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Wimbledon 2010: Sam Querrey-Andy Murray as it happened

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By Tom Fordyce
BBC Sport at Wimbledon

1856:Quick word with Muzzington as he trots into the locker-room: "The shot-making was great, especially towards the end of the third set. I played well, with a few dips in the performance. I might see a few of those shots on 'Today At Wimbledon' later tonight. Tsonga will be a tough player and a fun guy to watch - it'll be a great match, and hopefully I can play well again."

1853: The best thing about Murray today? His defensive work. Nadalesque. The worry? That wonky first serve. Roger or Rafa would have tucked in and punished.

1852: Delight all around, and the crowd rise - Murray grins, flings the wristbands into the sea of stretching hands and waves to all corners.

Querrey 5-7 3-6 4-6 Murray
Just a hold from the quarter-finals and a tie with Tsonga. 14,997 people around Centre desperate for Murray to seal it, three crossing everything for the America. Brilliant last-gasp counter-punching from Querrey on the ropes, lacing a forehand cross-court for 15-30 - there's the serve, and then an ace - match point... Scurrying, fetching, fighting his way back into the point - Querrey on his forehand... wide! Murray's through, in two hours six minutes...

Querrey 5-7 3-6 4-5 Murray *
Double-fault from Querrey for 0-15, and the slightest murmur from the rapt, patriotic patrons. Oh, splendid from Murray - scampering to somehow fetch back a smash, dipping a lob over the wildly wafting Querrey and fist-pumping furiously as the reply dives into the net. That's even better, somehow reaching a fine drop-shot from Sam and flicking a fabulous, gossamer-touch winner right onto the line. Break point... saved, somehow saved as Murray speeds to the net only to touch an inch wide. "MAAAKE THAAAT!" he screams, and slaps the turf with his palm. Splendid laser-guided pass down the line for another break point - no, sent the wrong way by Querrey, and the American has now saved seven break points. I can barely believe that running backhand pass, but that's so solid under pressure from Sam - right on the line for deuce. And again - fabulous touch at the net from Murray, all reflex and guile, and now... fake down the line, flick cross-court.... he's done it!

* Querrey 5-7 3-6 4-4 Murray
The Murray second serve is still there to attack, but Querrey doesn't seem to want to unleash the dogs - a gentle flopper at 85 mph, but rather than stepping in and marmalising he punts back feebly. Murray sends an over-cute attempted lob long for 30-30, forces Querrey way out to the forehand side for 40-30 and then watches with a brow-furrowed nod of approval as Sam slaps another sluggish second serve into the tramlines.

Querrey 5-7 3-6 4-3 Murray *
Querrey serving first in a set for the first time in the match, and he looks a little more comfortable now. Such weapons, those forehands and serves - just stay away from the net, Big Man, and you might yet break some more British hearts.

* Querrey 5-7 3-6 3-3 Murray
Hello - second serve ace from Murray, just 94 mph but the placement perfect. He brings Querrey in again, a tactic which has brough joy throughout, and it pays off again - unpleasant backhand into the net, and we're level on serve.

Greg Rusedski
Greg Rusedski on BBC TV: "There are good signs for Murray - he is hitting that forehand very well, at the French Open it wasn't working very well for him but one thing he needs to improve is his serve percentage."

Querrey 5-7 3-6 3-2 Murray *
He's in this again Murray, challenging again with success to pop up 30-30. He's annoyed with himself there as a backhand bites tape, and that's a good overhead put-away from the 22-year-old Californian.

* Querrey 5-7 3-6 2-2 Murray
Shadows creeping across the court now, a broken diagonal line inching across with every passing moment. Over-rule from our umpire on a Murray serve, and Murray will challenge that back - red cheeks for the man in the chair as Hawk-Eye thumbs its nose at him. Hold to love, excitement mounts.

Querrey 5-7 3-6 2-1 Murray *
Not the luckiest man in sport, Querrey - he missed most of last season after an accident with a glass table in the locker-room in Bangkok left him requiring emergency surgery and more than 70 stitches. Huge, battering-ram forehands, and Murray's portculis is breached.

* Querrey 5-7 3-6 1-1 Murray
Murray still yet to drop a set in this championship, although I'm not taking any blame if that changes as soon as I mention it. Double-fault, danger postponed with a backhand dinker back the other way that Querrey can only pop wide. Better first serve, serve held. "Come on Murray!" shouts a stentorian Surrey voice, in somewhat admonishing fashion.

