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Queen's day six as it happened


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By Sam Lyon

1625: And that final between Andy Murray and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga - which, by the way, now starts at 1200 BST don't you know - will be live on BBC One, Radio 5 Live and, of course, right here on this very website. I - Sam Lyon - will be live from around 1130 BST tomorrow morning for all your build-up chat and action so if you can join me then, I look forward to seeing you. Until then - adios amigos.

IanERobbins on Twitter: "Hard luck James Ward. A fantastic week and a great platform to build on for the future."

Joe, London via text: "Murray to thrash Tsonga 6-2 6-2 tomorrow as revenge for knocking out the amazing Ward!"

andrewswork on Twitter: "Awesome effort by James Ward this week at Queen's to get to semis, should be very proud."

1620: Gracious in victory, there, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga - and he might just provide stiff opposition for Andy Murray tomorrow you know. I'm not sure anyone connected with the BBC has mentioned this yet, but don't forget that Sunday's final between Andy Murray and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga starts at 1200 BST, with the Queen's Club doors opening at 1000 BST. Jubbly.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on BBC1: "I was a little bit worried in the second set - I was stiff and he played well. He had one opportunity to break me and he did it, but then I came back. I am just happy to win in two sets because in the third set with the crowd with him it would have been difficult. As for tomorrow - at the moment Andy Murray is a better player than me, but tomorrow I hope I will be better than him."

APercival21 on Twitter: "A shame for James Ward. He really should be proud of the week he's had, proving there is some other life in UK tennis apart from Andy Murray."

James Ward on BBC1: "It's obviously been a fantastic week for me - my best so far. I just hope to build on it from here on in. It's great being at home when everyone's on your side - it does help a lot - I came into this tournament just hoping to play well in the first round! But the more I won, the more I believed in myself and this game is all about confidence. I will take that now into Eastbourne next week. Today was a great match and I just missed out, but it's onwards and upwards from here."

1610: So near and yet so far for our hopes of an all-British final, then, but all the credit going to James Ward for not just a brave effort today but a fabulous week all round. He'll jump up to #176 in the rankings - we think - and this, without doubt, is his most successful and lucrative tournament ever. Top stuff.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Queen's: "Tsonga beats Ward to poop our British party. S'pose he did beat Nadal too, just about merits a final place. Murray-Tsonga, Sun, 1200 BST."


The match is over
*Tsonga 6-3 7-6 (8-6) Ward
All over! And after a fantastic tie-break, too. An early Tsonga double fault hands Ward the mini break... which Ward gifts back with a wide forehand. It's tit-for-tat thereafter - including some excellent defensive work from James Ward, who has grown up a few years in this tournament - and when Tsonga brings up match point at 6-5, his British opponent again hangs tough before saving it by forcing the forehand error. A stunning volley return then earns Ward set point against the serve... saved by a brilliant Tsonga second serve. Tsonga then brings up his second match point - and when Ward sends a backhand wide on the back of a fine rally, it's game, set and match to the French fifth seed. Cracking effort.
* Denotes next server

Tsonga 6-3 6-6 Ward*
What you probably need if you're James Ward in the face of this brutal Jo-Wilfried Tsonga serve is for every little shank and mis-hit to fall your way, not for one to pop off Tsonga's frame and drop in. Only that's what happens in this game - and once again it's a Tsonga hold more comfortable than a cashmere scarf at Christmas. Tie-break time...
* Denotes next server

daveworley on Twitter: "You have to feel if this goes to a tiebreak then JWT will probably win it."

*Tsonga 6-3 5-6 Ward
Not exactly a match for lovers of long baseline rallies, this, but James Ward is certainly holding his own against the occasionally mercurial Tsonga that's for sure. A hold to 15 means he will at least have a tie-break in this set - and it also means the pressure switches back to Tsonga's serve in the next game.
* Denotes next server

Tsonga 6-3 5-5 Ward*
And stay in the set the Frenchman does as he holds to love in just over a minute. Tsonga's serve ticking over like Swiss watchwork right now and James Ward simply has no answer.
* Denotes next server

*Tsonga 6-3 4-5 Ward
A precious hold, that, and TomMughal - below - would underline the import of James Ward's mental strength, there, I'm sure. Some more big serving sees the Brit hold to 15 and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will serve to stay in the set.
* Denotes next server

TomMughal on Twitter: "If Andy Murray's temperament was like Ward's then he'd have a grand slam or two under his belt."
Yeah, I'm not sure that's even nearly true mate. Still, might get the people talking...!

