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US Open day 10 as it happened


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By Piers Newbery

0445: Differing opinions, we love 'em. And who's to say that in 24 hours we won't all be reeling after another stellar performance from Rafa? We'll be back at 1800 BST for Wawrinka v Youzhny and an update on how Laura Robson got on earlier, and (some time) after midnight UK for Nadal v Verdasco, although there's an exhibition match beforehand. Don't they know what time it is over here? Speaking of which.....night.

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From AM via text: "If Federer doesn't win the US Open, I'll eat my brand new Fred Perry shoes. Brilliant peformance."

From Mark,Camberley, via text: "Soderling bottled that big style. Too one dimensional, Fed must think Christmas comes early when he plays him."

TheComicalHat via Twitter: "People forgetting that Nadal is Federer's Gordian's Knot! Rafa 2.0 also a different proposition on the hard courts now."

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From anon via text: "Awesome Fed. On this form he will beat both Nole and Nadal."

Federer 6-4 6-4 7-5 Soderling
That. Was. Brilliant. Federer hits his 17th and 18th aces of the match to seal a fantastic victory. Anyone who thought Nadal was the favourite for the title after last night might have to rethink.
* denotes Next to serve

* Federer 6-4 6-4 6-5 Soderling
Soderling double faults for 15-15 and Federer then has the Swede in all sorts of bother with a backhand lob that he can only punt long after chasing it down. The Federer defence then comes to the fore as a couple of Agassi-like half-volleys from the baseline draw Soderling into the error for 15-40. Two break points... and Big Rob saves the first brilliantly with a controlled forehand winner, but he can only drag a backhand wide on the second and that could be it.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 6-4 6-4 5-5 Soderling *
Federer is in trouble at 30-30 as his first serve deserts him but a brave sortie to the net helps him out and we're all square.
* denotes Next to serve

* Federer 6-4 6-4 4-5 Soderling
A double fault is not exactly the ideal start for Soderling but he recovers to 30-15, only to slap a running forehand long. It's 30-30 and Federer puts up a gentle ball that tempts Soderling into too much and he nets. Break point... and Soderling nets again! Surely no way back after that.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 6-4 6-4 3-5 Soderling *
Federer fails to pick up a dipping Soderling forehand at the net and then floats a backhand slice wide for 15-30. A big, kicking second serve out wide comes to the rescue but the Swiss then smacks a backhand over the baseline. First break point of the set for Soderling.... and Federer sprays a mid-court forehand just wide. Big fist pump from Rob and he'll serve for the set.
* denotes Next to serve

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From mike, a half brit half aussie in rain-sodden auckland, via text: "Surely a bit of tina turner's simply the best for the fed during the changeover."

* Federer 6-4 6-4 3-4 Soderling
Soderling looks on course at 40-15 but a double fault brings the pressure on. Federer then plays a wicked backhand drop shot and gets to Soderling's response but can only steer the volley wide. Game, Super Rob.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 6-4 6-4 3-3 Soderling *
Huge, huge hitting from both men on the opening point and Federer is clearly delighted to win that battle of machismo, letting out a "C'mon!" It's only 15-0, Rog. Not for long, another straightforward hold.
* denotes Next to serve

* Federer 6-4 6-4 2-3 Soderling
It takes 88 minutes but Soderling finally manages an ace to get him to 40-30, and the game is his moments later. He looks a touch more lively on his way back to the chair and he's played well so far, it's not over yet.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 6-4 6-4 2-2 Soderling *
Federer closes out another service game with his 15th ace, although Soderling questions it, allowing Hawkeye to tell us it landed smack on the line. Obviously.
* denotes Next to serve

* Federer 6-4 6-4 1-2 Soderling
Federer very nearly manages a lob volley over the increasingly harried Soderling that only just goes long - fortunately for us, because I think the Swede might have just walked off if that one had been good. The Swiss pulls a forehand winner down the line on the next point for 30-30 but Soderling comes through and he's weathering the storm for now.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 6-4 6-4 1-1 Soderling *
Federer has a rummage around in his bag of tricks and finds another couple of spectacular winners on his way to an easy hold. Soderling is asked by the umpire if he wants to challenge on the last point but the Swede isn't listening.
* denotes Next to serve

* Federer 6-4 6-4 0-1 Soderling
Soderling smiles to himself after Federer gets a succession of his best forehands back before the Swede smacks one wide. Frustrating isn't the word. Still, the fifth seed gathers himself to hold and get the set off on the right footing.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 6-4 6-4 Soderling *
No bother. Federer sees it out to 15 with his 13th ace of the day and his serve has been magnificent so far - 68% of first serves made but it feels like a lot more.
* denotes Next to serve

* Federer 6-4 5-4 Soderling
Ooof. Soderling hits one forehand winner so hard I can feel it from here. He holds easily enough and we'll see if Federer can serve out this set as nervelessly as he did the last. I think they're playing Gwen Stefani over the PA at the changeover. Seems a bit unfair, maybe some Cardigans for Rob next time? Are they still going?
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 6-4 5-3 Soderling *
Federer frames one at 40-15 to give Soderling a sniff but the Swede wastes his chance with a poor return that drifts wide, and it's looking like a two-set lead is on the way.
* denotes Next to serve

* Federer 6-4 4-3 Soderling
And Super Rob returns the compliment with a love hold of his own. A quick manual refresh will get your asterisks back in order, the pests.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 6-4 4-2 Soderling *
No messing this time from Federer as he holds to love.
* denotes Next to serve

* Federer 6-4 4-2 Soderling
No messing this time from Federer as he holds to love.
* denotes Next to serve

* Federer 6-4 3-2 Soderling
Ha, you shouldn't laugh but Soderling gives hope to all us park bashers when, at 40-0, he misreads a smash in the wind and has to crouch down to hit it. Into the net. A framed forehand then lets Federer back to 40-30 down and, under pressure, Soderling sends a backhand long. Deuce, and Soderling nets a backhand. Break point.... Federer draws his man in to the net with some devilish sliced backhands and everyone thinks 'No, Rob, no'.... Yup, Fed fires a forehand past him and he's in control again.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 6-4 2-2 Soderling *
Well, well. Soderling manages to fashion a break point from nowhere and improvises superbly to steer a backhand pass down the line. Back on serve.
* denotes Next to serve

Text in your views on 81111
From Steve - a swiss-canadian in edinburgh - via text: "Who doesn't want to see a fed v rafa final? Watching the match online via a spanish feed of espn and caught wayne gretzky in the crowd. At least that's one great canadian athlete at the us open!"

