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US Open day three as it happened


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By Piers Newbery

0505: Well, that's your lot for day three. Really, that's it, finito. We've just had the first night-session cracker, here's hoping tomorrow/today brings similar excitement. My colleagues will be back here at 1600 BST for the day four kick-off with the likes of Federer, Djokovic, Wozniacki and Sharapova on the menu. Yum.

BathAlex on Twitter: "Been mocked all day for saying tipsy would be a match for roddick! Tipsy underrated, what a player on his day."

A shock result
0500: A quite brilliant display from Janko Tipsarevic, who dominates the tie-break to seal a 3-6 7-5 6-3 7-6 (7-4) win over 2003 champion Andy Roddick.

0450: "Challenge!" screams Roddick at 6-5 when a forehand is called out as he leads 0-15. He is less than pleased when Hawkeye plonks the ball smack on the line, and Tipsy fires down a big first serve on the replayed point. Tipsarevic serves out and it's tie-break time...

0441: Jamaican Dustin Brown - Andy Murray's next opponent in New York - remains open to offers regarding the Davis Cup. "If the possibility is to stay playing for Jamaica, I definitely would love to do that," says the man with a German mother and British grandmother. "But if I realise that nothing is going to change over the years I have to look at my career. If things work out with Britain or with Germany, either way, it's a mutual thing. The federation is not doing it because I'm Dustin Brown and I'm a nice guy. They are going to do it because I'm going to help them in some sort of way, and vice versa."

0433: Tipsarevic serves out to 15 and we're 4-4 in the fourth, just two games from victory for the Serb.

Kim Clijsters on Twitter: "Hi tweethearts, back in the hotel having a quick massage while watching Tipsarevic and Roddick! :-) thanks for the support everyone!"

0418: Roddick has weathered the Tipsarevic storm for the moment and seems to have calmed down after footfaultgate, is it will surely become known. It's 2-2 in the fourth set. Talking of storms, Friday's not looking good....

0405: The start of the fourth set and Roddick is called for a foot fault again! The world hodls its breath, but this time he can manage only some half-hearted chuntering about something or other being "physically impossible".

0359: Top marks to Tipsarevic for coming through a tight game off the back of the A-Rod explosion, and with the crowd whipped up into something approaching a frenzy. A frenzette? Tipsarevic manages, somehow, to scramble a backhand over the net on his fourth set point and Roddick leaves it to drop inside the baseline. That won't improve his mood. Tipsarevic leads by two sets to one.

Someone is having a tantrum
0352: Drama. He's 5-2 down and under pressure, and Roddick blows his top when he's called for a foot-fault after apparently hitting an ace on the first point of the game. He seems to think he's been called for his right foot crossing the line. "Have you ever seen my right foot go like this in my career, ever?!!!!" he fumes at the umpire. "Not one time!" He continues the rant throughout the game, at one point directly in the face of the stoical line judge, provoking memories of Serena's outburst last year. "Why don't you get some line judges who know what they're doing?!!!" he thunders several minutes later. The replay shows it was a foot fault - with the left foot. The American saves a set point but just cannot stop going on about the call, miming sarcastically to the line judge. It's all a bit much actually and he draws some boos from the normally very pro-American crowd.
Roddick 6-3 5-7 3-5 Tipsarevic

0342: The Tipsarevic groundstrokes have been firing for an hour or so now and Roddick is struggling to contain him. A laser-like backhand down the line on break point gives the Serb a potentially vital breakthrough at 4-2 in the third set.

0334: Tipsarevic hit 20 winners in the second set alone, and he remains the one most likely as they move to one set all and 2-2.

Caroline Wozniacki on Twitter: "Daniela and I won the doubles 6-0 6-2. She is such a nice partner, love playing with her! Tomorrow I am playing at 1pm on Arthur Ashe Stadium :)"

Latest scores
0318: It's a hot streak for Tipsarevic at the moment and he gets to three set points with a ridiculous angled backhand winner. Roddick pounds down some heavy serves to edge towards safety but then hooks a forehand into the tramlines and we're all square. Roddick 6-3 5-7 Tipsarevic.

0311: Tipsarevic asks the umpire about getting the trainer on but is told he must wait until the changeover. He duly thumps a couple of winners for 6-5 and heads back to the chair for some running repairs on his well-strapped foot.

0259: A couple of spectacular winners off either wing get Tipsarevic to deuce but Roddick responds with some huge hitting to make it 4-4 in the second set. I reckon the next few minutes will tell us whether we're in for a straight-sets win or an epic.

0250: Ouch. Tipsarevic gets in the way of a full-blooded Roddick drive and the slow-motion replay looks like something out of Saving Private Ryan. Moments later, his head still spinning, the Serb is broken and Roddick is right back in the set.

0241: It hasn't really caught fire on Ashe yet, which is all the more surprising bearing in mind the scorching temperatures today. And then - Roddick frames one and finds himself at 0-40. Janko's missus looks on approvingly as her man converts the third break point with a fizzing backhand pass, and he leads 3-1 in the second set.

0230: A little more from the beaten but unbowed Elena Baltacha: "I really believe that I am a top-50 player. I know that I'll have to improve, but I think I'm on my way now. I really do think my match, the first round here and today, does show me and it gives me more confidence that I am actually getting better now."

0223: After 41 minutes, Roddick wraps up the first 6-3 against Tipsarevic and the Serb needs to find something different if he's going to turn this into the classic that I, for one, am up for.

0218: Kim Clijsters explains her form after beating Sally Peers comfortably despite making just 51% of her first serves and committing 21 unforced errors. "I just had to find my footing again a little bit," said the Belgian. "I felt as the match went on I got to read her game a bit better and moved a bit better, but I still have a little further to go before I play my best tennis."

A celeb has been spotted
0210: Roddick is looking pretty comfortable on serve at the moment and launches another assault in search of the break. A fine lunging backhand volley earns him his fourth break point of the day and Tipsarevic misses with an optimistic drop shot - Roddick leads 5-2. And Kanye West is in tonight, wiping away the sweat from his brow. Surely he employs someone to do that, no?

