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Murray v Llodra as it happened

US Open

Second-round result:


6-4 1-6 7-5 7-6 (9-7)


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By Chris Bevan

2102: Murray will play Austria's Jurgen Melzer in the third round by the way. Let's hope he has an easier time than he did here. Thanks for your banter and texts and keep an eye out for Jamie Murray and Anne Keothavong who both have doubles matches (although not together) later on this evening.

2059: "Andy had a breeze in the first round and now he has had a contest. Maybe this was the shock he needed to go forward in this tournament."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra


Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 7-6 (9-7) Llodra
A remarkable tie-break sees both players seemingly unable to hold their serve. Murray seems to have the advantage at 5-3 only to double-fault and the Scot then has to save two set points before sealing a dramatic victory with a smash. Safe to say that was tougher than most people thought!

Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 6-6 Llodra
A precise backhand by Murray and a forehand into the net by Llodra takes the Scot to within two points of victory. Two big serves take Llodra back to 30-all but a fizzing forehand down the line gives Murray match-point. Winning now would be too simple though and Llodra's serve, eventually, digs him out of trouble and an ace takes us to a tie-break.

Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 6-5 Llodra
Llodra has come into the net over 140 times in this match apparently. I would have said it was at least double that but, repetitive or not, you cannot blame him - he definitely knows his angles from there. Murray is still serving well though and even tries a volley or two himself, taking the game by stooping brilliantly to hit a forehand that Llodra cannot get back. Great stuff.

Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 5-5 Llodra
Murray broke at the crucial moment to take the third set but Llodra holds firm here - two big serves and a mistake by Murray take him to 40-0 and, although the Frenchman makes a huge mess of a straightforward smash by shanking the ball out of the stadium, he is quickly level.

"I need to sort out my house before my girlfriend gets back from holiday. She is back at 10pm and the house is a mess. So I need Murray to take it in this set. Or I'm in trouble."
Leedstheway18 on 606
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Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 5-4 Llodra
Llodra is producing some incredible shots - one forehand down the line in particular which, incidentally, Murray thought was out. The Frenchman seems more comfortable battling it out from the baseline now too and recovers from 40-15 to deuce before another of those Murray drop-shots and a wild Llodra forehand take Murray to within a game of a place in the third round.

"I just wonder if the pressure of the situation will tell on Llodra."
David Law on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 4-4 Llodra
Murray is an angry young man at the moment - partly with his own game but mostly with the line calls - I don't think he agrees with the ones that are going against him. He manages to compose himself, however, and at 30-all produces his best shot of the match - a fierce backhand winner that zooms down the line. A mis-hit from Llodra in the next point gives Murray another break-back and he is level again. Phew! He is doing this the hard way though...

Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 3-4 Llodra
Danger for Murray at 0-30 and he screams in anger as he sends a wild forehand into the tramlines and gives Llodra three break- points. The Frenchman is long with his first return and a Murray drop-shot is just enough to save the second break-point but the third sees Llodra sends a huge forehand into the corner to go 4-3 up. Sloppy stuff by the Scot and he has been punished again.

Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 3-3 Llodra
Llodra has a knack of wrapping up games just when you think Murray has a way into them. From 0-15 he produces a couple more of those swinging serves and is into the net to follow them up and hold.

Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 3-2 Llodra
The calls may not be going his way at the moment but Murray is not letting all that distract him. Llodra is not getting near his serve at the moment and he holds with ease.

"Andy is such a perfectionist and he is probably finding all this very frustrating. He just has to concentrate on his own performance now and get the job done."
David Law on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 2-2 Llodra
There have been a few over-rules in this match and this game is no different. Murray is unhappy after leaving a 98mph serve which is called out before the umpire decides differently and awards the point to Llodra. You can kind of understand Murray's frustration. Granted, the Frenchman holds to love so it would not have made much difference.

"Good, Murray is under control again. Llodra has given his all, I think, and Andy should finish him here."
Fulltooth on 606
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Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 2-1 Llodra
No problems holding this time for Murray. Llodra goes for some big shots - a sign of tiredness, perhaps? - but they are wild and long.

Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 1-1 Llodra
That's the response we wanted! Llodra, as always, is quickly into the net but Murray's groundstrokes are too low, too fierce and er, too good. The Scot breaks back.

Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 0-1 Llodra
Right, Murray is two sets to one up but let's not get carried away - Llodra is certainly not giving up and he produces two fantastic volleys to move to 30-30 on the Murray serve. A close line-call on a Murray forehand goes the Frenchman's way to give him a break-point and he snaffles up a backhand volley to take the early advantage on the third set. Murray celebrated wildly after winning the third set but he is having another moan now and he has more work to do too.