Jack from Romsey via text: "Federer just makes this game we call tennis look so easy and effortless, he is combing the ball around the court as well as he has done since beating murray in australia, soderling has it all on now."

From John via text: "What a great time to have my lunch break here in Sydney!! Federer looks like he is on form from the get-go, but don't count Soderling out as hebeat the Fed last time out. Unbelievably windy for a tennis match tho."

* Federer 6-4 2-1 Soderling
Federer pulls out a stunning cross-court backhand that has the fifth seed stumbling over his feet. Deuce, and Gavin Rossdale looks down imperiously from his chair of rock on a breathless Soderling. Break point arrives.... and the Swede double faults. Federer is playing quite brilliantly tonight but I think the Rossdale vibes helped there.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 6-4 1-1 Soderling *
Hang on, Rog, give us a chance. A love hold for the Swiss.
* denotes Next to serve

* Federer 6-4 0-1 Soderling
I just shouted something in an empty office that even I don't understand. Federer plays a magnificent improvised volley for 15-15 and Soderling responds with an absolute belter of a forehand up the line. Great stuff. The Swede holds to 15 and it's a huge test for him to see if he can live at Federer's rarefied level for another couple of hours.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 6-4 Soderling *
Federer serves out to love and he looks in truly ominous form. Am I allowed to get excited about a Roger v Rafa final already? No? Quite right, that was a breathless, powerful, edge-of-the-seat set of tennis. More please...
* denotes Next to serve

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From Vince via text: "Shapin up to be a great match. Torn between gettin some shut-eye & stayin to watch right now! Maybe just another game. Federer's drop-shot for break point was just sublime!"

* Federer 5-4 Soderling
Soderling responds with a love hold of his own but it might be too late to save this set.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 5-3 Soderling *
Federer holds to love in flash and he has hit six aces and 12 winners so far, to no aces and two winners from Soderling.
* denotes Next to serve

* Federer 4-3 Soderling
Soderling is under pressure at 30-30 and sees a Federer defensive lob drop behind him, forcing a tame recovery. Federer wins the rally and it's break point..... Genius! The Swiss plays one of the best drop shots you'll ever see, one of the forehand ones he's perfected in Paris in recent years.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 3-3 Soderling *
Federer sees another classic moment looming at 40-15 after opening up the court with a brilliant backhand to set up the drive-volley, but that's a tough shot in a storm force gale and he balloons it long. It doesn't look so clever when he double faults for deuce, and then a stinging return gives Soderling break point.... but Federer plays an incredible half-volley winner off his toes to save it. Game Federer.
* denotes Next to serve

* Federer 2-3 Soderling
Federer has a half-chance when a blistering forehand gets him to 15-30 but Soderling serves his way to 30-30. He then winds up the forehand - such a huge backswing on that shot - and forces the error for game point, which he takes with a serve-forehand one-two.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 2-2 Soderling *
Federer picks up a forehand off his toes and fires it into the corner on game point - a beautiful shot. Wife Mirka looks on from the stands where she passes round the sweets to Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. It's like a night at the movies for them.
* denotes Next to serve

Text in your views on 81111
From Andy, hampshire, via text: "hope this match lives up to the expectation, as i have stayed up specially. Fed in 4 but soderling could be dangerous. P.s. What's the latest they play until?"
I don't think there is a set time but well into the early hours US time, so no worries there.

* Federer 1-2 Soderling
The Arthur Ashe crowd are on their feet at 30-0 when Soderling wins a brilliant point after Federer has him running all over the place. The Swede holds to 15.
* denotes Next to serve

Federer 1-1 Soderling *
Federer follows suit by letting a 30-0 lead slip but he goes one step further with a double fault. Break point Soderling....and Federer sends a forehand long. But he goes to hawkeye - and it just, just, caught the back of the line. Deuce is the call, which seems a bit harsh on Rob to me. He's not best pleased and Rog looks surprised too. Oh well, deuce it is... Soderling takes the point anyway. Break point two... big serve from Federer. Break point three moments later... ace from Federer. The Swiss holds and this is great stuff already.
* denotes Next to serve

BoubacarBarzini via Twitter: "Having waited this far into the night for this game, my eyelids are beginning to betray me! what should i do???"

* Federer 0-1 Soderling
Soderling moves to 30-0 before a beautiful Federer backhand up the line and a forehand in the net from the Swede make it 30-30. Two of the biggest forehands out there then go at it, with Federer's breaking down first, and Soderling seals the game with another heavy blow off that side.
* denotes Next to serve

0226: So here we go, Federer and Soderling are knocking up on Ashe ahead of the last of the quarter-finals. Rog leads the head-to-head by a whopping 12-1 but, crucially, Rob won last time out at Roland Garros and looks more and more a Grand Slam contender these days. And yes, it was Darren Cahill, not Todd Woodbridge. Clearly I'm incapable of doing more than one thing at once.

Text in your views on 81111
From Greg in Romsey via text: "Now time for the main event Fed v Soderling. Could be an epic, too close to call, but i think if Soderling is gonna win he's gotta get it done in 4 sets, otherwise you have to favour Fed in the final set."

From anon via text: "Its a lottery out there. The one place Fed never wants to put the ball to Soderling is up the middle. But can Fed really hit any angles in this galeforcewind? This will get very messy."

0210: "It felt like playing in a hurricane," Wozniacki tells Todd Woodbridge afterwards. Next up for a taste of the storm force winds are Roger Federer and Robin Soderling.

The match is over
0205: It's a tense game, not surprisingly. Cibulkova gets a break-back point but remains rooted to the baseline and eventually crumbles under a barrage from Wozniacki. The Dane gets to match point and converts for a 6-2 7-5 victory, and a semi-final against Vera Zvonareva on Friday.

