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Australian Open day seven as it happened


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By Chris Bevan

1246: And this is where I have to bid you farewell, for a while anyway. Piers and Mark Ashenden will take you through the Murray match, and the rest of the early action on day eight. I'll be back in the chair for the night session in Melbourne, featuring Rafael Nadal versus Marin Cilic and Ekaterina Makarova against Kim Clijsters. See you shortly then...

Svetlana Kuznetsova on Twitter after losing her marathon match against Francesca Schiavone: "Yeah it hurts but whatever doesn't kill you will do better for you. I was worried that I'd gained 1kg... I think I've lost it now!!!"

1238: Here's a reminder of when you can see Andy Murray's fourth-round match against Austria's Jurgen Melzer. They are second out on Rod Laver Arena on Monday and will be shown live on BBC Two, the red button, Radio 5 live and this website (in the UK) at 0150 GMT.

ChrisDear11 on Twitter: "RE Mohammed via text. But Wawrinka doesn't have that extra bit of creativity or flair needed to stop the Fed Express."

1229: Speaking of epics, you should really check out the astonishing match between Francesca Schiavone and Svetlana Kuznetsovare from earlier on today. Schiavone won 6-4 1-6 16-14 in four hours 44 minutes, making it the longest womens' Grand Slam singles match ever. But it's not the longest women's match ever - that record is held by Vicki Nelson and Jean Hepner at a tournament in Virginia in 1984, with Nelson winning 6-4 7-6 (13-11) in six hours and 31 minutes. One of their (mostly moon-ball) rallies lasted 29 minutes and 643 shots, which sounds far-fetched but is actually true.

aaronkay on Twitter: "Wawrinka vs Fed is gonna be an epic."

1218: Stan's "excited" about his all-Swiss showdown with Roger Federer on Tuesday. So am I. "I've known him since I was 16. Everyone knows when Roger is playing his best tennis he is difficult to beat," says Wawrinka. "But I am playing my best at the moment and I will try to be even better."

1216: Stan is collared by Jim Courier on his way off court and asked about his tactics: "I was trying to be aggressive with my backhand. I was ready for Roddick's serve and just tried to get the ball back."

John Lloyd on the BBC: "At the moment, Wawrinka is playing better than Roger Federer. He made Roddick look like a rank amateur today."

The match is over
Wawrinka beats Roddick 6-3 6-4 6-4
Two aces by Stan are mixed with a couple of sloppy shots - taking us to 30-all. Nerves? Possibly. They don't last for long. A mis-hit return by Roddick on the next point takes us to match-point and it is all over when the American flops a backhand into the net. Stan really is the man today.

Roddick 3-6 4-6 4-5 *Wawrinka
Well, Roddick holds without too many problems, but will it matter? The American takes a swig of water at the changeover but he is drinking in the last-chance saloon because Stan will serve for the match next. He's not been broken yet today, but Roddick needs to do exactly that now to survive.

*Roddick 3-6 4-6 3-5 Wawrinka
Er, make that one more go at the Stan serve. Roddick flashes a backhand wide, Wawrinka holds to love... and he is just one game away from a place in the last eight of the Australian Open - and a meeting with his Swiss mate Fed.

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From Mohammed in London, via text: "If Wawrinka can come through here, I reckon he can cause upset against Roger Federer. He has a backhand to match the world number two."

Roddick 3-6 4-6 3-4 *Wawrinka
I've been where Andy Roddick is now many times - on court, being out-played and out-thought by my opponent. Still, he's got something I haven't got - a 145mph serve. That keeps him alive here but he has got to find a way of getting past the Stan serve, and he is fast running out of chances. Just two more goes at it, in fact.

*Roddick 3-6 4-6 2-4 Wawrinka
Oops, what's this? A spanner in the works for Stan, with two mis-hits giving A-Rod a rare look-in at 0-30. Stan bravely goes for a big backhand down the line on the next point - it is called out, but a challenge shows it landed right on the line. Roddick wouldn't have got it back, but the umpire says they have to replay the point.... so what does Stan do? Yep, another swashbuckling backhand, this time a winner without any doubt. He cannot repeat the trick again, though, wildly lashing his next shot out down the same flank and Roddick has two break points. Stan saves one with an ace (after needing another challenge) and is into the net to neatly put away a volley for the second. Next up are two big serves which help him hold. "An excellent recovery from that position," says John Lloyd on the BBC. "Wawrinka held his nerve brilliantly there."

Roddick 3-6 4-6 2-3 *Wawrinka
A simple enough hold for Roddick, apart from a scintillating backhand pass on the run by Stan after he reached a big A-Rod forehand. Andy is still not a happy chappy as he stomps to his chair, and I doubt he is going to be too pleased to see a Mexican Wave around Rod Laver Arena either - I'm not!

*Roddick 3-6 4-6 1-3 Wawrinka
Hot potato! A spot of keepy-uppy from Wawrinka sees him take two or even three touches to return a volley after a net-cord. Roddick is in to put away a backhand to claw back to 40-30, then complains to the umpire afterwards anyway - not sure how he didn't spot that. Pretty much everything is going against the American, to be honest, because on the next point Wawrinka has a second serve ace called long but correctly challenges it... another game in the bag for the Swiss.

Times tennis correspondent Neil Harman on Twitter: "Wawrinka presently sensational against A-Rod, blocking returns, then unleashing that wondrous backhand. Two sets and a break up."

Roddick 3-6 4-6 1-2 *Wawrinka
As you may have heard, Wawrinka's backhand is a bit special. He is certainly showing it off to full effect today - two corking winners take him to break-point and, when Roddick hits wide, the Swiss has an early breakthrough in this third set. "Roddick is just being taken apart," says John Lloyd on the BBC. "He cannot hurt him in anyway and Wawrinka is dominating him in every part of this match."