Sho_Rahman on Twitter: "Isner only took 3 out of 19 break points. Not a pretty stat for the big man."

0153: Clearly buoyed by my pre-match backing, Roddick plays some nice stuff from the back of the court to get to 0-40 in Tipsarevic's first service game, but the Serb comes back with five points in a row to hold.

The match is over
0151: John Isner beats Frederico Gil 6-4 6-3 6-4, and Shahar Peer defeats Pauline Parmentier 6-2 6-3.

0143: You might think one of the world's great players would unwind after a win by heading to New York's Soho for a slap-up sushi dinner, but not Andy Murray. He was straight up to his bedroom to do his homework and I have the results, his second exclusive column for the BBC Sport website. Bit disappointed he hasn't mentioned any West Ham players in the Fantasy Football chat, mind.

Elena Baltacha on Twitter: "I absolutely put everything into it out there but she was just too good for me today!now sitting in dopping..!! Thanks to everyone for the support!!x"

0137: So Roddick v Tipsarevic - what do we think? They've played twice, both at Wimbledon, with one win apiece. I can see Tipsy being a nightmare opponent for the American usually with his all-court game but I fancy Roddick to come through tonight. They're out on Ashe knocking up, A-Rod in blue and Tipso in, er, red? It's an outfit reminiscent of that woeful England away kit of the 1990s. Not good.

0125: There are two singles matches still going as we await A-Rod and Tipsy on Ashe. Isner is two sets up and on serve early in the third, and looks completely exhausted by it all, but we've been down that road before. We won't get fooled again. Shahar Peer has taken the first set against Pauline Parmentier on Court 13.

The match is over
0116: Well, she can play a lot better than that and yet defending champion Kim Cijsters still beats qualifier Sally Peers 6-2 6-1 in under an hour. Ominousfor the rest of the field.

pottiella on Twitter: "No shame in Elena losing to Wimbledon semi-finalist who dumped out Wozniacki to get there...Kvitova is now a big tournament player."

0105: Clijsters is moving smoothly towards round three at 6-2 3-0 against Peers, with Andy Roddick v Janko Tipsarevic to follow. That could be a cracker, I'm looking forward to actually watching some tennis - it's been a busy one but we will have word from Andy Murray shortly and Bally later on.

Times correspondent Neil Harman on Twitter: "The TB was critical and Kvitova played some fine tennis in the second set. Give Bally her due though, brave as ever."

The match is over
0054: Petra Kvitova beats Elena Baltacha 7-6 6-3 on Court Six, ending the British number one's first campaign in the US Open main draw. Glum. And Dudi Sela has just beaten Xavier Malisse 7-6 7-5 6-2.

Latest scores
0050: OK, Bally comes through a tough service game to hang in there but Kvitova is about to serve at 7-6 5-3. Over on Ashe, Clijsters is looking a bit off-key, to be honest, but she leads Peers 5-3, while Isner is cruising at a set and 3-0 against Gil.

0045: I don't know, he hasn't even done nine straight hours and he's off. It's been a hectic day, I'm hoping my arrival can help turn things around for Elena Baltacha, who's a game away from defeat against Petra Kvitova...

By Mark Ashenden

0039: Now is the time to say goodbye. Until tomorrow anyway - in fact tomorrow's today. Feds. Soderling. Kuznetsova. Jankovic. Plenty of fireworks set for day four. Day three is still here though and I'm handing over to Piers ...NOW. Night. Thanks for all your great input.

0034: Baltacha is hanging in there. She's serving and trails 2-3 in the second set after losing the first on a tie-break. I'm not sure if I've got the energy for a Bally jig in the office to inspire the comeback. Can I rely on anybody else to do the honours?

0030: Second seed Clijsters was flying at 2-0 but is broken by Sally Peers. 2-1. Meanwhile 18th seed John Isner (you know - the tall one), breaks Gil and takes the first set 6-4. Bally holds serve and it's 2-2 in the second set.

bigbadkate on Twitter: "Reading your updates from sunny San Diego, and hoping for a Bally win!"

0021: There was me blabbering about my dinner and Kim Clijsters tip-toes on to Arthur Ashe and starts playing Sally Peers. Sorry folks. I promise a radiant Piers Newbery, who will be at least 43% more alert than I currently am, will be across the action shortly. Now what's happening with Bally?

Andy Murray on Twitter: "What's up? Finished up with espn interview and looking forward to some air con!"

0011: HELP! Can you believe it? I understand microwaves are supposed to heat your food, but my ready-meal pasta was in for seven minutes and I'm needing to wait another 20 minutes to avoid melting my tongue. Madness. Is there a machine like a super-fridge that would cool food down like an anti-microwave?

It's bad news for a Briton
0009: Permission to use the word 'poops'? Bally blows it on the tie-break and loses it 7-5. Still hope though eh? Isn't there?

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Anonymous, via text 81111: "I am in Perth. Just got into bed and broke it. Wife is on nites too. Try and explain this one in morning. Come on GB.
Didn't that alien spacecraft land on your house, crash on to your bed, re-build your roof in super-quick time but the lazy aliens forgot to mend your bed. And then you woke up. That going to wash with your unsuspecting wife?"

0004: I've got to be honest. I've not got a feed sorted for Bally so relying on updates from the official website. Bally's down a break in the tie-break at 2-3. And back she comes. Now 3-3. I wonder if Denmark's Charlotte is doing any little jigs tonight? (Sorry - a reference from last night's Djoko dance by a Danish punter).

2359: Sorry - I went missing there. I did actually. Had to heat up some old pasta. Bally likes chomping on the Italian food. Will she be celebrating over pasta later? It's down to a tie-break with Kvitova. And it's officially THURSDAY at British o'clock.

It's good news for a Briton
2347: Bally's turn to serve the goods and leads 5-4.

2344: Kvitova holds her serve. 4-4 with Bally.

