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Eric Bilderman, Le equippe newspaper
"Wenger is the right man - there is no better choice than Arsene"
 real 14k

Lawrie McMenemy
"Wenger is a briliant man but Arsenal's disciplinary record is bad"
 real 14k

Northern Ireland manager Sammy McIlroy
"There's plenty of English managers out there. They do not need to ask a foreign coach"
 real 14k

Former FA chief executive Graham Kelly
"Terry Venables should get the job"
 real 56k

Leicester manager Peter Taylor
"I would love to manage England - one day. For now, I'm happy at Leicester."
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Sunday, 8 October, 2000, 13:24 GMT 14:24 UK
Who should succeed Keegan?
The names in the frame to replace Keegan
The names in the frame to replace Keegan
Kevin Keegan's shock departure from the England fold has left the FA with a pressing need to find a suitable replacement.

So who do you think is the man who should be the next manager of England?


When Keegan took over from Glenn Hoddle, questions were asked about his tactical nous for the job.

Ultimately, he came up short, so who should the FA turn to now?

Terry Venables seems to be the popular choice, but his well documented problems with certain sections of the FA could scotch his chances.

Bobby Robson has been mentioned as a short term successor, while Bryan Robson, John Gregory and Peter Taylor all have their supporters - and detractors.

But perhaps the time has come for the FA to break with tradition and to appoint a foreign manager - with Arsene Wenger receiving much popular support.

So who should take over from Kevin Keegan? Tell us what you think?


Being in charge of a national team is very different from managing a club. Success at one level doesn't always transfer. To manage England you need to be an astute tactician, top motivator, psychologist, coach and expert judge of both character and ability. There are few club managers who have all these qualities, and in reality teams are managed by a group, who bring the required skills together, rather than an individual. One man is the figurehead, but the whole management team is what counts. Both Keegan and Hoddle seemed to opt for assistants who were simply yes men, and didn't offer any real help. The next manager must have a team who will have the necessary skills, and be prepared to contradict them, in private of course. Whoever the figurehead is must be confident enough to have strong minded, independent thinking and talented colleagues around them.
Zoltan Jorvik, Slovakia

For ten long years friends have shaken their heads in disbelief when I have suggested the right man for the job. He has consistently used his tactical awareness and motivational skills to get the best from teams of mediocre players. He has shown he knows how to win by promoting teams regularly into the top flight and has coped well under immense pressure when his teams, through lack of club resources, have been relegated. He is English and takes no nonsense from the press. I have seen nobody else suggest him, but if he applies for the job, the FA should give it to Dave Bassett.
Danny Woodier, Australia, formerly UK

I get the feeling that we've been here before and haven't learned a thing. When you look at other international teams, their players and squads don't change that often; the best players always play. Why do we think that picking one player over another or even one manager over another is going to be the difference between winning the world cup and not qualifying? We're just not good enough.
Chris Echevarria, Holland

Why not Harry Redknapp? His West Ham side is one of the most exciting in the premier league. A bit erratic maybe but he wouldn't have a budget with this side, just pick the best English players. West Ham's youth policy promises great things but the way the premier league works some players will have to be sold. Harry's put a lot into the development of these lads, he deserves the chance to see what they can do on a higher stage.
Fuggledy, England

I think by discounting Terry Venebles because he has a bad history with the FA is stupid. Everyone knows he is a brilliant manager and has got what it takes. This should be the only factor involved in choosing the new manager.
Tom, England

As an American fan of the English national team and the Premier League I think I can provide a unique perspective on the current coaching crisis. Step number one, England is s second tier soccer power, the sooner this is admitted the sooner the trip back up to the first tier can begin. Secondly a foreign coach is the only prudent decision. English football needs new ideas and I believe a foreign coach (Arsene Wenger)could provide the creativity and international flair that has so desperately been missing from the England side. Beckham, Scholes, Owen, these are all world class players, let's see the FA make the right decision and bring in a World Class coach to realise their full potential and mine new talent from the youth pitches of England.
Tom James, USA

I do not wish the next England manager to be foreign and I'm insulted by the view that my belief automatically makes me a xenophobe. It's not a case of thinking English people are intrinsically better than foreigners, moreover, it's a case of believing that the national team should be a reflection of playing and coaching standards in that country.

