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Last Updated: Friday, 8 February 2008, 12:54 GMT
Argentina v GB day one as it happened
Argentina 2-0 Great Britain

Second rubber result:

A Calleri * v A Bogdanovic

6-3 6-1 6-1

First rubber result:

David Nalbandian bt Jamie Baker

6-1 6-3 6-3



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By Sarah Holt

1722: To have any hope of progressing in this World Group, Great Britain need to win their remaining three matches. That all starts with the doubles, where Britain will be represented by Jamie Murray and rookie Ross Hutchins. We'll be back for that around 1200GMT tomorrow and with any luck we'll do some Jamie Murray lookalikes to keep us happy.

1720: "Two very comfortable straight sets victories. Calleri and Nalbandian are both unbeaten on clay in the Davis Cup. It was always going to be tough for the British team and it proved to be so."
BBC Sport's Chris Bradnam

Third set:

Calleri 6-1 Bogdanovic
The Argentine is closing in on the third set, the match and a 2-0 lead for Argentina. Calleri moves to 40-15 with a solid forehand and Bogo loops the ball long to hand him victory. It was all rather straightforward in the end.

Calleri 5-1 Bogdanovic
Calleri takes the first point on the Bogo serve and then lashes down a forehand for 15-30. A loose return from the Argentine takes Bogo to 40-30 but a drive volley from Calleri takes him to deuce. A frantic point ends with Calleri smashing the ball down at the net for another break chance and Bogo is well wide as the Argentine breaks again.

"At times the passages of play make the scoreboard look unkind to Bogdanovic; it looks like a hammering."
BBC Sport's Chris Bradnam

Calleri 4-1 Bogdanovic
Blink and you miss it on the Calleri serve as already he's 40-0 up. The world number 41 fires down an ace and the crowd are probably thinking of their steak dinners.

"The match is practically over."
BBC Sport's Chris Bradnam

Calleri 3-1 Bogdanovic
Back to the serious stuff for a minute. Bogo finds himself down at 30-40 and then pumps the ball long to hand Calleri the break in a poor game.

Hugh Jackman
1700: Here's a picture of Hugh Jackman in case you wondered and now more news on the Calleri actor question:

"Greg Kinnear??"
Stevo 1976 on 606

"David Duchovny?"
Anonymous via text

Calleri 2-1 Bogdanovic
Bogo can't get near the Calleri serve and the Argentine holds to 15.

Calleri 1-1 Bogdanovic
Bogo finds himself at 15-30 on his serve; and remember he's lost his opening service games in the last two sets. GB captain John Lloyd looks pretty bemused on the sidelines but Bogo holds to stop the rot, for now.

Calleri 1-0 Bogdanovic
News just in on the Castle question via anonymous on the text: "Calleri looks like Hugh Jackman." I cannot vouch for that but what I can tell you is that Calleri holds in the opener of this third set.

Second set:

Calleri 6-1 Bogdanovic
Bogo is under pressure again on his serve as he finds himself at 40-40. Calleri takes advantage but Bogo works hard to knock down an overhead at the net. The Argentine looks like he is looking for a break to finish off the set. And he gets it to leave Bogo and Britain's hopes hanging by a thread now.

"I'm still trying to think of the actor Calleri resembles."
BBC analyst Andrew Castle (if anyone can put Castle out of his misery please let me know on 606 here or via text)

Calleri 5-1 Bogdanovic
Calleri seems to be operating at a totally different pace now as he motors to 40-0 and seals a third straight love game with an ace.

Calleri 4-1 Bogdanovic
The atmosphere in Buenos Aires is a little flat and Bogo finds himself at 30-30. The Briton concedes a break point but recovers deuce. The Argentine nets but Bogo double faults to slide back to 40-40. A backhand volley takes Calleri to advantage and then a hard-hit return earns the Argentine a second break.

"The way the big points are being played is the difference in this match and Calleri's class is coming through."
BBC analyst Andrew Castle

Calleri 3-1 Bogdanovic
A thump from the backboard announces another love service game from Calleri.

1623: "Sarah, I would like a valued woman's hair-do opinion. Stick with short and spikey or go for the latest trend of lucious sidebottom/murray locks?"
Anonymous via text

Well, Anonymous here is a subject on which I can prattle on. For me, the Murray bouffant is a bit 2005, when Luke Pritchard of The Kooks first brought back the look. But on the other hand, short and spikey isn't that adventurous. Hang on, is this my BBC colleague Sam Lyon by any chance?

