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French Open day 12 as it happened


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By Mark Ashenden

1615: I'm still going to be on Twitter for a bit as well so feel free to keep involved. So if you want my thoughts on what is lying between two stale bits of bread or even discussing your favourite fictional tennis player then stick with me - if it's live updates from Roland Garros - then go with the tweets of Piers Newbery and 5 Live. I'm out of here.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery tweeting from Roland Garros: "I think it's back to the drawing board for Jankovic and her team after that one. Stosur wins 6-1 6-2 and my predictions remain at 100%."
I might be wrapping up but you can still have Roland Garros updates from my colleague Piers. Seems like he's larging it up about his own predictions so feel free to throw him any predos of your own.

1607: There was me thinking I was all set for an afternoon's entertainment on the clay. How wrong can a man be? Very. Three sets for two semi-finals. Can I ask for my money back? Thanks for all your comments though. Splendid effort. Men's semis kick off Friday at midday BST. 1pm Paris time. Usual stuff. Red Button, Radio 5 Live Sports Extra and the website. I've learnt two things today - 1) Jankovic did not play tennis today and 2) A squib is not just an explosion, it's a small firework. Take those facts away with you and use them wisely.

Text in your views on 81111
From danny in Edinburgh, via text: "what would harry potter do? Stun the opponent. Luke skywalker would know where the ball is going every time".
Think vader would have a pop at Roland Garros? I can't imagine he'd be too happy with the red dirt getting in his boots. A competitive old soul though so he might be up for it. Mask on or off do you think?

It's bad news for a Briton
1557: Been a while since we've used the Union Jack graphic. So here it is.....and you want to know why? In the boy doubles third round, third seeds Victor Baluda and Mikhail Biryukov beats 16-year-old Brit Oliver Golding and Russian partner Alexander Rumyantsev 6-3 6-4.

1555: So order of the day on Friday: Robin Soderling vs Tomas Berdych, followed by Jurgen Melzer vs Rafael Nadal. What are your thoughts on those?

1552: So Saturday's final will be SAM STOSUR vs FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE. Stosur on the final: "It's going to be tough. We'll both enjoy it and I'm sure it will be a good match. I've been playing well and really looking forward to it."

Stosur* 6-1 6-2 Jankovic
Jankovic at last mixing it up and she plays a cute drop shot. But you know what - she's not expecting Stosur to get it back and you know what? Stosur gets it back and Janko's falling.....falling out of this tournament. two match points. Easy. Shocking. Very disappointing. Aussie Aussie Aussie. And there it is....a forehand and Jankovic is left flat-footed. Jelena - you've officially had a shocking day at the office.

Stosur* 6-1 5-2 Jankovic
Thank you for all your thoughts on squib. Explosion, Aussie slang for coward, mini explosive device, a magical word from Harry Potter (knighthood not required but thank you hawick). I reckon you're all right. Which fictional character would be best at tennis do you think? Potter's got to be up there hasn't he? Skywalker would be handy considering his weaponry skills. More break points for Stosur. Janko blazes the ball into the net. Utter rubbish. That a bit harsh? She's a tennis player and I'm not seeing any tennis....

Stosur 6-1 4-2 *Jankovic
Stosur's serve gets her out of trouble at 15-30. Chat on Radio 5 Live Sports Extra is that there are no Aussie journos at Roland Garros. I know it's a long flight but c'mon. A seventh ace, 27 minutes into the second set and Stosur is flying.

Stosur* 6-1 3-2 Jankovic
Jankovic really is playing like her feet are stuck in mud. Awful. More break points. Three games in a row. Her arms looked really tucked up, she looks uncertain as to whether to push Stosur, go to the net - Stosur's strength looks to be frightening the Serb. A whole suitcase of errors. A very disappointing semi so far.