Surely hiring a foreign coach would be no different to asking foreign players to represent England. The problems that English football face lie at grassroots level and hiring a foreign coach at the apex of the coaching structure won't remedy them.
Ben, United KIngdom

Much as we all love Bobby Charlton for what he has achieved for him to say that England should only have an English coach and to dig up the same sad old cliche about 'the country which gave the world Football' shows exactly the reasoning why we have been overtaken by other nations.

While we still wallow in the glory of '66 the Germans have gone on and won World Cups and European Championships. We have won nothing. Technical understanding of the game, not simply being English, leads to success.
Chris D, England

A fascinating discussion here. It was interesting to hear that Bobby Charlton thought the England manager should be English, when you consider what his brother did for the Rep of Ireland. No matter who gets chosen for the job there will be the detractors. I would consider Joe Royle (the last English Manager to win any honours), David Platt, Gianluca Vialli, Tony Adams.
Marcus Smith, N Ireland

I haven't heard anybody suggest Joe Royle as a possible candidate for the England job. After all, he did take on a fallen giant in Man City and has guided them back to the top flight. Just an idea.
M C Law, UK

I don't think it has to be an Englishman, but he must have an in depth knowledge of English players and international football. I think that leaves a short list of Bobby Robson, Terry Venables, Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger
Andy, UK

We need a manager who recognises the need to introduce young players, namely Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard and possibly Joe Cole, in order to form a backbone that lasts ten years.

Keegan's problem was that he insisted on changing the team even after positive results (eg France). Foreign appointment is out of the question due to the patriotic nature of English fans. There is only one contender, Terry Venables.
Tim Barger, England

I think whoever takes on the England job needs his head examined, as the pressure from the tabloid press is enough to make anyone resign. I think Terry Venables would be the best replacement as his abilities are unquestionable and he also seemed to be able to handle the pressure.
Richard Easthope, UK

England needs a manager with a proven record of winning in major European compettions. Unfortunately this rules every domestic manager except Ferguson. If Lippi has expressed an interest then employ him, but set down a structure to bring in another English manager in 3-4 years time.
David Priestley, England

The FA should swallow their pride and put Venables back in, he has the experience and the ability as well as having a good relationship with the media, the players and the public, in fact with almost everyone except the FA.
Stuart McKone, UK

Although national pride should be considered in choosing the right candidate to coach the England national team, one must also think about the long overdue success the England team needs. This time around the FA must start looking for a personality that can bring success irrespective of nationality like proven coach in English league like Arsene Wenger or even Rudd Gullitt.
haniff shariff, malaysia

The FA should swallow their pride and put Venables back in,

The FA should swallow their pride and put Venables back in
  Stuart McKone, UK
he has the experience and the ability as well as having a good relationship with the media, the players and the public, in fact with almost everyone except the FA.
Stuart McKone, UK

Bobby Robson must be the number one choice, with Jack Charlton an excellent second choice. If we go for a foreigner, and why not ?, then let's go crazy - if Johann Cruyff can't get some goals out of Owen, Beckham, Scholes, Cole etc. then no-one can. We have at least half a team of excellent players, and that's more than many teams who qualify regularly can rustle up. Any of the above could bring success.
Nick van der Vyver, Angola

I can't believe that Roy Hodgson continues to be overlooked as even a consideration for England manager. Now with all of this talk of a foreign manager it should make his choice even more clear. The man has made his career on the continent with a list of teams that includes Inter Milan. He's even managed to qualify Switzerland for the World Cup.
Scott Spires, USA

I would certainly like to see Johan Cruyff or even Ruud Gullit approached for the England job. They would bring a no-nonsense European objectivity to the squad and bring in the younger players who, if not totally successful at first, would definitely add more inventiveness, spice and goals to England performances !
Howard Turner, the Netherlands

Forget the religious beliefs or the post world cup book, Glenn Hoddle was fired because he did not play ball with the tabloid press. It was they who mobilised the posse and conducted the lynching. OK, the disabled comment was grossly insensitive and he did make other mistakes, but who hasn't? He had England on the right track and now it is back to square one with no outstanding candidate and many more years of oblivion - and harping on about the halcyon days of 1966.

