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  Saturday, 16 November, 2002, 18:30 GMT
Your tributes to Scott Quinnell
Scott Quinnell
Wales and Lions star Scott Quinnell announces his retirement from the international game.

E-mail your tributes to a Welsh rugby legend.

The son of Wales and Lions star Derek and nephew of legendary fly-half Barry John, Quinnell was blessed with a fine rugby pedigree.

And he has lived up to his billing, playing 51 times for Wales - scoring 11 tries - and starring for the 2001 Lions, playing in all three Tests against Australia and claiming a try in the first Test win.

He has been plagued by a persistent knee injury for several seasons, but had hoped to carry on until the 2003 World Cup.

Send your tributes and memories of Quinnell's international career.

This debate is now closed. See below for a selection of your emails.

Even as an Englishman, I can't help but wince at the prospect of not seeing Scott Quinnell run out for Wales in the Six-Nations this year.

Outstanding in Union and League he deserves to be regarded in the top list of No.8s ever to grace our beloved European tournament.

No-one who saw it will ever forget his rampaging try against France as a youngster or his imperious force on the last Lion's Tour.

To bid farewell to Quinnell, Scott Gibbs and Rob Howley in the space of 18 months has left rugby not just in Wales but everywhere with a terrible emptiness.

A Welsh legend in the best tradition. Scott, we salute you.
Ranjit, London

There was no greater sight in world rugby than to see Scott charging in full flight
Dominic, U.K

As a fellow Celt, but of the green variety, it saddens me to hear of the retirement of Scott Quinnell from international rugby union. He was a thorn in the sides of Irish teams down the years.

I can recall the thundering tackles he made and cursed at him, especially against Ireland. I hope that he will enjoy his retirement. Thank you Scott Quinnell for your enthusiasm and vigour in the red jersey of Wales.
Ciaran Gately, Ireland

An inspirational player that on occasions single handedly took hold of the scruff of the team and inspired them to greatness.

I salute you Quinny, all the best in your soon to be announced coaching role!
Kamini K'fir, Wales, UK

If the rest of the team had had his commitment, we would have been far more competitive in recent years. Nice one Scott!
Chris Wyn, Wales

There was no greater sight in world rugby than to see Scott charging in full flight at the opposition. He will be a great loss to the Welsh side and world rugby.
Dominic, U.K

Scott was a rock for welsh rugby
Matt Mytton, Australia

I first met you when you came to Alberta, Canada in the 90's. I knew at that time you would do great things for Wales. Have a great retirement and thank you for some great moments in Welsh rugby.
Jeff Johnson, Canada

I first introduced my children to welsh rugby, three years ago when Wales played Fiji. On that day, they arrived at the old arms park full of expectation... they took their autograph books...and were over the moon that Scott had taken time out to sign them, before the match started.

Since then they have had the privilege of watching an inspirational leader, giving 100% and setting a great example to young players.

Scott Quinnell is truly a great and fully deserves his place in the welsh hall of fame. We wish you a successful retirement and thank you for the inspiration, thrills, skills, motivation and above all, pleasure.
Alan Standish, Wales

What a superb standard of play and leadership you have given for so many years, continuing the great reputation of the family. It is a sad, sad day now that you are retiring and for the reason of lack of desire. You are amongst Wales' finest.
Alan Elkan, England (but Wales at heart)

Scott was a rock for welsh rugby; I certainly will not forget his bulldozing runs against the English. Enjoy your international retirement Scott you deserve it.
Matt Mytton, Australia

You will be sorely missed every time I open a programme
Jules, Sweden (ex-pat)

Scott thank you for being such an ambassador for welsh rugby, (like your dad) you will sadly be missed. You always wore your heart where the people could see it - on the front of your red jersey and led from the front like a true warrior.
John Davies, Wales (home)

After Llanelli visited Royal Marines Poole in 2000 I was posted to Australia for two years. When you and the Lions came out I was overjoyed to see you win and gutted in the final Test when you had to leave the field and we lost!!

Your injury was a relief to the Aussie supporters I can tell you. Good luck with your club rugby and thanks for your inspirational international rugby over the years!
John Bryant, England

You will be sorely missed every time I open a programme at the Millennium Stadium and read the team sheet! If half the players in the team were half as good as you we would be putting 100 points on the All Blacks next weekend!

Good luck with Llanelli in the future and I wish you and your family all the best!!! One last thing....why didn't you play for Cardiff!!! We could have done with you at times! Damn!
Jules, Sweden (ex-pat)

My enduring memory is of his brilliant solo try against France in Cardiff (in 1993/4, I think...). Easily comes into the group of the best Welsh players I have seen play live along with Jonathan Davies, Robert Jones, Robert Howley and Scott Gibbs.
Stephen Laviers, France

A player that produced the goods every game
Gary Pugh, Wales

Scott was a great player to watch. When he got the ball in his hands, you always knew something was going to happen and people were going to get knocked down. Scott Quinnell, thank you very much for entertaining us and all the best of luck on your next venture.
Andy, British in the Netherlands

Scott, you are a titanic player mate! The best moment for me is when you put that giant lock Kobus Wiese on his backside during the Lions' first game against Eastern Province in 1997! Priceless!
Evan Jones, UK

You always gave your all, were an inspirational captain, and deserve your place as a proud Welshman in rugby's hall of fame.
Gareth Owen Jones, Wales

Awesome, a player that produced the goods every game, a giant who will be missed for those hard yards and galloping charges at the heart of the English defence. May the knees be good to you.
Gary Pugh, Wales

What are we going to do without you, Scott?
Oliver, A little bit of Wales in Russia.

Wales will miss you
Simon Evans, Wales

Why have you retired one week before playing the All Blacks?

