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Monday, 13 August, 2001, 03:01 GMT 04:01 UK
Pick cricket's ultimate XI
How do you rate Sir Don Bradman's chosen men and who would be in your ultimate XI?
Just before his death earlier this year, cricket legend Sir Donald Bradman picked his ultimate XI.

But according to former India skipper Sunil Gavaskar, the choice is a fake.

What do you make of his chosen men and who would line up in your cricketing dream team?


  Bradman's team
Barry Richards - South Africa
Arthur Morris - Australia
Don Bradman - Australia
Sachin Tendulkar - India
Gary Sobers - West Indies
Don Tallon - Australia
Ray Lindwall - Australia
Dennis Lillee - Australia
Alec Bedser - England
Bill O'Reilly - Australia
Clarrie Grimmett - Australia
12th man:
Wally Hammond - England

A contentious choice or the right men?

Sunil Gavaskar does not believe the Don would have made such controversial choices and has labelled the eleven elect as a sham.

Bradman's ultimate cricket team was revealed in conjunction with the publication of the cricketing legends biography.

The names in the frame feature seven Australians and one Englishman - and he has selected himself as number three batsmen.

India's Sachin Tendulkar is the sole figure from the modern game - most of the players are the Don's contemporaries.

What is your take on Bradman's XI? Do you think it is a fake?

And who would line up in your ultimate cricketing dream team.


Richard Hadlee should be there for shear ruthlessness and efficiency. Sunil Gavasgar too. The guys that have held world records are obviously the top of their era, even though more games are played now. You'd be pretty hard pressed to go past Alan Border for the same reasons. My team: Gavasgar Barry Richards, Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar, Sir Vivian Richards, Sir Garfield Sobers, Ian Gilcrist Malcolm Marshall, Sir Richard Hadlee Wasim Akram with Shane Warne as 12th man. As much as I dislike the Aussies, I think Gilcrist is on the verge of Greatness.
Damien McGill, NZ

Cricket has improved and changed so much from Sir Don's era. Most of the players from Bradman's team were never tested in the tense One Day Cricket being played now. With all due respect, no Team can be completed without Viv Richards, Wasim Akram, Ian botham, and M Holding.
Amin Jafri, Pakistan

Bradman's XI is based around players he has seen and played with
Martin Murray, England

My dream team of all time would be: Gavaskar, Boycott, Don, Sachin, Viv, Sobers, Akram, Holding, Knott, Warne, Lillie and 12th man Hadlee. Five specialist batsman,one great all-rounder, one wicketkeeper, four specialist bowlers, plus a great 12th man. This will be the greatest team ever to set foot on a cricket field.
KS Vijaysekar, India

I have never seen a team with such a long tail as Bradman's (supposed) team - five batsman and six duffers! Get real, Don. Here's mine: Jack Hobbs, Barry Richards, Don Bradman, Wally Hammond, Graeme Pollock, Viv Richards, Garry Sobers, Alan Knott, Wasim Akram, Shane Warne, Dennis Lillee. Left and right hand opening quicks, with Sobers to follow... spin from Warne supported by Hammond, Richards and Sobers again. Jonty Rhodes 12th man, purely for his fielding.
Chris Wheatley, New Zealand

What's the big deal anyways? Bradman has a right to choose his 11, just as you and I do. It is not the word of God.
Jvalant Sampat, India/USA

The list is obviously fake. Don Bradman would never have picked himself.
Dave Smith, New Zealand

There is no steel in the batting from number seven down
Omar Mirza, UK
The first five could all bat a bit but a man with a Test average of 17 going in at number 6, followed by five tail-enders? England's current lower order look strong in comparison....
Peter Holdridge, UK

Sir Don's World XI is flawed. There is no steel in the batting from number seven down. I wonder how much international cricket the Don really saw in the last ten/fifteen years. The players are playing to a different level compared to fifty or sixty years ago. His World XI should have read: Gavaskar, Boycott, Miandad, Richards, S Waugh, Botham, Gilchrist, Imran, Warne, Marshall, Lillee.
Omar Mirza, UK