Stosur 6-1 2-2 *Jankovic
Stosur pile-drives a backhand right down the line and Jankovic is left motionless and frustrated. After a bright start, she's gone right back into her shell. A mis-timed backhand and it takes it to deuce. Can Janko fire herself up for this I wonder? She doesn't need to. A rare long one from Stosur and she's got a break point. Time to pounce Miss Janko. I said pounce, not push the ball into the crowd. DEUCEY. A sweet sweet backhand and it's break point again. That's more like it. It's see-saw time again. Top serving from the Aussie keeps her in it. Issac in Sydney has texted in to say Nine Network in Australia are about to go live for the match. Not like the Aussies to be slow on the uptake. They better hurry up or their girl will be already in the final. A draining game and it finally goes to the Aussie.

Get involved on 606
From hawick on 606: "This is a real damp squib of a day so far. Either Jankovic makes a fight of it, or it will be two of the most forgettable semis in Grand Slam history."
SQUIB - what a word. Sounds a bit like squid. Rhymes with bib and fib. But what a word. Anyone know its origins?

Stosur* 6-1 1-2 Jankovic
You can't keep an Aussie down for long. She breaks right back. So much for that recovery from Jankovic.

Text in your views on 81111
From Alison in Amsterdam, via text: "Did you know that "janken" in Dutch means "to whinge" Could be appropriate for Jankovic if Stosur's form continues?"
Nope, I did not know that. I know one Dutch phrase - it involves cauliflowers. Enough said.

Stosur 6-1 0-2 *Jankovic
Mmmm banana woman has officially woken up. Three break points - first one, she blazes an aggressive shot just wide. Unlucky. And then a fabulous forehand is a winner and it's the game and her first break AND her first winner.

Stosur* 6-1 0-1 Jankovic
Unbelievably JJ (thank you shortchick77) did not produce any winners in that first set with 11 unforced errors. She played a few shots in that game though and she takes the opener in set two.

Stosur* 6-1 Jankovic
And a few serves later, that's it. Jankovic, Jankovic, Jankovic. What are you up to? Can you just give us a call please, I need a word. Listen. This is a Grand Slam semi-final. Are you hearing those words? Grand...and Slam. Big time. You're a tennis player. This is like the World Cup for you. The biggest. One of the big four anyway. Time to wake up and play some shots - and see that yellow thing? You need to get that over the net... right. sorted....get on it...

Text in your views on 81111
From Beth in Cornwall, via text: "Does jankovic seem like a female murray to you,getting the ball back into play,making her opponent hit 1 more ball forcing mistakes from her opponent and not really being the aggressor?"

Stosur 5-1 *Jankovic
Wallop. 21 minutes and Stosur is in cruise-control. Easy-peezy.

Stosur 4-1 *Jankovic
Stosur still on top and she serves out a pretty solid game. A torn calf muscle it is for Dementieva. Massive shame. She was looking good in her semi. All in the past now. And let's not forget Schiavone - she more than matched the Russian.

1508: Dementieva reveals a calf injury picked up in the third round was the problem. "It was difficult to even walk. I got it after my second match (against Medina Garrigues) and aggravated it today. It was a sharp pain, a bit too much, I couldn't really move on court. It was very painful to walk - I was trying to play, trying to fight as it's a very special moment. But I couldn't go on any longer than I did. I was very close to stopping my third round match (against Wozniack) but won and then had a day off when I didn't practice at all so it got better. Playing on clay makes it worse and today I aggravated it."

Stosur* 3-1 Jankovic
Janko (yep I've dropped the vic for now) is still in second gear whereas Stosur is looking a little sharper right now. More errors and Stosur's got two break points without really having broken into a sweat as yet. One saved as the line judge screams his lungs out - I wonder if they get a commission based on their audible levels? Great stuff from Stosur. She swipes a forehand and Jankovic has no chance. First break and she's on top. Jankovic better wake up or she'll be a set down.

Stosur 2-1 *Jankovic
Jankovic defending well and looks like she's just taking it easy allowing Stosur to play all the early belting shots. Stosur takes the service game nice and easy. Dementieva revealing her thoughts right now. Will keep you posted.

Stosur* 1-1 Jankovic
The Serb trails 15-30 and Stosur has a great early chance. A messy old start for Jankovic but she wins the game when Stosur sends one wide.

