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Wimbledon 2007
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By the BBC Sport team at Wimbledon


1926: Play will resume at 1100 on Friday and this time Nadal gets the jump on Federer as he is up first on Centre Court against Berdych. Fed will then pick up his quarter-final against Ferrero with the scores tied at 5-5 in the first set. Ivanovic and Venus then go head-to-head in their semi-final.

Over on Court One, Marcos Baghdatis is first on against Djokovic, followed by Roddick versus Gasquet. Justine Henin rounds off the play there in her semi against Marion Bartoli.

That's your lot. Some of us will see you early doors. The rest of us say au revoir til next time.

1916: Finally, the voice of Wimbledon accepts the inevitable. Because of "failing light and rain in the air", there will be no more play for the day. The voice does wish us all a safe journey home though, which is nice.

1910: "At least it appears the Mole and Ms Holt (see 1849 entry) have had to do some work (I use the word loosely) today. Moley will need a late start in the morning to recover."
LC via text on 81111 (He might need one but he certainly won't be getting one)

John Lloyd
1900: Someone's just texted in to ask whether Andrew Castle ever played John McEnroe. The answer, sadly, is no. But fellow BBC pundit John 'Legs' Lloyd did play Mac on seven occasions. Lost all seven.

1855: "We're the naughty boys playing cricket in the basement (see 1845 entry)! We're in room 48. So come on down with a team and give us a game if you dare!"
Anonymous via text on 81111

1849: It's turning into the Holt 'n' Moley show... "Absolute chaos in the Wimbledon shop. Please call play off if only to stop these women fighting over tennis tat. (I'm sure it's not tat by the way)."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt, probably fighting with the best of them in the Wimbledon shop

1845: Here's Moley. He's bound to cheer us up... "Over in the Broadcast Centre and Mole has received a visit from BBC Sport's Sarah Holt. Who is absolutely mad as a hatter. Whilst trying to block out the nonsense she was prattling on about, we stumbled across some rapscallions playing corridor cricket in the basement. Stumps, a bat and everything. So that's why Boris has been wearing those cricket outfits all week."
BBC Sport's TV Mole, fielding at silly mid-off

The view from the fans
1840: "Don't know where the voice of Wimbledon gets his optimism from. Rain getting worse here on Court One. Question is more when it will ease off so we can escape to the station?"
Richard & Sandra sheltering in the rafters of Court One

1834: "The voice of Wimbledon might be confident of more play but cheery TV weatherwoman Carol Kirkwood isn't. She's given it the thumbs down."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Wimbledon

It's raining at Wimbledon
1824: To add to the gloomy mood around Wimbledon at the moment, a very downcast Nicole Vaidisova is giving her views to the press. After blowing three match points against Ana Ivanovic, she says: "Obviously I'm very disappointed but I'm not going to be heartbroken. It's tennis. It's a sport." She does look heartbroken though. Poor love.

1815: By the way, anyone worried about marathon men Marcelo Melo and Andre Sa? Anyone?? Well, we're going to tell you anyway... After winning the longest match in Wimbledon history yesterday, the Brazilian duo needed only three hours and 36 minutes to reach the quarter-finals. They beat Christopher Cas and Alex Peya 6-4 6-7 7-6 6-7 6-4. Easy.

1812: The voice of Wimbledon is in optimistic mood. He is hopeful this band of rain will pass in the next hour so after which we may have some play. A muffled cheer goes up on Centre Court.

1807: "How good it is to see John McEnroe in shirt and tie every year when commentating for the BBC. Pity Castle and Lloyd don't follow by example."
Jillie via text on 81111 (We'll pass that on, Jillie)

1800: There's a little fella practising his heading skills with an oversized tennis ball. Ho-hum. It's still raining.

1757: "Re the poll - surely Petr Korda's scissor kick victory celebration has to go down as the greatest of all time?"
RupertLeBear on 606

1743: BBC1 have rooted around in the archives and come up with... John McEnroe singing. No one needs to see that. But it is still more entertaining than the wretched Mexican wave on Centre Court. We're sending unpredictable BBC Sport journalist Sarah Holt to find the instigator and destroy him/her.