*Roddick 3-6 4-6 1-1 Wawrinka
More big serving from Stan, racking up his 18th and 19th aces and almost taking the head off one the line judge's too. I went on an LTA course to become a line judge once... but got rejected, mainly because I didn't shout loud enough (my calls were, mostly, spot-on). Me being too quiet for anything may come as a shock to people who know me.

Roddick 3-6 4-6 1-0 *Wawrinka
Oh dear. Roddick is in a spot of bother again at the start of the third set, at 30-all, then deuce. He is still shouting too - this time in the direction of his coach Larry Stefanki... probably asking him what to do next. He holds, eventually, but nothing is coming easy for him right now.

John Lloyd on the BBC: "Roddick's gameplan is just not working and I am not sure he has got a Plan B. He will battle on but he hasn't got the game to put Wawrinka under pressure. What I would be saying to him now would be to keep competing at 110% and almost bluff him by telling him that Wawrinka is playing out of this world and cannot continue at this level for too much longer. Basically, I would lie to him."


*Roddick 3-6 4-6 Wawrinka
There is no stopping the 19th seed on serve is there? Well, not until he double-faults at 40-0 anyway. An ace quickly follows to wrap up the second set for the Swiss number two... and he is now on the brink of a clash with the Swiss number one.

Roddick 3-6 4-5 *Wawrinka
Ha, no sooner had I written 'seemingly inevitable tie-break' then A-Rod starts to wobble. Big-time. A double-fault does him no favours and Stan has a break-point. Roddick plucks out a plum serve to save it but is soon in trouble again... cue another big serve. Wawrinka is not going to let this one slip, though, and a big backhand - his 42nd clean winner of the match - sets up a third break point. This time he takes it, courtesy of another backhand, and he will serve for the second set next. Roddick storms to his chair - and berates himself once he gets there... he is in big trouble now.

*Roddick 3-6 4-4 Wawrinka
Is Roddick even bothered about trying to break Stan now, or is he just waiting for the (seemingly inevitable) tie-break? Looks that way to me... Wawrinka chucks in a second-serve ace and is solid as a rock.

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From Edd in Coventry, via text: "Re Andy Murray's next match on BBC Two at 0150 GMT. I'm sure I once heard that humans are supposedly more suited to two four hour sessions of sleep. Perfect for the Murray match!"

Roddick 3-6 4-3 *Wawrinka
Things are looking up for Roddick. There's a banner in the crowd on Rod Laver Arena saying "Andy, I'm single - will you marry me?" And his serve is still doing the biz too. Another simple hold.

*Roddick 3-6 3-3 Wawrinka
A-Rod picks up two points, which is good going for him on the Stan serve, but the aces keep coming - two more means Wawrinka has rattled up 12 in total now.

Roddick 3-6 3-2 *Wawrinka
Yep, Roddick has definitely got his mojo back on serve - which doesn't leave me much to write about. There aren't many rallies to speak of, anyhow.

*Roddick 3-6 2-2 Wawrinka
I'll be honest, I can't remember when Roddick last won a point off the Stan serve - he's only won seven in total and he doesn't get one here.

OnCourtAd on Twitter: "Roddick's hat boasts a crocodILE, he aint won a slam in a whILE, Andy dont know how Ushould approach the nET, when he does Stan is a sure bET."

Roddick 3-6 2-1 *Wawrinka
Well, Roddick is serving like a train again now, which is a start. Not a sniff of another break point for Stan here and this time Andy looks a bit happier as he heads for his chair.

*Roddick 3-6 1-1 Wawrinka
No question who is serving better at the moment, though. Yep, Stan is the man. He holds to love - just no way into this match for A-Rod right now.

Roddick 3-6 1-0 *Wawrinka
Much better by Roddick, who finds a couple of stonking serves and a fourth ace to hold easily enough, for once. A shake of his head at the change-over tells its own story, though, because his biggest weapon hasn't really done its job up until now.

John Lloyd on the BBC: "It's hard to see how Roddick can get back into this match - he has only got three aces so far and he is being outplayed from the baseline. But he is a streetfighter and we have seen him start badly and go on to win so many times before."


*Roddick 3-6 Wawrinka
Typical. Stan has only dropped two points on his own serve up until now, and has won 12 out of 12 when his first serve has landed in. That changes, when Roddick hits back to go to 30-all. Trouble for the Swiss? No, not really. He smashes down two more big ones and holds to land the first set.

RamboHopwood on Twitter: "Wawrinka has never won a set against A-Rod but leads the head-to-head 2-1!"

Yep, that's because both of Stan's wins against Roddick have come when the American has retired - at 3-0 down in Rome in 2008 and at 4-3 up in the 2009 Shanghai Masters.

Roddick 3-5 *Wawrinka
He's cracked at last, but not without one heck of a fight! Roddick saves four more break points before flopping a forehand into the net and Stan goes down the line with a big backhand that lands plum on the line. He will serve for this first set next.

1033: If you want to read more about that epic match between Francesca Schiavone and Svetlana Kuznetsova, then you can do so here. Schiavone won 6-4 1-6 16-14 in four hours and 44 minutes and, once she had picked herself off the floor afterwards, said: "It is one of the most emotional moments of my life. I just told myself to keep going, do it with the heart and go for it."

*Roddick 3-4 Wawrinka
No problems for Stan on serve though, and he mixes power and precision to hold to love in double-quick time.

Roddick 3-3 *Wawrinka
Phew. Plenty of chances for Stan here, with that backhand working overtime to set up a succession of break-points. Roddick saves all three of them but, if his serve doesn't do the job for him, he is being sent scurrying all around the court to try to keep up, and that just isn't his game. After seven deuces, though, Roddick finally finds a couple of thumping serves to hold and level up this first set again. "That's what Andy does," says John Lloyd on the BBC. "He hangs on in there, and waits for his chance - and he loves a tie-break too."

From anonymous Murray fan via text: "Just seen that Muzza's match is going to be on at around 2am yet again... are the Aussie organisers deliberately trying to inflict more sleepless nights on us Poms, or do they think we'd enjoy a reprise of the glorious Ashes all-nighters? Help, my body clock can't take it!"