Text in your views on 81111
Paul, via text 81111: "Come on Bally. I used to go to school with her dad - he was a cracking footy player u know for the mighty St Johnstone and Dynamo Kiev"

2340: Remember from about midnight it's a feast involving Kim Clijsters and Andy Roddick. Something to nibble on to keep you awake. So who's up? Where are you? Anybody in the US reading these words? Anybody anywhere a little unusual? Maybe you're at a wedding dancing with a whisky in your hand? Let us know. Tweet or text me.

2338: The American crowd won't have liked this one. The 18-year-old Melanie Oudin from Marietta, GA in the US loses to Alona Bondarenko (29th seed) 2-6 5-7 in 89 minutes. Fifth seed Sammy Stosur is just starting against Rodionova on Court 11. Baltacha holds firm with her service game and leads 4-3.

2333: Take a bow Monsieur Monfils. Le vested Frenchman beats Andreev 6-3 6-4 6-3. Cheeky little entertainer this boy.

wullyjum on Twitter: "1stly people should never have a small whisky at a wedding, 2ndly should you have a whisky you will eventually end up dancing"
You had better speak to my brother. But I'm totally with you.

It's good news for a Briton
2328: No question about it - I'm unfurling the flag this time. Bally (everybody happy with the name Bally? - I got an absolute mauling for the use of "Muzz" earlier) has only gone and broken back. It's 2-2. Great stuff.

2325: Woe is my favourite named tennis player. Jack Sock is trailing 1-6 4-6 to Switzerland's Marco Chiudinelli.

It's bad news for a Briton
2323: Mmmm Bally loses her second serve and is 2-1 down already. One ace to her name though, so not all bad. C'mon big bad beautiful Bally. Not sure all of those are true - they just start with the letter B. It's that simple.

2315: Elena Baltacha. How much do you know about the girl? For a start, why not check out her magical exclusive BBC column . Born in Kiev, Ukraine. Lives in Ipswich. She celebrated her 27th birthday two weeks ago. Her current rank is 54. This is the first time she has made the main draw at the US Open. Best result at a Grand Slam is the third round at Wimbledon in 2002. She's also made the third round at the Aussie Open twice - including this year. And she opens up with a strong service game to lead 1-0. She's nicked the first two points on Kvitova's serve as well. C'mon Bally. Bit early for the Union Jack?

It's good news for a Briton
2309: For all you Baltacha fans out there. Your wait is nearly over. On Court 6 - this happened a few moments ago. Mahesh Bhupathi and Max Mirnyi completed their win over Arnaud Clement and Nicolas Mahut 6-1 6-4. Let me hear you - BALLY BALLY BALLY. She's up against Petra Kvitova (27th seed). Ready for a whole load more dramarama?

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Miriam in Wales, via text 81111: "Just watched Ryan Harrison's press conference, man that guy talks non stop! Seems a lot older than he is too. Ooh, order of play for tomorrow is up."
"Ooooh! I love it. That sounds like over-zealous of the highest order. I was rapped on the knuckles earlier for live texting in a over-zealous manner for 'just' a first round match. I'm going to start an over-zealous campaign. Anybody who complains about people of being over-zealous are the types of people who don't dance at weddings and moan about the people that are dancing while sipping on a small whisky at the bar without anybody to talk to. That may constitute as a rant. Apologies. I've sighed and I'm now back to calm status again.

2256: Back to Thursday's schedule. Grandstand from 1600 BST: Aravane Rezai vs Beatrice Capra. Nikolay Davydenko vs Richard Gasquet. Robin Soderling (5th seed) vs Taylor Dent. Bethanie Mattek-Sands vs Andrea Petkovic. And on Louis Armstrong from 1600 BST: Pablo Cuevas vs Mardy Fish (19th seed). Svetlana Kuznetsova (11th seed) vs Anastasija Sevastova. Jelena Jankovic (4th seed) vs Mirjana Lucic. Peter Polansky vs James Blake.

It's good news for a Briton
Baltacha had better start getting those tennis pumps on. The men's doubles is drawing to a close. The fourth seeds are leading 6-1 5-3 up on Court 6. Elena is close to the action folks. Today just keeps giving and giving....

2244: Azarenka has released a statement to explain her collapse earlier against Dulko. The 10th seed reveals she did fall in the gym before Wednesday's match while running a sprint and had stumbled forward, hitting her head and arm. Her statement reads: "I was checked by the medical team before I went on court and they were courtside for monitoring. I felt worse as the match went on, having a headache and feeling dizzy. I also started having trouble seeing and felt weak before I fell. I was taken to the hospital for some medical tests and have been diagnosed with a mild concussion."
All sounds a bit strange but delighted she's OK.

2240: Schedule of play is out for day four - that's Thursday. Let's try to understand it for you. Wozniacki will be on Arthur Ashe at around 1800 BST against Kai-Chen Chang. Followed by Roger Federer who plays German Andreas Beck. Evening games are Iveta Benesova vs Maria Sharapova AND Philipp Petzschner vs Novak Djokovic. More on the schedule in a sec.

2238: Some very interesting words from Dustin Brown - Andy Murray's next opponent. He's Jamaican, got a German mother and a British grandmother and has already expressed an interest in playing for GB in the Davis Cup. I also read that he used to travel around Europe in a camper van to play in low-key tournaments and cannot afford a coach. On representing his country, Brown said: "If the possibility is to stay playing for Jamaica, I definitely would love to do that. But if I realise that nothing is going to change over the years I have to look at my career. If things work out with Britain or with Germany, either way, it's a mutual thing."

2227: I've now got access to pictures to Monfils. I'm in no position to criticise the skin-tight sleeveless effort, although I usually limit vest outings to the garden or the local newsagents at a bloomin' push. He's wearing it well though and combining it with a German-style checked long short. Not as horrendous as initially feared. The Frenchman 6-3 2-1 up against Andreev.

2224: A top teenager who caused a massive shock earlier has gone under the radar a little today so I'm wheeling him into the limelight. Ryan Harrison. The 18-year-old from Louisiana knocked out Croatian 15th seed Ivan Ljubicic. A brilliant effort. He's ranked 219 and playing in only his second Grand Slam after making the Aussie Open this year. Ljubicic had his excuses: "Throughout my career I struggled with the heat. I sweat a lot and feel really bad. I can't move. It gets to me really quick. We saw some players struggling big time. It's just brutal."