Tsonga 6-3 4-4 Ward*
Hold to 15 - Tsonga even afforded another double fault - sealed by an ace, and the wind just stolen from James Ward's sails a touch in this set.
* Denotes next server

*Tsonga 6-3 3-4 Ward
Worrying moments for James Ward as he goes 0-30 down on serve thanks to a couple of fine Tsonga returns - but the Briton shows mental resolve the likes of which would make Rocky proud as he continues to probe the fifth seed's mobility, forcing the Frenchman to go for winners that at times just aren't there. Even so, Ward's consistency is just not quite there either and when he sends a backhand long, Tsonga sniffs a break point... that is saved... and then a second break point... that is not. Signs of tension in the Tsonga shoulders in that game, but a put-away over his head gets the Frenchman crucially back on serve in the second set.
* Denotes next server

Tsonga 6-3 2-4 Ward*
Gosh we really are motoring through these games at the moment - another series of booming serves, a couple of aces, and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga holds again to love.
* Denotes next server

*Tsonga 6-3 1-4 Ward
But James Ward is about as fazed as a battle cruiser being quacked at by a duck as he breezes through his own service game in similarly speedy fashion. The 24-year-old's serve is really proving a formidable weapon at the moment.
* Denotes next server

Tsonga 6-3 1-3 Ward*
OK, let's not pop the Champagne corks just yet - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has just held to love inside 15 seconds. That's quite pacy.
* Denotes next server

*Tsonga 6-3 0-3 Ward
All of a sudden, the spring in James Ward's step is bigger than Inspector Gadget's and the Briton confirms the break with a comfortable hold, again on the back of some fine serving. Keep serving like that and this set is yours Wardy my son.
* Denotes next server

Tsonga 6-3 0-2 Ward*
Deary me, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is doing his best to keep James Ward in this match - and two double faults help the Briton to two break points. Not content with throwing his serve away with double faults, Tsonga then sends a simple return into the net to confirm the break. A horrid game from the Frenchman and Ward might wonder how he's ahead in this set. But ahead he is...
* Denotes next server

*Tsonga 6-3 0-1 Ward
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga immediately goes on the offensive at the start of the second set, keeping James Ward's big serve in play more often than not before bringing up break point with a net volley. The Frenchman sends a forehand wide to waste it, before a favourable net cord earns him a second, which he again wastes with a shanked forehand. Ward responds with a couple of big serves - including an ace - to hold, and you get the feeling it was vital that he did in the context of this match.
* Denotes next server

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Queen's: "Tsonga takes the first set, unaware that Eastenders has been bumped on Sunday's BBC1 schedule in the hope of an all-British final. Spoilsport. Literally.."

1514: Another reminder for all you late-comers, by the way, that tomorrow's final featuring Andy Murray and - it's looking at this stage - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will now start at 1200 BST because of a poor weather forecast later in the day. BBC One, BBC 5 Live and we will be live for that as well, of course.

Pat Cash on BBC1: "Good set from Tsonga, capitalising on a slow nervous start from James Ward. Tsonga's big serve is so effective. He's moving quickly too."

