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Haas v Murray as it happened

Men's singles third round result:

T Haas (Ger) v A MURRAY (GB) 12

4-6 7-6 (7-4) 3-6 2-6


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By Sarah Holt at Wimbledon


Murray 6-4 6-7 6-3 6-2 Haas
Muzza serving for the match now and a place in the second week. The first point is won as he fizzes a forehand across the court. Haas nets and we're almost done here. Oh hang on, Murray goes long on his first match point. The nerves show as he goes long again and it's 40-40 now. He gets lucky to bring up advantage - and another match point. And Haas nets to see Murray wrap up the match and set up a fourth-round meeting with Richard Gasquet.

The match is over in two hours and 31 minutes and here's what Murray has to say for himself:

"I thought it was a good match. He had few chances on my serve and I played well. I've managed to deal with the tight situations and my mentality on the court was really good. The older you get the more you get used to everything."

Murray 6-4 6-7 6-3 5-2 Haas
Murray runs right across the baseline and sends a neat backhand beyond Haas for 15-30. The German nets the balls and falls to the grass as Murray grasps two break points. The crowd - at last - come to life with roars of approval. Murray is looking very, very good as he fires a passing shot beyond Haas - and surely that's it for the world number 38.

Murray 6-4 6-7 6-3 4-2 Haas
The teas have arrived and in the time it takes to stir in the milk, Murray has held and that's the break backed up nicely.

Murray 6-4 6-7 6-3 3-2 Haas
Murray raises his arm in the air as he bends the ball right into the corner of the court at 15-30. Haas nets to hand Muzza a break point. Yea..Ahh. Murray is so close but goes long and then nets as deuce comes around. Mum Judy - who's abandoned other son Jamie's match on Court One - shakes her fists in the box. Murray carves out another break chance and Haas stutters, double faults and Murray edges ahead.

Andrew Castle
"Andy Murray was delighted to see a double fault off the racquet but Tommy wasn't so happy and he's got a warning for that."
BBC Sport commentator Andrew Castle

Murray 6-4 6-7 6-3 2-2 Haas
A couple of dicey shots from Muzza as he drops to 30-30. I'm right off my seat as Murray sends the chalk flying with a super ace. He pings down another big serve and that's that little blip safely avoided.

Murray 6-4 6-7 6-3 1-2 Haas
No idea who'll blink first in this fourth set. Haas is unruffled as he holds his serve and edges ahead. The players skulk back to their chairs and Haas bounces his legs furiously while Murray gulps down some water. The Scot is first out of his chair. Oooh does this mean he, um, means business?

Murray 6-4 6-7 6-3 1-1 Haas
Centre Court is basking in a lovely spell of sunshine, so we've sent our chief off for a round of teas. Meanwhile, Murray levels the set with a straightforward service game.

Murray 6-4 6-7 6-3 0-1 Haas
A double fault from Haas but it makes no difference as he wraps up the opening game under the watchful eye of Prince William's other half Kate Middleton. BBC commentator Andrew Castle thinks William is watching from home. He's probably right.


John McEnroe
Murray 6-4 6-7 6-3 Haas
The two-hour mark ticks over on the clock and Murray wastes no time in wrapping up the third set. Much happier faces in the Murray camp from Mum Judy and squeeze Kim. McEnroe's had enough. He's off. The good news is that Boris Becker is popping by the commentary box as his replacement. Mac's parting words are: "I wanted to say it was quite enjoyable and see you again soon." Thanks.

Murray 6-4 6-7 5-3 Haas
I've just had a text from my friend asking if I was "blessed with freedom". I'm not sure what he's getting at. What I do know is that Haas holds and Murray must serve for the set.

Andrew Castle
Murray 6-4 6-7 5-2 Haas
Haas smashes his racquet to the ground and locks his stubbled jaw in a grimace as Murray moves to 30-15. The Scot screams something incomprehensible as he moves to within one point of the game - and it's his.

