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Davis Cup - GB v Austria
Wimbledon, 19-21 September 2008

Davis Cup

Great Britain 2-3 Austria

Singles result:

A Peya (Aut) bt A Bogdanovic (GB)

2-6 6-4 6-4 6-2

Austria promoted to World Group

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A Murray (GB) bt J Melzer (Aut) 6-4 5-7 6-4 6-1

Knowle/Melzer Aut bt Murray/Hutchins GB 6-4 6-3 6-1

J Melzer (Aut) beat A Bogdanovic (GB) 3-6 7-6 (3-7) 6-2 6-1
A Murray (GB) beat A Peya (Aut) 6-4 6-1 6-4

By Chris Bevan

1640: Right folks, that's me done and dusted - and Great Britain's hopes of staying in the elite World Group of the Davis Cup are over too. Andy Murray did his stuff but beating Alex Peya was a bridge too far for Bogdanovic. See you in the Euro/Africa zone in 2009...

"What a disaster as usual. If I was Andy Murray I would give up Davis Cup all together and just focus on his career since he can not be excpected to win ties single handed."
MagpieMatt on 606
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Brits Down
Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 4-6 2-6 Peya
Peya is not going wobble now is he? No. He is in at the net again and Boggo is not getting near his volleys. He wraps up his victory and AUSTRIA win promotion to the elite World Group. Great Britain are relegated to the Euro/Africa zone Group One I'm afraid.

Brits Down
Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 4-6 2-5 Peya
Ah, well. So much for that! Boggo starts slicing his backhand rather than using his trusty topspin and the end result is not good from a British point of view. Peya breaks back immediately and he will serve to hand Austria a place in the World Group next year.

Brits Up
Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 4-6 2-4 Peya
Blimey - a couple of scorching returns down either flank help to hand Boggo three break points. Peya saves one with a big serve - we've seen that happen before - but a superb passing backhand down the line gives our boy a break-back at last and all of a sudden the crowd wake up. Not sure where that came from but, frankly, who cares. We are still alive, just.

Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 4-6 1-4 Peya
Boggo is still trying, bless him, and at least he is on the scoreboard in this set. Peya is just biding his time now though, I suspect. Our boy holds but he has got a huge job on his hands to rescue this.

1625: "Bogdanovic is still our second best singles player, and it's not his fault no one else is better than him! He's trying his best to win, but sadly it never seems to be enough.."
MagpieMatt on 606
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Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 4-6 0-4 Peya
One final chance for Boggo at 30-all after he produces a couple of those stunning groundstrokes we saw earlier but it is not enough. Peya is simply too sharp at the net and all around the court and he holds to extend his lead in this fourth set.

"This match is not over yet but it could very soon be and the big question is - where is Britain's number two tennis player? It is very much a one-man team at the moment and you cannot just rely on Andy Murray."
Pat Cash in the BBC commentary box

A depressed silence now spreading round Court One. The only noise is coming from the rush for the exits.
BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at Wimbledon.

Brits Down
Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 4-6 0-3 Peya
Court One is deathly quiet apart from the roars from the Austrian contingent that signals another point for Peya. They are coming thick and fast now - Peya is into the net again to break the Boggo serve and the Brit looks out for the count.

Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 4-6 0-2 Peya
Peya is in command here and no mistake. He holds in double-quick time and the pressure is back on Boggo again.

1615: "Bogdanovic looks less comfortable on grass than a haddock."
FairPlayMotty on 606
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Brits Down
Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 4-6 0-1 Peya
No sign of this Austrian party stopping I'm afraid. Boggo is in big trouble after some sloppy shots hand Peya three break-points at the start of the fourth set. He saves the first two but double-faults at 30-40 to gift Austria a break at the start of the fourth set. The rest of the British team are looking on, very glumly indeed.


Brits Down
Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 4-6 Peya
That's the third set in the bag for Austria. Peya looked very nervous there but Boggo could not take advantage and the Austrian's serve carried him through. The Austrian team are doing some strange dance in their section of the stand which I believe is meant to simulate skiing - I could be wrong though. Anyway, back to the tennis. Boggo's got his back against the wall now - he can still turn this one around though.