Text in your views on 81111
From Charlotte, planning A level french lessons, via text: "Stosur in 2 close sets for me. And vamos rafa for tomorrow"

Stosur 1-0 *Jankovic
A couple of early loose ones from the Aussie but overall a solid service game. She looks pumped, donning sun glasses. Not sure I agree with wearing glasses. Jankovic is wearing her banana woman outfit again. Well, it's yellow and very bright. Love it.

NorthyMark2 on Twitter: "Dementieva had to win in straights perhaps? Twinge after that drop volley on set point? Very odd for her. Loving Francesca!"

Text in your views on 81111
Tarryn in Botswanavia, via text: "Vervet monkeys often try and steal my tennis balls when I'm playing. Does that count?"

Text in your views on 81111
Pete in sunny London, via text: " strange tennis match endings-goran ivanisevic had to retire from am event in brighton a few years ago...after running out of rackets! Unfortunately he had smashed the others in tantrums so was forced to retire despite being a break up in the third at the time "

1446: It's the third French Open semi for the lady from Belgrade. She's only dropped one set in this tournament - against Kanepi in the second round. Stosur,seventh seed, will be buzzing after seeing off Justine Henin and Miss Williams. The girl from the Gold Coast made the semis here last year as well. I'm saying Jankovic in three sets.

1444: No sooner have the Russian tears been mopped up on the Paris clay and it's time for the second semi. Jankovic vs Stosur. These two will have been taken by surprise a little. Let's hope they've warmed up properly. Head to head stats? Jankovic leads 3-1. Last time they met was in Miami this year. Stosur won 6-1 7-6. So it's the Aussie bruiser against the sultry Serb. How do you reckon this one will go? A 29-year-old Italian waits in the final....

1440: Dementieva fans look away - she's now played 46 Grand Slam tournaments without winning a major title, the longest streak in the women's game. She was also runner-up six years ago here. Ahead of the semi she said: "This is one of the biggest goals in my career left. This is a great motivation for me. Let's see if I can handle this challenge." She'll be gutted and I'll forgive her for those leaky eyes.

1435: Schiavone becomes the first Italian woman through to a Grand Slam final. Cracking effort. Her victims so far - 11th seed Li Na in round 3, 30th seed Kirilenko, 3rd seed Wozniacki in quarters and now fifth seed Dementieva. Not a bad Roland Garros CV.

1431: Now's your chance. You've had your lunch - Dementieva pulls out, Schiavone's in the final. All very strange. Such a shame. It was a turning into be a cracking match. So have you seen anything stranger on a tennis court? C'mon - you're playing on your local tennis hard court and a badger runs on and boots your water bottle over the fence. Nope? How about you take a serve and your racquet flies out of your hands and lands in someone's picnic hamper? Strange tennis match endings please.....TEXT, TWEET ME, 606. I look forward to hearing from you.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery tweeting from Roland Garros: "I make my exit after the first set, get back to desk to find it's over. Dementieva pulls out, Schiavone the first Italian woman in GS final"

mbb2009 on Twitter: "By some distance the weirdest end to a tennis match I have EVER seen"

1425: One hour nine minutes. That was weird. "I cannot understand that because she didn't have the trainer out", says John Lloyd on the BBC. The Russian showed no sign there of being injured. Apart from a rusty start, Dementieva looked solid and in control for quite a bit of that. It's Schiavone's first Grand Slam final. Fair play to the Italian.

1422: I'm gob-smacked. John Lloyd is lost for words...doing a live text commentary I can't afford to be lost for words. Schiavone is in the final. Amazing.

1421: WHAT!........Dementieva pulls out injured.

Schiavone* 7-6 Dementieva
A long call for Schiavone is over-ruled and it's first point all over again. Dementieva looks like a lady just been told that she can't ever wear blue again. She gets the first break though. She soon makes it 2-0 with a chip and run shot that lands bang on the white stuff. Her tongue was out of the mouth there and waggling like a worm as she watched the ball edge in, JUST. Schiavone makes a rare trip up to the net and breaks back. Dementieva makes two shocking drop shots (although I applaud her for mixing her game up) but Schiavone is too quick, too nimble, too smart. 5-2 and that's five points in a row. Dementieva looking like a lost sheep. Is there an animal out there that gets lost more than a sheep? Tortoise perhaps. And Boom - in fact, boomedy boom boom - it's her first ace and four set points. Dementieva plays a cracking drop shot to stay in it. And set over. 7-3.

