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   Monday, 30 December, 2002, 18:11 GMT
Ask Albert - Number 87
Match of the Day's footballing sage Albert Sewell is poised to answer your queries on the beautiful game.

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Lak, West Midlands

What do you regard as the biggest FA Cup shock there has ever been?

Colchester knocking out Leeds in 1971 and Hereford's replay victory over Newcastle in 1972 produced shock waves that were high on the Richter Scale. But I always think Walsall 2, Arsenal 0 in the Third Round in 1933 tops everything.

Walsall were in Division Three North - Arsenal were embarking on a hat-trick of League titles in 1933-34-35.

Ricky, England

When did Charlie Wayman play for Southampton? He was one of the best centre-forwards they ever had.

Yes, Charlie was among the game¿s top marksmen directly after the last war (1946-57). A North-easterner he scored 254 League goals for five clubs. He started with Newcastle, then played for Southampton (1947-50), Preston, Middlesbrough and Darlington.

He certainly proved the adage "small is good" - he stood only 5ft 5 ½ inches tall.

Richard, UK

Who were the goalscoreres when Colchester United played Derby County in the FA Cup Fourth Round in 1977, please?

That tie started with a 1-1 draw at Layer Road - scorers Colin Garwood for Colchester and Derek Hales for Derby. In the replay at the Baseball Ground, Derby won by a solitary goal, scored by Leighton James.

Stephen, Leeds

Who is the only footballer to play in the Glasgow derby, the Manchester derby and the Merseyside derby?

I'm thinking that would be Russian winger Andrei Kanchelskis. He played for Manchester United from 1991-95, then for Everton (1995-97) and joined Glasgow Rangers from Fiorentina in July 1998.

Paul, Newcastle

Which clubs did David Seaman play for before he joined Arsenal?

Born at Rotherham on September 19, 1963, Seaman signed pro with Leeds in 1981. He began his League career with Peterborough (1982-84), then played for Birmingham (1984-86), QPR (1986-90) and was transferred from Rangers to Arsenal for £1.3m in May 1990.

Simon Baillie, Ireland

My uncle reckons that for a referee to issue a red card to a player, he must "catch" the player within 60 seconds of the offence, otherwise the player is immune from disciplinary action. But I can't think this is right.

Your uncle must have his own set of rules. There is no set time over the taking of names and the issue of red or yellow cards. But it is the job of the fourth official to note the length of any such stoppages so that they can be "made up" in time added on.

Adam Lawrence, England

Has there ever been a team bottom of the Premiership at Christmas who have avoided relegation at the end of the season?

No, in the Premiership's 10 seasons, there has been no such survivor. So if West Ham ever needed a wake-up call, this is it. But there's a first time for everything!

Steve, England

Who were the first team, foreign or domestic, to win a match by the Golden Goal rule?

The Football League introduced the Golden Goal system in their Auto Windscreens Shield competition in season 1994-5, whereby when scores were level after 90 minutes, the first goal in overtime ended play.

Huddersfield Town's Iain Dunn became the first British player to settle a match in this way - his 107th-minute goal beat Lincoln City 3-2 in the AWS on 30 November 1994.

Eoin, Ireland

What was the quote by Roy Keane at last summer's World Cup that led to the Republic of Ireland manager Mick McCarthy sending him home before the tournament began?

With several asterisked words thrown in, Keane was said to have told McCarthy: "I didn't rate you as a player, I don't rate you as a manager and I don't rate you as a person. I've got no respect for you."

Bryan L, Northern Ireland

In a penalty shoot-out, if Team 'A' have had three men sent off and Team 'B' have had none sent off, and it was 8-8 in the shoot-out, does Team 'B' win by a technicality?

No. Before the shoot-out began, Team 'B' would be required to leave out three men to make it an eight-a-side contest. After five penalties to each side, the result would be decided on one-against-one spot-kicks, i.e. until one side scores and the other one misses.

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