I'm afraid I can't have Lillee, Australian or not. My main concern with him was his inability to mop up the tail. He tended to bowl too many outswingers to batsmen unable to get an edge. But when Richard Hadlee came on he would bowl stump to stump and the business was done in a few overs - sorry Dennis.
Richard Ford, Australia

Bradman's XI is based around players he has seen and played with, which would be the same for any person. If a West Indian picked their team I'm sure there would be more West Indians in there, and the same would happen with people of other nationalities. Nobody is in a position to select an all time world XI as nobody has seen all the players playing. Bradman understandably picked players he knew about.
Martin Murray, England

Although I have great respect for Don Bradman I do not agree with his selection completely
Abhijeet Kulkarni, India

Bradman's XI is a great side, but not enough West Indians were included. During the 80's they were unbeatable, and the only team which could be compared to them must be the present Aussie side My XI would be: Pollock, Haynes, Bradman, Tendulkar, Waugh (C), Botham, Healy, Marshall, Walsh, Hadlee, Warne.
T. Keel, UK

One leg spinner is enough, and surely that has to be Warne for his impact on the game. That makes room for another batsmen, either Pollock or Richards. I've never heard of Don Tallon, but Allan Knott should be selected - a good batsmen and an outstanding keeper.
Ben, England

Although I have great respect for Don Bradman I do not agree with his selection completely. We can notice that it favours his era and his nation more. I think It would really be impossible to draw a greatest team without Viv Richards, Malcolm Marshall or Gavaskar. There are many great players from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and of course South Africa who also deserve the credit. Let's accept what he felt but at the same time understand that this is not the only ultimate XI.
Abhijeet Kulkarni, India

It's always difficult to compare different eras
Andy, UK

Don Bradman's team is understandably skewed in Australia's favour. More credit should be given to other greats such as Pollock and Viv Richards to justify the "world X1" best team.
Marc Courland, South Africa

The bowlers of today far exceed the bowlers of Bradman's generation. My team would be as follows: B Richards, Graeme Pollock, D Bradman, IVA Richards, Sachin Tendulkar,. Sir Gary Sobers, Alan Knott, Michael Holding, Malcolm Marshal, Glenn McGrath, and the awful but talented Shane Warne.
Galahad Wang, UK

My X1 would be as follows: 1. Greenidge, 2. Haynes, 3. Bradman, 4. Tendulkar, 5. S Waugh, (Captain), 6. I Both am, 7. G Sobers, 8. Richard Hadley, 9. Shane Warne, 10. Malcolm Marshall, 11. Glenn McGrath.
Paul Nichols, England

My World IX will be as follows: Sunil Gavaskar, Barry Richards, Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar, Viv Richards, Gary Sobers, Adam Gilchrist, Dennis Lillie, Malcolm Marshall, Shane Warne and Alec Bedser. Maybe the Don did not get an opportunity to watch Adam Gilchrist in action or else I'm sure he'd have been his first choice keeper. The 12th man spot must go to Jonty Rhodes. Since he is only going to be there fielding for injured players, there is no other choice but to include him as the 12th man.
Dinesh Selvaraj, Indian in USA

Garner and Warne should have been included in place of Lindwall and Grimmette
Roy, India

A typical Aussie view unfortunately. Not enough representation from the sub-continent. 1. Pollock, 2. Hobbs, 3. Bradman, 4. Richards, 5. Miandad, 6. Sobers, 7. Dujon, 8. Wasim Akram, 10. Marshall, 11. Lillee.
Asif, UK

It's always difficult to compare different eras, and Sir Don would inevitably favour his era and his country. For me it is only possible to include past players on the basis of averages. My XI would therefore be: Allan Border, Barry Richards, Don Bradman, David Gower, Viv Richards, Ian Healey, Gary Sobers, Ian Botham, Dennis Lillee, Malcolm Marshall, Muttiah Muralitharan.
Andy, UK

1. Arthur Morris, 2. Len Hutton, 3. Donald Bradman, 4. Sachin Tendulkar, 5. Viv Richards, 6. Gary Sobers, 7. Allan Knott, 8. Richard Hadlee, 9. Dennis Lillee, 10. Jim Laker, 11. Malcolm Marshall and twelfth man Shane Warne.
Roy Rodrigues, New York, USA

His selection is biased - very Australian and many players came from his era. Mine is more cosmopolitan: Barry Richards, Sanath Jayasurya, Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar, Vivian Richards, Gary Sobers, Graham Marsh, Imran Khan, Malcolm Marshall, Michael Holding and Dennis Lillee. Four West Indians, three Aussies, one Pakistani, one Indian, one Sri Lankan and one South African. Twelfth man will be Ian Botham.
H A Shah, Malaysia.

