strides to the baseline wearing a white cap to keep the blistering sunshine out of his eyes. Gazza to open out, and he holds to 15 as Murray pushes a brace of backhands wide. The Frenchman hasn't dropped a set in the championships so far. Ominous. * denotes next server

1307: I've been offered Hard Net Life on Twitter, plus a tweak from Will.I.Am to Will.1.Is. Magnificent. We're almost under way.

1303: Ah, here we go - the two players strolling out, enormo bags over the shoulders. This coculd be anything but a stroll in the sunshine for the Great British Hope - while Murray has won the last two of their head-to-heads, Gasquet won the first two - and he's been charging up the rankings again this year like a man truly revitalised.

1301: Roars, screams, standing ovation - no, not Sir Muzzington, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Or Will.I.Am and K-Middy, as they'll be addressed by Mr and Mrs Beyonce.

1256: Had a chat with one of the security guards on Centre earlier on. He warned in dire terms of apocalyptic numbers of faintings today. "Too much drinking," he said, shaking his head. Reminds me of my old man, who claims every summer that there's no need to drink any water on a hot summer's day, as long as you get enough G&Ts down you. "Tonic water hasn't got alcohol in it, has it?" is his reasoning.

1254: Did I mention Beyonce and Jay-Z were here? Oh, and William and Kate? Royalty of both hip-hop and tip-top variety. We've opened out on Twitter with Umpire State of Mind; Crazy In, Love; If I Were A (Ball) Boy. Feel free to dive in.

1251: Centre Court, 30 degrees C, Sir Andrew of Muzzington ready to stroll on for what could be a stone-cold classic. Hello summer, it's good to see you.

All times in BST.

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