Sleep is over-rated at times like these. Your body clock will recover, eventually!

DiscoStew1 on Twitter: "Have not seen Stan play for a while - loving his backhand right now (single-handers rule!) Come on Stan vs Fed in the 1/4s."

*Roddick 2-3 Wawrinka
Stan is making the odd mistake from the back of the court but he is never really in danger here, because Roddick is not consistent enough at the moment. Another hold, and we are still on serve. "Stan is going to come out on top in most of the baseline rallies," says John Lloyd. "He will be favourite once the rallies go to more than three or four shots."

His fourth round match against Jurgen Melzer is second on Rod Laver on Monday and will be shown live on BBC Two, the red button, Radio 5 live and this website (in the UK). Expect Murray to be on court at around 0200 GMT

Roddick 2-2 *Wawrinka
Wawrinka manages one brilliant backhand return but that is as good as this game gets for him. A comfortable hold for Roddick, who is serving smoothly already.

*Roddick 1-2 Wawrinka
Roddick cannot do much with Stan's first serve but he is stepping in to attack his second delivery, and it is working. That tactic gets him to 30-40 before the Swiss regains a bit of composure and, eventually holds. A sloppy job of cutting and pasting by me means the first game of this match is showing up twice - so give this page a manual refresh, and that should make it disappear. Hopefully.

Roddick 1-1 *Wawrinka
An early scare for Roddick, who pays the price for hitting short to the Wawrinka backhand and sees him come in to put away a winner. That sets up a break point, but A-Rod recovers well, mainly thanks to a couple of thumping serves - including his first ace of the match. All-square.

0956: Thanks to the WTA for those stats on the Schiavone-Kuznetsova classic from earlier. And there's more too. French Open champion Schiavone becomes the first player aged 30 or over to reach Australian Open quarter-finals since Lisa Raymond in 2004. She has now reached quarter-finals at all Grand Slams and will become first Italian woman to rank in the top five thanks to her performance here.

*Roddick 0-1 Wawrinka
Stan is into the net to win a lively first point and reels off one of those big backhands of his on the next one - pinging a winner down the line. He is serving well too: two big 'uns, including one ace see him hold to love. A nice start from the Swiss.
* denotes NEXT to serve

0951: We are green for go. Stan to serve first... "I think this could be a long match," says John Lloyd on the BBC.

0950: Before this match gets going, here's a reminder of how you can get in touch... actually, make that 'will get in touch'. Drop me a line on Twitter (via hashtag #BBCAussieOpen ) or send a text message to 81111 (UK) with TENNIS before your message. If you need a question answering, feel free to Tweet me at

0947: A-Rod and Stan are out on court and knocking up. Roddick is decked out in black from top (cap) to toe (his trainers have got a bit of red on them too). Stan is clearly a fan of that colour too, but he goes for a blue shirt just to mix things up a bit.

The match is over
It's bad news for a Briton
0941: I bring bad news for British tennis, I'm afraid. Kyle Edmund was beaten by the brilliantly named Mac Styslinger in the first round of the boys' singles, with the American triumphing 6-4 7-6 (7-2). Our Orange Bowl champion George Morgan did go through earlier on, though. (see 0637)

ejsbennett on Twitter: "So I guess this means Anne Keothavong lost to a Petkovic on fire, Anne you should be proud of your 3 set battle!"

Yep, Keo was a set and a break up against Petkovic in the second round but lost her way. I bet she is still kicking herself now...

0939: Just one more match to come today, then, and it's a corker. Andy Roddick and Stanislas Wawrinka are next on Rod Laver. The prize for the winner is a clash with Roger Federer in the last eight, which both men would relish I'm sure.

0936: She is a bit of a character, old Andrea Petkovic. Here's the story behind that jig of hers too - it started off as a bet with her coach and has turned into a bit of a superstition. "Everybody, if things are not going your way, you should start to dance," she says. Now, that is good advice.

0933: Petkovic will play Li Na in the quarter-finals. She reveals in her post-match interview that her father told her to concentrate on her studies rather than become a tennis player. "Never listen to the advice of your parents," she says with a smile.

0931: You can't blame Andrea Petkovic for dancing her trademark jig of delight after wrapping this one up. She is into the last-eight of a Grand Slam for the first time.

The match is over

0925: Pova is going for this, big time. She is still making mistakes but her thumping groundstrokes are finding their mark more and more often. She holds - she hasn't done that very often today - and she will try to pile more pressure on the Petkovic serve in the next game. The German is still only one game away from victory, mind, but her lead has been cut to 6-2 5-3.

Times tennis correspondent Neil HarmanTimes on Twitter: "Give Maria her due. Still fist pumping, still walking with head held high. Can't be easy, but breaks at 1-5. Serving to stay in match."

0920: Maybe Maria Sharapova fancies one of those records herself? A cute Petkovic drop-shot sets up match-point but Pova responds with a fierce forehand winner off the German's next serve and she is at her big-hitting best to break back. Petkovic leads 6-2 5-2 but Pova is definitely not done yet.

0915: More on that Schiavone-Kuznetsova epic. It was the longest recorded women's Grand Slam singles match - officially timed at 4hrs 44min. And, at 47 games it falls one game short of the most number of games in a match at the Aussie Open, which was 48. That record was set by Chanda Rubin and Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario in 1996, when Rubin beat ASV 6-4 2-6 16-14.

0911: Andrea Petkovic is clearly a woman in a hurry. The German is now 6-2 5-1 up against Maria Sharapova, and serving for the match.

0910: It ended in style too. Schiavone comes back from 0-30 to put away an overhead at 30-all and that's match-point. Her first. But Kuznetsovza still has something left in the locker and powers away a forehand winner. Here comes Schiavone again, though, back into the net and fist-pumping as she sets up match-point number three. Any luck this time? No. Kuznetsova swings her racquet at it and produces her finest backhand return of the match. Third-time lucky? Yes. Schiavone is in again, and this time she puts away a volley to win it.