Text in your views on 81111
From BR/Cecilie via text: "Good evening from Denmark. In Denmark there is a lot of talk about whether Caroline deserves her ranking what's your thoughts on this (personally I think it's absolute rubbish but just would like to hear your thoughts on it)"
I've had my doubts but been really impressed with her in New York. If she wins the title she'll be number one, which might not go down well with Serena but then the American doesn't play enough tournaments.

0200: That looked like being a tricky assignment but Wozniacki handles it well to level things up and heap the pressure back on Cibulkova, serving into the wind. The Slovakian duly smacks a backhand wide on break point and Wozniacki will serve for the match at 6-2 6-5. And to the person repeatedly and angrily demanding more updates because "I've got nothing else to do" you are very much mistaken. The time saved now should allow me to go game-by-game for Federer v Soderling. Message ends.

0152: It's hard going for both women out there - it's quite hard going watching, to be honest - as keeping the ball play is an achievement in this wind. Cibulkova does not look like folding any time soon and Wozniacki will serve to stay in the set at 6-2 4-5.

chicity7 via Twitter: "With andy murray out surely all us brits are surely hoping for a 5 set epic between Federer and Nadal in the final?"

0147: For all those Federer fans starting to get in touch (and any Soderling fans too), your man is up next. That could be within 15 minutes as Wozniacki has just made it 6-2 4-4, or it could be in two hours. Hope that helps. And a quick manual refresh will tidy up a few things for you/me.

0141: "You're killing me, seriously killing me. The ball landed on the line...." Sounds strangely familiar. Wozniacki is fuming at the umpire as a decision goes against her but he's having none of it, and Cibulkova edges ahead again at 4-3 in the second set.

0131: After a couple of holds take us to 2-2 Wozniacki looks set to break again thanks in part to two slightly dodgy drop shots, but Cibulkova battles through and jogs back to her chair, fist clenched. Wozniacki leads 6-2 2-3.

5 live's David Law via Twitter: "Wind getting worse. Taking the ball completely off-course. Federer will dismantle Soderling in these conditions. Best 'wind-player' ever."

Text in your views on 81111
From Phil via text: "I can confirm annoying 'C'mon Tim' bloke (see 2206) has gone. At least he's not at the red star café under Ashe drinking 'souvenir' beers at $9 a pop."

0115: Cibulkova gets the break back after a gruelling rally, with Wozniacki faltering as soon as she switches to the forehand side and sending one flying out. She leads 6-2 1-1. The ball girls are now using water bottles to pin down towels and other bits and pieces on the side of the court. Very resourceful.

Text in your views on 81111
From Dom in Warrington via text: "PiersyBerry, I've been in the Hospital all day, had 9 bottles of Blood taken, but am still determined to stay awake for the Federer Match. Fed In Straight Sets :)"
Nurse! He's off again....

From Dylan, Alice Springs, via text: "Surely if you're short, you don't throw the ball as high so it would be less affected by the wind? But she will also find it harder to reach when a ball swerves away with a gust. So overall, neutral."

0105: The match is summed up in part by one shanked serve from Cibulkova that fires off at right-angles to the intended direction and threatens the foreheads of those in the front row. Wozniacki converts her fourth break point of a lengthy game to lead 6-2 1-0 with a break.

0057: Cibulkova plays a great game with the wind behind her, forcing Wozniacki further and further back and earning two break points at 15-40. Woz saves the first with a good serve and the wind catches a Cibulkova forehand on the second and carries it over the baseline. The chance has gone and, after an aborted toss, Wozniacki converts her first set point - 6-2

Times correspondent Neil Harman via Twitter: "Some suggestion Cibulkova is injured and may not see through match. Left thigh heavily strapped. Wind is incredible."

0049: Cibulkova hunkers down at the baseline and does well to hold serve and keep the set alive, finishing the game with a nice drive volley. Wozniacki leads 5-2.

0042: Cibulkova is giving it her all, taking control of the rallies and pounding away, but Wozniacki is getting everything back and in these conditions that's more than enough. The Dane gets to break point with a controlled smash and Cibs double faults - 4-1 Wozniacki with the double break.

From mike_willis_uk via Twitter: "Ridiculous wind, Piers! There is going to be no ryhthym in this match at all..."

0035: It's break point again at 15-40 when the umpire interjects during a baseline rally because something has blown across the court. On the resumption, Cibulkova fires long and it's a third successive break - Wozniacki leads 2-1. I'll be here throughout the night with Federer v Soderling to follow, keep me company via Twitter or text on 81111 (UK) or 44 7786200666 (worldwide) with TENNIS before your message.

0029: Oh dear, this is a real shame. Wozniacki manages a smile at the start of the game as the wind gusts again but tonight might not be the night for a Stella McCartney dress and long flowing locks. She double faults twice on her way to 0-40 but gathers herself brilliantly at 30-40 to hit a second-serve ace. No matter, the the ball is going walkabout and soon enough it's 1-1.

0025: It's been said more than once today, I'm sure, but it has to be repeated - it's blowing a gale out there. Personally, I'd rather play in rain, sleet, snow... anything but wind. "You need to help out with these towels so they don't blow away," the umpire tells a ball girl. Cibulkova double faults and makes an error to drop serve straight away. At 5' 3", she's the shortest player in Top 100. Will that be help or a hindrance tonight? I have no idea.

0020: The paws are clean, I assure you, and we're ready to go after you give the page a quick manual refresh. Looking forward to tonight's line-up, with Wozniacki v Cibulkova up first. Cibs to serve first...

By Mark Ashenden

0015: My time has come. It's time to slip the live reins into the sticky paws of Piers Newbery. It's been a bloomin' pleasure. Thanks for all your thoughts. Back for more tomorrow. Night.

The_Rebel_LFC on Twitter: "off work tomorrow, so that means a long night enjoying the US Open! I'm a Federer fan but looking forward to Nadal match."

0006: Wozniacki leads 4-1 in the head-to-heads with Cibulkova. The Slovakian won their first clash in 2007. Woz then turned it around. She came through in 2008 in New Haven after Cibulkova retired hurt. In 2009, Wozzy won in Sydney and Dubai. Their latest encounter was in New Haven this year with the great Dane coming through 6-4 6-1.