Murray 6-4 6-7 4-2 Haas
Murray takes a couple of points from Haas with a lovely sliced drop-shot and a skimming passing shot but the game belongs to Haas. Make no mistake, he's still in this set.

Murray 6-4 6-7 4-1 Haas
Murray moves to 40-15 with another crafty drop-shot and he holds to stretch away in the second. Girlfriend Kim has her hair down again now - does that mean the panic's over?

Murray 6-4 6-7 3-1 Haas
A double fault from Haas takes Murray to 0-30 but he misses a couple of returns for 30-30. Haas puts a forehand in the net to bring up another break chance for the British number one and Haas finds the net again to gift it to Murray. The crowd might be in late afternoon snooze mode but a few get on their feet to cheer the break.

John McEnroe
1731: "Murray's serve is really letting him down now - it has slipped down to around 50 per cent."
John McEnroe in the BBC commentary box

Murray 6-4 6-7 2-1 Haas
Murray's girlfriend Kim has scraped her hair back behind her head - does this mean she's worried? Maybe she's onto something as Muzza, without warning, slides to deuce. Some excellent retrieving from both players but it's Haas that wins the rally with a backhand pass down the line. He's got break point against Muzza. Haas rushes in to net but the German misses his volley - and that's Murray out of that hole. Haas has another break point but an ace gets Muzza out of trouble again. Murray challenges a call and gets the decision, then he fires down another ace to hold. That's a relief for the Scot.

Murray 6-4 6-7 1-1 Haas
Hangs rattles out some smart serves to hold to 40. The referee calls for new balls, and I'm getting worried because McEnroe says "the tide has really turned".

Murray 6-4 6-7 1-0 Haas
Murray gees himself up with another bark of "Yes" as he moves to 30-0. Haas does a swirling overhead (that's the best way I can describe it) for 40-15 and then Murray nets at 40-30. But the Scot looks to his box, pumps the right fist and he takes the first game.

Tim Henman
"I'd like to give a bit of credit to Haas. I think he has appreciated the correct gameplan and has raised his level. Murray has been the dominant factor for three-quarters or seven-eighths of this match but we are back to square one and it has turned into a best of three-set match."
Tim Henman in the BBC commentary box

1714: Richard Gasquet sees off Gilles Simon in four sets on Court One and the French eighth seed (Gasquet, Simon is also French so it could be confusing) is next up for either Murray or Haas.


Murray 6-4 6-7 Haas
A little mini-break for Murray as Haas pumps the ball long but then Murray nets, throws back his head and it's 1-1. A roar of "Noooo" from Muzza as he pumps a forehand long at 1-2. Then an intense rally ends in a "Yeees" as Murray flashes a diagonal backhand beyond Haas for 2-2. This time Haas pumps his first as he comes in again to chip a forehand over for 3-2. Fist pump for Murray as he rescues 3-3. If this breaker carries on like this, I might have to start a new paragraph. Mini-break for Murray as Haas goes wide BUT a good serve and hey-ho it's 4-4. Haas takes a point on the Muzza serve at 5-4 and that's an untimely double fault for Murray and 6-4. Murray nets after a long, long rally and that's second set Haas. Things are getting nail-biting now and frankly I'm not surprised Haas takes a comfort break.

Murray 6-4 6-6 Haas
Some very good work from Haas at the net as he rushes forward to pop a volley over, but Murray finds an answer and skims a forehand past him as Haas tumbles to the ground. A huge ace takes Muzza to 40-15. Another solid return from Haas moves him to 40-30, but Murray waits, waits to return the lob and smash! It's tie-break time.

Murray 6-4 5-6 Haas
Well, well, well we have entered a period of stale-mate on Centre as Haas holds to love. It is eerily quiet around Wimbledon's centre stage, so it might well be up to Murray himself to drag himself through this one.