0908: After four hours and 44 minutes, it's all over. The players embrace at the net - they have put in a sensational shift today - but it is Francesca Schiavone who goes through to face Caroline Wozniacki next. She might need a new pair of legs for that match though...

The match is over

0901: This Kuz-Schi match may be taking forever but they are not hanging around over on Rod Laver, Andrea Petkovic has taken the first set 6-2 against Maria Sharapova and is already 3-0 up in the second.

0858: Hang on, hang on - is the end in sight? Schiavone gets her first sniff of a break at 30-all on the Kuz serve when the Russian stooped to half-volley from under her feet and Schiavone goes just wide with a passing shot. Still, she claws back to deuce and then beats Kuz with a looping backhand into the corner. Break-point - saved by a big serve. But Kuz flops a forehand into the net and, after an incredible rally, Schiavone comes in to put away a forehand volley. Not sure how her legs are still working but she got em going then. The Italian leads 15-14 in the third set and will serve for the match next.

0850: Schiavone holds, to love. All-square again, then, at 14-all.

0848: Kuznetsova, who has had six match points already, noses ahead to lead 14-13 in the final set. This match has been going on for four hours and 26 minutes now. Amazing.

0846: Poor old David has just been carried out of the office. I will (hopefully) take you through to the end of this one... just give your page a manual refresh to see who I am.

By David Ornstein

0845: OFFICIAL - this is now the second-longest women's match in the Open era and the longest at the Australian Open. Schiavone holds for 13-13 and there's still no end in sight for these two gladiators. But there is for me and I'll pass you into the far-more-capable hands of Chris Bevan. Enjoy.

0842: Lest we forget, the opening night-session match between Maria Sharapova and Andrea Petkovic is up and running on Rod Laver. Petko a break to the good and leading 4-2 in the opening set. Back in the day session, Schiavone and Kuznetsova exchange breaks and the Russian leads 13-12.

0830: Not sure who's going to succumb first - Schiavone, Kuznetsova or me. Chris Bevan's waiting in the wings if I keel over after eight-and-a-half hours of unbroken live text. Meanwhile, Kuznetsova has HELD SERVE. Yes, HELD SERVE. The Russian leads 12-11 and this beginning to take the Michael. Isner-Mahut mark II.

0825: Kuznetsova passes Schiavone to break serve for the ninth time in the match. That makes it 11-11 and on we go...

It's bad news for a Briton
0820: Schiavone breaks serve. Obviously. The Italian now leads 11-10 and will again serve for the match. She's taking a medical time out for what looks like an intercostal problem but should be OK to continue. Kuznetsova calls for the trainer, too. She's got a thigh complaint. Out on Court 19, meanwhile, Britain's Kyle Edmund has lost the first set of his boy's singles first round against Mac Styslinger.

0810: Would you believe it... Schiavone gets to 30-0 and the finishing line is well and truly in sight. But Kuznetsova reaches deep into her energy reserves to break back and take us to 10-10.

0805: Schiavone breaks for 10-9 and is about to serve for the match. Set three has been going for 116 minutes.

0800: Schiavone saves two more match points in game 18, but here comes match point number six... Kutnesova looks in total control but loses the initiative after coming to the net and eventually chips a backhand long. Schiavone holds for 9-9 and this is swiftly turning into match of the tournament.

0753: Epic scenes on Hisense as Kuznetsova brings up three match points on the Schiavone serve at 8-7 but the Italian brilliantly saves all of them and holds for 8-8. Schiavone then races to 40-0 on her opponent's serve and thinks she has the break at 40-30, only for umpire Enric Molina to penalise her for falling into the net after chasing down a drop shot and placing a winner into open court. Kuznetsova serves out from deuce and it's now 9-8 in the Russian's favour.

0745: Somehow forgot to bring you this line from earlier. After beating Victoria Azarenka to extend her unbeaten run to nine matches, Li Na was asked to explain the key to her success and credit the decision to employ husband Jiang Shang as her coach for the 2011 season. "The best thing about having my him as my coach? His credit card. If I play well I can take it and buy whatever I want."

0737: Schiavone and Kuznetsova still slugging away on Hisense Arena. It's now 7-7 in the deciding set and with neither player looking particularly threatening on the other's serve, they could be trundling along for a while yet.

Judy Murray on Twitter: "Hilarious! Wozniacki about to do a 2nd press conference!!! Presumably to apologise for fabricating a story about a kangaroo in her last one! She says it was a "blonde moment"

5 live tennis on Twitter: "Hilarious! Wozniacki about to do a 2nd press conference!!! Presumably to apologise for fabricating a story about a kangaroo in her last one! She says it was a "blonde moment"

0728: The day session may be drawing to a close but I'd urge you good people to stay right where you are because there's plenty of action still to come. At 0800 GMT the BBC live feed kicks into gear, bringing you uninterrupted night-session coverage via the Red Button and this website. First up, former world number one Maria Sharapova and 30th seed Andrea Petkovic meet for the right to play Li Na in the quarter-finals. And the final match on Rod Laver Arena sees Andy Roddick and Stanislas Wawrinka go head-to-head. That one should be a cracker.

0710: For those of you just joining, here's a little summary of what you've missed. World number one Caroline Wozniacki got day seven under way with a scrappy victory over Anastasija Sevastova before Li Na outclassed Victoria Azarenka. In the men's draw, defending champion Roger Federer needed four sets to get past Tommy Robredo but Novak Djokovic crushed Nicolas Almagro. Tomas Berdych booked his place in the quarter-finals with a similarly comfortable win over Fernando Verdasco.

0659: Oh how women's tennis can make the mind boggle. Kuznetsova looks set fair for a place in the quarter-finals but suddenly gets the jitters on serve and gives Schiavone renewed hope. A couple of break points go begging but the Italian refuses to lie down and overpowers her Russian opponent to bring us back on serve in the decider.

