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Davis Cup

Great Britain 1-1 Austria

Singles result:

A Murray (GB) v A Peya (Aut)

6-4 6-1 6-3

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EARLIER RESULT - J Melzer (Aut) beat A Bogdanovic (GB) 3-6 7-6 (3-7) 6-2 6-1

By Tom Fordyce

Murray 6-3 Peya
There it is - no late-doors dramas, and the crowd rise to their favourite as he thumps away the winner with his toes under the tape. Peya put up a fight, but that Flushing Meadows confidence is still pouring from every Murray pore. We're at 1-1 going into Saturday's doubles...

Murray 5-3 Peya
Riled, Murray slips up a gear and creams a lovely backhand push past the flailing Peya. A stray honk on a hooter then contributes to an Austrian double-fault, and Murray tramples all over the first break point with that brutal backhand to go to within four points of the match.

Murray 4-3 Peya
That wasn't in the script - Murray plops a forehand wide and is then left standing motionless by a brutal Peya forehand return down the line - three break-back points. The first is saved when Peya clumps his forehand into the net, but Murray then chucks in that head-clutching drop-shot and is put away mercilessly. Skinny life-line for the Austrian outsider.

Murray 4-2 Peya
Grimace from Murray as he dives across to a volley but frames it against the tape, only for Peya to gamble on a forehand blast down the line and miss by a centimetre to ship a break point. He saves it with a crunching first serve out wide but has another wrestled away with a blistering Murray backhand, and when the cheekiest of lobs is followed by cross-court winner, Murray has the break.

Murray 3-2 Peya
Flinty-eyed applause from Skipper Lloyd as Murray drills in another flat backhand zipper to edge back in front. In the second row back, Brother Jamie squiggles a signature on a flag for a blushing female fan.

Murray 2-2 Peya
Sloppiness sneaks into the Murray mix for a mo - a mis-hit backhand bites the net and a forehand driver does the same. With serve.

Murray 2-1 Peya
Kim S cups her chin in her hands and leans forward in her seat as her beau skips around the ball to drive two successive forehand winners into Peya's backhand open spaces. Skipper Lloyd puts a quick pep-talk in the Murray right ear at the changeover.

BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese at Wimbledon: "There's a lady to my left with her Union Jack over her knees to keep her warm. It's that sort of match - a stroll in the autumn sunshine for Murray."

Murray 1-1 Peya
The foot comes off the gas in the Murray motor for a moment, and Peya puts pedal to metal to speed away with his service game.

Murray 1-0 Peya
Easy-peas for Murray as the afternoon shadows stretch across the Number One turf. Peya's producing one lip-smacker of a shot every game but he can't find the consistent bite to trouble Murray.


Murray 6-1 Peya
Double-fault from Peya, and he's starting to look battle-weary. Murray forces him back and a lame forehand into the base of the net tosses away the second set. Odds on Andy teaming up with Jamie in Saturday's doubles narrow at pace.

Murray 5-1 Peya
Wild from Peya, thrashing an eyes-shut forehand into the tram-tracks - but what a backhand pass that is, dinking the ball past a disbelieving Murray from an angle that's tighter than a snake's sleeping-bag. Murray takes a breath and then drives a trademark backhand away to snuff out the sparks.

Murray 4-1 Peya
Applause from the Austrian bench as Peya saves a break point with a drifting backhand slice approach and slapped-away forehand volley. But a Murray backhand boomer down the line sets up another, and when Peya cracks an under-pressure forehand on the run over the baseline, the double-break is bagged.

Murray 3-1 Peya
Murray takes the hint and speeds in to the net to plunk a middle-of-the-strings volley away for a winner. A bright-eyed boy with his face painted Union flag thrashes his thundersticks together while his pal hits the horn.

Murray 2-1 Peya
Likes a bit of serve-and-volley, Peya. He comes over all Stefan E to clamber all over the Murray return and punch away two lovely winners at the net. Mournful hoots drift through the air from the grieving young tooters in the cheap seats.

Murray 2-0 Peya
Peya's making Murray sweat for this. He's keeping the ball in play and waiting for the Scot to make the errors - which is happening more than Murray would like. Stern looks from Judy in the VIP slots.

Murray 1-0 Peya
Oooohs from the crowd as Peya aims a sledgehammer forehand but succeeds only in topping the ball high into the stands - break point. Murray then works his man around mercilessly before flicking a forehand pass past the stranded Peya. That's more like it.


Murray 6-4 Peya
Sweet, sweet ace out wide to the backhand side from Murray, but he then needs a calamitous missed overhead from Peya to give him set point rather than break point against. Peya creams a dreamy backhand down the line to grab deuce but then misses an easier forehand, and a second ace of the game steals the set away. Not from the top drawer of the Murray sideboard, that one - but he's on his way.

Murray 5-4 Peya
Still a cloudless blue overhead - if it wasn't for the slightly cool breeze snaking around the streets of SW19, this could be the first week in July. Smashing volleying from Peya sees him through a deuce drama, and Murray trots to his chair to glug down some pink-tinged cordial.

Murray 5-3 Peya
Little wobble on the Murray serve, two double-faults producing a scowl that could make kids cry, but the fizzling ground-strokes and a lovely scurry-volley at the tape get him out of jail.

Murray 4-3 Peya
Hello - first sign of the Murray sarcasm - Peya drifts a backhand slice approach onto the baseline, but Murray thinks it went long. He asks for the offending ball, examines it ostentatiously and then wanders over to the umpire's chair. "Lot of chalk beyond the baseline?" he asks. Peya prowls along his own baseline and booms in a pinpoint serve to hold on.

Murray 4-2 Peya
I tell you what - that drop-shot... Murray throws in his trademark shot at the right time but to the wrong place, gifting Peya a break point as he flops it into the net. Peya has a huge chance on the second serve but puts his backhand approach woefully into the divider, and when Murray sizzles a top-spin forehand into the corner the wobble is dismissed. Two women with red, white and blue afro wigs whoop-whoop in the stands while bashing their thundersticks together with feverish abandon.

Murray 3-2 Peya
Anti-climactic from Murray. It's almost as if he gives up on that game at 15-0, flopping back an uninterested return to the Peya serve. After the rapid-fire start he's letting his leggy opponent back into this one.

Murray 3-1 Peya
Super scurrying from Peya to keep the raking Murray drives at bay, before a laser-guided forehand pings into the baseline to re-open the gap. Couple of strange errors there from Murray, although the hooters all around parp on regardless.

Murray 2-1 Peya
Wasteful from the new world no.4. At 0-30 Peya is listing badly, only for a greedy forehand into the net and sliced backhand to the same spot to open the door for the Austrian. A big forehand long from Murray concedes break point, and his second loose dropper gifts the game away. Touch of the Boggo about that one.

Murray 2-0 Peya
Has Murray got a mid-afternoon appointment we don't know about? He rattles through his service game at break-neck pace, yelling out his first, "Come on!" as the game folds into his pocket.

Murray 1-0 Peya
Here we go - to cacophonous hooting, Murray tears into the Peya serve, standing tall to blast his way to an immediate break point and then whipping a forehand pass past the flailing Peya to take the game. In the VIP seats, Judy Murray and the floaty-haired Kim Sears beam regally.

1420: "LADIES AND GENNTTLLLEMEN!" screams the MC. "AAAAANDY. MURRAAAAYYY!" did I say Nou Camp? It's like Cow Palace.

1415: Someone's been dishing out the hooters to the crowd - it's like the Nou Camp out there. In some ways, at least.

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