Rafa Nadal's shoes
1740: It's still raining here, looks pretty grey too. Roger's probably already settling in for Hollyoaks or something. Anyhow how about a picture of a pair of Rafa's shoes to cheer us up - look he had his catchphrase 'Vamos' stitched on.

1731: "Anyone else find Djokovic's interminable ball bouncing more irritating than the Nadal short adjustment? For the record, on match point v Hewitt - 23 bounces. Possible poll?
David via text (steady David, best leave that to the professionals)

1725: Thanks to all 4,218 bored office workers who voted in our web poll to find the player with the best celebration. Rafael Nadal came out on top with his "Vamos'" with 31% of the vote, and was followed closely home by Hewitt and Henman. Bjorkman will have to hug himself after finishing last.

1718: Here comes the Voice of Wimbledon: "We've been told by the Met Office that we're halfway through this current belt of rain but we're still hopeful we will get some more play later."

1710: This is one of the closest web votes we've ever had! Nadal has snuck into a lead, but Hewitt and Henman, and his pumping fist, are closing in. Not much love for Bjorkman, so it is just as well he is content with hugging himself, you meanies.

Sorry folks, it is still drizzling here. Here's some more from The Mole to cheer us up: "Is it very wrong to be cheering the pouring rain if it means I won't have to be exposed to Mansour Bahrami and his wacky senior tennis doubles antics on Court 18? Might even start a Mexican wave in the office. Sweet."
BBC Sport's TV Mole (male moles are called boars, draw your own conclusions)

1658: BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese has just demonstrated Bjorkman's self-hug by clasping her arms round herself and, er, giving herself a hug. Where's Radio One's David Garrido when you need him eh?

1650: Ahhh poor old Lleyton. He tried to gee himself up and everything with his famous 'C'maaaawn' out on Court One. Maybe he will take some consolation from at last making it into a web vote. Hold on. Ready? Which tennis player has the best celebration? You know what to do.

1640: Lleyton Hewitt is asked by the men and women of the world's press, do you think you could have done any more today? "I could have won," he replies, succinctly.

Boris Becker in his threads
1630: The Mole has got his paws on a camera to snap, er, snappy dresser Boris. BB was caught checking out alternative threads at the official Wimbledon outfitter. As you can see, he had his eye on the classic Wimbledon Stripe shirt.

1625: "It seems the rain is set in for the day with just a few short breaks in between so Fed will have to wait overnight. Ho ho ho."
Jmb on 606

1615: The voice of Wimbledon delivers ominous news: "The weather will remain unsettled, in fact, it will be more on than off, for some time. As soon as we get a break we'll let you know."

1605: "Did you know Bogdanovic means 'Son of God's gift'?"
Steve via text in Reading (No we didn't but we'd like to believe you)

"Back to give you news of Boris! Those of you that were watching the BBC earlier probably saw the style icon in the flesh. Those of you that didn't, his outfit today is without doubt his best effort yet. Preppy blue blazer and slacks that drip class all over the place. By the way, he's introducing monotone duo David Gray and Damien Rice at Live Earth on Saturday. Don't worry, I've had a word and he will NOT be wearing the leather cap he donned at the Diana concert last week."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

It's raining at Wimbledon
1550: From the ecstatic high of Bogsouth's victory we crash immediately to the hellish low of more rain.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1546: Bogdanovic and South march on! Wassen and Chan are cast aside with, frankly, disdain (after Melanie fails to serve out the match the first time) 6-4 6-3 and it's the quarter-finals for the Lloyd & Turnbull of the newish Millennium. Not much sleep tonight for potential opponents Nestor/Likhovtseva/Moodie/Dushevina.

1542: Look out, Ferrero's broken back against Federer and it's 5-5. Too much daytime telly for Rog?

