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banner Friday, 31 August, 2001, 11:56 GMT 12:56 UK
Germany v England webcast
After England's historic 5-1 victory over Germany, BBC Sport Online offered you the chance to quiz our experts Ray Stubbs and Mark Lawrenson.

Along with Mark and Ray was The Sunday Telegraph's chief football writer Patrick Barclay.

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Fresh from England's historic 5-1 victory over Germany, Ray Stubbs, Mark Lawrenson and Patrick Barclay answered your e-mails on all the World Cup action.

Scotland's draw with Croatia was also under discussion, as was Ireland's superb victory over Holland in Dublin, which guarantees them at least a play-off berth.

Click below to watch Mark, Ray and Patrick answer your e-mails on a dramatic day of World Cup action.

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David, England

Sven and the FA have taken a lot of criticism because he isn't English. His loyalty and commitment were questioned by the media and live on TV by football pundits, managers and players.

Doesn't last night's victory, and the strength of the Liverpool players in the squad, teach us all that changes in tactics and style do work, and that rigidity in football today will cause major problems?

Patrick Barclay: There were some of us who argued against him on the grounds of his nationality. I personally felt it should be an Englishman. What I would never doubt is his commitment. People like Sven sell their commitment. He was at Roma one week, Benfica the next week and then Lazio, Roma's biggest rivals. His commitment to each was great, because that's his job and it's his pride in doing the best job possible. He wants to win as much as any national manager.

Ricky Watkins, England

Do you not think that the form shown last night by Emile Heskey, and in particular Michael Owen, would have destroyed any defence in the world?

Mark Lawrenson: I think Michael Owen got all the plaudits last night, but I bet the first person he thanked when he came off the pitch was Emile Heskey. People forget that while Owen scores all the goals, Heskey takes the brunt of all the knocks. All the time that he is being marked by the defenders, Michael is allowed to play a little more freely. Heskey is big and strong and by looking after Heskey it's giving Owen more room to play, so the two together compliment each other.

PB:They are a marvellous combination. On the face of it you can see the big man and the small man but what they really are, are two very quick men. That's the key and that's how they tortured the German defence. I think any other combination for England really would throw away that lovely dovetailing they have.

Melissa Wharton, England

Although we are still riding high after last night's result, how do you see this result in context of England's hope of winning the World Cup? Do you think we have finally 'come of age'?

PB: I certainly do. I thought before the game that England would win the World Cup, either this one or the next one, which is in Germany. England are producing more international class prospects, about two for every position. I don't think any other country, not even Brazil, is doing that.

Gary Biles, England

A great night and a fantastic victory, but it means nothing if it isn't consolidated by beating the lesser teams in the group!

ML: It's a fair point, but we will beat them. The manager will make sure that we beat Albania and Greece. It might more difficult against the Greeks but we will beat them.

B Jacks, Scotland

Score great but why all the fuss? Germany at the moment are not a top ten team and judging by England's defence over the last two games, neither are they. There's room for optimism but this was a bizarre result, which you don't see, very often in modern football! Remove Beckham and Gerrard and England would be ordinary.

PB: I hate to disagree with a Scot, but what a load of rubbish! I just wish that Scotland had England's reserve side to be honest. I think they are going all the way and I think any country in the world would want a 5-1 result in Germany. I can't think of any game that would raise so many eyebrows around the world.

Dan, Hong Kong

What do you think of Steven Gerrard's performance and how does he rate with other world-class midfielders like Zidane and Veron?

ML: It's far too early to say. He's already a good player and he may go on to become a great player. He's not a Zidane, he hasn't been to a World Cup and tantalised everyone with his skill yet.

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