0003: It's Thursday BST! Welcome to another day. Not long to go now until Wozniacki's mane hits Arthur Ashe with Cibulkova hoping to cut her down. A few stats for you, thanks to the WTA. Wozniacki has dropped just 10 games in reaching the quarters - it's the fewest games since Serena Williams dropped 10 in 2002. Wozniacki is top seed at a major for the first time - the top seed has won the US Open title only twice since 1997. Wozniacki is on an 12-match winning streak - the joint-second longest streak this year.

Text in your views on 81111
Joe in Nottingham, via text 81111: "After trying to stay awake to watch Federer the other night, I'm so determined to do it tonight, at least with your updates! No doubt my teachers will be on my case again after my first day of A2's and sleep! Fed to win in 4, his class has to show tonight."
Nice to see your continued commitment to the cause. You will go far Joe. Oh yes.

Text in your views on 81111
Richie K at Arthur Ashe Stadium: "The wind has really picked up. I fancy Federer to use it to his advantage and crush the giant Swede in 3 sets."
Any sign of that 'annoying' bloke who was shouting 'C'mon Tim' earlier? And if Mr and Mrs Djoko are still hanging around, the world needs a picture of their t-shirts.

2351: The schedule's dropped on my desk. Actually, I've got it from the US Open official website. I guess some of you will also have access. I'll condense it though for your perusal. Men's quarter-finals start on Arthur Ashe at around 1900 BST - and Thursday sees Swiss 25th seed Stanislas Wawrinka (he beat someone in an earlier round didn't he?) vs Russian Mikhail Youzhny. Watch out for an exhibition match involving Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova taking on Pat Cash and Mats Wilander. Mmmm is all I can say. Then it's the Spanish guns in action from midnight with Rafa Nadal playing Fernando Verdasco for a place in the semis.

CallMeSpits on Twitter: "hello Tennisians, footballer here. Wanted to let you know we despise tennis and look forward to return of the beautiful game."
I take my hat off to you. Brave words. I'll let the so-called 'Tennisans' get back to you on that one. What really is the beautiful game? Is there not room for two beautiful games?

Text in your views on 81111
Anonymous, via text 81111: "Fed needs to get this done in straight sets if at all possible. He is getting on in years now and needs his beauty sleep"

2338: Headline makers of the day so far. Zippy Zvonareva. Sloppy Monfils. Hard-working Djokovic. Thoughts? And who will be making the headlines a little later? Wozniacki? Cibulkova? Feds? Soders? Talk to me. NOW. Tweet me @bbcsport_mark, text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with TENNIS before your message, or on 606.

It's good news for a Briton
2334: Over on Louis Armstrong in the junior boys doubles second round, Britain's George Morgan and France's Mathias Bourgue are a set up against American pair Andrea Collarini and Jack Sock. Sweet.

2330: So you beautiful peeps have a 30-minute wait til Ms Wozniacki and Ms Cibulkova stroll on to Arthur Ashe. How do you see that going?

Text in your views on 81111
Nick in NZ, via text 81111: " In New Zealand. Hard at work....or at work at least. Disappointed in Gael. Nervous about Fed, looking forward to Waz"

Text in your views on 81111
Anonymous, via text 81111: "Sarah in Berkshire is further proof that you only publish comments in an attempt to embarrass the senders. Nobody who knows tennis honestly thinks Nadal will win this if he has to play Federer. "
If that's a cheap and pathetic attempt to get your text published then you seem to have done a bloomin' good job. I trust you are suitably embarrassed.

2322: NEWSFLASH: This may be a surprise. It may not. The head of the men's tennis tour (ATP) expects a decision soon on proposals to increase the ATP off-season from five weeks to seven or eight by 2012. ATP chief exec Adam Helfant says "there is a commitment to make progress" on lengthening the off-season for 2012 and 2013 "by the end of the year".

2321: Djokovic looks pretty happy with his efforts. He says: "The first set was one of the turning points - he had a break and I managed to come back. I was focused when I needed to be and I'm so happy to go through. These are the worse conditions at this tournament. I don't think the crowd enjoyed the tennis too much!"

2317: Big French grunts but it's not enough - the Djokovics are grinning like Serbian cats. The Frenchman plonks one wide with a loopy forehand and Djokovic beats Monfils 7-6 (7-2) 6-1 6-2 in 144 minutes. Pretty easy in the end. That's his fourth US Open semi in a row. He'll be facing Feds or Soderling.

2313: Djoko now just a game away from a semi-final spot against Federer or Soderling. Can Monfils' serve hold on for at least a few more minutes?

Text in your views on 81111
Sarah in Berkshire, via text 81111: "In spite of very tired eyes and supposedly having an early night, am tucked up and glued to your updates from my mobile. Soderling to win tonight, otherwise its another Federer pasting by Nadal on sunday"

jimitsays on Twitter: "I am in Chicago, in my class pretending to read off my laptop. Almost got caught laughing at the Monfils clown shot!!"
Easy over there. If you get caught, don't you dare mention my name. It's all for educational research surely?

2307: Monfils holds his serve comfortably. 4-2. And now he's got break points. Is this the great comeback? We all want it..don't we? From an entertainment point of view you understand, in case Mr and Mrs Djoko senior get in a huff with me.

Text in your views on 81111
Z Man in Chelsea, via text 81111: "Regarding the ball boy post, I was ball boy in 2007 at the queen's semi with nadal in it. The evening before I had been at a tapas bar in Kensington called cambio di tercio and he had been there. I got his autograph, he was really nice. Next day in the semi at queen's he recognised me. 'you ok?' he asked at a changeover, 'those mussels are giving me real bad wind.' Amazing. My bowels were fine, FYI"
Astonishing. And pleased to hear your bowels were fine. I was a bit worried for a moment there.

tweetermouth on Twitter: "The reality is that Novak today is playing against a player who simply cannot get his backhand together - its been poor. "

jro14 on Twitter: "Chilling in Barcelona with a late-night ice lolly. TV been playing up so 1st day's viewing, just in time for a Roger masterclass"

2302: A bit of a break after this match, and then it's down to Wozniacki vs Cibulkova for a place in the semis. Followed by Federer vs Soderling. Fancy a slice of that?