1555: "Boggy has probably played his best match ever with not a little heart and passion. Unfortunately so has Peya, but even more so. I still say Pena will win 3-1 but I hope I'm proved wrong!!."
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Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 4-5 Peya
Boggo is certainly infuriating to watch - he is still attacking but creates problems for himself at 30-all when he fails to put away an easy smash at the net and Peya follows in a lob to earn a set-point. A beauty of a second serve rescues the Brit, however, and he produces another inch-perfect forehand into the corner to move to advantage before holding out. Hard work but he still has a faint hope of rescuing this third set.

"You've got to give Bogdanovic credit - he is continuing to go for his shots."
Pat Cash in the BBC commentary box

Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 3-5 Peya
A great pick-up from Boggo sees him reach a delicate Peya slice and put it away for an angled winner. Our boy puts away a backhand passing shot on the next point and that is 0-30 and although Peya puts away, just, a smash he double-faults to gift Britain two more break points. This time for Boggo, surely? Two more huge serves say no and Peya surives again, despite a valiant effort from Boggo who is chasing down every ball.

1555: "Bogdanovic is still in there fighting."
nigeweir on 606
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Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 3-4 Peya
Important for Boggo to hold on in this game and, to be honest, he is not playing that badly. Some big serves and clever net-play see him hold to love - he needs to put Peya under more pressure now so believe in Boggo!

Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 2-4 Peya
Hang on a minute, don't write Boggo off just yet. He works Peya brilliantly at the net and the Austrian can do nothing with a looping cross-court forehand passing shot to hand Britain a break-point - Boggo is only one break down remember - but a bad bounce on Peya's next serve helps him out and he finds two more big deliveries to hold.

1545: "Classic Boggo so far - the early promise, the failure to build on it, an upping of the error count and the start of a slide. Ominous."
BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at Wimbledon

Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 2-3 Peya
That beautiful backhand of Boggo that I was talking about earlier has all but disappeared, which is a shame because that is his best shot by a mile. He holds but he still needs to find a way of breaking back.

Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 1-3 Peya
Well, Boggo is still coming forward but that tactic is not bringing him much success on the Peya serve. The Austrian holds, easily, and he will be looking to break again.

1540: "Hmm looks like I was slightly optimistic that Boggo might be able to do it ... he's all over the place now, chance are looking even worse now of a GB win - hello relegation."
mikeinpeef on 606
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Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 1-2 Peya
Boggo is still serving well but the rest of his game has dropped off. He seems to be in at the net more now too - if only to stop Peya getting there first I suppose. The Austrian has a break-point but sends a half-volley lob long and Boggo holds out. He needs to keep at this and hang in there - he is still in this match.

"The more time Bogdanovic has to think about a shot, the worse he is."
Pat Cash in the BBC commentary box

Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 0-2 Peya
The Court One crowd are trying to raise Boggo's game and, thanks to some mistakes by Peya he gets to 15-30. The Austrian is not having things all his own way but he manages to find a couple of big serves when it matters and he holds.

1533: "BYE BYE BOGGY....."
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Brits Down
Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 0-1 Peya
Sloppy stuff by Boggo - he is cruising at 40-15 but two wayward forehands land long and give Peya a sniff of another break. The Austrian is in at the net to put one volley into a corner and despatches his first break-point of the third set too to take the early advantage in this third set. Time for Boggo to stem the tide - he needs to do it quickly too.

"Peya looks very composed right now - this match has undoubtedly turned but there is no reason why it cannot turn again in Bogdanovic's favour."
Pat Cash in the BBC commentary box


Brits Down
Bogdanovic 6-2 4-6 Peya
Some text-book serve-volleying by Peya sees him serve the set out - those big passing shots by Boggo have dried up a little bit too. This match is back in the balance but the Brit needs to stop his oppnent's momentum as soon as possible.