"Something tells me that its too early to celebrate."
Leedstheway18 on 606
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Murray 6-4 1-6 7-5 Llodra
Where did that come from? Murray produces his best tennis for about an hour-and-a-half to break to love and snatch the third set. Was this all part of his plan? A double-fault and a backhand into the net helped Murray but his return winner to go 0-40 was genius. From there, he made no mistake.

Murray 6-4 1-6 6-5 Llodra
More good serving from Murray - those weak second serves from the second set seem a long time ago now. Llodra must serve to stay in the third set.

Murray 6-4 1-6 5-5 Llodra
Murray wastes a great chance at 15-15 when he has an open court to aim for but smashes the ball straight at Llodra, who had given up on the point, but is able to win the point with a backhand volley. Two big serves and the Frenchman is quickly level again in this third set.

"It has turned into an erratic match - both players have had their moments but on the whole it has not been particularly pretty."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

Murray 6-4 1-6 5-4 Llodra
Some strong serving from Murray takes the heat off him in what is a crucial game but, when Llodra does force a rally, the Scot rises to the occasion - winning a superb rally with a deft forehand winner at what looked like an impossible angle. That's the Murray we love...more of the same please. He follows up with an ace that takes him to within a game of the third set.

Murray 6-4 1-6 4-4 Llodra
A very comfortable hold for Llodra - to love - gives Murray plenty to think about. I don't fancy his chances if he lets this second set slip away so it is getting close to make-or-break time...

"Murray seems to have steadied the ship a little but he is still far from looking like a number six seed."
Canadiancharleson 606
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Murray 6-4 1-6 4-3 Llodra
Murray shows why he can be so frustrating to watch with a needless drop-shot attempt that goes horribly wrong. He recovers to lead 40-15 but a couple of big shots by Llodra bring him back to deuce - the first one of this match, I believe? Murray's serve, thankfully, digs him out of that little hole, however, and he holds.

By the way, David Ferrer seems to have found his feet against Andreas Beck over on court seven. The Spaniard now leads 4-6 7-5 6-3.

Murray 6-4 1-6 3-3 Llodra
A frustrating game for Murray - one attempted return smacks the frame of his racquet and he puts another attempted passing shot into the bottom of the net. One thing is for sure, Llodra is not going to leave quietly - Murray will have to win this match.

Murray 6-4 1-6 3-2 Llodra
Well, at least Murray has got his act together on serve now. He also seems to be moving around the court better too. He holds without any problems.

Murray 6-4 1-6 2-2 Llodra
No chance of a break here for Murray. Llodra is serving well and still volleying superbly. His charges to the net sometimes bring an inspired passing shot from Murray but that is not happening often enough right now.

"We were hoping Murray would be in command by now but instead we are dead level"
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

"Murray won't lose. He just has to wake up. And I think he is starting to get into the game now."
incredibleAldo on 606
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Murray 6-4 1-6 2-1 Llodra
Much better on serve from Murray, who has introduced some power at last. He gets Llodra on the move too and some searching groundstrokes see him hold to love. Let's hope that second set was a blip...

Murray 6-4 1-6 1-1 Llodra
At 15-30 Murray has a chance of a break - it was back in the first set when I last wrote that I think. But a wide-looking Llodra serve is called good before an ace and a net-cord winner for the Frenchman see him hold. Murray has a moan at the umpire, albeit a very well-mannered one, but it won't change anything.

"That's the Sampras way. Get a routine first set, then introduce some drama by inexplicably capitulating in the second. No, wait..."
Mathemagician on 606
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Murray 6-4 1-6 1-0 Llodra
More trouble for Murray as he trails 15-30 after a fierce baseline smash from Llodra, who makes the most of a painfully slow second serve to gain two more break points. The Frenchman wastes his first one with a forehand volley into the net and it needs some Murray magic to save the second with a wonderful cross-court forehand winner. It's been a while since I wrote that hasn't it? But Murray needs an over-rule from the umpire to save another break point before eventually holding. He needs to improve drastically though - particularly his serve.

"Murray's second serve are nowhere near good enough level at this level and they will be punished. They seem to be getting shorter and shorter too."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

"Where did Andy go???"
breathlessfan on 606
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Murray 6-4 1-6 Llodra
Murray looks flat-footed at the moment and he needs to snap out of this slump quickly. Llodra has found his groove but Murray has lost his way. Badly.

Murray 6-4 1-5 Llodra
After his good work earlier on, Murray now seems to be making things as difficult as possible for himself - a couple of wild shots give Llodra a sniff of a second break, which he secures with another volley into the corner that Murray cannot get back.

"Murray looks a little bit too patient and passive at the moment. Llodra looks composed and confident - these are alarming moments for the sixth seed."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

Murray 6-4 1-4 Llodra
Llodra is still looking good though and he clinches another tidy service game with an ace - his fifth of the match.

Over on court seven, fourth seed David Ferrer is in trouble against Andreas Beck - the Spaniard, a semi-finalist here last year, has lost the first set 6-4.