2220: A quick update on Court 6 - Baltacha on after the men's doubles on this court. Bhupathi and Mirnyi take the first set 6-1 and trail 1-2 in the next so Elena may not have too long to wait.

viperdk1 on Twitter: "If Kvitova displays the form she showed to reach the Wimbledon SF, I can't see a Baltacha win. If not...who knows?"

2215: Venus Williams is grinning after beating Marino and says: "Today was tricky. I couldn't get a rhythm because she goes for her shots. I was trying to play consistently as possible. I'm a player who likes heat. The wind was tough so it was tough on the serve. Serena always gives me tips - we're a real team!"

2211: Oh the joys of being Andy Murray. The Sky commentators pull him in and Murray has a few words on his win over Lukas Lacko: "I felt a bit uncomfortable because I didn't know him very well. It was perfect though. In these conditions you want to try to get as many cheap points as possible - it is quick here. It was tough but not as bad as some of the outside courts. It's windy on centre court and that cooled me down. It's nice to get under way and a quick match." And on Dustin Brown (second round opponent): "He's got a big serve but he's pretty erratic. I should be OK if I play well."

Latest scores
2203: Venus Williams does it. She beats battling Rebecca Marino 7-6 6-3. The Canadian gave her a bit of a scare in the first set.

apptme2theboard on Twitter: "Don't forget Clijsters? Roddick..? Newbery..?! Don't forget Bally..!"
Are you suggesting I'd forget Bally? Bally? Bally who? OF COURSE. ELENA BALTACHA up after this men's doubles on court 6. About 83 minutes time I reckon our last British hope in the women's singles plays her second round match against 27th seed Petra Kvitova. Thoughts on Bally's chances?

2151: 24th seed Daniela Hantuchova finally beats Vania King after losing the first set. 5-7 6-3 6-4. And out on Grandstand, is that 17th seed Gael Monfils in action? It surely is. The Frenchman, who's celebrating his 24th birthday, has already broken Igor Andreev and leads 3-1. Warwick360 on 606 says: "Is anyone else wondering what the hell is Monfils wearing?...It really looks uncomfortable". I need more details. I'm watching Venus stroll to 5-2 in the second set. Can somebody tell me. Is it that bad?

2145: Don't forget Kim Clijsters and Andy Roddick in action after pumpkin o'clock when Piers Newbery takes over. In the mean time, now is when I need you most. Thoughts. Predictions for Murray. Reflections on a pretty lively day so far at Flushing Meadows. You know the score. Tweet me @bbcsport_mark, text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with TENNIS before your message, or get on 606.

2142: Marino keeping it steady and trails 2-1 with her serve coming up. Marino is doing brilliant at the tender age of 19. Not that young for a tennis player these days. She is ranked 181. Only 178 places to catch up on her current opponent.

2132: Venus drops a service point but plays tough and plays a cracking low winner to get back. The American battles through the tie-break though, winning it 7-3. That's heartbreak for the Canadian Marino. Does she have the mental strength to lift herself after that opening set? Good fighting spirit from Venus.

Latest scores
2123: From results I move effortlessly on to the current. It's all about the now right? Marino wobbles with her serve as Williams cranks up the grunts. And OOOF - two double faults and an ace takes Marino to 6-5. Now they're on a tie-break. Nervy times. Hantuchova leads King 4-1 in the deciding set. Schiavone (sixth seed) serves up and beats fellow Italian Camerin 6-2 6-1. Chela leads Lu 6-4 4-6 6-3 5-3. Back to Williams and Marino. This is turning out to be a cracker on Arthur Ashe.

Text in your views on 81111
Glen in Cornwall, via text 81111: "I think they are compasses not mini tractor wheels (glasses required I think)"
Thanks. What a hammering I'm getting today.

2111: Venus serving to stay in the first set against Marino. Meanwhile, a couple of women's singles results from a little earlier you may have missed. Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (20th seed) beats Sania Mirza 6-2 6-4. Virginie Razzano beats Marion Bartoli (13th seed) 7-5 6-4. Venus at deuce and the fans are cheering Marino in a big big way.

2106: Fancy a round-up of the men's results? Tough. You're getting it. Guillermo Garcia-Lopez beats Lukasz Kubot 6-3, 6-2, 7-6 (7-4). Victor Hanescu beats Carlos Berlocq 6-2 6-4 6-3. Dustin Brown (Murray's next opponent) beats Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo 6-4 7-6 (8-6) 7-5. Sam Querrey (20th seed) beats Bradley Klahn (USA) 6-3 4-6 7-5 6-4. Nicolas Almagro (14th seed) beats Potito Starace 4-6 6-4 6-4 7-6 (7-5). Marcel Granollers beats Andreas Seppi 2-6 5-7 6-3 6-2, 6-3. Ryan Harrison beats Ivan Ljubicic (15th seed) 6-3 6-7 (4-7) 6-3, 6-4. Michael Llodra beats Tomas Berdych (7th seed) 7-6 (7-3) 6-4 6-4. Sergiy Stakhovsky beats Peter Luczak 6-7 (8-10) 7-5 6-4 6-2. That's two big men seeds out on Wednesday.

2059: It's now 3-3 with Williams and Marino. The match has gone 23 minutes and I cannot believe it's taken me that long to realise what Venus is wearing. I'll do my best to describe it. Black shorts. Nice and simple start you're thinking. The top though is sleeveless (but it's not a vest) and it's got these potato print flowers on it. I've got to be honest - it looks like it's been made by my little sister. Bit harsh? Apologies. At least it's different and a little lively. In fact, after a closer look, the pattern looks like mini tractor wheels.

2052: Some Andy Murray reaction: "I managed to get through in straight sets so I'm pleased, but it was a lot tougher than the score suggests. Everyone in my box always tells me it's a lot tougher watching in the heat than playing but I'm not so sure. They were brutal conditions."