0650: The Kuznetsova charge continues with another break of serve to go 4-2 ahead. See this one out and the two-time Grand Slam champion can set her sights on top seed Caroline Wozniacki.

0648: Back we go to Hisense Arena, where Kuznetsova breaks back against Schiavone to level things up in the deciding set. No sign of that foot problem now. Plenty of grunting from both ladies, which is always nice, and some high quality tennis to boot.

Caroline Wozniacki on Twitter: "Definitely a good day with me winning and Liverpool winning :) Going to the cinema a bit later, dont know which movie yet tho!"

It's good news for a Briton
The match is over
0637 Good news for British tennis and, for a change, it doesn't involve Andy Murray. Switching our focus to the junior event, fourth seed George Morgan has beaten Brazil's Thiago Moura Monteiro 7-6 (7-3) 6-4 in round one of the boy's singles. It caps a fine week for the Orange Bowl champion, who hit with Roger Federer and Andy Murray before sitting in Murray's box for Saturday's win over Guillermo Garcia-Lopez. Another Brit, Kyle Edmund, plays American Mac Styslinger a bit later.

Latest scores
0623 Just the one main draw match in progress right now and it's the last encounter of the day session at Melbourne Park. It pits Francesca Schiavone against Svetlana Kuznetsova and it's evenly-poised at a set apiece. Italian sixth seed Schiavone took the opener 6-4 but Kuznetsova, seeded 23rd, romped through the second for the loss of only one game. However, the Russian required lengthy treatment for a foot problem at the changeover and has been broken at the start of the decider. The winner of this one plays world number one Caroline Wozniacki.

Text in your views on 81111
Paman, Glasgow, via text on 81111: "Its been a strange old championships for Fedex - I hate to say it but it seems like of the top players, he's been most vulnerable, odd, especially considering his form overall of late."

The match is over
0610: Into the Australian Open quarter-finals for the first time goes sixth seed Tomas Berdych, a 6-4 6-2 6-3 victory over Fernando Verdasco, seeded ninth. Not sure anyone thought that one would be done and dusted so quickly but it's a fantastic win for Berdych and sets up a potentially mouth-watering last-eight meeting with Novak Djokovic.

0605: "I'm happy I'm through, it was a tough match and I'm really happy to be in the next round," says Federer. "In the second set I was struggling with my return, lacking rhythm from baseline and maybe he was playing well. I didn't have the best of games at 4-3 down but that's how it goes at the top, it's small margins. He was moving me around and changing things up but I turned it around and I'm pleased."


Federer 6-3 3-6 6-3 6-2 Robredo
A sloppy first point kind of sums up Federer's day at the office. A superb pick-up gets him back on track, though, and he wraps up the win when a resigned Robredo flicks a forehand into the tramlines. Game, set and match Federer.
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 6-3 3-6 6-3 5-2 Robredo
Fair play to Robredo for hanging on in there, but his gritty service hold is only delaying the inevitable. Federer to serve for the match...
* denotes next to serve

Federer 6-3 3-6 6-3 5-1 Robredo*
Federer will want to forget today pretty quickly - it hasn't been a memorable performance. But he's going to win and at this stage that's all that matters. He moves to within a game of the match with a backhand winner which kisses the paint, and the end is now nigh.
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 6-3 3-6 6-3 4-1 Robredo
And that, my friends, is just about that. Robredo looks pretty spent out there and Federer manages to register two break points for the double-break. The first is saved but Robredo drags a crosscourt backhand wide on the second and Federer is now within touching distance of a 27th consecutive Grand Slam quarter-final.
* denotes next to serve

Federer 6-3 3-6 6-3 3-1 Robredo*
Spirited stuff once again from Robredo, whose refusal to lie down has caused Federer no shortage of problems today. He gets to deuce and probes hard to break back. But he is still positioning himself way, way, way too deep and, predictably, Federer wins the game with a well-placed drop shot. When will the Spaniard learn?
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 6-3 3-6 6-3 2-1 Robredo
Robredo comes under huge pressure as Federer goes in for the kill and brings up a hard-earned break point. The unseeded Spaniard is still standing far too deep behind the baseline and gets his radar all wrong with a loose groundstroke that sails long and hands his opponent what could prove the decisive break.
* denotes next to serve

Federer 6-3 3-6 6-3 1-1 Robredo*
It's like a flashback to the opening set as Federer holds to love and looks back to his supreme best. Like it or not, this has been a poor display by the Swiss's standards, but he'll hope to finish on a high.
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 6-3 3-6 6-3 0-1 Robredo
TRob jogs out for the fourth set in a new top - replacing the blue shirt with a garish red number which matches his shorts if nothing else. Will the fresh outfit prompt a change in fortune? Solid start to get us under way.
* denotes next to serve


Federer 6-3 3-6 6-3 *Robredo
An unconvincing start from Federer and he knows it, shaking that bonce in displeasure. A lovely pass for 15-15 is greeted with an audible "allez!" but a framed forehand takes the world number two's unforced error tally to 33. Federer bundles his way to set point but then comes another horribly framed forehand. A second set point soon arrives, though, and this time the Swiss makes no mistake. "Come on!" is the cry as Federer trots back to his seat.
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 6-3 3-6 5-3 Robredo
Robredo responds in kind to keep himself in the set. So, will Federer serve out? Not counting my chickens on today's evidence.
* denotes next to serve

Federer 6-3 3-6 5-2 Robredo*
Much better from the Fed Express, holding to 15 to move to within a game of the third set. Still looks grumpy, mind.
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 6-3 3-6 4-2 Robredo
A second ace of the match takes Tommy to 40-0 and a third seals the game. The Spaniard has made only 12 unforced errors all match whereas Federer's count currently stands at 30. Make of that what you wish...
* denotes next to serve

Text in your views on 81111
Anon via text on 81111: "Roger seems increasingly prone to these blips where he loses his touch altogether. He's making so many unforced errors."

