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Eaton v Tursunov as it happened

Men's singles second round result:

C Eaton (GB) v D TURSUNOV (Rus) 25

6-7 (2-7) 2-6 4-6


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By Tom Fordyce at Wimbledon

Eaton 4-6 Tursunov
He gave it a fantastic crack, but the gap in class was too big in the end. Phrases like "learning-curve" and "great experience" fill the air as the flag-wavers stand to applaud Eaton off.

Eaton 4-5 Tursunov
Ace number 13 from Eaton to stay alive by the skinniest of margins. Miracles needed. Damp-eyed girls point fingers skywards and pray.

Eaton 3-5 Tursunov
One hour 49 minutes in, and the relentless Russian holds to love. From the racket around Court No.1 you'd think we were at 6-6 in the final set.

Eaton 3-4 Tursunov
Eaton pops up a volley at the net and is nearly cut in half by Tursunov's smashway. A girl screams as if her man had been shot. Tursunov might as well be playing with ear-plugs in for all the note he's taking of the boy-band bleating.

Eaton 2-4 Tursunov
Two more chances only now of a break, or Eaton's brave joust is coming to a plucky close. Rain holding off.

"You're running out of time to say 'Eaton rifles in a great serve...' Fat Dave in Cornwall via text

Elementary error, Fat Man - standards are slipping at the end of a long day, and I'm as upset by that as anybody.

Eaton 2-3 Tursunov
That's not the first split-splats of rain at this year's Wimbledon, is it? Eaton volleys again with his meaty backhand to stay a single break down. Gloomy out there now.

Eaton 1-3 Tursunov
Crashing forehand and rock-solid volley from Eaton to re-ignite the fan fires at 30-30, but Turs is deaf to the caterwauling and polishes the game off with stoney-eyed relish.

Eaton 1-2 Tursunov
Reality bites for the Eaton army as their man stumbles with his ninth double-fault to give up another break. A young girl in a yellow t-shirt clutches her head in her hands in wide-eyed horror.

Eaton 1-1 Tursunov
Untroubled from Turs. It takes more than this to rattle a man who owns Streisland long-players.

Eaton 1-0 Tursunov
You can't fault the support he's getting out there - from the near-rabid shouts, you'd think he was on the brink of discovering a cure for global warming. Solid volleying to stay involved.


Eaton 2-6 Tursunov
Relentless closing-out from the cavalier Russian. The screams are falling silent. Eaton dashes for a courtesy-break, seeking - as many men have - wisdom in the shiny porcelain of a urinal.

Eaton 2-5 Tursunov
Eaton does love a serve-volley, and when the first serve bites, Turs is troubled. With two breaks stashed in his back pocket, however, he's still parked in the driving seat. Another Turs morsel for you - his favourite musicians are Jean-Michael Jarre and Barbra Streisand. Ouch.

Eaton 1-5 Tursunov
Half a chance for the home favourite as Turs leaves a big gap down the line, but Eaton's drive slides wide. A girl is heart-shaped sunglasses chews her fingernails like Tracey Ullman circa 1983.

Eaton 1-4 Tursunov
Alarm-klaxons sound as Eaton's radar wonks and gives Turs two break points. The first is saved when Turs slaps an easy forehand into the tape, but Eaton misses his first serve on the next and is then called for a double-fault when he gambles on a blaster second time around. That's the double break, and trouble deep.

Eaton 1-3 Tursunov
If I told you that Turs lists his interests as electronic & dance music, sports cars, knitting and collecting walnut shells, you'd think I was making things up, wouldn't you? Trust me - I'm a BBC journalist. Eaton has his first nibble at a break point but sends an adrenalised backhand a foot long.

Eaton 1-2 Tursunov
Good riposte from The Gangler - a sizzling service game to love. "Eaton Eaton Eaton!" chant his youthful admirers.

Eaton 0-2 Tursunov
First real signs of the gap in class. Turs turns on the style, and his groundstrokes are carrying the dreadful menace of an angered pitbull.

Eaton 0-1 Tursunov
Eaton is in a bit of trouble at 15-30 but wallops down an ace. The Brit then dumps an attempted biggie into the net and it's the second break point of the match for Turs. Eaton sends a top-pacer out wide and gives it some "C'mon!" as he hangs on. Another searing return and Turs is finding his range now - break point number three, and a doffed-cap backhand creamer down the line silences the partisans.

Suggestions for the re-naming of Henman Hill/Murray Mound should the outsider pull this off:

"Eaton Rise". "Garden of Eaton"??! Shouldn't it be "Eaton Square" - he sounds like a well spoken chap ... " From anonymous via text


Eaton 6-7 Tursunov
Turs sizzles down a rapid first serve and then attacks Eaton's second to open a mini-break. Aghs from the Eatonites. A hurried volley then flies marginally wide, and when Turs smashes a serve onto the T the set has slipped from the Briton's green fingers.

Eaton 6-6 Tursunov
Hold he does, barely beading his brow. Eaton has never lost a tie-break in a tour event - mainly because he's only had one, two days ago. 100% record - not even Roger can boast that.

Eaton 5-6 Tursunov
Turs wobbles briefly at deuce, and the teenage screeching pings around the ear-drums. Big boomer down the middle from the Russian and Eaton needs to hold to stay in the set.

Eaton 5-5 Tursunov
Crash bang wallop - a second hold to love from Eaton. He's matching the world no.33 every step of the way.

Eaton 4-5 Tursunov
Big hammer-forehand down the line from Eaton to move to 30-40, but Turs closes the game out with party-pooping purpose. Eaton's parents are here too - Mike and Sue, nudging each other with a mix of disbelief and glee.

Eaton 4-4 Tursunov
Okay, says Eaton - try a love-game for size. Surprise face in the crowd - it's Tim Henman's old man, and he's actually smiling. Remarkable.

Eaton 3-4 Tursunov
Eaton's not the only man with a whip-crack serve - Tursunov creams down a quartet of his own.

Eaton 3-3 Tursunov
Big serving again from Eaton, and he's dealing well with the heady early-evening atmosphere. More on Tursunov - he's apparently a big fan of Jackie Chan, Will Ferrell and Owen Wilson, which might explain the towelling headband - it's very Blades of Glory.

Eaton 2-3 Tursunov
Lovely touch at the net from the man we once called Nemesis on account of his uncanny ability to destroy Tim Henman time and time again. Eaton chases folornly.

Eaton 2-2 Tursunov
First glimpse there of Eaton's glamourpuss ladyfriend, a model by the name of Emma, according to the Sun newspaper. She's clearly been well briefed in the ways of the tennis companion - she's wearing sunglasses the size of dinner-plates and an outfit clearly designed for very warm conditions. Eaton canters to 40-0, ships two double-faults and then booms in an ace to draw level.

Eaton 1-2 Tursunov
Tursunov is wearing the most ill-advised headband since Annabel Croft. He goes wonky with his first serve to give Eaton a sniff at deuce, but the Plucky Outsider (TM) gambles on big winners and sees the dice roll against him.

Eaton 1-1 Tursunov
Groans as the big lad's first serve booms long and wide for a double-fault - but two boomers see him home. The Court One crowd, still giddy after Sharapova's shock defeat, rise to him as if he's taken the set.

Eaton 0-1 Tursunov
Screams from a gaggle of over-excited teenage girls as Eaton crouches to face the Tursunov terror. We won't call it a rude awakening, but he's yet to get a point on the board.

1805: Eaton's 628 places lower in the rankings than Tursunov. He surely can't win, can he? Can he?

1800: Ready for this year's fairytale?

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