2046: Venus Williams and Rebecca Marino going steady at 2-2. Dementieva (12th seed) took the first 6-3 against Bammer but she's struggling in the next and trails 3-0. Woe Wednesday is turning out to be a bit of a potential graveyard day for the seeds.

2045: Further info on Victoria Azarenka who collapsed earlier. A statement from US Open tournament referee Brian Earley reads: "Victoria Azarenka retired from her match with headache-like symptoms. She was taken to a nearby hospital for diagnostic testing. Out of respect to her privacy, we cannot give any more details. However, we can say that this does not seem to be primarily a heat-related illness."

domcovkid on Twitter: "Recently bought some fly traps. Named them Venus and Serena. I'm hoping Venus can be as aggressive as her namesake plant!"
Interesting. Very interesting. Are the traps in full flow yet?

2034: I think I need to jump into my chopper and buzz around the courts. The engine's gone cold. Hantuchova (24th seed) lost the first set to Vania King but is 5-3 up and serving in the next. Schiavone is 3-1 up and serving against Camerin. Pironkova (32nd seed) could be another seed to fall - in fact - stop right there - she's OUT. The Bulgarian loses 6-4 6-0 to the Luxembourg qualifier Mandy Minella, a player making her debut in a Grand Slam tournament.

Text in your views on 81111
Thomas in London, via text 81111: "Energy conservation in tough conditions. That's all today was about for Andy and he did it with aplomb."

2027: No rest for the wicked, as the saying goes. Venus Williams plods onto Arthur Ashe with Rebecca Marino for their second round match.

2018: Latest on Azarenka. She's been taken to hospital but ESPN have reported that she fell in the gym earlier on Wednesday. So perhaps related? The number 10 seed was wearing a black dress - not the best colour for hot conditions. She collapsed when trailing 5-1 to Gisela Dulko and was taken away in a wheelchair. Dulko said: "I was scared. She went to the floor - I was worried for her. I went to see her, brought her some ice, did whatever I could to help." No further updates but we'll keep you posted.

It's bad news for a Briton
2015: The upward British flag now has to come down. British pair Fleming and Skupski are dumped out in the first round of the men's doubles by Schwank and Zeballos 6-2 7-6.

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Anonymous, via text 81111: "Well in Murray. In this form it won't be long before he wins a Grand Slam. Maybe this will be it! It is his favourite one after all."

2011: Pretty pretty good. Murray didn't need to out of second gear. 111 minutes of action. What do you reckon folks? Next up - Jamaican Dustin Brown. A good day at the office for the Scot.

It's good news for a Briton
Murray 6-3 6-2 6-2 Lacko
Game over. Easy. Comfortable. Impressive. Murray has a chance with a backhand but ploughs it into the net. He looks gutted. That's a perfectionist for you. He doesn't have to wait long though.

Text in your views on 81111
Adrian, via text 81111: "On holiday in Dorset. Came down to the club to see Murray on the tv. They have the cricket on! "

Murray* 6-3 6-2 5-2 Lacko
Lacko saves one break point with a smash that ends up in Miami. Commentators tell us someone catches it with one hand behind them. Nice work. Game over though. One game needed for a place in the second round and just 107 minutes of energy used so far.
* denotes NEXT to serve

stu_fraser on Twitter: "Don't forget british interest on Court 12. Fleming & Skupski a set down to Schwank & Zeballos but battling in 2nd set at 5-5!"
How could I possibly forget? Thank you by the way.

Murray 6-3 6-2 4-2 *Lacko
Comfortable. All very comfortable. Just two games needed now.
* denotes NEXT to serve

1959: How about this for a score? Llodra beats seventh seed Berdych 7-6 (7-3) 6-4 6-4. Massive shock.

Murray* 6-3 6-2 3-2 Lacko
The Slovakian is not giving up without a fight in the heat.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Text in your views on 81111
Claire in Dundee, via text 81111: "Come on Murray. Watching the live commentary at work as cant get to a tv. Hope my boss doesnt come through"
Nice to see a dabble of rebellion in the name of tennis. Let's hope your boss isn't reading the live commentary.

Murray 6-3 6-2 3-1 *Lacko
Lacko is hitting this ball hard but Murray's defence is standing firm. Another steady service game.
* denotes NEXT to serve

BBC 5 live's Jonathan Overend tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "To keep cool, Lacko could stuff one of those chiropractic ice-packs inside his bandana."

Murray* 6-3 6-2 2-1 Lacko
Magic readjustment from Murray - he sniffs his chance and Murray charges to the net before dropping one down the left side. Brilliant. But a long one from Murray gets it to deuce. Once again, Murray rushes forward and Lacko panics a little and plants one long. Another ace gets Lacko back to deuce though. Murray is furious as Lacko gets more luck with the net tape. The Scot's arms are waving like a windmill. Berdych a breakdown in the third set. He could be heading for the exit. A fifth and then a sixth double fault from Lacko hands the fourth seed the game and a massive advantage.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Text in your views on 81111
Anonymous, via text 81111: "It's all a bit slacko from Lacko."

Murray 6-3 6-2 1-1 *Lacko
Big service game from Murray and levels in the third set.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Sho_Rahman on Twitter: "Berdych two sets down against Llodra. He was my choice to win the US Open. Egg on my face"
Thank you. Can't keep my eyes on too many courts here. Potential big shock.

Murray* 6-3 6-2 0-1 Lacko
SO can Lacko pull anything out of the bag on his US Open debut? A few chances for the Slovak but he plays another one into the net. He looks tired. Murray gets it back to deuce after a long shot that seemed long to me - but my eyes don't always tell the truth. Lacko gets the ADV with a streaky dribble off the top of the net. And the Slovak holds after cruising into the net to crash the ball down Murray's right-hand side.
* denotes NEXT to serve

1932: A quick look at Murray's previous results at the US Open. 2005 - 2nd round. 2006 - fourth round. 2007 - third round. 2008 - runner-up. 2009 - fourth round. 2010 - ? We shall see ....