"That was a great set by Peya because he was in big trouble at the start of it - he produced some gutsy stuff and he is now control of things when he gets to the net."
Pat Cash in the BBC commentary box

Brits Up
Bogdanovic 6-2 4-5 Peya
Hmmm, not so good for Boggo as Peya anticipates his first serve and smashes it back for a winner before a wayward smash attempt comes off the top of our boy's racquet. Boggo fights back to 30-all but Peya is in at the net again to put away the next point and produces his best backhand of the match - and possibly his life - to pass Boggo at the net and break again. Peya will serve for the second set next.

Brits Up
Bogdanovic 6-2 4-4 Peya
Another stutter on serve from Peya, and a double-fault puts Boggo 15-30 up after the Brit has looped another backhand passing shot past the Austrian. It gets better too as he scampers around the court before putting away the next point too. So, two more break-points for Boggo - can he take them this time? Sadly, no, as three big serves put Peya advantage up - but Boggo is not finished yet as an inch-perfect lob and an inside-out forehand give him another chance. This time he takes it with a glorious forehand winner into the corner. We are level again in this second set and the crowd are, briefly, on their feet.

Bogdanovic 6-2 3-4 Peya
Boggo is still battling on and he unleashes another belting groundstroke winner - this time a forehand down the line. Peya miscues with a dinked shot at the net that lands wide but he hits a superb looping lob to stay alive before a big serve from our boy wraps things up.

1507: "Bogdo is broken and now we will find out if he is the choker that those who are closest to him are saying. This is going to be a tough match for him from here. Can't he feel my support from the keyboard!?"
nigeweir on 606
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Bogdanovic 6-2 2-4 Peya
Peya is going to keep making mistakes though so let's not write Boggo off just yet. For someone with a supposedly fragile temperament he responds brilliantly to being broken too - that backhand is finding its range again and, along with a poor volley from Peya, helps him to 15-40. The Austrian ups his game though, saving the first break-point with a big serve and the second with a fantastic stooping volley. Peya holds and howls at his team-mates in celebrations - that was a vital game.

Brits Down
Bogdanovic 6-2 2-3 Peya
Oh dear, all that earlier good work from Boggo has gone to waste. A first double-fault does not help our boy and takes us to 30-all before a mis-hit inside-out forehand gives Peya a break-point. Boggo goes for a big forehand winner in the corner but the ball lands in the tram-lines and that is Austria's first break of this match.

Bogdanovic 6-2 2-2 Peya
Phew - another shot to savour from Boggo sees him scorch down an inside-out forehand drive-volley winner into the corner from mid-court. Pick that one out! A backhand fizzed down the line on the next point takes Boggo to 15-30 and he is playing with a smile on his face - and bringing a grin to mine too. Two big serves dig the Austrian out of a hole, though, and he is happy to slow things down to take the sting out of Boggo. He holds but not without a struggle.

Bogdanovic 6-2 2-1 Peya
More good serving from Boggo and even a sloppy backhand down the line but long does not take him off track. He is into the net to dink a delicate drop-shot winner to wrap this one up and Andy Murray and co in the stands are on their feet to roar their approval. John Lloyd is whispering encouragement at the changeover too. So far, so good.

Bogdanovic 6-2 1-1 Peya
If anything, Boggo is growing in confidence. He seems to have got the measure of everything Peya has got up his sleeve apart from his serve. One passing shot squeezed down the line from our boy shows that he the player here who can do some damage but the Austrian finds just enough to hold.

"So far, Alex Peya does not seem to have much in his armoury that can worry Bogdanovic, who looks fitter than the Austrian too."
Pat Cash in the BBC commentary box

Bogdanovic 6-2 1-0 Peya
Right then, more of the same please Boggo. He drops a limp backhand volley into the net but the Austrian is making more mistakes at the moment and that is keeping our boy ahead at the moment. A big serve wraps up a decent start to the second set for Britain.


Brits Up
Bogdanovic 6-2 Peya
More chances for Boggo and that sliced Peya backhand does look vulnerable. Boggo, on the other hand, looks unbeatable on that flank and at 30-all he unleashes a stinging cross-court backhand to earn his first set-point. That comes and goes but another cracking winner from our boy gives him another opportunity and this time Peya shanks a forehand high and wide. That's the first set in the bag folks...