Murray 6-4 5-5 Haas
Murray regains his focus and holds to 40 thanks to two fluffed returns from Haas.
"That was just the game Murray was looking for as the momentum had swung to Haas in the second set."
Tim Henman in the BBC Sport commentary box

1655: "Murray always looks bored, but he is getting on with it. Who knows, he will win this one easily but can't see him in final this year?"
Phil, Mumbai via text

Murray 6-4 4-5 Haas
Murray tumbles to the floor and an ominous rumbling noise follows around Centre Court. Haas has found a second wind here and is looking very perky. He comfortably holds to take the advantage in the second set.

Murray 6-4 4-4 Haas
Could be a glimmer of hope for Haas here. He moves to 15-30 as he beats Murray in the rally. Oooh, Haas starts shouting at himself when he slides back to 30-30. No idea what he said but it didn't sound very cheerful. And he won't be happy as he loops the ball high and long at 40-30. Haas is making in-roads at the net though and moves to deuce as he nicks one over the net. The German earns his first break point of the match as Murray double faults - thanks to umpire Fergus over-ruling the line judge. Murray saves it though with a splendid ace. But he finds himself in trouble once more and Missus Haas (they're not married) gets to her feet as Murray nets to see Haas break back.

1645: "Murray looks decent this year, doubt he will win but I wonder how far he can go with these sorts of performances?"
Powelly87 on 606

Murray 6-4 4-3 Haas
Funny the blips that Haas is having. He's not playing badly but the luck just isn't going his way. The German challenges Murray's little dink over the net but the replay shows it clipped the line. 30-30 now. Murray pumps a return wide and then Haas sends down a big serve to hold.

Murray 6-4 4-2 Haas
Murray plays a deft little drop-shot to take the first point and, with Haas stranded at the net, he lobs another one over his head for 30-0. Poor old Haas, he was back-peddling desperately there but to no avail. Muzza seals it with yet another ace.

John McEnroe
Murray 6-4 3-2 Haas
Haas holds to love to stay within touching distance of Muzza. Let's here from Le Mac:

"Haas hasn't played a lot of matches recently. He is not match-tough and does not have the belief or confidence for a comeback. At the moment he doesn't know what to do. Haas has taken some lousy bounces but Murray is also playing very well."
John McEnroe in the BBC commentary box

Murray 6-4 3-1 Haas
Murray races to 30-0 and fires down another ace for 40-0. He wraps up the game and we're motoring through this now. I have to say he was looking pretty relaxed all week up at the practice courts. Maybe he knows something we don't.

Murray 6-4 2-1 Haas
Murray moves to 15-30 on the Haas serve and another zinger of a forehand forces the German world number 38 to net - handing Muzza two break points. And he gets the break as Haas fails to clear the net on his return. This is looking toooo good for Murray. This is clearly not what the Centre Court crowd were expecting. Hardly a peep out of them.

Murray 6-4 1-1 Haas
Haas lobs Murray to move to 40-30 but again Murray's serve is far too strong for him and the Scot holds. Thankfully, the conclusion of that game put paid to some very depressing chat here about how life if flashing by almost as equally as a game of tennis... Not the chat we need to open the second set.

Murray 6-4 0-1 Haas
Blink and... Haas has motored to 40-0. Murray pinches a point back and then another as he dips low to send a forehand skipping past Haas' feet. Murray makes a gesture to suggest "drat" as Haas wraps up the first game.


Murray 6-4 Haas
Murray serving for the set now. He skies the ball into a group of pensioners (probably) to slide to 0-15. Haas can't absorb the power of the Scot's next serve though and we're back to 15-15. The ball dribbles under the net at 30-15 and Murray fires down a forehand fizzer at 40-15. Murray takes the first set to 30 and celebrates with the typical pumped fist and a "Yeaaah". Here in the commentary box, I'm celebrating by cracking open my cheese cob while my colleague lets out a sigh (presumably of relief).

Murray 5-4 Haas
Haas is hanging in there. He ends up holding to 30 as Murray nets the ball when he comes into the net.