Tsonga 6-3 Ward*
Ooh-er... a pinging James Ward forehand on the back of a Tsonga double fault sees the Briton draw to 30-30... only for his French opponent to work the court well before pulling off a fine net volley to bring up set point. And he finishes with a flourish with another net volley - uphill climb for Ward now, for sure.
* Denotes next server

*Tsonga 5-3 Ward
Cashback! Fabulous service game from James Ward, including another couple of aces, and the Londoner holds to love to force Tsonga to serve out the set.
* Denotes next server

Tsonga 5-2 Ward*
Less encouraging now as Ward feels his right wrist after sending a backhand volley wide at the net - it's heavily strapped and looks painful, that. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is in no mood to play wet nurse, though, as he bullies his way to a love hold. Gulf in class out there at the moment, it's fair to say.
* Denotes next server

*Tsonga 4-2 Ward
And that's even more encouraging, Ward's serve clicking into gear - as is his luck as a net cord works his way on a drop-shot - and the Briton holds to 15, sealed with the help of an unreturnable serve.
* Denotes next server

Tsonga 4-1 Ward*
This match already ripping by at a pace, too. And more encouraging signs for Ward as, on the back of two Tsonga aces, the Londoner forces a couple of errors to go 30-30. Then, would you believe it... break point for Ward after a Tsonga double fault. It's saved in a flash by an ace - but a wide drop shot brings up a second break point for the Briton. That, too, goes when a Ward return drops long and Tsonga goes on to hold. Encouraging signs nonetheless for the British number two.
* Denotes next server

*Tsonga 3-1 Ward
Nice. Two big aces out wide bring Ward two cheap points, and another couple of unreturnable serves get our man on the board. Cue cheers from the partisan crowd. Settling.
* Denotes next server

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Queen's: "Ward already a break down against Tsonga. If they saw the first semi, both players might prefer Sunday off anyway."

Tsonga 3-0 Ward*
And now a Tsonga hold to 15 - again behind that booming first serve - and it's a muted atmosphere in W14. James Ward will want to get on the scoreboard asap, you feel.
* Denotes next server

*Tsonga 2-0 Ward
A few early nerves on show from James Ward - understandably - and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is far too experienced not to take advantage, the Frenchman simply keeping the ball in court and waiting for the errors, which come to hand Tsonga two break points. The first is saved, but not the second as Ward nets a backhand. Not the start Queen's' centre court wanted.
* Denotes next server

Tsonga 1-0 Ward*
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga kicks off with an ace - but when James Ward gets racquet on ball on the next two points, a couple of unforced errors from the Frenchman gives the Briton half a glimpse at 15-30. He shuts the door fairly quickly though, the fifth seed, and seals the hold with a fine drop volley.
* Denotes next server

1443: Right, no rest for the wicked, here we go... Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to serve first...

1441: According to our Sue [Barker] on BBC1 by the way, James Ward is already destined for a world rankings leap to around #176, apparently, while a win today could even see him sneak inside the top 50. What a week this could prove for the British number two.

James Ward on BBC1: "It's been a great week for me, and I'm so pleased to be here. I've got to the semi-finals playing my normal game so I'm not going to chage that today."

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on BBC1: "My serve is one of my best weapons, so I will try to use it a lot."

1439: A lovely cheer as our second semi-finalists make their way out on to court - and dare I say, the sun still very much has hit hat on. Happy days.

1435: So, who will Andy Murray face off against in tomorrow's 1200 BST final? On paper, our other semi-final looks a walk-over for France's fifth seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga against British number two - but world number 215 - James Ward. But when are these matches ever played on paper? Never, that's when. Who believes?

Andy Murray on BBC1: "I got off to a good start. Andy is one of the toughest players to break on the Tour. It was just one of those days. I hardly missed a ball. I was just lucky. I think Andy said 'keep it social' just before the end. Everything that touched my racquet came off. I felt great out there. [But] I'm sure if we play in a couple of weeks at Wimbledon it'll be a lot more competitive. Both of us sliced a lot today, it was a lot quicker and lower, because it was warmer. Andy came into the net quite a lot, so I hit many passing shots today. It's nice to get off the court quickly. I've played a lot of tennis recently. I look forward to watching another Brit, now, in a semi-final for a change. James has got to go for it. He's got a chance if he serves well."

1430: The best we've ever seen from Murray? Good luck to anyone arguing different. He sprints into the Queen's Final - which will now start at 1200 BST on Sunday, don't forget - and he will without doubt start as favourite whoever gets through to meet him. That was a truly sensational performance.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Queen's: "So Andy Murray beats Roddick in 59 minutes, one of his best ever performances I'd say. AM: 'I hardly missed a ball.'"

