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Sunday, 22 April, 2001, 13:13 GMT 14:13 UK
Marathon memories
Flora London Marathon 2001
The outstanding achievement and millions raised for charity from this year's London Marathon will have a lasting effect.

For most of the competitors, striving for the elusive four-hour mark - or just to finish - will probably be something they'll never forget.

We want to hear your 2001 Flora London Marathon memories. What was your favourite moment?

Competitor or spectator, from bravest performance to wackiest costume, send us your marathon memories.


Ethiopia's Derartu Tulu and Abdelkader El Mouaziz of Morocco completed an African double winning the women's and men's races.

Briton Mark Steinlie came home an impressive sixth while Olympic heroine Tanni Grey-Thompson won the women's wheelchair event for an amazing fifth time.

Frenchman Denis Lemeunir won the men's wheelchair event and five-times gold medal-winning Olympian Sir Steve Redgrave started and ran in the race.

The race has always been more about the courageous 'fun runners' taking part for personal achievement and charity.

Costumes ranged, as ever, from the sublime to the ridiculous, everything from complete cars to a Viking long ship and a generous helping of clowns, gorillas and rhinos took part too.

With over 30,000 competitors and many more outstanding achievements we want to know what your favourite moment was.

Send us your 2001 magic marathon moment.


It was my first Marathon, I started running this January, it is a memory that will always get me through the hard times. The support along the route was phenomenal - I didn't feel like I was running, more like floating down a river of smiles and goodwill. Thanks to the St John Ambulance chap that massaged my weary calves around 21 miles, and everyone who took part in the organisation, from handing out manna, to regimenting those lorries - you prove that it is possible to organise large events smoothly without apparent fuss. To those that didn't take part as audience, sponsored pledges, or organisiation - get involved, its the experience of a lifetime.
Deborah Handforth, UK

My favourite moment has to be Tegla Loroupe's courageous battle. After three miles, it looked as if she was going to pull out. I remember thinking that maybe she should. She proved me, and Brendan Foster wrong, by somehow putting together an amazing burst of speed in the mid point of the race. Although this took its toll on her towards the end, it was great that she tried. Amazing!
Jillian Grant, england

What overwhelmed me at this years London marathon was the great atmosphere. Even when the crowds thinned out they still cheered me on giving me the motivation to finish. Another memory I have is near the start when I saw a lot of the male competetors peeing against a wall! A great day which I will never forget.
Diane Redfern, United Kingdom

I'm sat here recovering after running the race yesterday and I just wanted to say a really heartfelt thankyou to the people who turned out to cheer us on yesterday, it made those last few miles slightly easier to run. Personally I would also like to thank all those people who gave sweets to the runners like me on the way round. Although I will never know your names, you made such a difference to my race that I will remember you for a very long time. Thankyou. See you next year!
John-Joe Reilly, England

As a member of the marathon Information Team at the finish, I would just praise the hundreds of people that work behind the scenes, but quite often get forgotten.
Russ, UK

Every year I help out at the red start and then go on to watch the runners at Wapping, where you can see the runners twice. The atmosphere this year was even better than usual and what was great was the amount of smiles and thanks that came from the runners as we cheered for them. A truly great day.
Rob, England

As a runner I'd like to pay tribute to Mr Bump
  Richard Sullivan, UK
Having run my second London Marathon on Sunday I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who turns out to support, cheer, hand out drinks and medical help, and play in the bands that line the route. The organisation and atmosphere is fantastic and the constant encouragement from the crowd is about the only thing keeping you going after about 18 miles.
Richard Williams, UK

The lowlight has to be some selfish [fool] trying to stop the leading woman in the final twenty yards.
Gerry, Scotland

As a runner I'd like to pay tribute to Mr Bump who ran the first half with me and John from Chelmsford, a friend for the last 4 miles. In a microcosm of the marathon we helped each other break 5 hours as we kept each other going on that final stretch up the river and down The Mall.
Richard Sullivan, UK

Another fine event that brought the world's best together with the true 'amateur' fun runner. We were also able to see two of Britain's greatest sportsmen (Redgrave and Bruno) in new surroundings. However the best moment has got to be seeing the Wombles again. Long may they run the Marathon!
Will, UK

Tanni Grey-Thompson
Tanni Grey-Thompson: "especially brilliant"
Tanni Grey-Thompson is a marvel. A puncture and yet she still cruised to another victory. No one can get near her when she's in top form she's an inspiration.
Andy C, UK

I think that the coverage of the marathon this year was the best ever, we saw a lot more of the 'unknowns' and let's face it, to the majority of people who watch it, these are the people we want to see. Not the medal winners from the Olympics but the rest of the world who are just having a go, and who make the most money for the charities. It is a great event and I have just watched the whole programme from 8.45 to 2pm and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It was great. Thank you BBC.
Christine Fawcett, England

I believe that the coverage was very good, I watched it all and like Christine I would like to say "thank you BBC." Tanni Grey-Thompson was especially brilliant. I would love to still be in England when the next one is on!
Tij, Brasilia (currently in England)

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