Scott will be missed. I cannot tell people how much he will be missed within the international scene, from the supporters, and those who have played with or against him. A great sportsman, he should be an example to every would-be sportsman in any sport. There will not be another player like him.
Gareth Webb, Wales

Thanks for giving us hope through the years (and Wembley in '99).
Owen Miles, UK

A great player the best No.8 in world rugby for much of his career. Wales will miss you. Enjoy retirement and cheers.
Simon Evans, Wales

You have shone in a mediocre era. You should be proud of your legacy.
Steve Ayland, Exiled Welsh

Scott is perhaps the finest ball carrying No.8 ever to play the game
Jonathan Michaud, England

Truly a hero of Welsh rugby, lets not forget his memorable turn outs for the Lions also. Wales have had a lot of players hang up their boots the last couple of years, Dai Young, Rob Howley, Scott Gibbs, none will be missed as much as that great No.8.
Colin Jones, Welsh man in England

As a supporter of Llanelli, I've always followed Scott's progress as a rugby player. I would like to thank Scott for his performances in the Wales jersey, which he always wore with pride.

As a player, you played with passion and commitment and always gave 100% even in the toughest of matches. Even on the Lions tour last year, you gave your all, and riddled with various injuries then as well.

Luckily now, there are some youngsters coming through for the Welsh international side, but whoever steps into the No.8 position now, will have some massive boots to fill. Scott will be sorely missed. Thank you.
Pete, Wales

Scott is perhaps the finest ball carrying No.8 ever to play the game. He has stood out as a world class performer in an era when Welsh rugby has struggled.

He really got a chance to show what he could do on the 2001 Lions tour when he was surrounded by other quality players. I thought he was the player of the series. It is a shame that we lost some of his best years to Rugby League. It's been a pleasure to watch (and not have to tackle) him. Good luck Scott!
Jonathan Michaud, England

Scott Quinnell was one of the five truly great players Wales have had since the 1970's teams. He would have walked into any team in the world probably with half the team hanging onto his back! I feel both sad and proud today as one of our legends retires.
Dave Reid, Wales

Scott Quinnell - one of the most devastating ball carriers the game has ever seen. A player Wales and the rest of the world will surely miss. Although he had his weight criticised throughout his career, his record speaks volumes. Quite simply a world class player.
tom, England

An inspiration and example to us all
Gary B, Norway

Who can forget his towering performance against the French in Cardiff when Wales won for the first time for many, many years? I doubt if there has EVER been a better individual performance in a Welsh shirt. Enjoy the rest from International duty Scott, you've earned it.
Dewi Pritchard, N. Wales

A sporting giant and a legend on the field, a community minded icon who personified the town of Llanelli whom he led with distinction. Wales will miss Scott but I know the Scarlets will benefit from the focus of his attentions.
John Jenkins, Llanelli, Wales

An inspiration and example to us all.
Gary B, Norway

Almost a legend - all it will take is time. Scott Quinnell has shown great talent, character and pride in his rugby career. Wales will miss you Scott. Thank you.
Dave Morgan, Swansea, Wales

I cannot lament as gracefully about Scott as David or Ant, so my only function here is to second them. Mr Quinnell, thank you is a small word for what Wales owes you. You're a legend.
Andrew, Wales

I for one will always think he never truly achieved his potential
Dermott John, Wales

One of the true greats, a world class player. Not only would he have walked into the current England squad, he would have walked into the Wales squad of the late 70's, and every world class squad since that time.

Thank you for what you have done for rugby, may you be able to continue to bring those abilities to the game in some other capacity which will help further develop Welsh and Northern Hemisphere rugby.
Martin, England

Quinnell is a fantastic player and captain, my only regret is not being able to see him play in a great Wales team. All the best Scott we'll miss you.
Tim Sanders, Germany

It's sad Scott has decided to call it a day - he has been a truly fine player-& I know this is going to be a tad controversial, but when all the dust has settled & we look back over his career I for one will always think he never truly achieved his potential.

He will become a legend for us in Wales because he played in a time we struggled for international quality players-but I felt he had a fair bit more in the tank & with more personal discipline, would have been more streamlined & more athletic-however that said I'll miss him & we will miss him in the World Cup.
Dermott John, Wales

Scott's been a great ambassador for the sport of rugby and the country of Wales. He has been an inspiration to my son, who plays the sport. We will miss him from the international arena, but I hope he continues to play for Llanelli for some time to come.
Ant Foster, Wales

He has been truly a great servant to Welsh rugby
David Ware, France

Scott, we are proud of you. Many times (too many times, actually!) you saved the honour of Welsh team. We salute your bravery, commitment and outstanding ability. The Welsh team is going to miss you - you leave a very big hole to fill.
Mark Lewis, Wales

He will be sorely missed by the rugby fans in Wales. He was a Welsh rugby icon, and will always be remembered as one of our greatest players.
Jamie G, Wales

As I sit here wearing proudly my Welsh jersey, it is with regret that Scott Quinnell has decided to retire, though I understand and agree with his judgement (for only he knows how bad his knees are). When Scott played, the team played - and usually damn well. Even if we lost, we played with pride.

He has been truly a great servant to Welsh rugby, and if he had been born in Australia or NZ he would also have been a World champion! Thankfully he was born Welsh! Perhaps he will be able to continue in the background, helping the new talent come through, for Wales cannot afford to lose his insight into the game.

Finally, I would like to add a big thank you for the past nine years, and may your retirement from the international stage be a happy one. I for one will miss seeing you in the red jersey - thanks a million and bye!
David Ware, France

Wales play four Tests against Romania, Fiji, Canada and New Zealand








Scott Quinnell discusses his famous career
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