1535: "Out on Court 14 the world junior number one Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova is taking on Arantxa Rus. I have nothing against the number one seed but as someone who spends a lot of time typing tennis players' names, I won't be distraught if she fails to live up to her obvious promise. Rus, on the other hand, gets my full backing."
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

1532: A standing ovation on Court One as Novak Djokovic moves 4-0 up in the tie-break with a stunning pass that sends Hewitt sprawling. The Aussie battler, er, battles on but he cannot prevent a 7-6 7-6 4-6 7-6 win for the Serb, who plays Baghdatis next. Tasty. Poor Bec looks crestfallen. But tasty.

1528: Bogsouth a set and a break up on Waschan (see 1517 entry to make sense of that).

Someone is having a tantrum at Wimbledon
1520: Jonas Bjorkman explains his incredible outburst towards the umpire on his way to defeat by Tomas Berdych: "I got a horrendous call." Meanwhile, it's fourth-set tie-break time on Court One for Hewitt and Djokovic. And Federer's broken serve, obviously.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1517: Bogdanovic and South (Bogsouth) take the opening set against Wassen and Chan (Waschan) and we can smell a British title now. Meanwhile, Jade Windley goes out of the girls' singles to leave only BBC Sport's Anna 'Fitz' Fitzpatrick flying the flag in that competition. We're going for 'Brits up' graphic anyway.

1515: Centre Court is finally full for the return of Rog - bit harsh on the ladies in the previous matches but it's a full house now to see Federer win his opening service game. Meanwhile, Lleyton drops serve on Court one and looks extremely cross as he is one game from defeat.

1509: The grittiest of battles continues on Court One where little Lleyton gives it some extroardinary "C'maaaawwn" when he recovers from having been broken back by.... breaking back! He will now serve to level at two sets all against Djokovic. Lovely Bec looks very happy in the stands (you may have noticed a brief change of gender bias in the live while a colleague goes hunting for Tomas Berdych).

1505: Peace breaks out between Tomas Berdych and Rafael Nadal ahead of their quarter-final. The pair got a bit feisty when Berdych beat the Spaniard in Madrid last year but now the Czech says: "I said in Madrid, it was just the emotions after the match. He congratulated me after Halle and I congratulated him just now in the locker room after his tough match today." Lovely.

1502: It can't be... it isn't... is it? It is, you know! Roger Federer returns to Centre Court six days after he beat, oh, what was his name... Safin? The trousers and jacket are cleanly pressed and Juan Carlos Ferrero could be in for a tough afternoon.

1456: That was probably the only way that match was ever going to end... Nicole Vaidisova double faults to hand Ana Ivanovic a 4-6 6-2 7-5 victory. Vaidisova led 5-3 in the final set and had three match points and Ivanovic had wasted a match point of her own before the end came. Federer v Ferrero up next.

1450: "Hannah, you tease (see 1425). Don't think this is the time or place to be discussing my marital arrangements do you? Honestly this is so distracting. But as you are asking it is a straight fight between Nicole and Ana. I've promised whoever wins this match can have my heart. No wonder they are trying so hard the lucky beggars."
BBC Sport's TV Mole (Oh Hannah, what have you done? As if his ego wasn't big enough already...)

1447: How often do you see that? A lot is the answer. After the disappointment of blowing three match points in that last game, Vaidisova is broken and it's 5-5.

1444: Ana Ivanovic is hanging on against Nicole Vaidisova - much to the delight of her many, many fans. She saves three match points at 3-5 but Vaidisova is about to serve for a place in the semis.

1439: Marcos Baghdatis is asked by the world's press what makes 'the Mediterranean' produce so many great players? "I don't know," replies the Cypriot. "The food?"

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1436: British heroes Alex Bogdanovic and Mel South make their entrance on Court Two, which probably seems a bit of a letdown after yesterday's Centre Court action. They're up against Rogier Wassen of the Netherlands and Taipei's Yung-Jan Chan.

1433: Lleyton's doing a Rafa over on Court 1. Hewitt breaks in the fourth set as he looks to continue his recovery from two sets down against Novak Djokovic.