2300: The clock chimes 11. Cue the arrival of Piers Newbery. And cue Djoko racing to a 4-1 lead in the third set. All a bit disappointing. Solid stuff from Djoko though.

2257: Djoko breaks Monfils and he screams the house down. But that game swung on Monfils playing another mad, mad, clown-like shot. He runs to the back of the court, leaps about six feet off the ground and plays it wide. Just a bit stupid really. Or careless rather. Love the entertainment but he needs to choose his moments. It's the sort of thing you'd see on a computer tennis game, where you press button B and your player jumps on top of a cloud to play a shot. If you see what I mean.

2253: I ask you this. Would you ever wear a t-shirt with your name on it? Watching Federer practising with a light blue shirt on - the wording on it? Roger that. Amazing. I think it actually beats the Djoko t-shirts.

2250: As I reveal that Monfils wins his service game, I'd like to know where you all are? In New York? At home tucked up on the sofa with your laptop and beloved? Out and about celebrating something checking the scores on your phone? Call me Mr Nosey Parker but I'd like to know. Djoko takes his service game to lead 2-1 in the third set.

Text in your views on 81111
Scott, via text 81111: "Don't write off Monfils just yet he was down and out in the Paris masters last November against Djoko and came back and almost won."

2245: Djoko continues his good run. 1-0 in the third set. Any way back for the Frenchman?

2243: Djoko's unforced errors=36. Monfils 29. Djoko's winners=27. Monfils 16. Djoko's first serve win percentage=77%. Still a big factor.

2240: Game, set and that's it...Djokovic takes it 6-1. Easy peasy. Monfils looks really flat. Tired even. If you were Monfils' coach, what would you say to him in his chair right now? Set stats coming up...

ChrisDear11 on Twitter: "In reply to Pickels91, Djokovic's temperament will stop him from becoming this years champion, at least."
Harsh? Fair? Discuss.

SAMurphy87 on Twitter: "Monfils is one of those players you can't help but want to do well. A flamboyant chap. Djoko so ruthless at the moment, tho."

Gael Monfils
Anything Federer can do, I can do better. Well, nearly Gael
2235: Djoko edges through a tricky service game. He leads 5-1. Like the pic? It was remarkable.

2233: Pictures from outside Flushing Meadows as Roger the Lodger strolls up to the security boys to get into the stadium. Is there anything that ruffles the Swiss man's feathers? Could it be Robin Soderling tonight? They are playing at about 0200 in the morning BST. I'm going to try to stay up. Will you? Federer 12-1 up in the head-to-heads but don't forget Soderling's victory in the French Open quarters this year in four sets. I'm sensing Feds will do it in straight sets tonight. Too hot to handle right now. But what do I know? What do you reckon?

2230: That French fightback didn't last long. Djoko breaks again and it's 4-1.

Get involved on 606
Pickles91 on 606: "This is a brilliant display by Novak. In these conditions he's coming through. Maybe he could win the US Open?"

2223: Monfils opting to plant his feet on the baseline and defend a barrage of Djokovic missiles coming right back at him. Those French eyes look a little battle-weary right now. C'mon Gael - pull your finger out son. Everybody wants a five-setter tonight OK? It's what we've ordered this Wednesday. Oh yeh - he heard us. Djoko goes up to the net and the ball spoons off his Serbian strings and the Frenchman pulls one back. Monfils playing more conservatively and it's working. 3-1 to Djoko.

2220: PHOTOALERT: I've dug out a pic of Monfils playing that earlier through-the-legs shot. Sadly, nothing of Djokovic parents so far, but I think you'll like what's coming up. Apologies if you're reading this on a format that doesn't allow pix. By the way, if you're at Flushing Meadows on Arthur Ashe, can you please take a shot of Mr and Mrs Djokovic senior and text it in. Please. Very pretty please.

2216 Djoko taking full advantage of a very sloppy Frenchman and he cruises to a 3-0 lead in the second set. Djoko has reached at least the quarter-final in the last six Grand Slams. He was runner-up at the US Open in 2007 and a semi-finalist in the last two years. A hat-trick of semis looks on the cards for the Serb. What does Monfils need to do to turn this around?

2211: Monfils gets break points and Djoko strolls into the net and plants another win at the net. He whacks the ball back into the net. He's not happy and would you look at that ball. The wind gets hold of it and it does a full circle back off the court as litter blows across the playing surface. Plenty of tension inside Arthur Ashe right now. Monfils goes wide and Djoko clenches that fist and he soon holds his service as Monfils plays into the net. For all his occasional fireworks, Monfils has not got the consistency to trouble Djoko right now. The winner of this one plays Federer or Soderling. Those boys are second up in the post-midnight matches. Firstup at midnight is Wozniacki vs Cibulkova.

Get involved on 606
ML on 606: "Loving those proud parents, Djoko should walk this now. Hopefully he will so we can see what they turn out in for his next game"

Text in your views on 81111
Anonymous, via text 81111: "There's an irritating lad in section 312 who keeps shouting 'C'mon Tim!'. Keeps looking at his phone as well. Hope he's reading this"
Let's find out shall we?

Someone is having a tantrum
2206: It's all happening as the clock chimes ten. Djoko messes up and chucks, hurls the racquet on to the ground. He needs to chill. He's doing OK. Break points for the Serb. Monfils hits back though and Djoko has another little strop. He looks up at his dad (and possibly his mum) for inspiration. They clap. Incidentally, he's wearing a full body Djoko t-shirt. She's wearing a t-shirt with just the face on it. Nice combo. Monfils just grins back. Monfils plays a couple of moon balls and Djoko gets another break point. And the Frenchman ploughs one into the net. Djoko leads 7-6 1-0 with a break up. Djoko's first serve seeing him through. 78% on his first serves. Djoko told to watch his language by the umpire!

2157: How about a bag of stats for you to munch on. Here goes. 11 unforced errors by Monfils. 18 by Djoko. 15 winners by Djoko - 8 for Monfils. Total points won - 50:40 in Djoko's favour.