The FA and the English people should go cap in hand back to Glenn Hoddle
  Michael, England
I hope they don't chose Howard Wilkinson or Terry Venables. The former represents everything that is wrong about the the English coaching mentality and we will not progress one iota if he takes charge. It will be more of the same old false dawns. The latter talks a good game, but what has he really achieved. OK the players will like him and he knows how to handle the press, but the players liked Keegan.......

The FA and the English people should go cap in hand back to Glenn Hoddle. He is not perfect but he must have learned from the mistakes and will be much wiser this time around. A couple of key players have a problem with him, but surely nothing an apology could not put right. He is an outstanding coach and could really help England progress. If the FA do not re-appoint Hoddle then they should go abroad as all of the other English candidates being mentioned are unsuitable.

Please FA for once demonstrate to the world you are not a bunch of gutless incompetents and appoint Glenn Hoddle.
Michael, England

It would be a sad, sad day if the English national team was coached by a foreigner. This is not 'racist', it is having a sense of national pride. What indicment would it be on English football if we had to look abroad for a manager? The FA should get down on bended knee, with cap in hand and beg Venables to take to job on again, perhaps with a younger man working alongside (Peter Taylor, Alan Curbishley etc)
Steve, England

I see no reason why we shouldn't have a foreign coach. It seems nationalistic to demand an Englishman be in charge. Premiership football has been so enriched by talented foreigners and I think it is now time to accept one as the England boss.The only Englishman around now who could do it is Hoddle, but because of the way he was hounded out before he is unlikely to be offer the job again.
Chris, England

There is no historical precedent for a foreign manager to have led his team to either a World or European Championship win. The choice therefore must be 1) English 2) Success at Top National and International level. 3) Available. Terry Venables - the obvious and only realistic choice.
Geoff Lipscombe, England

No one seems to have mentioned George Graham, who would be perfect for England. He builds tight defenses vital in todays international games. He is also not afraid to make tough desisions when it comes to the palyers.
Paul Lleggett, England

Although he doesn't want the job, I think that Joe Royle might be the kind of person we need. He has been able to do what many other managers (including Peter Reid) were unable to do at Manchester City. Joe Royle is also a big match specialist and usually builds his teams from the back. Big Joe might just be "big" enough.
James, France

Ok, Alex Ferguson & Arsene Wenger will never leave their clubs. What you need is a proven winner who isn't affraid of the press or the players. How about George Graham. Alternatively look at the club that has made the 2 most succesful England managers ever, Ipswich. George Burley your hour has come! (Only joking!)
Craig , UK

Venables should be made England boss but at the same time an assistant/successor should also be named. This person would be a younger 'trainee' that wouldn't undermine Venables position but be there to learn the ropes until Venables steps down.
Dean, England

With regards to the new manager, what about Franz Beckenbauer or Martin O'Neill - both would do a great job given the chance.
James Jones, Australia

Don't give it to Bryan Robson. I'm a Middlesborough fan and believe you me his tactics are worse than Keegans, mind you it would be one way of getting him out of Middlesbrough.
Chris, UK

It has to be Venables, if only just to get us to the World Cup. The disruption will be minimal as he knows the ropes.
chris paul, England

Next England manager should simply be JACK CHARLTON..

Next England manager should simply be JACK CHARLTON..
  Adrian, England
. He is a world cup winner. Stands no nonsence. He knows international football. Look at his record when he took Eire from the back waters of world football and turned them into a top 8 international football nation
Adrian, England

Football is very much a psychological game (just look at the variations in the Dutch team's performance in Euro 2000, and their inability to score a penalty). The England team is capable of great things, as they have shown at times - but they need real strong leadership, which is lacking across the board in this country, in politics and elsewhere. I'd say Terry Venables has the leadership qualities that are needed.
Jonathan Kerr, UK

I assume it was some kind of joke that Bryan Robson was linked with the England manager's job? He's spent countless millions on achieving relegation and mediocrity with Middlesbrough - is there anyone else who could get a side featuring Ravanelli and Junhino relegated to the First Division?
Huw, England

The FA should not even think about appointing a foreign manager. Lack of imagination on their part does not constitute a lack of quality in the English ranks. Terry Venables is very possibly the man, but what about people like Alan Hansen. OK, not a lot of managerial experience but it's attitude that is going to pull England through now. The players and the FA need a good kick up the backside.
Martin Green, Wales