1428: In amongst all this singles action, those marathon-loving Brazilians Marcelo Melo and Andre Sa have got involved in another, well, marathon. They've been taken to a fifth set by Kas/Peya. Current score: 6-4 6-7 7-6 6-7 0-0. The tournament organisers will be loving this... probably.

1425: "Loving the mole's humour. Is there a Mrs Mole?"
Hannah via text on 81111

1421: Rafael Nadal rifles a backhand winner crosscourt to sink Mikhail Youzhny 4-6 3-6 6-3 6-2 6-2. Rafa taken the distance again and he has another tough match tomorrow in the quarter-finals against Tomas Berdych.

1415: "Wow Rafa is fantastic! I have been glued to the screen since 11 this morning!"
Lucy via text on 81111

1413: Rafa now 5-1 up in the fifth set against Youzhny. This has turned around very quicky.

1408: Ivanovic takes the second set 6-2 and a decider it is. A rumour spreads that Roger Federer has been to Dubai during his five-day break. Considering he was spotted in the grounds on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, that must have been one flying visit.

1405: Ivanovic roars into a 5-2 lead against Vaidisova. A third set beckons as Federer and Ferrero wait in the locker room.

1403: "Ouch. Two bagels for Bjorkman in his four-set defeat to Berdych - serves him right, the potty mouth. Bjorkman's departure ironically ushers in a tortuous afternoon of seniors doubles on Court 18 starting with Jeremy Bates and Ilie Nastase amongst others. Mansour Bahrami is on in the fourth game which may finally be the straw that breaks the Mole's back."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

1357: "I love Nicole Vaidisova. I love her. But I can't see her."
The debate intensifies on 606

1354: Hewitt's won the title...! Oh no, sorry, my mistake, he's broken in the third set to lead 4-3 against Djokovic. Cue multiple fist-pumping and a roar of "Come awwwwwwwwwwwwwwn." Hewitt's still two sets down though. Rafa breaks in the fifth set.

1350: Sorry, Rachel (see 1245), Bjorkman's a goner, beaten 6-4 6-0 6-7 6-0 by seventh seed and official title dark horse Tomas Berdych. Our Czech mate awaits the winner of Nadal v Youzhny in the quarter-finals.

1348: Rafa is back on track, taking the fourth set 6-2 against Mikhail Youzhny. The Russian is struggling with a back injury so Rafa will be favourite to come through this one. Tommy Berdych 5-0 up against tennis legend Bjorkman.

1346: "Do you expect me to say anyone else?! Come on..."
Venus Williams on who she expects to win the title (It's her, if you hadn't guessed)

Someone is having a tantrum at Wimbledon
1340: "Youzhny throws his racquet down and kicks at it before snatching his towel from a ball girl."
Five Live's Jonathan Overend

1338: Vaidisova hangs onto her early break to seal the first set against Ivanovic.

1331: "Following the Ivanovic-Vaidisova live-text, I started to say someone throw a bucket of cold water on Sam Lyon, but the rain appears to have taken care of that. Still, keep an eye on him."
Marc via text on 81111

1326: Nadal a break up in the fourth - as is Berdych. Covers come off Centre and the 'Battle of the Babes' (copyright Radio One Newsbeat's David Garrido) should be under way again shortly.

1322: Turns out it's only the pampered so-and-sos on Centre who have taken cover from this brief shower. Marcos Baghdatis salutes his supporters after a 7-6 7-6 6-3 win over Nikolay Davydenko. Cypriot into the quarter-finals, Davydenko on his way home - probably a relief for the Russian after his moaning during the fortnight.

It's raining at Wimbledon
1320: Booooo... here come the court coverers on Centre as the rain begins to fall. Still a few matches going on - including Baghdatis v Davydenko with the Cypriot closing on the quarters.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1317: The 'Brit up' graphic has never been so busy. Jamie Murray and Jelena Jankovic send 14th seeds Mark Knowles and Zi Yan crashing out of the mixed doubles in the second round. The Brit/Serb pair will be back in action later today in their third-round match against Julian Knowle and Tiantian Sun.