Querrey 5-7 3-6 1-0 Murray *
Succour for Sam, getting his peaked cap in front in this third set with barrelling serves. Barely a seat free around Centre.


* Querrey 5-7 3-6 Murray
Uncle Sam staring into the sun, the rays coming directly behind Murray's racquet like some tennis-playing deity. Ach - backhand into the tape from Murray for 15-15, but the big American can't get low enough onto that forehand - 30-15. Finally a first serve in, with a follow-up forehand winner - two set points. First serve wide, second spitting - chance to slap this away, and there it is! 37 minute set, and Murray is two-thirds of the way to the quarter-finals...

Querrey 5-7 3-5 Murray *
Loud pop from Murray's racquet, and he's broken a string there. The ball goes long, Querrey marmalises a serve, and Murray has the chance to hold serve for a two-set lead.

* Querrey 5-7 2-5 Murray
Querrey's a disaster zone at the net. I've seen softer hands on Dr Claw. Murray slicing Big Sam to distraction, forcing him into forehand errors as he tries to apply the same power as he would off a top-spinning reply. Foxed.

Querrey 5-7 2-4 Murray *
Querrey now looking a lost soul. Murray tips up a lob that he must put away, but he flops it into the net with woeful wrists. Dreamy pass from Murray to bring the crowd to its feet, but here come the big serves - slam, blam, slam-blammeroo, 40-30. Oh, wonderful point, Murray's huge tennis brain in overdrive - drives, chases, slices, now a perfect sliced approach and - ah yes! a volley at the net, stretching at the forehand, sent so fine it almost nestles by the net-post on the Querrey side. That next serve is too big, and so is that - nervy nervy hold.

* Querrey 5-7 1-4 Murray
Teasing, tantalising play from Murray - dropper to bring Querrey in, lacing lob to send him hoofing back. Crisp first serve at last, and then a sprint to the net to punch away a game-sealing volley. Nods of approval in the VIP seats from Mother Murray and Kompanion Kim.

Querrey 5-7 1-3 Murray *
Now then. Murray forces Querrey out wide - the American hoists a lob, but that'll sail way long. Murray out wide now, Sam waiting at the tape - sheesh, the flukiest of net-cords for three break points. Thrilled silence hangs over Centre. Nope - not on that big serve, and not on that - it's 136 mph. Ouch - another, and all three chances have gone in a flash. Lovely rhythm on the Querrey serve, and it's hard to get a toe-hold in it - but he's vulnerable elsewhere, dumping a volley into the net. Murray aims cross court off a second serve - wide - but he's back at deuce now, fizzing a forehand into the corner before dinking the return into the gaping spaces. Sam again fluffing his volley into the net to offer up a fourth break point - double fault!

Greg Rusedski
Greg Rusedski on BBC TV: "Murray is hitting the ball really well from the back of the court but his serving percentage has to be higher. If he is in the 60% range then he has a real shot - if he was playing Federer or Nadal they would punish him."

* Querrey 5-7 1-2 Murray
Murray's dominance of Gilles Simon on Saturday was based around his serve - landed around 85% that day, but he's down today to 37%, and that spells trouble. Better on the groundstrokes, stepping in to drill a forehand cross court. at last - ace! Only his third of the day, but it's enough to get his nose in front. Anxious Mexican wave careers around Centre and breaks on the breakwater of the Royal Box.

Querrey 5-7 1-1 Murray *
Shadows begin to stretch across the browning Centre Court turf. Crunching boomers on first serve from Querrey, and he levels to love.

* Querrey 5-7 0-1 Murray
Murray should be buoyant after that, but his first serve is suddenly rudderless - not a single first serve in, and Querrey will have two break points. He spots a gap out wide and gambles on a forehand flasher - just wide. Oooh, late call from a line-judge, and we're back to deuce. Another missed first serve - he's landing just 30% of them, and that's a huge worry - but a dropper at the net sets up advantage. Second serve again, and Querrey flails into the net. Uncle Same has only converted one of his eight break points, and he's letting Murray wriggle off the hook.


Querrey 5-7 Murray
You should have seen Judy Murray's reaction there - teeth gritted, fists clenched. Somewhere in Oxfordshire, Mr Henman Snr shakes his head and quietly bemoans the change in VIP box standards. I'm getting ahead of myself in games - it is of course 5-6, with Querrey now serving to stay alive. Manually refresh to get us back to where we should be. No such errors from Murray, taking the pace off the Querrey returns, forcing the big American into errors - chances here, chances for the set... taken!