Perhaps the question of who actually replaces Keegan is not actually so important. After all the consistent long-term success of the England team depends on proper technical/tactical skills being thoroughly coached at grass roots level. Until the FA jettisons the facile reasoning that "good players make good managers", English football - while remaining the citadel of overpaid mediocrity and bumptious administration - hasn't a prayer at international level.
Steve Langley, Belgium

Sir Alex Ferguson should be the manager as it takes a real hard man to bring these over paid "professionals" into line and start performing as their wages would indicate. I'm English and I can see the reasons why we need someone like Ferguson. Plus the FA should leave the managing to the manager and not stick their noses into his programme of developing our side into a competitive world cup squad.
Dale Burton, Canada

While Terry Venables is obviously the people's choice, it's naive to believe that the upper echelons of the FA have changed enough to put football before their collective pride. So assuming that we can't have El Tel and Adam Crozier has said that non-English managers would be considered, why is everyone looking at Arsene Wenger?

There is one other excellent candidate out there and that is Johan Cruyff. A tactically brilliant manager.
  Jason Elliott, Spain
Someone who would be prepared to walk away from their club when they were needed couldn't be trusted not to do the same to England (especially if it wasn't their national team anyway.) There is one other excellent candidate out there however and that is Johan Cruyff. A tactically brilliant manager, he led Barcelona to four Spanish league titles in five years and European Cup glory. He speaks perfect English, is Fergursonesque with discipline, has the experience, knows how to handle the pressure and is, at present, not doing anything in particular. Cruyff's the man.
Jason Elliott, Spain

Why do people still throw around the names of club managers with just a couple of years experience at the top level. The likes of Peter Reid, Alan Curbishley and Peter Taylor may well be good club managers - but ready for England ? If you are talking British you've got George Graham, Terry Venables or Alex Ferguson. Abroad, Louis Van De Gaal, Trappatoni or Lippi, but how well would they know the quality of the players they have available? May take a long time?
Tony Farmery, England

Having read all the views on this page. I've noticed one name missing. The general tone seems to be a very myopic "it's the England team, so the manager must be English". What a load of rubbish. For years we've lagged behind the rest of the world because we've had a blinkered view that our football - all blood and thunder and hoofing the ball forward. An Englishman and someone with foreign experience needed ? Let's then try Roy Hodgson. He took a mediocre Swiss side to the World Cup, so why not this mediocre lot we call England?
Ian, UK

Give it to Venables, he has spent most of his time in the wilderness, sniping and saying how he could do a better job, let him prove it. He is in the same league as the cab drivers who feel they should be running the country. Maybe when the bubble bursts and El Tel turns out to be living in the past, he'll actually shut up.
Keith chamberlain, UK

Surely, it is time for the English FA to appoint a non-English man as the next coach. It may also have a positive effect on the fans that travel abroad - combating hooliganism for example ! Afterall, if there were a 'foreigner' in charge then surely it would bring new techniques, new discipline, new ideas and a new level of tolerance to the English football game. Appointing someone like Terry Venables would be a step backwards!
Shane Cogan, Belgium

Terry Venables is clearly the only man for the job. The FA should accept that the general public wants him and should go out and get him at whatever cost. The players respect him and he knows how to get them playing to a level the country expects. Anyone else as the manager in a month's time will just show that the FA are spineless - England expects - they had better deliver !!!!
Lee Widdows, England

I think that the pack who allowed themselves to get swept up in mass hysteria about Glenn Hoddlle's personal beliefs have only got themselves to blame. He was the most accomplished, intelligent, versatile and professional manager available for the job. I hope they feel satisfied now.
Alec, Italy

Personally I should like to see a younger coach in charge. Either Alan Curbishley, Peter Taylor or Bryan Robson or Peter Reid.

