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   Wednesday, 15 January, 2003, 13:00 GMT
2010: Nigeria snubbed
Cameroon's FA says it has not been consulted about Nigeria's joint World Cup bid, despite being named as one of the countries that would hold games.

What does it say about Nigeria's chances of winning?

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The Cameroonian FA, Fecafoot, has caused embarrassment to the Nigeria bid for the World Cup by announcing that it has not been approached about taking part in co-hosting the tournament.

Nigeria's grand plans involve playing matches in Benin, Cameroon, Ghana and Togo, but only now is the Nigerian bid team contacting these partner nations.

Africa's bids
South Africa

A senior Fecafoot official went on to say that he was disturbed that so many countries were competing with each other to hold the tournament, rather than backing South Africa's bid.

The South Africans are the big favourites to win the right to hold the World Cup in 2010 after losing the right to hold the 2006 event by a single vote.

Should Cameroon get behind Nigeria? Why was Fecafoot not consulted? Should everyone back South Africa?

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I notice that those criticising Nigeria on account of a variety of reasons are either non-Nigerians who've relied on media output for their impression of the country, or Nigerians who live 'abroad', and probably haven't visited in years.

The fact is that Nigeria HAS the facilities and importantly, the ability to finance a serious update in its infrastructure by 2010. It currently boasts at least 10 Fifa-approved stadiums in various cities, a fall-out from its recent successful hosting of the FIFA World Under-21 Chamionships in 1999. Transport and communication facilities these days are generally excellent as are hotel and other accomodation facilities.

Also, you cannot compare the Miss World episode with the World Cup. One elicited violent disapproval in one city (not the whole country) on account of supposed religious dictates, while, nationwide, the other is totally devoid of such antagonisms.
Akin Masha, Nigeria

I think people are not being fair to Nigeria. No country is free of one problem or the other, so Nigeria should not be singled out. Hosting of World Cup is a challenge, which Nigeria will rise to. The only problem I have is the issue of co-hosting, because some countries may not want to give up the idea of an automatic place in the finals.
Uche Egwuatu, Nigeria

I feel that Nigeria could host and present a wonderful event with its co-hosting. South Africa might be good but " The Giant of Africa" remains best. I look forward to seeing "West Africa 2010".
Ayo Olu, Nigeria.

I am Nigerian and I must say I find it really funny that the Nigerian government can even think of hosting the world cup-this is a country that cannot host a simple beauty pageant! Please, the government should stop making a fool of itself and let serious contenders like South Africa be heard unhindered!
Godwin Mukoro, U.K

There is no point me saying anything because its clear that the BBC is biased - that's why they have chosen to pick all the entries from blind and naive men. If the USA bids to host an international tournament it would almost certainly be awarded even with clear fact that competitors will be sitting ducks for Bin Laden and co. My point is there is no perfect country, what matters is the quality of the bid and the assurances that can be given. South Africa have a very scary crime rate but everyone seems to have turned a blind eye to that.
Raymond Okocha, France

In Nigeria, it is said that football is a religion.
Don't risk the lives of football stars and soccer fans in volatile Nigeria

Jones M. IIukena, Zambia
If the nation riots over a simple newspaper article, what will they do when they get clobbered by either Brazil or England during the 2010 World Cup?. Please Fifa, don't risk the lives of football stars and soccer fans in volatile Nigeria.
Jones M. Ilukena, Zambia

Right now Nigeria cannot host the World Cup, and neither can SA. The same security problems that hinder the Nigerian bid are even more prevalent in SA with the high crime rate. Additionally, the poor crowds in SA are also a stumbling block. However, 2010 is still eight years away and a lot can be achieved before then. The idea of a joint West African bid seems appealing IF it can be well organized. Driving from Cameroon through Nigeria coastline to Benin, Togo and Ghana seems like fun. And on the question of slots for co-hosts, with the defending champions not having an automatic slot, there is an extra place for the co-hosts. Cameroon and Nigeria should be given automatic slots, while the other three can fight for another.
theYemster, Nigerian