Federer 6-3 3-6 4-1 Robredo*
Another look-in for Robredo at deuce on the Federer serve but the Swiss - who seems to have picked up a spot of sunburn on his face - digs deep and is edging his way towards a two-sets-to-one lead.
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 6-3 3-6 3-1 Robredo
Robredo may have lost all nine of he previous meetings with Federer by he is by no means out of this one and wraps up the most comfortable service hold of the set to remain in contention.
* denotes next to serve

Federer 6-3 3-6 3-0 Robredo*
Robredo comes out swinging and is rewarded with a break-back point as Federer moves nervously around the baseline. The Spaniard's goes long with an attempted pass and Federer is able to scramble over the line to extend his advantage.
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 6-3 3-6 2-0 Robredo
The ugly scowl suggests Federer is far from happy with his game, but a beautiful forehand up the line brings a break point and suddenly the Swiss has a spring in his step. Robredo manages to save both that and a second break point, yet Federer comes back for more and an intoxicating rally ends with the second seed reacting in a flash to volley his way to a third break point. Federer subjects his opponent to a barrage of vicious groundstrokes and gets the break when Robredo dumps a backhand volley into the net.
* denotes next to serve

Federer 6-3 3-6 1-0 Robredo*
An inside-out forehand winner enables Federer to open up the third set with a hold to 30 but something's not quite right with the 29-year-old from Basel. Is it the heat? He looks a tad irritated but gets his nose in front and the pressure is now on Robredo to respond.
* denotes next to serve


*Federer 6-3 3-6 Robredo
More errors from the Federer racquet enables Robredo to bring up two set points. The 16-time Grand Slam champion is capitulating. Nervous shotmaking from Robredo sees both set points go begging but the Spaniard gets over the line at the third time of asking when Federer nets a woeful forehand. Who would've though it?
* denotes next to serve

Federer 6-3 3-5 Robredo*
It's not often you see Federer go AWOL but... Robredo is gifted 30-0 on the world number two's serve and, although Federer gets back to 30-30, a volley into the trams gives the Spaniard his first break point of the match. Robredo's making life hard for himself by standing unnecessarily deep behind the baseline but it matters not as Federer fires wide. Robredo breaks. Murmurs from the crowd. Federer is human after all. What a turnaround.
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 6-3 3-4 Robredo
Very flat from Federer there. Robredo snaps up a third straight hold to love and must be starting to fancy his chances in this set.
* denotes next to serve

Federer 6-3 3-3 Robredo*
A few majestic groundstrokes take Federer to 40-0 before a bullet forehand sees Robredo reduce the arrears. But the Swiss comes through and will hope to make more of an impact on TRob's serve this time round.
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 6-3 2-3 Robredo
Back-to-back love holds for Robredo and it's now just one point conceded in three service games for the Spaniard. He's going all Roger on us. Cracking match so far.
* denotes next to serve

Federer 6-3 2-2 Robredo*
A first look-in of the day for Robredo as he gets to 30-15 on the Federer serve. The Spaniard's into uncharted territory but looks calm. Can he press on for a shock break of serve? No chance. Federer bolts the door shut with a couple of powerful deliveries to level.
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 6-3 1-2 Robredo
Now it's the turn of Robredo to hold for love and, despite the rising temperatures, the Spaniard seems to be striking the ball sweeter and moving around the court smoother with every passing game. Plus he's serving faster than his opponent on a consistent basis.
* denotes next to serve

Federer 6-3 1-1 *Robredo
Yes he can! BREAKING NEWS: Robredo wins a point on the Federer serve. But just the one. Fed frames a forehand into the stands but still holds to 15 and looks utterly unflustered.
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 6-3 0-1 Robredo
Solid start to the second set for the world number 52 from Hostalric. He's giving it a good go out there on Rod Laver and holds to 15 to show Federer he is still very much in this. Now, can he pick up his first point on the Fed serve?
* denotes next to serve

Alex Willis on Twitter: "Yikes. Federer didn't drop a single point on serve during that set, 1st or 2nd. 100%. Very scary."


Federer 6-3 *Robredo
It's not every day you see a player win a set without conceding a single point on serve. Mr Roger Federer, take a bow.
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 5-3 Robredo
It's second time lucky for Federer as another break point arrives and this time he makes no mistake. The 16-time Grand Slam champion now in control and about to serve for the opening set.
* denotes next to serve

The match is over
0400: Sorry, DiscoStew1... Novak Djokovic beats Nicolas Almagro 6-3 6-4 6-0 to reach the Australian Open quarter-finals. Next up for the Serbian world number three, Tomas Berdych or Fernando Verdasco.

DiscoStew1 on Twitter: "David, re the retraction of your 5 set prediction - this is Djokovic, I say stick by it and wait and see... #BBCAussieOpen"

Federer 4-3 Robredo*
Um, is Roger ever going to lose a point on serve?
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 3-3 Robredo
A stupendous backhand pick-up squirms over then net and helps Federer to 30-0 on the Robredo serve. But back comes Tommy with the fastest serve of the match and then an overhead put-away to seal the deal.
* denotes next to serve

Federer 3-2 Robredo*
Yes, you guessed it, a hold to love. This guy is an absolute pleasure to watch and the Rod Laver crowd are quite rightly loving his work.
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 2-2 Robredo
Pressure from world number two Federer forces the first break point of the match but Robredo attacks with real aggression to stave off the threat. The no-frills Spaniard is doing well out there in the blistering heat, but you sense it's only a matter of time before Roger turns the screw.
* denotes next to serve

Federer 2-1 Robredo*
A second hold to love means the Fedmeister is still to concede a point on serve. Ruthless. Elsewhere, Djokovic has broken Almagro in game one of the third set. Told you he'd win in straights...
* denotes next to serve

*Federer 1-1 Robredo
I'm no fashionista but Robredo needs to sack his stylist. Blue top, red shorts, white socks.... my oh my. Street cred or not, the Spaniard keeps Federer at arm's length with a dogged hold to level things up.
* denotes next to serve

Federer 1-0 Robredo*
Talking of aces, defending champion Federer opens with three on the trot. Can he complete the set? Ooooh, he just catches the net and there's a sigh of disappointment from the crowd on Rod Laver. Rye smile from Rog. Still, the hold to love arrives when Robredo drills a backhand into the tramlines.
* denotes next to serve

0332: A couple of aces see Djokovic wrap up the second set against Almagro and continue to make a mockery of my five-set tip. Meanwhile, Roger Federer and Tommy Robredo have completed their warm-ups so here we go...