Personally I should like to see a younger coach in charge. Either Alan Curbishley, Peter Taylor or Bryan Robson or Peter Reid.
  Neil Head, UK
I know that none of them are established yet, but they would be young enough to give the FA the 10-year plan they want. BUT, I would like to see Bobby Robson installed as assistant coach. Forget his age, or what he's done before, this man has one quality that no other has. Experience. Especially in top flight European football, his knowledge is invaluable. A team of managers would be much better, I know you still need the one man in charge, but why not adapt the job? I don't think the FA will ever appoint Venables....still we can hope!
Neil Head, UK

The fundamental fact is that none of the managers who might be considered are ever as good at managing a national squad as they were at club level. This is due to talented individuals working and organising with & for the manager. How many clubs will allow every member of their coaching and admin staff to depart with a nominated national coach. This is why it takes time to build a management team. Take the likes of O'Leary and Ferguson out of their home 'fishtank' and they will find it extremely difficult to get immediate results, and IMMEDIATE results is what the England team needs to restore confidence in themselves and the nation. At least Howard Wilkinson has been working for some time with the administration at national level so good luck Howard.
Paul Wilkinson, England

Can anyone think of an excellent manager, looking for a job, with a strong track record of producing great performances from his team against big international opponents? Bring on Vialli!! (plus it would really annoy Ken Bates!)
Chris Kendall, Belgium

A national side is about national talent, not racism or arrogance. It's about showing the best our country has produced. The fact that we have such limited choice and poor results simply reflects the lack of investment in our own country. A foreign manager may have more experience, but they could never represent England the same, nor could they ever take England out against their own national side without contradiction. Interestingly, the same people remain at the FA having: done nothing towards inward investment; badly treating Peter Taylor; too much pride to ask Terry Venables; encouraging the use of foreign managers; been around too long, too corrupt, too political. It's time the fans and media voted for a change that will really make a difference.
Roy Bailey, England

We need new blood and Peter Taylor had an excellent record with the U-21s. He knows the players and has experience of international qualification/tournament football.
  Simon Clews, Birmingham, England
Martin O Neill is the best man for the job. Unfortunately he has just started his new job at Celtic and would be unlikely to take the position. (PS I don't care that he's Irish) Tactically the man is brilliant and he is just as good a man motivator as Keegan, so it wouldn't hurt to ask! Venables, Robson.. etc have had their day so let them retire in peace. It has to be somebody new and that has proved themselves and if anyone suggests Big Ron they need a slap!
Alex Fairbairn, England

What is all this talk of Terry Venables? Is this the same manager who scraped a draw against Switzerland, without a McAllister penalty miss would have drawn against Scotland, and if it wasn't for the linesman's flag would have lost against Spain. Venables only success was a 4-1 victory against a ragged Holland side who could only draw against Scotland. What exactly has he won? The FA Cup and a Spanish league with an open cheque book. Look what happened at Crystal Palace and Portsmouth. With Australia and all their current talent he could not qualify for the '98 World Cup. The top clubs haven't been banging on his door have they?. The man for the job is Peter Taylor, top of the league and did wonders with the Under-21's, many of whom should now be brought into the national squad.
Jon, England

The question is not who should replace Keegan, but who would want to. 60,000 a week is a lot of money but not for being a national pariah and to be the scapegoat for a squad of players who are simply not good enough as a unit.
Martin James, England

Whoever it is he should be chosen on merit this time and not because the treacherous football writers in the tabloids decide for us that he is the people's choice as they did with Keegan. Keegan was not the people's choice - he was chosen by the newspaper boys. He became the people's choice only when the newspapers found out how inept he was and they would not take the blame for his appointment.
John, England

I know that he had a difficult time at Blackburn, but I think Roy Hodgson has the right skills for an international manager. With his experience of managing European sides, he will have far better tactical knowledge than just about any other English candidate.
Paul Johnson, UK

Terry Venables with Peter Taylor as his assistant and eventual replacement. I doubt if the FA will be as honest as Keegan and admit their mistakes and shortcomings when both these guys were treated badly.
Bob Webb, England

Call me cynical but given the pressure the nation and its media has put on our England managers over the past decade, perhaps we should manage the England team by national referendum. That way, if we fail, we'll all be to blame.
Matt, England

Joe Kinnear is the best possible next England manager. He has played first division football and International football. He is a former manager of the year. He has managed a Premiership club and International players. He is adept at turning the proverbial pig's ear into a silk purse. Give Joe the chance.
Mike Jay, UK

The extensive knowledge of the English game held by Lippi and Cappello should surely make them front runners.....
  Chris, Scotland
I want a successful England team as much as anyone else in England, but seeing Keegan, who played in Germany and showed respect for its people and culture, faced with Saturday's Wembley mob jeering the German national anthem and chanting idiotic slogans like 'Stand up if you won the war' I can't blame him for thinking 'Why the hell am I doing this?' Who on earth would want a job that is such a poison chalice to try and please so many unspeakably loathsome people who seem to support the national team?
Nathan Barley, England