1315: "Davydenko's got three supporters cheering him on but Bagdhatis has got an entire Cypriot army on his side."
Five Live reporter Phil Williams on a very uneven popularity contest on Court Three

1311: Novak Djokovic punches the air as he wins the second set tiebreak 7-2 against Lleyton Hewitt and would you Adam 'n' Eve it? Rachel's hero (see 1245 entry) takes the third set against Tommy Berdych on the tiebreak. There's life in the old dog yet!

1305: Quick as you like, Rafa's back in this, racing through the the third set 6-1 against Mikhail Youzhny. The Russian is having treatment on a back injury.

1304: "Isn't Lord Rattee (see 1247 entry) an old friend of yours, Moley?"
Pauly T via text on 81111

1300: "Both players are resplendent in minidresses and cute sun-visors. Lovely stuff. Although Vaidisova's strappier straps give her the edge for me..."
More insightful debate on 606

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1258: Rejoice! BBC Sport's very own Anna Fitzpatrick is through to round three of the girls' singles, triumphing 6-4 6-4 against Ksenia Milevskaya - the number four seed no less.

1256: The action is frantic... Murray/Jankovic lose the second set against Knowles/Yan, Nadal 3-0 up against Youzhny in the third set, Baghdatis now two sets up against Ni-Dav and Vaidisova breaks in the opening game against Ivanovic.

1251: "Uh-oh... Bjorkman has just gone absolutely mental. Oooh the language, feel sorry for the grannies in the crowd who are being exposed to this filth. Even the Swedes in the crowd are shaking their heads. They are flooding into Court 18 in their droves now."
BBC Sport's TV Mole (Still like him now Rachel? (see 1245 BST))

1247: "The Royal Box is again devoid of any bona fide celebrities (Elaine Page aside). So it again means there is nothing to do than appreciate some of the people's names in there. Hello to Mr Dee Dutta, David Dinkins, Lise Lotte Klitvad, Lady Rattee and His Excellency Archbishop Faustino Sainz Munoz. I propose a vote who has the best name in Thursday's Royal Box?"
BBC Sport's TV Mole (Moley, the vote is not for your amusement only. We have serious tennis issues to debate here)

1245: "I wish everybody would leave Bjorkman alone, he's not that old, and he's one of the greats! Give him a little respect."
Rachel via text on 81111 (Sorreee...)

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1242: Time to unfurl the 'Brit up' graphic... Not sure if you can unfurl a graphic but anyway... Graeme Dyce and Marcus Willis roar into the third round of the boys' singles. Murray/Jankovic into a second-set tiebreak against Knowles/Yan.

1240: "Youzhny will be feeling very happy with the way the match has gone so far┐ Nadal would probably relish a weather break."
BBC commentator Andrew Castle

1238: Rafa Nadal belts a backhand wide and Mikhail Youzhny is a set away from causing a huge upset.

1235: Venus Williams falters slightly as she serves for the match against Svetlana Kuznetsova. The former champ wastes four match points before winning 6-3 6-4 to reach the semi-finals where she'll face Ivanovic or Vaidisova - who are up next on Centre Court. Youzhny serving for a two-set lead against Nadal.

1226: Ni-Dav breaks straight back - what was all the fuss about?

Someone is having a tantrum at Wimbledon
1224: Ni-Dav is not happy on Court 13 when at break point down he smacks a backhand close to the line, Baghdatis points to suggest it's out and the line judge duly calls it. The Russian has a lengthy chat with the umpire but to no avail and he's a set and a break down.