"Bogdanovic has got a world class backhand - that's why people are so frustrated that he has not made it big."
Pat Cash in the BBC commentary box

Bogdanovic 5-2 Peya
The British team - John Lloyd, the Murrays et al, are all giving Boggo some very vocal support after every point and even the Court One crowd are loud by their standards - I think they sense they are needed here. Peya is on the attack in this one and Boggo is in a spot of bother after a couple of unforced errors but he saves one break-point with a big serve and, eventually, holds. Well done.

"Peya had a couple of opportunities there but he did not quite have enough power on his backhand when it mattered - twice he hit the top of the net."
Pat Cash in the BBC commentary box

Bogdanovic 4-2 Peya
No wobbles from Peya here, who produces some huge deliveries as he whistles through his own service game in double-quick time, but Boggo already has his break - now he just needs to hold...

1430: "Good luck to Boggo now, who is probably playing in his own US Open final today. Have a bad feeling here. He is a world champion at choking. Let's get behind him though, maybe a bit of support from our desktops might drive him on!"
nigeweir on 606
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Bogdanovic 4-1 Peya
What's this? A perfect service game from Boggo? He looks cool, calm and confident at the moment. Fingers crossed it lasts...

"Some very good solid serving from Bogdanovic and he is playing well from the back of the court as well - with those two areas he is dominating at the moment."
Pat Cash in the BBC commentary box

Brits Up
Bogdanovic 3-1 Peya
Oops, a bit sloppy there from Peya - he likes coming into the net when he gets a chance but he doesn't always put those volleys away. Boggo puts him under pressure at the baseline too and seems to be targeting his backhand at the moment - it's working too, a great return from our boy setting up a break-point which he seals when Peya hits a backhand wild and long. A cracking start for Boggo then, but we have been here before of course so don't get carried away...

Bogdanovic 2-1 Peya
Apologies to those of you who don't like me using 'Boggo' but Alex is obviously not an option and I am not repeatedly writing out his surname in full if at all possible(!). Back to the tennis, and Boggo is still settling down but he is playing some nice shots - wrapping up the game after a long rally that saw him play some beautiful cross-court backhands. We know the boy has got the shots though don't we? But it's what's going on in his head that matters...

Bogdanovic 1-1 Peya
I don't know much about Peya, to be honest, but he has already shown he has got a useful backhand and his serve looks solid enough too. Early days yet of course.

Bogdanovic 1-0 Peya
Andy Murray is in the stands already to watch the start of this one and it is decent opening for Boggo, who opens up with a couple of big forehands and holds with a big wide serve. That's one game on the board - better than a few of you probably feared!?

1412: We're up and running. Boggo to serve first.

1409: "It will be fascinating to watch this match because it could be a careeer-defining moment for Alex Bogdanovic. He knows people have ripped into his record, and rightly so, he understands that. But this is a chance to turn it all around. It could change his whole career."
Great Britain captain John Lloyd on BBC Radio 5 Sportsweek

1407: "You know what, I have just a teensy weensy feeling that Boggo might actually pull it off. I know the chances are I'll look a fool in a couple of hours (plus ca change), but these streaks end eventually..."
King of Hi-Vis on 606
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1404: Cries of 'Come on Boggo' greet our boy as he is introduced to the Court One crowd. They are trying to gee him up too - let's hope it works.

"It's a great opportunity for Alex Bogdanovic - I don't know how much of the Murray match he was watching in the locker but I hope he didn't see a lot of it because he would have burnt up a lot of nervous energy that way."
Pat Cash in the BBC commentary box

1400: So the fate of the nation rests with Alex Bogdanovic, who has never won a live Davis Cup match in six attempts. He will play Alex Peya, and is actually ranked higher than his Austrian opponent - 162 to Peya's 164. So, believe in Boggo!

1356: Just in case you aren't aware, this is the decisive match in Great Britain's World Group play-off with Austria. Win, and we stay with the world's elite. Lose, and our boys will be in the Euro/Africa Zone Group One next year.

1350: Afternoon folks. Well, Murray has just done his stuff. Now it's time for Boggo to step up to the plate...

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