It's a team that would win in any conditions in any country
Sudip, UK

My team would be: Barry Richards, Sanath Jayasuriya, Don Bradman(*), Sachin Tendulkar, Gary Sobers, Dennis Lillee, Shaun Pollock, Shane Warne, Andy Roberts, Adam Gilchrist(+) and Courtney Walsh.
Ramesh, USA

Pretty good choice with a natural bias towards the Aussies. I'd drop that Englishman, Bedser and replace with the Kiwi, Richard Hadlee.

Strange coincidence, but an Aussie selects six other Aussies into the best XI ever? Other than that statistic (and I've never seen half these guys play either live or on TV) I generally agree that Mr Bradman made the right choices. I would have probably included Warne (yet another Australian) and possibly Vivian Richards.
Roy Rodrigues, USA

I don't think it's surprising that Bradman chose mostly Australians and players he either played with or against. Most cricketers tend to choose players from their own generation. The one thing in Bradman's favour is that he probably saw more cricketers in his lifetime than almost anyone else has ever seen. And to say it's an unbalanced side is hardly true. It has every type of batsman, up to nine possible bowlers, great fielders and one of the most successful captains of all time. It's a team that would win in any conditions in any country. Liam Hill - nice joke.
Sudip, UK

I cannot believe that Shane Warne and Malcolm Marshall would not be included in the greatest team of all time
Matthew Waddington, England

I respect Bradman's team, as one must. However, there are certain issues which I find questionable. Firstly, there is no way you can compare players in his day to players in the modern game. The game has developed so much with technology that I find it hard to see how a fair comparison can be made between past and present players. I cannot believe that Shane Warne and Malcolm Marshall would not be included in the greatest team of all time.
Matthew Waddington, England

I cannot see how Sir Jack Hobbs has been omitted. He could bat in any condition and in any style as the team required. To put Barry Richards and Morris both ahead of him suggests the Don was exercising his customary bias against the Poms. Otherwise, his team is very strong. He has obviously only included people he played against or watched as he has not gone before his era, maybe this is why he omitted Hobbs, along with Trumper, Grace, S.F. Barnes, Monty Noble and many others. It is a thankless task trying to name the best of all time but the best way is to go on the players' records, which would preclude some the Don selected.

Overall though, not a bad effort from the greatest Test cricketer of them all!
Allen Prior, England

Malcolm Marshall should be included. He was an example to younger players in every way, as much as those in Bradman's team. He was a master technician; efficient yet attacking and a true gentleman to boot.
Ben Lodge, London, UK

Any world XI cannot be termed an attacking team without the 'Master Blaster' - Sir Viv Richards.
Surya Pappu, USA

Ian "Beefy" Botham the greatest all-rounder in the world. A team of greats must include the legend
Matt Higgins, UK

The Don's XI is fair enough. However, mine would be: Mark Taylor, Don Bradman, Brian Lara, Mark Waugh, Steve Waugh (C), Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist, Shane Warne, Brett Lee, Jason Gillespie and Glenn McGrath.
Liam Hill, Australia

Maybe Garner and Warne should have been included in place of Lindwall and Grimmette.
Roy, India

Ian "Beefy" Botham the greatest all-rounder in the world. A team of greats must include the legend.
Matt Higgins, UK

To leave out Graeme Pollock is very questionable logic. Although his Test career was cut short by politics, he should make the side if Barry Richards deserves to. That would of course result in Tendulkar being dropped. I also think Michael Holding is worthy of inclusion, possibly ahead of Lillee.
Neil Martin, England

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