2154: Djoko takes the first point and goes 3-0 up with a weak return by the Frenchman. Two breaks. That could be massive. Big Serbian grunts and he blows one into the net. 3-1. Mmmm Djoko goes wide - or is it? The umpire calls it and the replay shows it hit the line. He probably feels like a little plonker right now. The cameras pan round to Djoko's dad (who's got a bit of the Robert De Niros about him) and he's nodding ferociously. My first view of the t-shirt today. It's so bad it's beautiful. Fabulous play from Djoko at the net with a sweet half-volley and prods one into the corner which leaves Monfils a little flat-footed. Cracking rally. 5-1. Monfils has played three tie-breaks at the US Open this year and has won one of them. Five set points. Four set points as shadow covers half the court. And that's it. Definitely a set of two halves. If Djoko can win a set like that by playing in second gear - then he should fly through this now. Has Monfils got any more surprises up his sleeve (that he hasn't got)?

2145: Monfils may be providing the thrills and spills but Djoko has slowly and very quietly raised his game in the last 20 minutes and he gets it back to deuce. He comes into the net and has an easy volley.....which he puts wide. Poor. And he has another chance at the net and AGAIN - he plonks it under the tape. Still poor. Monfils takes it. 6-6. 54 minutes gone and it's TIE-BREAK time. Enjoying the ride so far?

Text in your views on 81111
H.A., From Pakistan, via text 81111: "aisam qureshi and rohan bopanna are now in the FINAL of men's doubles. Qureshi is also in mixed doubles final"
Yep - everybody has realised the error of their ways. I'm still taking my hat off to the pair.

2141: Monfils serving to stay in the first set....5-6

2138: A super-dooper forehand winner down the line from Djoko stuns Monfils and this is a tense game. A big game. Monfils serving to stay in the first set and Djoko fluffs a return which means the Frenchman has the ADV. And game it is. 5-5. It seems like Monfils has his high-profile French fans in town. Striker Thierry Henry - a recent acquisition for the New York Red Bulls. Any other celebs at the tennis in the Big Apple?

Text in your views on 81111
Anonymous, via text 81111: "Replying to Andrew (see just above 2054 entry). Absolutely no disrespect was intended - I played international level tennis and ballboyed at major events and fully realise the hard work and dedication needed and performed. The prudishness was a polite stab at the upper echelons of British tennis. The only similarity between both sets of ball persons is the clothing manufacturer!"
Happy to mediate and avoid a big scrap on the texting medium. I should be employed by the texting United Nations department.

2129: The white sleeveless vest of Monfils is flapping manically in the wind as a back-hand saves the first of three break points. Big chance for Djoko but he's looking a little rattled. A little flat. "ALLEZ" says Monfils as he saves another one. It goes to deuce. Monfils tries to return an absolute belter from Djoko and his racquet slips out of his hand and flies 20 feet in front of him. A fourth break point. And Djoko gets it after both start mixing it up with drop shots. Strange rally. They both prowled the baseline there looking set to move into the net but it seems they are still coming to terms with the wind. Ooh la-la. 4-4. Interesting.

2124: Djokovic has already racked up 14 unforced errors (compared to Monfils' five) but he survives his service game. 4-3. Just the one break so far.

Mr Tickle
Gael Monfils in disguise?
2123: Monfils is aiming for only his second Grand Slam semi-final after making the last-four at Roland Garros in 2008. His best effort at the US Open before this year was a fourth round in 2008 and 2009. Someone texted in earlier that Monfils was Mr Tickle. (see entry 1849) I can only concur. Super.

2119: Monfils eases to his service game and leads 4-2. Smooth.

Text in your views on 81111
Tamara in London baking banana bread=Little Miss Domestic, via text 81111: "Monfils to win 4-6 7-6 6-3 2-6 6-4 its going to be his big breakthrough into the bigtime!"
Well the very least you can do is text some of those munchies my way. I'm a massive fan of banana bread. Just a small slice will suffice. Djoko's in danger of slipping up on a banana skin here. He needs to raise it.

2113: More fireworks as Monfils skids across the court towards his chair but it's all to no avail as Djoko nicks one back. 3-2 to the Frenchman. Monfils goes for a big winner but he bashes it long and wide. This game is in fifth gear already. Fabulous.

Danny_15 on Twitter: "Shout out to Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi for reaching the doubles' semifinals. 1st Pakistani to do so."
Magic. You've just done it. Sounded a bit radio that. Either way, hats off to Indian Rohan Bopanna and Pakistan's Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi who beat Wesley Moodie and Dick Norman.

2109: They call him the entertainer. Make that the bloomin clown! Monfils is 40-0 up, the ball comes back and it should be a routine forehand. Oh no. The Frenchman leaps into the air and tries to play a Federer 'through-the-legs' and it goes horribly wrong. He could have easily damaged his personal goods there. He could be kicking himself if this game goes astray after that. Game to Monfils though. 3-1. The traditionalists will be spitting into their gin and tonics. The more liberal-thinking tennis fans will be high-fiving right now. Love it. The maddest tennis shot I've ever seen. Official.

DiscoStew1 on Twitter: "Djoko in 5 Fed in 5 with tie-breaks aplenty in both...and Agassi the next US Davis Cup captain"

2103: Bring on the Tricolor. Two games on the bounce for Monfils as Djoko plants one into the net. Long shadows stretch over the Arthur Ashe court. Will Djoko be a shadow of himself tonight? His dad will be hoping not, who incidentally, my sources tell me, is in the stadium and wearing YOU KNOW WHAT! I'll try to dig a picture out of it....

Text in your views on 81111
Andrew from Wimbledon, via text 81111: "Just wanted to let you know that i was offended by the anonymous text at 20.26 which described Wimbledon ball kids as prudish. As an ex ball boy myself i think it should be known how much hard work they go through to perform in a professional and a smart manner in keeping with the tournament. Rant over. Come on Gael!!"
I understand your point Andrew. To be fair to the earlier texter, I've re-read his comment and I don't think his intention was to criticise the great work the ball boys and girls do at Wimbledon. It seemed like more of a dig at the Americans! Nice to hear from you. Any snippets of funny ballboy anecdotes you wish to share with the world?