Alex, Northampton via text: "That was an absolute tennis clinic from Murray. A joy to watch."

itsmattchristie on Twitter: "Never mind having Friday off, Murray has just had Saturday off as well."


The match is over
Roddick 3-6 1-6 Murray*
Bish. Bash. Bosh. Goodnight, thanks for playing. Yet another brilliant service return winner has Roddick pleading for mercy - literally - but it has no impact as Muzza follows it up with another forehand winner and a brutal backhand crosscourt winner. Stunning stuff. Roddick goes on to net a return on match point - and in less than an hour Muzza has dispatched one of the finest grass-court players of the modern era. Superb.
* Denotes next server

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Queen's: "Roddick might not have played the smartest tennis but Murray has been sensational today. Final this evening anyone?"

*Roddick 3-6 1-5 Murray
"It just keeps getting better doesn't it?" says John Lloyd on BBC One - and the former British number one has a point. A very good one. A cracking forehand winner has Roddick cursing the skies, and even when the American brings a point back with a nice approach and put-away volley, Muzza responds with another forehand winner and passing volley. Absolutely clinical from the Scot.
* Denotes next server

samrogers90 on Twitter: "Exhibition stuff from Murray, never seen him so clinical! Let's hope he can keep it going into Wimbledon!"

Roddick 3-6 1-4 Murray*
No signs of a loss of focus from Murray in that game, that's for sure, as a doozy of a drop-shot is followed by a crosscourt forehand winner on the run and a wide Roddick return to bring up break point. Once again, one is all he needs as Roddick nets a return. We're 48 minutes in and Murray is a set and two breaks up. Masterclass.
* Denotes next server

Former British number one John Lloyd on BBC1: "The only danger for Andy Murray as it stands is himself. He's in such total control, but he can't afford to take his foot off the pedal. It happens to the best of players, it really does, but he must keep his focus here. If he does, this match is as good as done."

*Roddick 3-6 1-3 Murray
As you were from Murray as he drives down another series of brutal serves - including a 134mph-er out wide - and he holds to 15. Something special needed from Roddick here, and soon.
* Denotes next server

Roddick 3-6 1-2 Murray*
Finally some first serves falling in for Andy Roddick and, as a result, it's a stroll of a game for the American as he holds to love.
* Denotes next server

*Roddick 3-6 0-2 Murray
Andy Roddick looking about as comfortable as barbed wire slippers out there as Andy Murray continues to return everything, hit winners and fire down the aces - two more in that game. Hold to 15.
* Denotes next server

Roddick 3-6 0-1 Murray*
Imperious. Andy Murray fires a couple of forehand winners and the pressure being put on A-Rod's service takes it's toll when the American double faults to hand the Briton two break points. Again Muzza needs only one as Roddick nets a volley. One-way traffic.
* Denotes next server

stripeybaz on Twitter: "Andy Murray is on excellent form against Roddick at Queens. Probably the best I've seen him play for months!"

Greg, Brighton via text: "Murray's got his swag on."

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Queen's: "Murray takes the set, serving well, returning well, slice causing problems, drop shots good. Not seen a backhand smash yet..."

*Roddick 3-6 Murray
Another silver service game from the flying Andy Murray - including his eighth, ninth and 10th aces of the match already - and that's the game and set. The scoreline doesn't really reflect Muzza's dominance here so far. Genuinely superb stuff from the world number four.
* Denotes next server

Roddick 3-5 Murray*
Another hold-up at the change of ends as spectators, weighed down by the sheer volume of their alcoholic beverages bless 'em, make their way to their seats - but it's no fuss for A-Rod as he plants a couple of aces on his way to a love hold.
* Denotes next server

Andrew Castle on BBC1: "Coming into this week, Andy Roddick hadn't won a match since beating John Isner at Indian Wells in March. So this tournament has been fantastic preparation for Wimbledon. But Andy Murray is totally in the zone here."