The match is over
0325: A fifth break of the match brings Li Na a 6-3 6-3 victory over Victoria Azarenka. Bitterly disappointing for eighth seed Azarenka but take nothing away from Li, the ninth seed fully deserving of a gritty triumph in searing heat.

Anon via text on 81111: "Ivanisevic lost three Wimbledon finals until he won in 2001."

Text in your views on 81111
Anon via text on 81111: "Re Tom: Lendl lost his first four finals but went on to win eight."

0312: Good news, Djokovic fans. Your man wraps up a 31-minute first set against Almagro and goes a break up in the second. The 2008 champion is currently posting a first-serve percentage of 80%. Yes, 80%. He's hit 15 winners to Almagro's four and made only 10 unforced errors compared to the Spaniard's 23. A quarter-final meeting with Tomas Berdych or Fernando Verdasco beckons.

0305: Don't forget Li reached the semis here last year and warmed up for this year's tournament by winning in Sydney. Azarenka holds to remain in contention but Li now serving for a 5-3 lead. The winner of this one, by the way, plays Maria Sharapova or Andrea Petkovic.

0300: Vika, Vika, Vika, what are you doing? The lady in red - well, it's actually a Barbie pink - suddenly looks lost for ideas as Li attacks her serve and breaks once more to regain the momentum. A love hold follows to put the Chinese ninth seed a set and 4-2 ahead.

0255: Li starts the second set as she finished the first with a break of serve that looks to have knocked the stuffing out of Azarenka. But let's not be writing off the eighth seed just yet. She breaks straight back and unleashes a massive fist-pump after holding serve for a 2-1 lead. Li responds in kind and it's game on.

0249: Quite a few replies to Tom in Cardiff ("Do you know who has the record for most Grand Slam finals without a win?"). The WTA tell me Kim Clijsters lost her first four Grand Slam finals while Dinara Safina lost all three that she played in 2008-09. Anyone able to help us out with the men's side?

5 live tennis on Twitter: "Out in the sun on Ct 16 with Team Murray. Hitting with good friend Marcel Granollers. Some monster serves..."

Latest scores
0239: A rosy-cheeked Azarenka looks to be feeling the stifling heat as Li moves to set point. The Belarusian lets out a monumental squeal, drawing a mixture of laughter and groans from the crowd. Seems they're pretty fed up with her vocals. Aza puts a crosscourt forehand return into the tramlines and that's the opener for Li. Over on Hisense Arena, Djokovic breaks early and is now 4-1 up on Almagro. Can I retract my five-set prediction?

Text in your views on 81111
Tom, Cardiff, via text on 81111: "Just thinking ahead to next weekend, if/when Murray loses to Rog in the final. Do you know who has the record for most Grand Slam finals without a win? And what about against the same opponent? Maybe Muzza's on to something? Or maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself."

0230: Good response, cyberspace, good response. Thought I was on my lonesome for a while and it wasn't pleasant. Neither was game five for Azarenka, who drops serve to hand Li a 4-2 lead in the first set. The Chinese right-hander then secures a steady hold to move to within a game of the opener. For those of you still stubbornly opting for the pillow ahead of my live text commentary, surely the start of Novak Djokovic v Nicolas Almagro will prompt a change of heart? Go on, it should be a belter. In fact, I'm feeling an epic five-setter. Which means Djokovic will almost certainly win in straights...

Text in your views on 81111
Paul, Belfast, via text on 81111: "I think it'll take more than Wozniacki winning to get people nattering at nearly 2am! Surely she can't win the whole thing?! Lovely girl, not sure about the tennis... "

0218: After the bland fare dished up by Wozniacki and Sevastova, the early stages of Azarenka-Li suggest this one could be a little gem. Li is pegged back from 40-0 in game three as Azarenka chalks up a few more breaks points, but the ninth seed holds firm. Her opponent responds with a commanding hold to 15, sealed with an ace down the good old 'T', before Li betters that with a love service game.

It's good news for a Briton
Alex Willis on Twitter: "Anyone awake & on Brit-watch, @georgemorgan10 and Kyle Edmund play their 1R #ausopen boys' singles on Ct 14, George 3rd, Kyle 5th..."

0205: At 5ft 8ins and 65kg, Li isn't one of the bigger players on the women's tour but she doesn't half pack a punch. A series of heavy groundstrokes pin Azarenka behind the baseline and the ninth seed secures the break-back when her opponent dumps a backhand into the net. Azarenka already cranking up the decibel level - can anyone lend me some earplugs?

0202: That "next match" sees eighth seed Victoria Azarenka from Belarus take on Chinese ninth seed Li Na. Azarenka is already a break to the good but Li is pressing hard in game two to level things up. And here comes a break back point...

stanbag1 on Twitter: "Re 0130, think they've seen the schedule for the next match and decided to catch 40 winks b4 Fed ;)"

Venus Williams on Twitter: "Tks 4 the support down under this year even tho it ended much earlier than expected. I will be working hard to get back on tour asap!"

0150: Our friends at the WTA inform us that Wozniacki is through to her fourth Grand Slam quarter-final but her first at the Australian Open. She follows in the footsteps of one other Danish woman - Dorte Ekner in 1978.