Although I admire Bobby Robson as a manager and believe he is one of the greatest ever England managers I don't think he can be seriously considered as the next England boss - he hardly has time on his side for a start. Peter Taylor doesn't have the experience (his time will come), John Gregory just isn't good enough, Joe Royle may have the experience but is hardly the most successful manager in the world. I don't think we can have a foreign manager. I can't see how a foreign manager can have the pride and passion a national manager should have when managing another country. There is only one man for the job, so the FA should listen to the fans and bring back Terry Venables, the man they should have never let go after Euro '96.
Tristan, Hereford, England

Surely now the FA must finally get over whatever they have against Terry Venables and get him back in the job as soon as possible. At the moment the FA seem perfectly happy to pick anyone other than Venables, who is clearly capable of the job and has experience, and let England plummet down the world rankings. I want Venables back in the job, everyone I know wants Venables back in the job so why can't the FA swallow their pride and get the English football team back on track. The only other person capable of the job is Bobby Robson but he seems contented at Newcastle and is not really a long term solution.
David Munday, England

I would rather have a poor national team than sell our soul and employ a foreign manager. Maybe Mr Clinton is better than Tony Blair so shall we make him our next prime minister? The Danish royal family is also more popular than ours. I am not a nationalist but surely it is not playing a fair game to win at all costs. Do we have such a low opinion of our country that we have no one capable of managing a football team.
Andrew Bayley, England

Venables is obviously the person for the job and should have been appointed instead of Keegan. However, whether or not the consistently incompetent old boys at the FA are ready to put English football first is in serious doubt. We have all paid the price for their backward approach, none more so perhaps than Kevin Keegan. They have a lot to answer for and could get off to a fair start by giving the job to Tel.
Teresa Javurek, USA

Martin O Neil is far and away the best option. He has tactical expertise, motivational skills second to none, media presence, and the wisdom not to promise world domination on day one. Neither Ferguson, nor Wenger, Lippi etc could have achieved with a limited budget, and this is the test of a truly good manager - to get the people you HAVE to play consistently above their natural level
Pete Huskinson, UK

I think the manager must be English. Peter Taylor has proved by the way Gillingham and now Leicester have played under him to be tactically aware. He also got great results from the Under-21s, so he knows our best YOUNG players. Howard Wilkinson's ability was demonstrated when he took over these same players and did abysmally.
Malcolm Turner, N. Ireland (but English)

Alan Curbishley should be the next England manager. He has done wonders with Charlton and I think he is as ready as anyone out there for the position.
Jon Attree, US (Ex-Pat)

If we have to go English I vote for 'Tel'.
  Duncan Still, USA
Whoever becomes manager must get rid of Tony Adams and the old boys and go for young blood. Bobby Robson would be the temporary choice and Venables or Ferguson should take over the English team.
Gilbert.S.M, Indonesia

Forget politics. I think George Graham would be good, he did well at Arsenal. Wenger would be crazy to take it. O'Leary is not ready, when he is Ireland will have him. If we have to go English I vote for 'Tel'.
Duncan Still, USA

Bobby Robson would be the best man but as a Newcastle supporter I hope he will stay with Newcastle. Sir Alex Ferguson would certainly be great, but it's foolish to think Manchester United will let him go. Whoever it is -it doesn't matter if he's English or foreign as long as he is experienced.
Julian, Switzerland

The FA has to consider names like Lippi, Zoff, Cruyff, Vialli and Camacho. They all have experience and the results to match. The likes of Ferguson, Wenger, Robson, O'Leray will not leave their respective clubs.
Kevin Neeliah, London

The FA has to consider names like Lippi, Zoff, Cruyff, Vialli and Camacho
  Kevin Neeliah, London
Terry Venables is the popular choice. He should be manager. People don't care about his private affairs. England was successful under his reign so fans will forgive him almost anything.
Gareth Dunn, UK

Why has nobody mentioned French World Cup winning coach Aime Jacquet? It's either him or Terry Venables for the job.
Allister Webb, England