Calleri 2-1 Bogdanovic
Another outswinging serve pays dividends for Bogo as he moves to 40-15 and there's a bit of encouragement for Britain as he holds.

Calleri 2-0 Bogdanovic
Calleri looks in a pretty determined frame of mind out there and holds to love, as Bogo's lob drops long.

Calleri 1-0 Bogdanovic
So, what we want to know now is can Bogo battle himself into this match? He had his chances in the first set and so should not feel too despondent. The world number 188 is taken to deuce in his opening game of the second and is broken. Hmmmm.

First set:

1612: "I don't think Calleri will play a worse set in the match than that so Bogdanovic should be disappointed."
BBC analyst Andrew Castle

Calleri 6-3 Bogdanovic
The Argentine is put under a bit of pressure at 15-30 but another strong serve pulls Calleri level. Bogo does earn a break point at 30-40 as Calleri goes wide but Bogo cannot quite curve his forehand in at deuce. Bogo clings on to a second deuce but a lucky net cord sees a pumped-up Calleri hold and take the first set.

Calleri 5-3 Bogdanovic
There are big cheers from the crowd as Calleri uses his strength to move to 0-40 on the Bogo serve. The Brit saves one break point with a forehand right down the line but he puts the next one long to hand Calleri the break.

1600: "Calleri is definitely the weak link, however the fact it is a five-set match will still make it tough for Boggo."
Rafa fan on 606

Calleri 4-3 Bogdanovic
A couple of aces take Calleri to 40-15 and the world number 41 holds.

Calleri 3-3 Bogdanovic
Bogo pushes the ball wide at 15-30 but stretches Calleri with a backhand for 30-30. The Argentine carves out a break point but the Brit recovers deuce. A decent kick-serve sees Bogo holds and it's an encouraging start for the 23-year-old.

Calleri 3-2 Bogdanovic
Well, it's hard to predict what sort of a match we might have on our hands here, as it's pretty tight out there at the minute. Bogo questions a line call and wins it - no fancy Hawk-Eye technology at the Davis Cup though - and moves to 30-15. A thumping ace takes Calleri to 40-30 and he holds.

Calleri 2-2 Bogdanovic
Bogo holds.

1545: "It's drizzling again!!!!!"
Red and White in Buenos Aires on 606 So it is, there are plenty of umbrellas up in the stadium now, but unless it buckets it down they will play on in clay.

Calleri 2-1 Bogdanovic
Bogo shows a bit of fight to move to 0-30 on the Calleri serve. The Argentine tumbles to the clay and spoils those nice white shorts with smears of red dust at 0-40. Calleri nets and Bogo breaks back.

"We all know that Bogdanovic is capable and should be on a level with Calleri."
BBC analyst Andrew Castle

Calleri 2-0 Bogdanovic
Bogo is wearing some bright red trainers which I feel are worth a mention. The Brit is put to work straight away as he slides to 15-30, bumbling at the net. Calleri is not going to make this easy for the Brit and forces him to 30-40. Bogo saves deuce, the Argentine skies the ball high but then delivers a slicing forehand for a second deuce. A nice drop shot hands Calleri advantage and Bogo nets to concede an early break.

Calleri 1-0 Bogdanovic
We're off in the second rubber with Bogdanovic winning the toss and electing to receive. Calleri has opted for a white shirt with two light blue flashes of colour and he gets off to an energetic start, sealing the first game with an ace.

1522: The players are warming up for the second singles match in Buenos Aires. And let's drum up a bit of optimism then:

"Bogo to win in five!"
Chris via text

"C'mooooooon Boggo!!!"
The Nameless One on 606

In the interest of consistency, I think I'll go for the spelling "Bogo" during this live, if that's okay with you all.

1515: "I just want him to open his shoulders and have a go like he did against Australia all those years ago."
GB captain John Lloyd on Alex Bogdanovic

Lloyd is referring to Bogo's Davis Cup debut in Australia in 2003. He gave Lleyton Hewitt a scare in his first match then beat Todd Woodbridge in his second. Sadly, he has lost to Israel's Noam Okun in 2005 and 2006, the only matches he has played for Great Britain since - not quite so impressive that.

