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  Friday, 27 September, 2002, 16:19 GMT 17:19 UK
Who will prevail in Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka skipper Sanath Jayasuriya
Sri Lanka struggle to 244-5 against India, but rain forces the ICC Champions Trophy final to begin again on Monday.

Who will win Sunday's final?


Sanath Jayasuriya and Kumar Sangakkara both hit half-centuries as Sri Lanka stuttered to 244 for five in the ICC Champions Trophy final in Colombo.

But the match was abandoned after heavy rain began to fall two overs into the tourists' reply.

Earlier, Harbhajan Singh took three wickets as India's spinners put the brakes on Sri Lanka's blazing batsmen, and struck whenever they looked to up the tempo.

Who are you tipping for victory?


Sri Lanka will win because crowd support really matters in the final. I also want Sri Lanka to win as they really deserve it after beating Australia in the semis.
Ahsan Zafar, Pakistan

If India leave out Kumble, India will win
Don Gopi, India

Beating the mighty Australian team so easily was a great achievement for the Sri Lankans. They certainly have a more balanced team than India with a better bowling line-up. However, if India play Srinath and Agarkar instead of Kumble and Laxman, they will also have a very balanced team.

Their batting line up is far superior to Sri Lanka's. Muralitharan has been a nemesis of India in the past. So if the Indian batsmen can handle Murali well, they will pick up the trophy.
Sunil Anaokar, USA

India should prevail. Although Sri Lanka have the home advantage, so did West Indies and England in the last two one-day series which India won. India's batting is unmatched even by the supposedly world conquering Aussies.

I certainly do not agree India lack quality bowling: Zaheer, Harbhajan, Kumble and Srinath have records as good as anybody in the world.
A S Arun Kumar, India

If India leave out Kumble, India will win.
Don Gopi, India

I think it's gonna be a keenly contested final. Both the teams have played some good cricket over the past few weeks. I feel Sri Lanka would back themselves to beat India, because they are playing at home and are familiar with the pitch and the conditions.

Secondly, I felt Sri Lanka had a more convincing win over Australia then India had over South Africa. But the current Indian side is super charged and no one can under estimate them.
M.Manoj, India

An unnecessary vacation in the middle of an important tournament led to a rare Australian collapse
Ram, USA

Invincible Aussies no more! Great work by the Lankans. Hopefully, the finals will be an intriguing contest, as befits this entire competition.
Amit Prasad, India/USA

All the Australians, South Africans and Pakistanis have seemed to have gone a bit quiet. Well done Sri Lanka for thrashing the Aussies, and as for India, I believe that Ganguly's boys are the most exciting one day team in the world. I couldn't think of two more worthy finalists.
Graham, North London

Oh, dear what happened to the Aussies who were supposed to adapt to any given condition? It's just the same old story - No one likes to believe that a tiny island on the Indian Ocean can win a major tournament.
Sumeera, USA

An unnecessary vacation in the middle of an important tournament led to a rare Australian collapse, and they themselves are to be blamed for the debacle. Overconfidence is not what I expected from such a professional side.

Sri Lankan batting is fragile, and I think India will win this tournament, but they have to watch out as wicket is worn out. They should keep both Kumble and Laxman in the team for final. Kumble is still a class spinner and Laxman, though not a good fielder, is in fine form with the bat.
Ram, USA

Wow - a spectacular Australian collapse!
Mehboob, England

Well it looks like the overconfident Aussies have been cut down by the Lankan Magic. This is what happens when you take a vacation during an actual tournament.

Instead of doubling up on the practice turf and getting used to the climate, the over confident Australians head for the beach in the Maldives - oh how the mighty fall! India v Sri Lanka should be a good final, and India should win it - provided their bowlers bowl a tight line and length.
Riju Thomas, Stoneham, USA

The spin magician will be too much for the Aussies to handle. Jayasuriya and De Silva are at their best, and will rip the Aussie bowling apart, regardless of spin of Warne or fast ball of McGrath. Lankans all the way.
Safran, Canada, SL

I am pretty sure that India will make it to win the ICC Champions Trophy. They are in form, and their huge batting line-up will surely bring them success.
Rishabh Kulkarni, United Kingdom

Wow - a spectacular Australian collapse! Now there's a rare sight! Full credit to Sri Lanka for reminding us all that the Aussies are not invincible after all. Watch out India, the Sri Lankans are coming!
Mehboob, England

The overconfident Aussies have been cut down by the Lankan Magic
Riju Thomas, Stoneham, USA

India at this point of time is the best team, and deserve to win the final. They have proved against England that 350 is achievable too. With such a batting line-up, no team can be a threat to India.
Raghu, India

India have an excellent chance of winning the trophy provided they show discipline in all the departments of the game.
Shankar Prasad C, India

I am amazed at the kind of stuff Mr Saunders writes in his columns. And Englishmen, stop complaining about heat and weather. We never complain about the typical English weather, do we? And then, what is this story about heat with Proteas. Since when has the temperature in South Africa started to drop below zero?

Mr Saunders and, for that matter, the entire BBC team feels that SA threw the match away. Why, you guys still can't believe India can snatch victory? Wake up!

If you still do not - see the Natwest matches. No wonder England produces the most boring cricket teams. And please do not forget, every time the rules of the games were changed or modified was because England and Australia exploited them - the Bodyline-underarm-one bouncer per over!
Bmukh, India

India are at present the best sides in the world. If they pick this ICC Trophy, they will surely go on to win the WC next year.
Sujan, Nepal

If Sri Lanka manage to beat Australia today (a distinct possibility on their home turf), then their home advantage will once again take them past India in the final.
Matt, Australia

Admittedly, the Indian bowling is pretty ordinary, with the exception of Zaheer and Harbajan. The selectors and the team management are not helping their cause by playing Kumble.

It is very evident to all watchers that he is hardly threatening these days, and does not deserve his place - it should be taken by a genuine spinner who could exploit the conditions.

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