Murray 6-3 6-2 *Lacko
A sweet drop shot to mid-court with a delicate little flick takes it to 30-15 for Murray and one more booming ace gives him set point. And what better way to wrap up the set. A fabulous forehand gives him a two-set lead. Any way back for Lacko? Murray conserving energy nicely here.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Murray* 6-3 5-2 Lacko
More net approach play from Murray and he angles one away to go 30-0 up. A draining rally leaves Murray scratching around at the net and at the baseline but Lacko misses his chance as his lob drifts long in the New York breeze. It's a double break after another double fault. A bit of breathing space for the Scot.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Murray 6-3 4-2 *Lacko
Murray streaks away to the first two points on his serve but he lets his momentum slip and Lacko gets right back in it. Murray sneaks it though.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Get involved on 606
Catalan Power on 606: "Murray can't deal with Lacko's forehand and his moonballing is not impressing. Will we see a big upset today?"

Murray* 6-3 3-2 Lacko
A couple of weak returns get Lacko to 30-15. And there's a massive roar from Murray as he mis-times a forehand that flies into the air. The towel in Murray's corner regularly being used now. And Lacko gets the game back after Murray plays a loose backhand. Muzz still a break up.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Murray 6-3 3-1 *Lacko
Lacko takes it to 15-30 after brilliantly wrong-footing the Scot. (Please note I didn't suggest Murray was English earlier!) A cracking bending forehand from Murray gets him out of trouble. And it's a fifth ace and he soon gets his service game on track again.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Murray* 6-3 2-1 Lacko
Lacko looking increasingly confident but he plants one into the net to hand Murray another break point. More clenched fists. After placing the ball bang into the corner, Lacko is left scrambling and can only find the net again. Another break. Third in a row. Topsy-turvy.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Murray 6-3 1-1 *Lacko
Lacko pulling out half a firework. By that I mean half a hotdog - he runs to the back of the court and plays one back with his back to the net. He needs to check out Federer's effort to be able to produce the full hotdog firework. It looks like it's put Murray off though. First sign of a wobble. Break points. One saved. Not enough though and Lacko thwacks the ball back to get the service break immediately. Great effort.
* denotes NEXT to serve

randalthor1812 on Twitter: "Only thing that can beat Murray out there today is himself, got to keep concentration and get back out of the heat quickly"

Murray* 6-3 1-0 Lacko
Lacko just needs to steady himself. He looks a bit ruffled out there. His backhand drifts long and he's broken straight away.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Get involved on 606
Sebadono on 606: "Overall, a very competent performance from Andy so far, and a fairly comfortable first set - give or take the odd ill advised drop shot, or smash. Aggressive and on the front foot. Good stuff."

Murray 6-3 *Lacko
One serve at a 134mph and it goes to 30-15. Lacko takes it to 30-30 with a stunning low forehand as the ball looks down at the net and says 'see ya'. Lacko's hair is flapping nicely and he gets it to deuce. Murray has a great chance to win the set with a volley at the net but as the ball plummets from three miles high, he blazes it long. Another ace though gets him back on track. Murray survives a bit of battle but wins the first set he does. That's almost not English. Dustin Brown wins his match - the Jamaican will play the winner of this match. Murray looking good? What do you reckon so far?
* denotes NEXT to serve

Murray* 5-3 Lacko
Lacko hanging on to this set. Solid service. Just over half an hour gone and Muzz is serving for the set next.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Text in your views on 81111
Mike, via text 81111: "I'm in Slovakia right now, actually in lucas lacko's home town piestany (its where my wife is from). Its a Public Holiday here and everyone seems more interested in beer and wine than tennis. I like all three. Played on same courts as lucas just the other day. He wasn't there obviously"
Nice and welcome on board.

Murray 5-2 *Lacko
Murray is striding into the net on a number of occasions and blasts back a fine winner past Lacko's toes. Lacko's turn to mix it up and he plays back five loopy returns to the back but he lets a loose one fly a little too much. Game to Murray. Or Muzzter to keep Gavin (stuck in the office) via text happy.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Murray* 4-2 Lacko
Already Muzz (I'm not that nice) racks up his 10th winner of the match. TV reports reveal they are struggling to keep the ice still icy! Would ice keep ice icy? Murray finding his range and one that lands on the back line has Lacko pushing one wide. He looks a broken man already. Two break points. lacko firing up some big serves but Murray has the answers so far. Something else out of the text book - approaching the net - but Lacko has eagles eyes and passes him easily. More deuce. This game is a right ol' mixed bag. Seems like Murray is intent on trying every shot in the book in just one game. A wild backhand flies wide. More aggression from Muzz but a relieved Lacko edges it.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Murray 4-1 *Lacko
Another service game to zip, nothing, no points. Get me? And by the way, give your page a manual refresh and the asterisks will all fall into place.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Murray* 3-1 Lacko
Another sweet drop shot gets Murray (I'll mix it up) break point. And there it is. Fist clenched already. And I mentioned the variety in Murray's play before the match and a lob gives him the game. Great start.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Text in your views on 81111
Pete in Croydon, via text 81111: "All ready to read your commentary and you call him muzz. Are you 12 or a proper journalist?"
Double ouch. Is it really that offensive? Is it? I take your point though. Some like it. Some hate it. Back to the action.

Murray 2-1 *Lacko
Now there's a shot. A cracking forehand from Lacko and Muzz has no chance. 0-15. Interesting. Calm down though Muzz fans. He winds up his serving arm and gets it back under control. Game over.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Murray* 1-1 Lacko
Lacko wearing a very busy shirt with around five types of blue on it. He's even got a blue headband that would not look out of place in the Bernabeu (Real Madrid footi stadium). Muzza wastes a second drop shot with Lacko pushed to both sides but he edges his service game. Murray had a few chances there.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Murray 1-0 *Lacko
A whopping serve to open Murray's account. Muzz sporting a very flappy white cap. And the usual peacock blue shirt. Peacock blue? Have I just made that colour up? A long rally from the baseline takes it to 40-0 and a bit too much aggression on the backhand goes a tad long. 40-15. And first game goes to Muzz thanks to a drop shot. Steady Eddie.
* denotes NEXT to serve

Text in your views on 81111
Max, via text 81111: "One should not take much notice of comments such as the one from "plasticoutcome" as any one who follows tennis knows the first match in a GS is always the toughest one. A lot of great players have fallen at this first hurdle - Andy included"

1812: Do I have time to scan the courts? I'll try. Dustin Brown leads 2-0 - he looks likely to be the one to face the winner of Murray/Lacko. Sam Querrey is 2-1 up in sets. Llodra is 6-5 up with Berdych. Seppi 2-0 up in sets with Granollers but 3-5 down in the third. I had better get my skates on and head back to Arthur Ashe.