1502: Oh dear, not the greatest start for the Brits then. But stick with us - Alex Bogdanovic is on court in the next few minutes and will take on world number 41 Agustin Calleri. Another toughie, but can Bogo turn the tide?

1455: "It is a learning experience for Baker. He improved as the match went on. He's never going to be a great player but he could be a very good professional."
BBC analyst Andrew Castle

Third set:

Nalbandian 6-3 Baker
Some scrappy play takes Baker to 15-30 on the Nalbo (Bandy) serve; but he mis-fires at 30-30. A rash double fault from the Argentine hands the Scot a break point. Is there life in this set yet? Nalbandian saves deuce but another unforced errors sees Baker take advantage. The world number nine wrong-foots the Briton to set up match-point to the cheers of the crowd. A fierce ace give Argentina the perfect start as Nalbo wraps it up.

Nalbandian 5-3 Baker
Baker hits the ball wide to slip to 30-30 and the Britain's momentum is halted as Nalbo breaks him for the second time.

Nalbandian 4-3 Baker
So we're staying on serve in the third as Nalbandian holds and at the change of ends, GB captain Lloyd looks like he's giving Baker some urgent advice.

Nalbandian 3-3 Baker
Baker has picked up the momentum a bit more and moves to 30-0 as Nalbo - or Bandy, according to Mike Lowry on 606 - goes wide. The Argentine recovers to 30-30 but pumps the ball out at 40-30 and the Scot holds.

Nalbandian 3-2 Baker
Baker flicks a cheeky return at 40-15 but then goes long to see Nalbo hold.

Nalbandian 2-2 Baker
Some more feisty play from Baker takes him to 40-15 on his serve and he holds with a diagonal forehand, which Nalbo wafts at but just misses.

1430: "Baker is now facing an inevitable defeat. Surely this is the moment when he glances up in the stands and sees what was an empty space taken up by a girlfriend/father and a tragically lost mentor returns with the sound of un upbeat, cheesy glam rock song, and Baker gets fired up and battles a hard fought victory.

Or have watching too many hollywood sport flicks got the better of me?
GXToms on 606 Well, GX let's just see shall we?

Nalbandian 2-1 Baker
A momentary loss of focus by Nalbo gives Baker a chance to break back and he does with a lashing forehand.

"He struck the ball with some real purpose. That's good."
BBC analyst Andrew Castle.

Nalbandian 2-0 Baker
Nalbandian draws Baker into the net and then pops over a volley into the open court at 15-30. A cheeky backhand cross-court return hands Nalbo two more break points. He can't reach a smash to see one go by but Baker goes long to surrender another early break.

Nalbandian 1-0 Baker
Nalbandian fires down an ace to claim the first game of the third set.

1416: "Baker won't ever be in the same class as Nalbandian so all he can do now is soak up the pressure."
BBC analyst Andrew Castle

Second set:

Nalbandian 6-3 Baker
That might be a bit optimistic Chris, as Baker drops to 15-30 on his serve. The Scot puts too much on his return at 15-40 but the wind rescues a point for Baker at 30-40. In the end, Nalbo is too good as he fires across a forehand to break straight back and wrap up the second set.

1412: "Baker to win in five!"
Chris via text

Nalbandian 5-3 Baker
Nalbandian misfires with his forehand to slide to 15-30 and then nets the ball to gift Baker two break points. Nalbo gets down for a volley but dumps a drop shot to hand Baker a game back. Good work from Baker.

Nalbandian 5-2 Baker
Baker concedes three break points in a loose game and a flying forehand from Nalbo just clips the line as he takes a double break.

"Nalbandian is one of the heaviest sweaters on tour, he always looks like he's run a marathon."
BBC Sport's Chris Bradnam

Nalbandian 4-2 Baker
Conditions are pretty gusty out there - to be honest even the TV camera looks like it is wobbling. Nalbandian - or to give him his proper clockwatch name, Nalbo - rattles off another game.

1400: "Argentina might rather fancy continuing their long run of 5-0 home drubbings"
Moody Chops on 606

Nalbandian 3-2 Baker
Some more decent play from Baker takes him to 40-15, as Lloyd watches on urgently from the sidelines, and he holds.