2054: First game goes to Djoko with a steady service game. C'mon you lot - give me some predictions. I'm going Djoko winning 6-3 6-2 3-6 7-5. How about that?

2053: So in the head-to-head, the boy Djokovic is 4-0 up against Monfils. Their latest match was in Paris at the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 with Djoko winning 6-2 5-7 7-6 (7-3). Other victories were at the Beijing Olympics two years ago, the French Open in 2006 and they first met at the 2005 US Open in an early round. How will it go tonight do you think?

2047: Sorry about the slight break in commentary. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do sometimes right? I'm back. Keep all your thoughts coming. Tweet me @bbcsport_mark, text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with TENNIS before your message, or join the banter on 606.

thepeacegarden on Twitter: "Did you mention Ollie, playing dubs next on court 13 - hope its lucky."
Spot on - Britain's Oliver Golding is playing with Jiri Vesely in the junior boys doubles later on court 13

2038: Up next on Arthur Ashe. I give you Novak Djokovic vs Gael Monfils. I don't think I've been as excited about a tennis match for a very long time. Which is quite a long time.

2035: Zvonareva: "It was very tough out there. We tried to show our best but sometimes we had some ridiculous rallies. I was trying to hang in there whatever the conditions were and I'm happy to get through. You have to find the right balance between being too aggressive and holding back." Brad Gilbert finishes the interview off by telling Vera her agent should get some new sunglasses! Strange.

2033: Will we see the return of Djoko's old man and his beautiful BEAUTIFUL t-shirt? You know the one - the t-shirt with his son's face on it. Astonishing garment.

2029: What a strange game. No fireworks. Just a good old fashioned whack-fest. Zvonareva will face Wozniacki or Cibulkova who play after what's up next?

2028: Zvonareva WINS. The Russian beats Kanepi 6-3 7-5 to reach her first US Open semi-final.

2026: A 59th unforced error by Kanepi and it's match point for Zvonno.....

Text in your views on 81111
Anonymous, via text 81111: "The loud and brash identity of the US Open is even depicted in the actions of the ball boys and girls - hurling the balls cross court overarm. Beats the prudish bowls action of their Wimbledon peers. The Yanks should have a good fielding side at cricket in the years to come. Remember one year they used lacrosse-type nets?"
Cracking shout. Those nets were awful. I'm all for new innovations though. How about a large vacuum worn around the neck to suck the balls up and avoid running on to court? And by the way, if there are any Americans out there who know what cricket is then shout up.

2022: Kanepi has two break points at 5-5 but it goes to deuce. The Estonian can't believe it as the wind plays havoc with the ball's flight path. Stay focused Kaia. This game's for the taking. But Zvonno holds on by a whisker. Again - Kanepi will be serving to prolong her stay at Flushing Meadows.

It's good news for a Briton
2015: Oh yes. Fly that British flag. George Morgan is playing in the boys junior doubles with Mathias Bourgue. And they're playing the star with my favourite US Open player name. JACK SOCK. The 17-year-old was the youngest in the men's draw and is now in the junior tournament and the doubles. A busy two weeks for the lad.

2014: Ireland's Sam Barry is in action in the boys doubles with Kiwi Ben McLachlan. They lead a Brazilian pair 6-5 in the first set Zvonareva. edges her service game to lead 5-4. Kanepi serving to stay in the US Open.

2010: The grunting levels have increased by 72% (yep I've measured it) A massive rally - by that I mean long as Zvonareva returns a plethora of missiles hurled down by Kanepi and it goes back to deuce. Great stuff. And it goes to 4-4 after a cracking Kanepi back-hand lands on the outside of the line. Sweeter than the tongue of a bee. (Do bees have tongues?)

Text in your views on 81111
Anonymous, via text 81111: "Wozniacki would be Miss Happy not Mr! Hingis=Miss Giggles. Chang=Mr Small. Mr Strong=Isner for winning the longest wimbledon match"
I gave Wozzy 'Mr' status because I didn't think many people would be familiar with the Little Miss peeps - how wrong I was...I officially under-estimated the audience! Massive apologies.

2001: As the clock chimes eight o'clock I can hereby reveal that Little Miss TopsyTurvy is waggling her tennis racquet against Zvonareva. Kanepi breaks back and trails 3-4. Is the mighty comeback on? Zvonareva is currently Little Miss Patchy.

1955: A mountain to climb for Kanepi now. She blows one long and it's 4-2 to Zvonno.

lowercaserho on Twitter: "Probably half the women on the tour would be good candidates for Little Miss Loud"
I couldn't possibly comment.

1951: Don't even begin to doubt Kanepi's capabilities of turning this around though. Cast your mind back a couple of days to the fourth round. She's up against Yanina Wickmayer and loses the first set to a big fat bagel. Kanepi then stuns everybody and takes the next two sets 7-6 (7-2) 6-1. Astonishing comeback. Can she do it again I ask you.

1949: A rare service hold by Zvonareva and she leads 3-2 in the second set. This set will be 6-4. If it's not then you can all call me Mr fill in the missing word.

Text in your views on 81111
Anonymous, via text 81111: "Big night tonight! Federer and djok could easier crash out tonight. Is there any ball in the world that Monfils can't get a racket too?? Now that should be a brainiacs challenge!"
Monfils and Djokovic on after this match on Arthur Ashe. Can't wait.

1938: This game's turning out to be a bit of a slugfest. Both players crashing the ball back at each at the baseline. Nothing too pretty as they try to wear each other down. Anybody notice how Zvonareva lifts her leg in the air after most shots? And the Russian breaks back. One titanic game. Shame for Kanepi because she had a big bag of chances to capitalise. On this performance, I don't see either player getting beyond the semis. Remember - the winner plays Wozniacki or Cibulkova (they play after midnight a bit later). Who's staying up?

NeilHarmanTimes on Twitter: "Who else thinks this women's qf is bound to go to three sets and keep us here all day again?"