Sir Alex Ferguson? ...forget it, no Scotsman will ever manage the English national football team...end of story. As he's said himself, he couldn't reconcile himself to leading out the English team to play Scotland. It may seem petty, but that is why it will never happen. Venables is grossly overrated, and it is illuminating that he doesn't seem to get offered too many of the top jobs in world football these days. The Graham Taylor experience should serve as a salutary warning to recruiting a successful "club" manager and expect him to re-create that success at international level. So on that basis I'd rule out Peter Reid, Bryan Robson, David O'Leary etc. Wenger won't take for me it has to be Lippi.
Jim Park, Scotland

Joe Royle has a good a chance as anyone. His club record is excellent.
Robert Reason, England

Why has nobody mentioned French World Cup winning coach Aime Jacquet?
  Allister Webb, England
England lost one of the best managers it had in Glen Hoddle. The next manager should be chosen on professional grounds, not on popularity. In the same vein they should be fired by the FA not hunted out the job.
Ed Munak, England

Hands off Bobby Robson, we need him at Newcastle! Terry Venables should have been given the job on Hoddle's departure and if the FA don't appoint him now they will live to regret it...again!
Joanne Greaves, England

Whoever takes over must build a new side using the best young players we have, with no Prima Donna's. It will take 3-4 years. The only person capable of doing that is not English, it has to be Sir Alex Ferguson, whatever it costs, the FA will have to go deep in their pockets if we want lasting success.
Derek, ex-pat, Brazil

I think that David O'Leary should take the England job, because, he has done a great job at Leeds and he could do with a better team to work with. plus he has set the standards for the rest of the country by bringing young English players into the team.
Adam Bee, England

Terry Venables. He is available, and is one of the few candidates with a proven European CV. A popular choice and can handle the media well too.
  Damian Byrne, UK
Unlike Mr Fern I think it's time to appoint a foreign manager. Wenger, maybe, or Lippi. Many talk about Venables and fondly remember the "heroics" of Euro '96. Yet England only played a memorable game, that against Holland, but then performed poorly, especially in the quarter final with Spain. In fact England were hosts, yet failed to deliver. Is he the people's choice? So was Keegan. Robson? He did poorly in Italy, did he? He had a formidable side, the best around at the time, with the likes of Gascoigne, Waddle, Beardsley, Platt and Lineker, yet he failed to deliver. The truth is that, David O'Leary apart, there's no British or Irish manager good enough for the job.
Maurizio, Italy

The only English candidates (Taylor, Reid, Robson, Gregory) are not ready, they need experience and success. Let's go for a foreigner in Wenger or why not Vialli or Rijkaard?
Steve Risby, Sweden

Why not try Jim Smith from Derby? He has vast experience of getting the best out of "poor" players. What could he do with our best?
Neil Depledge, England

Personally I would love to see Terry Vennables back in the job, but the FA won't employ him. The next best man for the job is probably Peter Taylor, but the FA treated him so appallingly over the U21 team I think he would be reluctant to go back into that arena. Harry Redknapp has already said he doesn't want it. So that leaves us with Bobby Robson, a foreign coach or possibly the return of Glen Hoddle. What a mess! I really hope the FA and Vennables can patch up their differences.
Trev, UK off Manchester United whatever sum of money they want for Sir Alex Ferguson....if you can't get him, then try Terry. Whoever gets it has a massive challenge on their hands in turning a bunch of excellent individuals into a TEAM!
Ben, Dubai

I think there are only two candidates in the frame with the proven pedigree...Terry Venables and Bobby Robson. Venables if my first choice, simply because he is available now, but will the FA consider him?
Gerry Bracewell, United Kingdom

Alex Ferguson should be the next England manager. It's about time the England manager came with a background of real and substantial achievement at club level, and Alex Ferguson is the best qualified UK-based candidate.
Simon Arthur-Smith, England

The people that say that "whoever it is, it must be an Englishman" make me cringe. Not only is it racist (believing that only an Englishman can be good enough) it is silly as well. I don't care if a Martian runs the team as long as he is the best available for the job. I suggest Lippi (ex Juventus boss) if he's available. He is a proven winner.
Mike Cooke , UK

Whatever happens, it should be an English manager who gets the job. Preferably Bobby Robson, preferably not Bryan Robson and definitely not Howard Wilkinson.
Tom Fern, England

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