Nalbandian 3-1 Baker
Baker is showing more confidence now as he moves to 15-40 on the Nalbandian serve. A lashing serve takes the Argentine to 30-40 and, after a battling rally, he saves deuce. Baker mutters to himself. The Scot scurries around the court but misses a smash and Nalbandian holds.

1350: "Nalbandian hits such a solid, cleanly hit ball on the clay; and that's difficult for Baker."
BBC Sport analyst Andrew Castle

Nalbandian 2-1 Baker
A Lleyton Hewitt-esque "Come on" from Baker as he moves to 40-30 on his serve. The Briton nets the ball for deuce. Nalbandian thumps the ball into the net to give Baker advantage and good news for the British camp as the Scot holds.

1345: "At least he managed one game, hopefully he might get two this set!"
Sumit via text (Still the voice of optimism. Let's see if you can keep it up over the next two days)

Nalbandian 2-0 Baker
Nabandian isn't stretching himself over in Buenos Aires as he motors to a 2-0 lead.

Nalbandian 1-0 Baker
Not the start Baker would have wanted as he is broken to love by Nalbandian in the opening game of the second. The Scot's tactic of standing way back behind the baseline is pretty toothless against the world number nine.

First set:

Nalbandian 6-1 Baker
Nalbandian, dressed in sky blue and white, moves to within two points from the first set. He pumps down another big serve to move to 40-0. A double fault and then a rash shot into the net sees him falter at 40-30. Well, a lucky net-cord takes Baker to deuce - is a comeback on the cards? The answer is . . . . . maybe. The Scot saves a second deuce with a passing shot at the net. But Nalbandian closes it out on his fifth set point. Great Britain's Davis Cup captain John Lloyd shrugs his shoulders as Baker sits back down.

Nalbandian 5-1 Baker
A ripple of union jack flags in the crowd as Baker wins his first game of the match for Britain.

Nalbandian 5-0 Baker
Nalbandian whizzes through another game, finishing it off with an aggressive forehand down the line, to march closer to the set

1326: "Let's forget about Murray and get behind Baker! Im sure he'll do GB proud!"
Sumit on 606 (Sumit is from Baker's hometown ofGlasgow, so that must explain his optimism)

Nalbandian 4-0 Baker
It is a bit of a struggle out there for Baker as he slides to 15-40. He recovers one break point as Nalbandian goes long; but he cannot save another as the Argentine stretches his country's lead.

1318: "There has been a lot of talk about how many games will Great Britain win. People aren't even talking about sets; and this match has got that feel about it already."
BBC Sport's Chris Bradnam

Nalbandian 3-0 Baker
There are ripples of applause from the Argentine man as their man unleashes some big forehands and he holds to love again.

Nalbandian 2-0 Baker
First point to Baker and Britain as Nalbandian pushes his forehand long. The Scot's attempt to drift it over the net is a bit of a misjudgement at 15-15 and the world number nine shows him how it's done at 15-30. Looks like the nerves are showing for Baker as he slides to 15-40 and Nalbandian breaks him with ease.

Nalbandian 1-0 Baker
Some powerful serving from Nalbandian takes him to 30-0 and the world number nine efficiently holds to love.

1307: Just to give you an idea of the task facing Baker; his world ranking of 235 is only good enough for him to be ranked as Argentina's number 21. So you could look at it as the 21st best player in Argentina taking on the best. Hmmmm.

1300: Baker, the British number two, wins the toss and elects to receive. First of all the players warm up on the clay. There was some rain in Argentina this morning, so that means the court is expected to be a little heavy.

1256: You can watch the Davis Cup on BBCi now and on BBC Two from 1330; and of course it would cheer me up no end if you dropped me a line on 606 or on the text.

1255: So, the opening ceremony continues in Buenos Aires with the introduction of the teams; and there's still plenty of tunes from the local brass band, who are now circling the clay court.

1252: "I would fancy GB to win the doubles, but even if they don't Argentina will probably rest Nalbandian after being 3-0 up, so we might get a rubber in the singles."
Abroard_magpie on 606

1245 GMT: A marching band replete with drumming boys heralds the opening of the Davis Cup tie between Great Britain and Argentina in Buenos Aires.

In Friday's opening singles, Jamie Baker, the world 235, faces world number nine David Nalbandian.

Davis Cup photos
08 Feb 08 |  Tennis


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