Get involved on 606
happyfritz789 on 606: "Some more Lacko facts: Lucas Lacko came second in Slovakias version of dancing on ice. Lucas Lacko's name translates into English as Love machine. Lucas Lacko holds the world record for eating the most scones in one hour, 2,135"
I'm officially gob-smacked. And that's a fact. What I would do to chomp on a scone and clotted cream right now.

1807: Can I be just a little over-zealous? I'll put it to the vote. First round I know but it's a British tennis player and a bloomin' good one at that. Is it so wrong to spread a little dollop of zealousness? Text, 606 or Tweet me the over-zealous amounts you are wanting today (out of 10), I'll work out an average and produce the goods. Fair?

1803: And Lukas Lacko sounds nice and relaxed. he says: "We know each other from junior times. We had one practice together. I expect a pretty good atmosphere. I've had a couple of good wins this year. If I have a good day then I can do well against these tough guys. I won't be under pressure - Andy will."

1801: A few minutes before going on to court Murray says: "It's been tough conditions but I'm looking forward to it. I've put in the work so I should be OK." Muzz loves the US Open. "There are some distractions but it's the most fun court I play on."

1756: Almost time. Murray and Lacko should be on court in about four of your European minutes. You may know some of this but here goes anyway. FACTS. The pair have never played each other on tour before. Lacko is world number 71. Lacko is making his US Open debut. All facts these are. Lacko is aged 22. He's had a pretty good year with wins over Marcos Baghdatis in the first round of Wimbledon and Lleyton Hewitt in Atlanta. He lost 6-2 6-2 6-2 to Rafael Nadal in the second round of the Australian Open in January. All facts. Lacko likes combing his hair with hedgehogs. That is not a fact. That is something stupid and should not be appearing in any live text format in any circumstance. Another fact. Anybody else know any facts? Let's keep it to tennis facts.

Get involved on 606
plasticoutcome on 606: "It's a first round match. It'll be a throughly unremarkable straight sets win for Murray. Save the overzealousness for a match of some notability."

DiscoStew1 on Twitter: "Murray, and Federer for that matter, should play proactively & not reactively. Nobody can live with them dictating the points"

1747: A lot has been talked about Andy Murray's varying and flexible tactics and he mentioned last week the need to change during a game. He upped his aggression levels recently to bag his first title of the year at the Toronto Masters. Will he do the same today against the Slovakian? Can he afford to do that in the heat? Here's what the legend of legends John McEnroe thinks. "The difference with Andy is his willingness to go after the ball, to be more aggressive. This is something he may have been thinking about for a while. I think it was time maybe. Miles Maclagan did a good job, like Mark Petchey before him, and now it's time for the next step. It seems like a good thing to try." What do you think?

stevebodn on Twitter: "I heard that Wimbledon put deodorant under the seats of the royal box on hot days. What do the yanks have up their sleeve?"
I'm speechless. Or rather textless.

1737: I've officially gone into Murray mode with a new headline. Time for all things Muzz and Lacko of course. Predictions. Murray stories. How will the pair cope in the Big Apple sunshine. How should Murray operate his tactics. Throw in some questions of your own. I want to hear from you right NOW. Tweet me @bbcsport_mark, text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with TENNIS before your message, or try 606.

1729: A quick scan around the courts before I pile in with some pre-Muzz chat. Sam Querrey and Bradley Klahn now a set apiece. Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo 4-6 5-5 Dustin Brown. Marcel Granollers 2-6 5-6 Andreas Seppi. Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova 6-2 5-4 Sania Mirza.

1727: Andy Murray vs Lukas Lacko in around 35 minutes. That's 2100 seconds. Live text here and it's on Radio 5 live sports extra. Permission to use capitals...MURRAY v LACKO

belgiansan on Twitter: "I'm following this feed even though I can watch it on TV. What's wrong with me?"
I'll let the punters give you an answer to that. Seeing as I've been called a monkey and a buffoon in just an hour I couldn't possibly comment. I'm sensing your behaviour is so wrong it's utterly right.

Text in your views on 81111
Neil, via text 81111: "Mark, (entry 1708) i think you mean 14th seed almagro! Those monkeys you mentioned are looking pretty clever!"
You guys are sharper than a butcher's wellington boot. Of course Nicolas is 14th seed. Thanks.

1719: Ivanovic sweeps to an easy 6-3 6-0 win in 55 minutes. This should boost the current number 40 two years after losing to 188th-ranked qualifier Julie Coin in the second round.

1715: How far can Ivanovic go in this tournament? She's now serving for the match against Jie Zheng at 5-0 up in the second set. Impressive stuff and she'll be delighted to back in the locker room before the sun fully cranks into top gear. The Serb has got six minutes to win within an hour.....

1713: A reminder on what's coming up. 1800 BST for Murray and Lacko. Followed by Venus Williams and Rebecca Marino. Night games sees Kim Clijsters vs Sally Peers, Janko Tipsarevic vs Andy Roddick. And don't forget Britain's Elena Baltacha is strutting her stuff a bit later on Court 6.

1708: Ivanovic is in overdrive. She's 4-0 up in second set. This could be all over within a total time of an hour. On Court 8, Dustin Brown took the first set against Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo and is 3-2 up in the second. Winner of this against Murray/Lucko. Fourth seed Nicolas Almagro lost opening set against Italian Potito Starace 6-4 but the Spaniard is 3-1 up in the next.