John McEnroe
"The change in dynamics in this set was with Murray leading 4-2, 30-0. At least Haas has given Murray something to think about at the changeover (holding for 4-3) - it is hard to forget about that so easily."
John McEnroe in the BBC commentary box

Murray 5-3 Haas
It's still fairly sedate on Centre as Murray moves effortlessly to 40-0, pumping his serves to the Haas forehand. A speedy return gets the German a point back but he fluffs the next one by going long to see Muzza move within one game of the first set.

Murray 4-3 Haas
Haas is in trouble here as he slides to 0-30. The crowd are remarkably quiet on Centre Court, though they let out an "Ooooh" when Murray moves to three break points. The British number one pumps the ball long for 15-40 and nets at 30-40. A big, stretch from Haas takes him to deuce. In the end Muzza pumps the ball long and trouble is averted - for now.

Murray 4-2 Haas
Haas drops a shot just over the net and maybe forcing Murray into some serve-and-volleying could be the best tactic for the German. The Scot moves to 40-15 with a fourth ace and that's another game in the bag.

Murray 3-2 Haas
Haas pulls a game closer to Murray as he holds to love, and the players go for a sit down after just 15 minutes of play.

Murray 3-1 Haas
Murray's looking pretty solid. He consolidates the break with a good hold. The camera shows Missus McEnroe sat alongside Missus Haas in the players' box. Quite the love-in with the Haas-Macs.


Tim Henman
"Both players wear their hearts on sleeves. Haas has got such a good all-round game and technically he is so sound he can hit all the shots. Today it will be important how they both deal with adversity and it is the one who does not get frustrated that will have a good chance."
BBC pundit Tim Henman

Murray 2-1 Haas
John McEnroe says he was in Los Angeles in December and ran into Tommy Haas. I was in LA in December how come the only celeb I bumped into was Flavour Flav? Murray puts Haas under a bit of pressure as the German nets a return and then balsts past a passing shot to grab two break points. A backhand down the line from Murray and he takes 'em. Is it too early to get excited?

Murray 1-1 Haas
Murray concedes the first point in his opening service game as he puts the ball wide. Uh-oh, he does likewise to fall to 0-30. There's a relieved cheer from the Centre Court crowd as he rescues both points with a big forehand and first serve. A super serve = a good hold.

Murray 0-1 Haas
Haas gets the match going and flings down a couple of big serves to move to 30-0. Murray strangely pings over a drop-shot, which gets him nowhere and Haas seals the game as the Scot nets.

1550: If Hapless Haas gets through this match without grazing his knee he'll count himself lucky. The 30-year-old trod on a ball at the 2005 championships and sprained his ankle. The following year he had a stomach virus and a wrist injury and in 2007 he retired against Roger Federer in the fourth round because of a torn stomach muscle. This year he's only just back from shoulder surgery so be prepared for anything to drop off / tear / break at any minute.

1546: Murray is nursing a bruise and a bump on his left knee. He walloped himself with his racquet on the follow through from his serve during practice earlier. He reckons it'll be fine though after putting some ice on it. Here's what the 12th seed told BBC Sport's Phil Jones ahead of the match:

"It's pretty windy so it'll be swirling on Centre Court. I'm hitting the ball OK, though it might be tough. Haas is solid off both sides, serves well, volley's good. I've got a lot of experience from my first two matches and I'm feeling confident."

1541: Here they come. Murray and Haas emerge through the white doors of the locker rooms and put their bags down by their chairs. Murray still has his caramel brown man bag with him. He's having a little chat with umpire Fergus Murphy of Ireland at the net while Haas stays sat down conserving energy.

1538: "If Murray serves like he did the other day then he'll win, if not then it could be an oh so familiar "squeeky bum" afternoon!"
Danny1982 on 606

1535: Here we go then. The tennis equivalent of this weekend's Euro 2008 final. Andy Murray v Tommy Haas.

It's not quite Spain v Germany, but it could be - Murray did train in Spain after all.

This match could well mark the Scot's 2008 Wimbledon campaign as a success or failure.

Before the tournament Murray's only target - and the target set him by every other Tom, Dick and Harry - was that he reach the second week.

All the nation asks is that we have a Briton into the second week. But will we? Join the debate on 606

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