*Roddick 2-5 Murray
Boom. Murray on fire, Roddick no answer, another couple of aces and it's a hold to 15.
* Denotes next server

Roddick 2-4 Murray*
Andy Roddick looks to be enjoying a rare comfortable service game as he strides to 40-0 up, but Muzza fights back to deuce with another - his third, I believe - service return winner and then a fabulous drop shot. Roddick digs deep to keep himself in the set, though. Hold.
* Denotes next server

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Queen's: "The Victoria Line could not defeat me, a good omen surely on British tennis's big day. Still, Roddick enjoying Murray's sliced backhand about as much as I enjoy Tube travel at the weekends. AM playing well, AR no answer yet."

mikhaeldeville on Twitter: "Magic from Andy Murray. This is all going to plan..."

*Roddick 1-4 Murray
Andy Murray is looking really rather impressive out there, mixing two exquisite drop-shot winners with the odd ace and he holds to 15.
* Denotes next server

Roddick 1-3 Murray*
Andy Murray is picking Andy Roddick's serve almost even before the toss by the look of things - not good news for the American - but A-Rod works well behind his forehand to force game point at 40-30. A cheeky lob attempt from Muzza goes long to hand Roddick the game, and that's the world number 10 on the board.
* Denotes next server

Former British number one John Lloyd on BBC1: "Roddick is going to have to go for big shots and really take his chances throughout this. It's looking like an Andy Murray sort of match."

*Roddick 0-3 Murray
Plenty of rallies out there early doors - you'd think that would suit Andy Murray far more than his big-serving opponent - but a forehand winner takes Roddick to 30-15 up and opens the door a touch to a break opportunity... which Muzza snuffs out with an ace and a couple of forced errors from his American opponent.
* Denotes next server

Roddick 0-2 Murray*
A cracking forehand service return winner from Murray has Roddick rolling his eyes in awe - and when the American nets on the back of a lengthy rally, Britain's finest has two break points. Murray needs only one as fine defensive work forces another netted return from Roddick and the Scot has the early breakthrough.
* Denotes next server

*Roddick 0-1 Murray
Steady start from Andy Murray as he sees out his first service game to 15, sealed with an ace out wide and an ace down the 'T'.
* Denotes next server

1325: Murray to serve first, here we go...

1324: "Time" calls the umpire, and we're moments from the start. Just enough time for me to tell you that Andy Murray leads Andy Roddick 6-3 in their head-to-head... BUT Roddick has won the last two matches between the two on grass. Where's ya money?

graemelambert on Twitter: "I think this match will give an indication of who is to win Wimbledon. I think Nadal, Djokovic and Federer are all too tired."

Shay Ladde, Essex via text: "I don't think the Muzz dog will win today. The Roddinator is very fresh. Nevertheless, if Muzzer wins, think he'll win the tournament and maybe Wimbledon."

intolife on Twitter: "Dare we dream of a Murray-Ward final?"

Andy Murray tells John Inverdale on BBC1: "It was a nice blessing in disguise to have an extra day off for the ankle. I feel good. This is not revenge [for my Wimbledon semi-final defeat to Roddick]. It's just another match, good preparation for Wimbledon, and I'm looking forward to it."

Andy Roddick tells John Inverdale on BBC1: "No of course it's not [just another match]. It's rare when you play one of the very top players here. We all get up for it. This tournament is important to both of us, for obvious reasons. There's probably not going to be a lot of surprises between us. It's a matter of who executes."

1317: And in other news, apparently the umpire's chair is situated too close to the net today - so the official has asked Andy Murray and Andy Roddick to walk behind the chair when swapping ends. Seriously. How bizarre?

1316: Andy Murray wins the toss. Omen.

1312: So, as the players make their way out of the Queen's Club locker room, now seems as good a time as any to mention today's Live Text Commentary Celeb-Watch. Or LTCCW if you like. Snappy. So far this week we've had David Cameron, Pippa Middleton, my mate Dave from Redbridge - all the big names. If you're out and about in W14 today - or indeed spot something on the TV - let me know will you? I love a bit of celeb-spotting, me.