1223: "Huge football-style chants of "Marcos Baghdatis" ring out from Court 13, leaving those of us on Court 3 wondering what the score is (7-6 4-3 up against Ni-Dav). No Jamie Murray supporters club here."
BBC Sport's Ian Westbrook at Wimbledon

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1217: Blimey, Old Man Bjorkman has run out of steam in a big way against Tommy Berdych. The Czech wins the second set six zip. Djokovic breaks at the start of the second against Lil Lleyton. Brit boy David Rice tumbles out of the juniors 6-2 6-2 to Italy's Thomas Fabbiano. Never fear, Jezza Bates in action later.

1215: "Funny place Court 18, it's either awash with Mexican waves or about as atmospheric as Highbury used to be. Today the tumbleweed is billowing despite the exciting talents of Czech whippersnapper Tomas Berdych and Swedish warhorse Jonas Bjorkman in action. The blue rinse brigade make up most of the feeble crowd, obviously here to show empathy with tennis OAP Bjorkman."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

1212: "Sarah Holt is in a right mood today. Henin, Ivanovic... who is next to face the wrath of Holt?"
DiCanioLover on 606 (Tell me about it. You don't have to sit next to her.)

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1206: Set points come and go for both players in the first-set tiebreak before Novak Djokovic takes it against Lleyton Hewitt. Could be a long one. Tommy Berdych a set up against Old Man Bjorkman as are Murray/Jankovic against Knowles/Yan. Venus a break up in the second against Kuzy. Rafa a set and a break down against Youzhny.

1200: Marcos Baghdatis roars as he snaffles the first set on a tiebreak against Nikolay 'Ni-Dav' Davydenko.

1157: "Missed Nadal but A-Rod is in the house. He's forgotten what practice court he's on. Coach Connors is resplendent in orange."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Aorangi Park

1155: Youzhny takes the first set against Nadal on Court Two after a bizarre rally ends with Nadal scrambling desperately and swatting a pass just wide. Cue Rafa-style fist pumping form the Russian.

1149: Some consoling words from richoho on 606 as Stich licks his wounds: "Stich had Becker/Edberg/Agassi and Sampras to deal with during his career. He was an excellent, classical player, a real stylist. Serena is a moan."

1145: Voting is closed in the website poll and it's humiliation for Michael Stich. 69% of you think Serena would beat the German in a fight.

1141: "That's probably the best set of tennis I've seen from any female player at this tournament."
BBC Sport pundit Sam Smith on Venus Williams

1140: Carrying on where she left off yesterday when she pummelled Shazza, Venus takes the first set against Kuzy.

1138: Some great names lighting up the scoreboard right now. Rungkat's over on Court 9, R Roy on Court 19 and a personal favourite: Arsenov on Court 7. Venus serving for the first set against Kuzy.

1134: "Henin's here with her coach's pesky kids. I'm not even going to bother trying to talk to her after last week's snub."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Aorangi Park

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1131: Good news patriots. Jamie Murray and Jelena Jankovic are 4-1 up against third seeds Mark Knowles and Zi Yan. Meanwhile, Venus has a break to the good against Kuzy and Tommy Berdych leads 3-1 against old man Bjorkman.

1129: "Men's doubles: Melo/Sa v Kas/Peya. 13 letters in four surnames. Surely some kind of record."
Phil via text on 81111 (Anyone fancy finding out...? Thought not)

1123: "Vaidisova v Ivanovic... I barely care who wins although I do hope it goes to 14 sets."
fortune12 on 606

1120: "For me, Serena did a Drogba and overreacted. If she had a real problem she would not be able to complete the match."
Macumbeiro via text on 81111

1116: The action is under way. But never mind that, Michael Stich is taking an absolute pasting in the website vote. 68% of you think Serena would take the German in a fight. Still plenty of time though...

1110: "Here I am helping strangers again up at Aorangi Park. I should get paid for this or at least a deck chair to sit in. 'When's Federer's practising?' I'm asked. Well, he's due at 1200 BST."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Aorangi Park

1103: The players are warming up around the grounds. Roughly 12 people have managed to take their seats on Centre Court as Venus Williams and Svetlana Kuznetsova make their entrance. It's like the French Open all over again.