Schiavone* 6-6 Dementieva
Schiavone gets sloppy from the back. Perhaps she's started thinking too early of a Grand Slam final. Solid service game and it's tie-break. Who's your money on folks?

Schiavone 6-5 *Dementieva
Time for the Italian to be a little wild with the serves - 15-30 down and a bit of pressure. She hits back with two solid points but wohhhhh Dementieva wakes up and belts a backhand back and Schiavone hasn't got a chance. DEUCEY time. Best rally of the match so far. I thought Dementieva was on top of things there but a cute backhand from Schiavone and she's nicked it. The Italian takes the game. Very scrappy-doo that one. I'm no professional tennis player - but I'm thinking they ought to mix it up a bit - we've seen a lot of drop shots this last week - and how about the odd 'come to the net'. Just a thought.

Schiavone* 5-5 Dementieva
Dementieva has lost her smoothness. If she was a peanut butter, she'd be definitely a little crunchy. She hangs on though. And all level again. After the first seven fabulous games, this match has got a little ugly. Or gotten ugly if you're north American.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery tweeting from Roland Garros: "Ouch. Dementieva double fault on break point brings back memories of 2004 final against Myskina. Very noisy hear as late arrivals chat away"

thenosecowboy on Twitter: "First time I've watched a clay court event. Makes Wimbledon look a bit pedestrian!"

Schiavone 5-4 *Dementieva
A cracking see-saw game this one. See saws....never really enjoyed them. Always ended up see-sawing with bigger mates who loved seeing me bouncing out of the seat. Back to the clay. A Dementieva (Lena D is good shortener suggests ben_steer on Twitter) forehand goes wide and she's struggling. Schiavone launches a "Tshhhuuuu" and she's delighted. It's the first time since 1979 (Aussie Open) that all four semi-finalists in a Grand Slam have not won a Grand Slam between them. Stosur vs Jankovic coming up later....

Schiavone* 4-4 Dementieva
Warm, yes it is, but the wind is causing a few problems for the ladies. Dementieva goes 40-15 up but sends one wide. Six feet wide for those wanting some stats. Ohhhh a double fault - her 33rd of the tournament. That's a shocker. Her blue dress continues to flap like a boat's sail in a Paris marina. (Like that?). Anybody fancy singing Happy birthday? If you do, please direct your vocal chords towards Monsieurr Nadal. It's his...yep - you guessed it. The Spaniard is 24 today. Another break point for Schiavone. Mmmmm another double fault and the match is level. The Italian has got the bounce back in her step. Where did that breakdown come from?

Schiavone 3-4 *Dementieva
Crikey. I check out a few of your texts and 606 messages and I look round and I've only missed Dementieva concluding the match's first break - gets it with another forehand.

Text in your views on 81111
Edd in Coventry, via text: "Last night i dreamt that i got sacked from work... "you won't be laughing when i'm sat at home watching wimbledon" i told them!"

Schiavone* 3-3 Dementieva
A Dementieva backhand goes so low into the net it almost hits the ground first. Bit like a table tennis serve. And a THIRD break point is saved. And it comes with a huge OOOFFF as a forehand goes flying down the line. Brilliant. And the forehands keep coming - Schiavone doing her best to defend with her beautiful backhand but it's not enough. Flies wide and Dementieva holds on again. Cracking match this so far.

1339: Thank you to mikehenke_gpeak on Twitter. She's suggested I use Schiavone vs Dementieva -> Fran vs Elly to save my finger tips. It's a good early shout. Any other suggestions?

1337: Want to get your name on the TV? Text in your questions 81111 and the best ones will be passed on to the TV crew. Get thinking. Conditions apply. My only condition is that they are useful. That's it. I'm not fussy.

Schiavone 3-2 *Dementieva
A ripper of a rally. Schiavone has a chance with a drop but those dark Italian eyes leave the ball and she plops it into the net. Wasted. A little sloppy. Dementieva sloppy this time with a forehand from the middle of the court flying into the net. That was a great chance to crank up the pressure. But Schiavone holds on. Just.

