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  Friday, 7 June, 2002, 17:31 GMT 18:31 UK
How good is Albert Costa?
Albert Costa celebrates his French Open win with a victory roll
Albert Costa shocks the tennis world - and himself - with a four-set win over compatriot Juan Carlos Ferrero.

How good do you think Albert Costa is?


Albert Costa dispatched compatriot Juan Carlos Ferrero 6-1 6-0 4-6 6-3 with impressive ease for a breakthrough victory on Sunday

He had never previously progressed beyond the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam, having twice reached the last eight in Paris and once at the Australian Open five years ago.

To complete a momentous couple of weeks, he marries girlfriend Cristina Ventura, the mother of his 11-month-old twin daughers, next Friday, with Alex Corretja performing the best man duties.

How impressed were you with Costa's win?


Let's not forget Costa has won more clay court titles than any other active player on the tour except Guga. He has wins over every great clay court tennis player of his era. He even beat Thomas Muster on clay in 1995. It is indeed astonishing that this guy did not win Roland Garros until this year.
Mertov, USA

He is an excellent tennis player in the clay court season. But as for all-round play he is well under par. He also has little respect for tennis surfaces that aren't suited to his game. Such as Wimbledon, where I have recently discovered that he has kindly chosen to get married during one of the most important championships of the year. How thoughtful of him.
Daniel N, England

I've always admired his stylish stroke play
Roland Marslin, UK

This is the year of the underdogs - and I like it like that! Ferrero pulled a Safin, Costa a Johansson. This is why I love the men's game so much. More often that not, it's unpredictable. This has got to inspire up and coming players still dreaming of their first, that you don't win a game on reputation, you don't win it on merit or on paper. You've got to go out there and execute. I think they're will be more first time Grand Slam winners this year and I can't wait!
Nik Oresanya, USA

I was very impressed with Costa in the final, as I have been all tournament, but I was equally unimpressed with Ferrero. He put in a fantastic display to beat Agassi and swept past Safin only to choke in his first ever final which he really should have won. Sure, Costa played superbly but he was allowed to because he had no competition on the day.

One thing is for sure. If Agassi had been in the final, he would not have choked and I think there would have been a different man holding the trophy at the end.
Mike, UK

I am delighted to see Costa win. I've always admired his stylish stroke play - especially his backhand. It was also great to see so many drop shots being used in a Grand Slam Final.
Roland Marslin, UK

Costa won, because like Serena, he wanted it more on the day than his opponent.
Tony Young, England

Bravo is all that I can say. Although I myself am not a Costa fan he deserves credit for his win, as do all winners(unless by cheating). Costa displayed flair and composure as well as determination.
Chris, USA

He played the most emphatic tennis I have seen for some time
Grant Delmege, UK

I thought it was an excellent performance by Costa. His movement and anticipation were great, and there didn't seem to be a weak spot to his game at all. He should take a lot of belief out of this win, and he'll be more of a threat in next year's clay season as a result.

I don't see this as just a one-off, as the French Open is such a long and gruelling event that this just doesn't tend to happen. And to be honest, there are so many experienced clay court players out there consistency is required as well, which is not necessarily now the case on a surface like grass.
Ron, England

All I can say is well done Albert Costa. I would of never thought in a million years that he could beat Ferrero on Sunday....but he did. He played the most emphatic tennis I have seen for some time and he fully deserved that victory. He will now get the full respect of his peers.

I am sure Costa will go on to challenge many more French Opens and I also forsee him doing well in the hard court season this year as well. But as for grass forget it...
Grant Delmege, UK

Any tennis player, man or woman, who wins a major tournament is an extremely gifted player. He is already a great!
Nelson, USA

I am delighted that Costa has at last won the French Open. He is very good on clay, and has the potential to perform to the same level on hard courts. Very early in his career, he broke Thomas Muster's unbeaten run by beating him on clay. Since then he has underperformed. I look forward to many more wins by Costa.
Rama Velamuri, USA

Albert clearly deserved this title
Martin Hudecek, England

What a great performance! Costa was stunning. He only lost one game in the first two sets against an opponent who had wiped Agassi and Safin off the court. That says it all. Maybe Ferrero was hampered by his ankle, but he was also overwhelmed by the occassion.

Give him credit where it's due - he has been around for ten years and is a flashy, stylish player, solid from the back as most Spaniards are, but he can volley too. Becoming a 'great' player is a different question, and we will see whether he can... but don't write him off yet - let him enjoy his moment!
Anshu, London, UK

Costa is good. All Spanish players are very good on clay courts and should have been seeded higher. If grass court specialists are seeded higher at Wimbledon, the same rule should apply to the clay specialists at the French Open!
Sastri K, India

Albert clearly deserved this title, as he had the self-belief to go with the talent. Ferrero was just not up to holding his nerve in a final. Albert may well be a "one-slam wonder" but anyone who wins the French so convincingly over the two weeks must be labelled as an excellent player of his era. I hope he maintains this sort of form for another few years, as his new aggressive game is good to watch.
Martin Hudecek, England

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