Pat Cash on Andy Roddick on BBC1: "His volleying can be a bit hit and miss, but he's doing that well this week. He's fresh, he didn't play the French Open - and that makes a difference."

PompeyCanuck on Twitter: "So if Ward wins Queens, does it stop being two Brits and become a Scot and an Englishman?"

John Lloyd on James Ward on BBC1: "He's come through all his tests this week with flying colours. For someone with no experience at this level, he's done so well. He deserves his place out there in the semi-finals."

The sun is out
1305: And I bring fare tidings of weather joy, my good people! The clouds are sparse, the skies are blue and the sun is belting down. Sun hat and T-shirt weather and no mistake. Love it.

1303: A reminder, then, of our order of play...
Queen's Club, Centre Court, from 1315 BST
Andy Roddick US (3) v Andy Murray GB (2)
Followed by...
Jo-Wilfried Fra (5) v James Ward GB

1300: We have LIVE TV pictures on BBC One, the Red Button and at the top of this page folks! You lucky, lucky people...

georgefcht on Twitter: "Roddick beat Murray at Wimbledon in 2009, can he do the same today? Hope so - I've been a fan of A-Rod's for over 10 years."

Ward, on the other hand, has to do things the hard way. Given a wildcard into the main draw as the British number two, he has since beaten compatriot Dan Cox, fourth seed Stanislas Wawrinka and, on a dramatic Friday afternoon, both defending champion Sam Querrey and world number 54 Adrian Mannarino. How much left in the legs?

It's not been the toughest schedule for Mr Murray, to be fair. Coming off the back of his French Open semi-final appearance - and all the bother with his ankle that came with it - the world number four was given a bye in the first round, battled past Xavier Malisse, eased past Janko Tipsaervic and then landed another bye when Marin Cilic pulled out of their quarter-final with a knee problem. Easy life.

1251: How did our brave boys get to the semis, then? Well...

StevieMoffat on Twitter: "Today shows what a difference it would make to Murray to have more Brits doing well. Focus almost totally off him."

OJScho on Twitter: "Why is so much great tennis always scheduled around exams? First the French, now Queens, then Wimbledon - bye bye A levels!"

1244: Now I then, I'll tell you what you want - what you really, really want - and that's to know if we're going to get an uninterrupted day's play in, right? The rain has proven more disruptive than a Gremlin post-midnight feast so far this week... and there's the slight threat of it gate-crashing the party again today if the forecasts are to be believed. For shame. Still, it is only showers that are predicted - and there's always a bit of Cliff on your MP3 player, right? Right??

03matchamdan on Twitter: "Is there something in the air? Ward and Murray in Queen's semi-finals and Baltacha in Nottingham semis. Brits on the up."

1240: So, anyway, points of order first things first, today's two matches are available on BBC One, 5 Live Sport and, you know, right here... durrr. Our man on the scene, as always, is Piers Newbery. And it'd be pretty nice to hear from you guys throughout the day, too. Tweet the commentary via the hashtag #BBCTennis, Tweet me @sampatricklyon or text me via 81111 (UK). Aces.

1237: And on Sunday's final, by the way, it's been switched to a 1200 BST start time because of the weather forecast, so you know. Lie-in, Queen's Final, Sunday lunch, down the pub. What a day.

1234: Yep, not since the Open era began in 1968 has Britain boasted two representatives in the semi-finals at Queen's - and not since 1931 has there been an all-British final, either. I'm sure I don't need to remind you that the two men involved back then were, of course... John Olliff and Edward Avory. Nope, me neither. Now, it's the turn of Andy Murray and James Ward to kickstart a new era of British dominance... or, at the very least, have a darn good go at giving W14's spectators a rather spiffing afternoon's tennis. Suggesting today might witness the dawn of a bright new period of British tennis excellence might be pushing hyperbole even beyond my normal limits, but it's all good fun isn't it?

1230: British tennis has never known such heady days. Well, in the Open era anyway. Not just one, but TWO men in the last four of the Aegon Championships at Queen's Club? Whooda thunk it. Andy Murray, James Ward, Queen's semi-finals day. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the birth of a new tennis super-power. Ish.

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