Schiavone* 2-2 Dementieva
Yet another tight game. Dementieva really wrapping her tall frame around the forehands and it's 30-30. here comes another break point with Schiavone belting a backhand bang on the line. D (I'm almost tempted to just call her D). Second break point saved and the first ace of the match gives her the advantage. Or ad-vantage in French. She levels up though. Both players on top of their game.

Text in your views on 81111
Indy in Fulham, via text: "Exam tomorrow, but revision and the french open are so strongly associated in my mind i'd almost have trouble concentrating without the soothing noises of RG in the background!"
It's not the GCSE in French Open history on women's semi-finals on 3 June in 2010 is it?

Schiavone 2-1 *Dementieva
Dementieva (I need a nickname to save my fingertips) cracks a sweet forehand to get it back to 15-15. She looks strong. The pair are bashing the daylights out of the ball at the start here and really finding the baseline - great length. Dementieva opens up her body and attempts a winner but drifts just wide. Unlucky. back to deuce. Nervy times. Or is that just me? Schiavone's serve being mixed up and it's working well as the Russian plants a forehand way wide. The Italian's grunts go up through the gears and she leaves one to take the game. Nothing between these two so far. Apart from game I guess.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery tweeting from Roland Garros: "They've upped the dramatic music considerably on a blustery Chatrier for the semis, I feel like doing something heroic. Maybe tomorrow"

Schiavone* 1-1 Dementieva
Dementieva blazes one long and it goes to 30-30. Will the Russian come through despite the injuries? It's pretty breezy out there and a mis-hit from Schiavone gives her a break point with an accidental drop shot. Strange one. Dementieva moves forward to the net in her light blue dress and powers a winner past Schiavone's back hand - DEUCE. A good read from the Russian and she wins her service game. relief for the fifth seed.

TivReidy on Twitter: "seems a tournament of upsets so looks like schiavone v stosur in the final. on that basis i will go for dementieva v jankovic"

Schiavone 1-0 *Dementieva
It looks a scorcher out there. Makes a change from seeing the players skidding about on the sticky clay. Bit of a scrappy opener. Philippe Chatrier only half full. A steady forehand from Schiavone and she wins the opening service game. Nice start. No fireworks but nice. Nothing more, nothing less.

1310: The ladies are warming up. Head-to-head. Dementieva leads 6-4 with the Russian having won the last three. Don't rule out the Italian. She was utterly brilliant against Wozniacki. I think Schiavone is just so up for this - I'm having her win in three sets - despite a wobble in the second set. Here we go....

1308: I had a dream last night that Federer had match point, serving for a 14-12 victory in a last-set thriller against Nadal in the final when my TV stopped working. I punched the rather large screen and the TV fell from its hinges. Any idea who ended up winning that one? I'm sure Roger will be delighted to hear that he made the final inside my head. What a tennis arena that is. And that was that. Any tennis dreams to tell me about? Any tennis predictions? I'd like to know.

1305: First up is Italian firecracker Francesca Schiavone vs Russian Elena Dementieva. Schiavone demolished Wozniacki in the quarters and the 17th seed is now facing a player in her ninth Grand Slam semi and still looking for a first major title. Then it's the Aussie sensation Samantha Stosur playing Jelena Jankovic. Multi media coverage is here for you - live text, BBC Radio 5 Live Sports extra, Red Button video. I'd love to hear your thoughts throughout this beautiful journey. Twitter, 606, TEXT. We're here for you.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery tweeting from Roland Garros: "A beautiful morning on women's semi-finals day and there's every chance Paris will be subjected to the sight of my bare legs once again."

The sun is out
1301: Afternoon. The sun has got all sorts of hats on. What a day. Apologies if there's no sign of the yellow stuff where you are. In fact - where are you? In a park revising for exams? At work? Shopping? Paris maybe? It's all about the ladies today. What more could you want? Forget the World Cup. It's well over a week until a ball gets kicked so let's focus on the bouncy yellow ones at Roland Garros shall we?

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