Querrey 5-6 Murray
Murray suddenly slumping at precisely the wrong time - bad misjudgement on a drifting lob, leaving it alone when it's always dropping in, a backhand into the net and a lame double-fault. Three break points for the American... Murray saves one with a forehand drive, and now a second with a backhander down the line. Now then... big serve out wide - called out, he'll challenge to no avail. Second serve - good reply, Murray punting to mid-court... it's too short, he'll surely put this away - whooah, clouted wide! Lucky, lucky boy... Querrey into the net, bigger serve and another return into the embraces of the tape. He's got away with it. "Come on!" shouts the Great British Hope.

Querrey 5-5 Murray *
Ball-boys at both ends clutching sweaty towels as the two players wipe at the conclusion of each point. Can't be pleasant. Querrey holds, his third game on the bounce.

* Querrey 4-5 Murray
Murray's won 14 consecutive points on his own serve - make that 15. That's the end of the run for now, and at 30-15 Sam looks to have another point in the bag, only for super scampering and a teetering lob to save the day. Two set points... no, easy forehand long.... double fault! You don't think.. Adrenalized exchange at the baseline, ended when Querrey goes wide into the trams with a forehand - hmmm, is Murray nervous? Set point no.3 lost with a feeble backhand. Second serve at 87 mph, Querrey break-back point... crashing forehands, Murray in trouble, a desperate blocker ... long! Querrey has snatched it back, and Murray is furious with himself. As he should be.

Querrey 3-5 Murray *
Querrey, nose dripping sweat under his rather old-skool unbranded white cap. Whipcrack serving, and he stays alive. A man in a dun-coloured fisherman's hat pulls a cellophaned sanger from his snack-bag and tears into it like a man who hasn't eaten since April.

* Querrey 2-5 Murray
After that early scare, the Murray serve has looked impregnable - hold to love, the service spitting, the follow-up forehands dip-dashing across the tape. Sam to serve to save the set.

Querrey 2-4 Murray *
"Sam looking very loosey-goosey," says John McEnroe in the Beeb commentary box, but perhaps a man can be too loosey - double-fault for 15-30. Netted from Murray on the stretch, ace down the middle - 40-30. Dreamy dipping forehand down the line for deuce, but that's a solid brace of volleys from Sam. Nope - double-fault. Too goosey. Nothing to hit on that first serve, but the next forehand goes long - deuce again. Ace - ad to Uncle Sam. Encore - game.

* Querrey 1-4 Murray
If it was a fortunate advantage, it's rammed home by the steely-eyed Scot - hold to love. A young chap in the crowd who looks to have just lost his front two teeth grins gappily and waves a home-made laminated sign sporting a smiley acid face and the simple but punchy message 'Go Murray'.

Querrey 1-3 Murray *
That forehand is a weapon for Querrey, and he monsters that one into the distant backhand corner. Murray standing so deep to return the lady line-judge could reach out to tickle her chin, if that were her preferred tactics. Mmmm - cheeky dropper, pulling the Queen's club champ in to the net for a weak-wristed netter. Another error when forced very wide on the forehand - break point - but he's at the net now to put it awa... yikes, into the net! Murray has the break, handed to him on a silver salver with a "compliments" note attached.

* Querrey 1-2 Murray
Lovely double-fisted backhand drives down the line for Murray, and he serves at 40-0, squinting into the sun - yup, nae dangers. Three Scottish saltires being waved down there, but it's not quite Bannockburn yet - the crowd still returning from post-Serena/Shara courtesy breaks and snack-grabs.

Querrey 1-1 Murray *
Chance here for Murray for an immediate break as his variety on the backhand foxes the square-jawed American, but that big booming serve rides to his rescue. Cheeky little fact for you: these two actually once met as juniors. The venue: US Open quarter-finals. The victor? Murray. The eventual champion? Murray. Wallop.

* Querrey 0-1 Murray
They've met three times before, these two - Murray leading the match-ups 3-0, including a win on the grass in Newport. Newport Rhode Island, as opposed for Casnewydd Newport. Centre Court baked hard by the sun, and these hard and fast conditions might suit the big-hitting, big-serving Californian kid. Yup - crunching forehand, then another - two break points. Umph - millimetres long from Querrey, and the crowd murmur some collective phews. Pressure to the backhand side from Murray, and he's at deuce - now advantage, moving the big unit around, and more of the same to hold onto his serve and still nerves.

* denotes next server

1639: Now then. Bleaching sunshine, pumped crowd, big big match.

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