Text in your views on 81111
Sarah, via text 81111: "One of my best memories of Wimbers is my gran practically sprinting down the side of court 18 to get Tiger Tim's autograph (mission accomplished). If you're thinking I should have run for her, she was so excited she left me for dust!"
Super Gran eh. Tim had that effect - I'm sure he still does.

Text in your views on 81111
James in Walsall, via text 81111: "This grand slam has to be the one for Muzza I feel. Federer on the downhill slide, Nadal beatable on this surface, and Djokovic simply not up to scratch after yesterday. Murray v Roddick final?"

1658: Just seen the TV pictures of Azarenka collapsing mid-rally against Dulko. Question marks over an old thigh injury but possibly the heat. She was wheeled off the court. Hope she's OK.

A bagel
Text in your views on 81111
Theo in Kent, via text 81111: "Do you mean stallone, schwarzenegger and amy WINEHOUSE, i was not aware that paul whitehouse had a daughter called amy."
There you go. I am a raving doughnut. Or a bagel. Have you not heard of Amy Whitehouse? Yep - we all make mistakes. Monkeys make mistakes. And I made one. Now let's move on shall we! Great spot Theo.

1653: We'll forgive Ivanovic a couple of wobbles. Jie Zheng picks up two games on the bounce but Ivanovic stays strong and comes through the first set 6-3.

1651: I spent about an hour talking about Djokovic wobbling yesterday evening. Well, the Ivanovic wobble was almost inevitable no? Serving for the set and she blows it. By the way, nice little pink number on the Serb today. Jie Zheng is sporting a refreshing light blue outfit. Both dresses easy on the eye. NEWSFLASH: 10th seed Azarenka has pulled out of her match with Dulko with an injury. Dulko was leading 5-1. Will pass on more when I know it.

Get involved on 606
Pickles91 on 606: "I don't get what the moaning about heat is all about. As far as I know both players play in the same conditions. If Murray gets affected then so should his opponent, otherwise Murray is pretty undeserving of 4th seed!"

1640: First set already goes to Sam Querry against Klahn. Dulko's raced to a 4-0 lead. And for all you Ivanovic fans, it looks like Ana is pretty keen on an early cold shower. She's 5-1 up after 19 minutes and serving for the first set. 10 unforced errors from China's Jie Zheng. That's a poopy start for the 21st seed.

1637: Line-up wise, let's not forget American Jack Sock who's swinging his dirty laundry around on Court 13 a little later.

Text in your views on 81111
Steve in Toronto, via text 81111: "I was at the US Open last year, and quite keen to get Andy to sign my saltire post-match. Mission accomplished - twice. Only problem was he'd sign with a blue marker on the blue field rather than the white cross, so the autograph's pretty akin to being done with a magic marker...not the sharpest knife in the drawer."
Steve, that's a horror story. Once is careless, twice is the behaviour of a buffoon. Nice that he signed though. Any other autograph-hunting anecdotes? I ran half a mile on a hill in Bristol to get Graeme Souness to sign my notebook. And he did. How's that for a story?

1632: But there's more to this day than Andy Murray. Especially for our friends from overseas. (Tell me where you are by the way). After Murray on Arthur Ashe is Venus Williams. Later on under the lights it's Kim Clijsters and Andy Roddick. This afternoon, we've also got Victoria Azarenka, Tomas Berdych, Elena Dementieva, Sammy Stosur. And for all you British fans out there - it's the return of Elena Baltacha in the second round vs 27th seed Petra Kvitova. Plus there's the GB pair Colin Fleming and Ken Skupski in the doubles. That's more action than a night out with Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Amy Whitehouse.

1628: Former number one Ana Ivanonvic opens up with a couple of steady service games against 21st seed Jie Zheng and leads 2-1. Who else is playing at the mo? Jelena Jankovic is playing in the doubles. 20th seed Sam Querrey is facing fellow American Bradley Klahn. Argentine Gisela Dulko is up against Azarenka on Grandstand. Jamaican Dustin Brown is playing Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo (winner of this one plays the victor between Murray and Lacko). Keep an eye out for this one. That'll do for now.

ABAtweets on Twitter: "I think Murray has to play ugly in order to get the matches over quickly and avoid the sun. Don't want him doing a Djoko!"
Everybody's talking about the temperatures. The thermometer is supposed to boil up to at least 100 degrees on court today. Commentators have been handed out towels at Flushing Meadows. Sweaty, stinky times. Could this hamper the Muzz later? Are you allowed to play in a sombrero hat? Any other suggestions to stay cool?

1619: I want your opinions, predictions, tactical thoughts, tennis lookalikes, Muzza facts (tell me any stories if you've met the guy), reflections on the first two US Open days. Over to you. Tweet me @bbcsport_mark, text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with TENNIS before your message, or get on 606.

BBC Radio 5 Live
1613: With Ana Ivanovic set to get going on Arthur Ashe at the start of day three, let me just tell you that Andy Murray vs Lukas Lacko is on from 1800 BST. BBC Radio 5 live sports extra also have live commentary. Any early predictions? Beauty or the beast? Will Murray play ugly? Should he continue his aggressive tactics in the steamy surroundings of New York? I want to know your thoughts.

1610: Fabio Capello? Kevin Pietersen? Jimmy Connors? Pahh. It was Andrew Murray speaking last week. The poor lad's been stuck in his slippers for three days and now it's his time. Time to mount his campaign for his maiden Grand Slam title. Time to kick some butt at Flushing Meadows. First up for the world number four is Lukas Lacko. More about him in a mo. In the mean time, check out Muzza's exclusive BBC column .

1605: Here follows a few words from someone who will be thrusting their stringed weapon around on Arthur Ashe in a couple of hours. "It's only about winning. If you have to play ugly, it doesn't really matter." Any guesses?

1557: Day three. US Open. We're back. I'm back. Over the next few hours I will be dishing up the most delectable tennis drama known to man, woman, beast and extra-terrestrial. Probably.

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