1055: "On who would win in a fight, Serena would... if she was 100% fit!"
KC via text on 81111

1052: "Ana Ivanovic sporting a pink plaster on her right knee as she rushes off after practice. Still not getting what all the fuss is about. Off to find Nadal."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Aorangi Park

1047: "My mate Olly eats seven bags of crisps every day."
Dave via text on 81111 (Send your text to BBC Three, Dave, they'll make a documentary about him)

1042: "Mole intimidation watch - day three. After yesterday's defacing of my mole picture someone has menacingly put a picture of a badger baring its teeth on my desk. Joke's on you mole hounder! Some of my best friends are badgers. If you want to frighten me send me a pic of Charlie Dimmock baring her teeth. Ugh."
A defiant BBC Sport TV Mole

1036: An esteemed BBC Sport colleague has just suggested we have a serious, hard-hitting website vote to kick off today. Great idea. So dear public, in honour of the unlikely but hugely entertaining spat that's broken out between Serena Williams and Michael Stich... who would win in a fight? Serena or Stich?

Michael Stich
1025: "I never criticised Serena Williams' career and I believe she was in pain but I think it was a little bit of overreacting. Then she comes out and plays really good tennis against Henin and after losing says she would have won the match if she was 100% fit. I think that's disrespectful."
BBC Five Live pundit Michael Stich hits back at Serena Williams

1020: "Early morning sightings - Elena Baltacha looking unrecognisable in jeans and a cardigan heading out of the grounds towards Wimbledon Village; Svetlana Kuznetsova, headphones on, corn rows in place, staring fixedly at seemingly nothing outside the locker rooms - bit scary; Richard Gasquet on his way to Aorangi Park almost getting trampled by the stampede of punters when the gates open; and BBC TV's mole blinking into the unfamilar sunlight looking like he slept in a ditch."
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

1011: "What have the organisers got against Nadal? First they hand him a scheduling nightmare and now they've shunted him out onto Court 2. It's not fair!"
Amanda via text on 81111

1001: "So, to the important business... Ivanovic v Vaidisova. Who are you all behind? Personally I'm backing Ivanovic."
jimbo_jet_set32 on 606

0948: Preparations are under way for today's action on Centre Court. The Royal Box is being hoovered, the security staff are being briefed and two people appear to be measuring the distance between the lines. Surely a bit late for those sort of details.

0938: "To all those people who relentlessly hassle me to get them tickets for Wimbledon. Don't bother, it's never going to happen. Stop whingeing about never being able to get them, switch off Jeremy Kyle (other dead beat talk-shows are available) and get yourselves down to South London today. The queue is small, it's moving quickly and Roger is back from his hols. What more do you want people?"
BBC Sport's TV Mole

0925: "Wimbledon will have a bright start, with rain later on. I think there will be a 20-30% chance of showers during the day but from 4-5pm we'll see more persistent rain arriving. There will be some sunny spells in the afternoon but it won't be long before the rain. Much better tomorrow though, and on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday should be glorious - dry, sunny and fine."
BBC Weather's Louise Lear

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
0915: Last night, DrRichie on 606 pointed out: "They've all gone home and we get the best British result of the day as Boggo and Mel South take out the top seeds in the mixed doubles. I expect multiple Brit Up signs in the morning!" Can't do multiple flags Dr but here's one very heartfelt one. And we were here but we were too caught up in the moment to share with you all. Rest assured, we'll be tracking Boggo and Mel's progress against Wassen/Chan later on Court 2.

0905: All England Club chief executive Ian Ritchie has been speaking on BBC Radio Four this morning. It is a "possibility", he says, that the tournament will stretch into a third week. He continues: "We also need to go into what sort of Monday is it. Is it mainly doubles or is it the men's singles final? Which event is it?" All questions we were kind of hoping Ritchie would answer.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
0855: Good morning and welcome to women's semi-finals day, which of course features two men's quarter-finals, two women's quarter-finals, four men's fourth-round matches and absolutely no women's semi-finals. But it's not raining.

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