Murray 6-4 1-3 Llodra
Not a bad start for Murray if he is going to salvage this second set. He holds with ease and he is off the mark at last. He is certainly not showing any signs of panic yet.

By the way, Wimbledon champion Venus Williams is through to the third round after demolishing Rossana De Los Rios of Paraguay 6-0 6-3.

"Murray has got to dig a little deeper. That first set was so controlled he though he could come out and pick up where he left off but Llodra is too good a player."
David Lloyd on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

Murray 6-4 0-3 Llodra
Hats off to Llodra - he is in inspired form at the moment, playing a superb dinked half-volley that Murray himself would be proud of. He is full of confidence too - the question is, how will Murray respond?

Murray 6-4 0-2 Llodra
Oh dear. Sloppy stuff from Murray and it is he who is broken. A poor drop-shot and a forehand into the net gives Llodra the early advantage in this second set.

"Murray does not want to try to be too clever. The intensity wasn't there for him in that game - that should be a wake-up call for him."
David Law on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

Murray 6-4 0-1 Llodra
A mixed bag for Murray but he is still having a go at the Llodra serve and you get the feeling he fancies his chances of another break. Not this time though - at 30-30 Llodra is in at the net again to put away two points to hold.

"That's the Sampras way. Get the early break and hold, hold, hold till you win the set. Good start, now sustain it."
chumbawumba2 on 606
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Murray 6-4 Llodra
Blimey, a winner from Llodra - and with his backhand? Quel surprise. It makes no difference though. More mistakes from the Frenchman means Murray has the first set in the bag.

"Only the single break but it was all he needed. Murray takes the first set and he has barely broken sweat."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

Murray 5-4 Llodra
A strange old game for Murray - he just does not look very interested in another break - maybe he is just thinking about wrapping up this first set with his own serve in the next game.

"Not much drama in this match so far - it has been more about mistakes than winners."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

Murray 5-3 Llodra
It's a scorching day at Flushing Meadows, which is another reason why Murray should be looking to get this one over with quickly. Llodra helps him out here with some wild groundstrokes, particularly on his backhand, and four unforced errors gift Murray the game.

Murray 4-3 Llodra
Plan A for Llodra is follow his serve into the net. Plan B for the Frenchman is to follow any other shot into the net. He is volleying well, to be fair, and holds again. He might have to mix things up a bit if he wants to rein in Murray though.

Murray 4-2 Llodra
Solid enough from Murray, who is still dictating things from the baseline. His serve is improving too - two aces in this game keep him in control.

Murray 3-2 Llodra
No wobbles for Llodra this time round. Some textbook serve-volleying and a lucky net-cord winner at 40-0 means he holds to love.

Murray 3-1 Llodra
Llodra stays back on the Murray serve and you cannot help thinking that is playing into Murray's hands. The British number one is not serving particularly well at the moment but he is looking pretty comfortable at the moment.

"Murray will be very happy sitting back on the baseline playing rallies because he knows he will come out on top in most of them."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

Murray 2-1 Llodra
Right, I think we are going to see Llodra in at the net a lot in this match, so how will Murray cope with that? Very well, it turns out. He moves to 15-40 with a precise passing shot and two dipping returns that cause Llodra all sorts of problems. He continues to attack but Murray wraps up his first break of the match with a powerful backhand. All good so far.

Murray 1-1 Llodra
Hmmm, Murray is struggling with his serve and Llodra takes full advantage, scuttling into the net whenever possible - you can tell he likes his doubles. A couple of Murray mistakes takes us to 30-30 but two big serves dig the Scot out of a hole and he holds, just.

Murray 0-1 Llodra
Blink and you would have missed the opening game. Three big serves by Llodra and an excellent volley to wrap things up sees the Frenchman hold to love.

1818: Here we go. Llodra to serve.

1816: Murray and Llodra are out on court and warming up.

Murray looked very comfortable enough against Argentina's Sergio Roitman in the first round and you have to fancy him here too. Whoever does come through will play Austria's Jurgen Melzer or Jiri Vanek of the Czech Republic in the last 32.

1813: The British number one is up against France's Michael Llodra, who is ranked 38 in the world at singles but is better known for his doubles prowess - he and Arnaud Clement beat Andy and his brother Jamie at the Olympics earlier this week.

"You have to hope this is going to be straightforward for Murray. Anything more than three sets is wasted energy - Hopefully he'll put Llodra away quickly!"
ScottyDooDoo on 606
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1810: Murray should be out on Grandstand Court in the next few minutes. He had to wait for the end of the Alize Cornet-Bethanie Mattek match, which saw Cornet, the 17th seed, win 7-6 (7-5) 6-1.

1805: Right then. We've already got one Brit in the third round of the US Open after Anne Keothavong's heroics on Wednesday. Can Andy Murray emulate her today?

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