0145: "I played Anastasija in the Fed Cup last year so I knew what to expect - she's a tough opponent, gets a lot of balls back and mixes her game up so well," says Wozniacki. "She can play hard and fast but then slows it down. It was tough for me to get rhythm out there but it's important to get the win, even when you're not playing at your best. I knew it wasn't going to be easy and I was a bit nervous going in there, but I worked hard for every point and pulled through to quarters so I'm really pleased."

The match is over
0140: And there it is - Caroline Wozniacki beats Anastasija Sevastova 6-3 6-4 to reach the Australian Open quarter-finals. The performance of a champion? No chance, but a win is a win and world number one Wozniacki becomes the first player through to the last eight. Next up for the 20-year-old Dane... Francesca Schiavone or Svetlana Kuznetsova, who meet in the fourth and final match on Hisense Arena.

0130: Knock, knock, knock... anybody there? It's all gone terribly quiet in cyberspace. Shall I say something controversial to get you nattering? Best not. Wozniacki secures the eighth break of the match to move 5-4 ahead and will now serve for the spoils.

0125: Now it's Wozniacki's turn to capitulate as Sevastova breaks back to level at 4-4 in the second. Powerful hitting from the world number 46 but her cause is heavily aided by several wayward groundstrokes from Wozza. This is by no means one for the purists but things could get rather tasty if Seva forces a deciding set.

0120: Back to afrayn's question on timings for later, we're expecting Federer and Robredo on court at about 1430 local time (0330 GMT), while Roddick and Wawrinka are the second night-session match so should head on to Rod Laver at around 2030 local time (0930 GMT).

0115: Wozniacki and Sevastova exchange serving holds, meaning the world number one from Denmark is now 4-2 ahead in the second set. Wozy gave a rather unusual press conference after her third-round victory over Cibulkova, rejecting accusations that she comes across as boring by chatting with journalists about a variety of subjects from global warming to Kenny Dalglish's appointment as manager of her beloved Liverpool. Well worth a listen.

afrayn on Twitter: "Is there an approximate time for the Roddick / Wawrinka match later today? Any estimate when Fed might be on?"
I'll have a rummage through my order of play and get back to you on that one.

0100: Oops. Another shocking service game from Sevastova restores Wozniacki's second-set advantage. It's getting extremely hot out there and neither player looks particularly comfortable, but that doesn't really excuse the decidedly average standard of tennis.

0058: Total capitulation by the ever-so-sweaty Sevastova as Wozniacki wins seven games on the spin to take the first set and a break to love at the start of the second. But the 20-year-old Latvian, playing her maiden Grand Slam fourth round and facing a top-five opponent for the first time, hits straight back in game two to draw level and keep her slim hopes alive.

It's good news for a Briton
0050: We'll also keeping an eye on the junior event today, with Britain's Orange Bowl winner George Morgan third up on Court 14 against the brilliantly-named Thiago Moura Monteiro of Brazil. A practice partner for Roger Federer and Andy Murray last week, fourth seed Morgan was also invited to sit in Murray's box for Saturday's victory over Guillermo Garcia-Lopez on Rod Laver. Another Brit, Kyle Edmund, also in action and he faces the even-more-brilliantly-named Mac Styslinger of the United States, fifth on the same court as Morgan.

0040: Clearly my praise for Sevastova went to the girl's head. Already sweating profusely, she begins to breath extremely heavily as Wozniacki easily holds serve in game five and then converts her fourth break-back point to level things up in game six. Another hold for the top seed makes it 4-3 and suddenly Sevastova's looking a touch forlorn. Very hot and bothered, the young Latvian.

0035: Now then, we've a long morning/afternoon/night ahead of us so I'm banking on your support. You know the drill: I wanna be hearing from you on Twitter (via hashtag #BBCAussieOpen ) or text message to 81111 (UK) with TENNIS before your message. If you need a question answering, feel free to Tweet me @bbcsport_david. Sound OK?

0030: An unstoppable forehand winner sees Sevastova come out on top after a 19-stroke rally to hold serve for a 3-1 lead in the first set. It's a nervy start from Wozniacki - she's really struggling to cope with her Latvian opponent's power.

0025: This, as the Australian Open's all-singing all-dancing live scores page will show you, is the only main draw singles match in progress right now. It precedes Victoria Azarenka v Li Na on Rod Laver, while third up on the same court is Roger Federer v Tommy Robredo. Novak Djokovic v Nicolas Almagro is the second match on Hisense Arena and they are followed on court by Francesca Schiavone v Svetlana Kuznetsova. Later on, Margaret Court Arena hosts Tomas Berdych v Fernando Verdasco. And the night session on Rod Laver features Maria Sharapova v Andrea Petkovic and Andy Roddick v Stanislas Wawrinka.

0017: Sevastova regards herself as an aggressive baseliner and that much is clear as the unseeded Latvian battles her way to deuce in game one. A delicate drop shot gives her an immediate break point and she takes in when Wozniacki sends down her second double fault. Fairly rubbish start from the top seed, it must be said.

0010: Woz and Seva - the two youngest players remaining in the women's draw - are meeting for the first time and neither have dropped a set so far. Warm-ups complete, the pair take in some fluids before retreating to their baselines. World number one Wozniacki, again sporting that love-it-or-hate-it Ballerina Dress, to serve first.

The sun is out
0005: A beautiful morning in Australia's second most populous city - about 22 degrees, glorious sunshine and just a couple of fluffy clouds in the sky. Generous applause from the crowd on Rod Laver Arena as Wozniacki and Anastasija Sevastova enter the court. Umpire Carolyn Kramer greets both players at the net for pleasantries and coin toss. We should be under way shortly.

2355: Day seven of the Australian Open and time for some last-16 shenanigans. Caroline Wozniacki, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova among the big names strutting their stuff on what promises another cracker at Melbourne Park. Should be fun, very fun. Let this page be your home for the next 10 hours or so and you shouldn't be too disappointed.

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