Everybody saw what happened when Nigeria tried to host Miss World. Nobody forgot what happened at the Nations Cup in 2000 during the game between Senegal and Nigeria when thousands of spectators invaded the playing field with the game in progress. How in the world can Fifa trust a country with such a record to host the biggest event in the world. Nigeria is a very unstable country.
Sidy Tambedou, Senegal

It's unfortunate that people allow sentiment to cloud their sense of judgement about Nigeria hosting the world cup. When Mexico hosted in 1986, all the vices listed against Nigeria were prevalent in Mexico. So why this international conspiracy about Nigeria? Make no mistake, Nigeria has ALL what it takes to host the World Cup.
Afolayan Olusoji Ebenezer, Nigeria

Hosting the World Cup is all about having the right infrastructure and Nigeria certainly lacks this at the moment. But Nigeria has the capability to bring the infrastructure up to date before 2010. However, we've already started on a wrong foot by planning to co-host with 4 other African countries. That's ludicrous, and if this is the way and manner Nigeria wants to go about it, it would be better to pull out of the race now before wasting resources.
Afekhide Izevbekhai, Lagos, Nigeria

Ha,Ha,Ha!!! Nigeria bidding to host the world cup? That should go into the record books as the joke of the century.
Peter, Nigeria

Nigeria? Please forget it. Hosting the mundial in Nigeria will give the armed robbers an opportunity to have a field day. I can assure you half of the participating teams will have their luggage stolen at the airport. Please don't bring any more shame on this sleeping giant. The Miss World pageant is still fresh in our memories. Give it to Morocco in God's name.
Essien, USA

Nigeria co-hosting with Cameroon, Ghana, Benin and Togo? You've got to be kidding me!
Nigeria co-hosting? That's the stupidest idea I ever heard.

Brain, New York
That is the stupidest idea I ever heard. None of those countries are stable enough to even think of hosting the World Cup. Don't forget that the host has to be part of the competition - so will they all get guaranteed places? For crying out loud, Nigeria couldn't even handle the Miss World beauty pageant. I think that the best opinion is for Egypt and Tunisia to co-host.
Brain, New York, USA

Honestly, no African country is currently ready or able to host such a major event. I don't care who holds the World Cup. It can be New Zealand for all I care; what I care about is an attractive performance, not like WC2002 Korea and Japan. I enjoyed France 98 much more.
Mohamed, Egypt

The biggest economy in the whole of Africa, reliable water and electricity supply, well developed road infrastructure, a history of hosting the major international events without hiccups, world class hotels, great airports. top stadia. These are just a few of the reasons why South Africa should be given the hosting rights of the World Cup. What more does the world need?
Sello More, South Africa

Nigeria is not the right country to host or co-host the 2010 World Cup. Just look at the economic problems, security, communication and TV coverage. Not now mother Nigeria please! Give South Africa the chance.
Ali Badara Sesay, Sierra Leone

I travel all over with the national team and I'm afraid to say I fear a disaster if (when) any of these coutries get the World Cup. I actually think it's inverse discrimination as there are loads of countries which are much more suitable to host the biggest sporting event on the planet. An if people are so desperate to give it to a new continent, what about Australia?
Davie From Grangemouth, Scotland

As a Nigerian I personally feel, as do the majority of Nigerians, that it is a monumental joke that Nigeria is bidding. This is a country which not only oozes with corruption, but also lacks basic infrastructure. It is a waste of Fifa's time. South Africa, Morrocco or Tunisia should be given the opportunity to host the World Cup in 2010 and not Nigeria - a country where a sizeable number of her citizens are wallowing in abject poverty in the midst of plenty!!
Akin Fashola, Nigeria/England

Good stuff. I hope it is not all talk and no positive action. If we are to make a successful bid we have to make sure it does not go down the beauty pageant road. All the best in the bid.
Chinedm Osuebi, England

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Africa's bids

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