Get involved on 606
RAF on 606: "I'm hoping for a Roger-Rafa final myself mainly because I want to see how Federer copes against Nadal in another Slam final, on his most preferred surface and I want to see how Nadal handles the pressure of potentially winning the career Slam and becoming the youngest player (in the modern era) to have won it."

1931: Oh. Kanepi breaks back and leads 2-1 in the second set. Zvonareva blazes one out by a few inches and despite a line-call from the Russian, the Estonian is back in her chair before you can say "nice break Kaia". Game on.

Text in your views on 81111
Jez in Hampshire, via text 81111: "Two suggestions for Mr Men aliases: Marat Safin as Mr Grumble (for obvious reasons)...and given the horrific number of times he bounces the ball before serving, No-Djo as Mr Bounce"
Don't worry folks. I won't be neglecting the tennis in favour of Mr Men all night! It's just that loads of you have jumped in and given me lots of suggestions. But I know one or two will kick my butt shortly and tell me not to be so silly. Keep up the good work though."

1921: A quick look at Kanepi's record. Her best effort at the US Open was the third round in 2006. After reaching round two at the Aussie Open and French Open this year, the 25-year-old made the quarters at Wimbledon.

1917: Zvonareva takes the first set 6-3 without setting the world alight. 41 minutes with Kanepi racking up 25 unforced errors. Zvonareva has only hit three winners. Bit of a flat start. The Estonian has to raise her game pretty sharpish.

Text in your views on 81111
Sam in Yorkshire, via text 81111: "Ivo Karlovic - Mr Tall, John McEnroe - Mr Grumpy, Rafa Nadal - Mr Strong?"

Mr Strong
Mr Strong AKA Rafael Nadal or another player perhaps?
1912: As this match rumbles on I thought I'd get creative on the back of all your suggestions for players being Mr Men. The ice cool Kanepi hurls her racquet down at the court and she's not happy as Zvonareva leads 5-3. And after an erratic opening to her service game Zvon (as I'm calling her for now) has three break points for the set. And she's doing it again!'s deuce. Can she stay in the set?

1906: Zvonareva holds on and looks as though she's settled in front of a very sparse crowd. Three more break points thanks to a cracking volley. And she's blown them all. A mammoth rally has the girls gasping at the stifling New York air and it's battling Kanepi who holds. Bit more lively that one. 4-3 Zvon.

1856: Zvonareva now leads 3-2 and serving. Who knows where this match is heading.

1849: If this match was a Mr Men book (you know - the Roger Hargreaves stories) , then we're talking Mr Topsy-turvy. No question. Zvonareva breaks and then wobbles. Kanepi hits back with two games on the bounce. Commentators blaming the wind for the scrappy play. Surely these players are used to playing in the wind. So if you're into your Mr Men, which players would be who? I'll start with an easy one - Wozniacki is Mr Happy.

Get involved on 606
Pickles91 on 606: "Soderling has a chance but looking at these conditions its going to be very tough for him. His ball toss on his serve is quite high, and in these windy conditions it may affect him. Good test for Soderling, should he win tonight, he should win the whole thing."
Big chat from the Pickles make no mistake

Harpmaster100 on Twitter: "2 women here, no odd screaming thank god! Mind you, I did enjoy Schiavone's strangely inventive double groan last night"

1841: Zvonareva has had a bit of an easier stroll into the quarters without dropping a set. She's beaten Zuzana Kucova, Sabine Lisicki, Alexandra Dulgheru and Andrea Petkovic. The winner of this match will play Wozniacki or Cibulkova for a place in the final.

1838: Kanepi casually lobs the ball up and gets this match going on a quiet, sunny and a little blustery Arthur Ashe. Already seen a few 'moon ball' shots that everybody's talking about. Two double-faults from Kaia (nerves, wind?) and it goes to deuce. A very steady opener. The ball drifts wide and first blood to the Russian with an immediate service break.

1833: Kanepi has had to put in some hours to secure her last-eight spot. Three sets against Alize Cornet. An easier straight-sets win over Akgul Amanmuradova. Then a cracking 6-2 7-6 win over fourth seed Jelena Jankovic. And in the last round, she performed a miraculous recovery. She was bagelled (is that a word?) in the first set with Yanina Wickmayer and roared back to take the next sets 7-6 (7-2) 6-1. Fancy her chances today against the seventh seed?

1827: So the girls are involved in the coin toss right now. Kanepi wearing a pale blue little frilly number. It's another hot day in the Big Apple but the winds are far from quiet. Zvonareva looks as though she's dressed for a stroll through the woods on a chilly day in November. Probably three layers. Incredible. These two have not played each other before.

1818: Here we go again. I don't have to tell you but I really really do love hearing your thoughts. The best ones, the funny ones, the astute ones, the informative ones, the quirky ones will all have a good shout for being used in my commentary. A reward better than any prize or money offering no? Tweet me @bbcsport_mark, text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with TENNIS before your message, or join the banter on 606.

1815: Big shrieks on Arthur Ashe after a lengthy doubles clash wraps up. And it goes to second seeds Liezel Huber and Nadia Petrova who beat Lisa Raymond and Rennae Stubbs over three sets 6-4 3-6 7-5. Kanepi and Zvonareva up next.

1809: There are mouth-watering clashes and there are games that frankly just make you foam at the mouth. And we've got two of them for you today in the men's field. French 17th seed Gael Monfils vs third seed Novak Djokovic. Massive. Big. Large. Tres grande (As Gael may say). You getting me? Both have been in sparkling form. Up later under the lights it's the Soderling and Federer show. Any signs of salivating out there yet?

1803: So who are the players making the headlines today? There's a women's doubles match to be completed shortly and then on Arthur Ashe it's seventh seed Wimbledon runner-up Vera Zvonareva and Estonian Kaia Kanepi with both bidding for their first semi-final appearance in New York. Caroline Wozniacki and Dominika Cibulkova are playing later...then it's over to the big boys....

1757: Some would call it the business end at Flushing Meadows. The facts are: It's Wednesday. It's day 10. It's the US Open. And some very good tennis players are battling for a semi-final spot. It's a big day. It's entirely up to you what you want to call today but I'm here to help tell the story - with your help of course. Welcome.

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