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Last Updated: Saturday, 26 November 2005, 16:21 GMT
Wales v Australia as it happened
All the action as it happens from the Millennium Stadium (all times GMT).

Ireland 43-12 Romania

England 40-3 Samoa Scotland 10-29 New Zealand

Scores and major incidents: (all times GMT)

1844: There are woops of delight from the Welsh players as they celebrate a well-deserved win against Australia.

1843: With the final throw of the dice, the Wallabies launch a punishing attack. Sailor has a go, then Smith but Wales win it back. Shane Williams then produces possibly the ugliest sliced kick of his career into touch. But it is also one of the most popular as the whistle goes for full time in Cardiff.

1842: There's one a solitary minute left of the match with Australia piling on the pressure in the Welsh 22. But that changes when Wales counter attack with panache - arguably the most crucial attack of the day.

1840: There's some deep intakes of breath as Tuqiri goes on the charge again. This time, the Welsh defenders smother him but Australia are dominating possession almost entirely in the game's latter stages.

1838: Australia are throwing everything at Wales now. It remains to be seen whether it'll be enough.

1837: There's just five minutes left now in the game and there are some anxious faces in the stands.

1836: TRY Wales 24-22 Australia Tuqiri, who's been in breathtaking form today, smashes through Wales' defence once again. It leaves the Welsh reeling. Then from his subsequent kick ahead, Latham charges in, collects the ball calmly and touches down. That's his 30th try for Australia. Rogers misses the chance to level the scores.

1834: Sailor is put under immense pressure when Shane Williams smacks the ball into Australia's 22. The former rugby league star settles, however, and kicks for touch despite the attentions of both Williams and Adam Jones.

1831: It's almost impossible to keep up with the pace of the game. Shane Williams flies up field but is completely up-ended by Wendeall Sailor. He's now receiving treatment for a subsequent knee to the head.

1830: Australia continue to pile on the pressure and have a good attacking opportunity on the right flank. But Drew Mitchell kicks the ball away - their scoring chance is over.

1828: Wales breathe an almighty sigh of relief. They miss two clear tackles and Tuqiri is through. But his pass is knocked away by Sonny Parker.

1825: PENALTY Wales 24-17 Australia
Smith is penalised for coming in from the side. Stephen Jones makes him pay.

1823: PENALTY Wales 21-17 Australia
Rogers pegs back three points with a penalty, after Wales are penalised for illegally slowing down the ball.

1822: Despite having been outplayed in recent minutes, Australia spark back into life. The combination of Gerrard, Chris Whitaker and Waugh causes some nervous glances on the Welsh bench as they repeatedly hammer the Welsh defence.

1820: The crowd are going wild as Wales start dominating almost every facet of this game. The latest part of Australia's game plan to fall apart is in the line-out.

1817: PENALTY Wales 21-14 Australia
Wales go further ahead, Stephen Jones making the Wallabies pay for holding onto the ball in the tackle.

1814: TRY Wales 18-14 Australia
Wales pull off arguably the best try of the day, Shane Williams the man that grounds it in the end. Martyn Williams starts off the move deep in his half. The ball is whipped down the backs rapidly, Gareth Thomas then bursts in style before passing to Shane Williams, who is too quick for the chasing Tuqiri. Stephen Jones hits the post with his kick.

1810: Al Baxter replaces David Fitter in a bid to strengthen the Wallabies front row. It remains to be seen whether it will help. Horsman, meanwhile, has been forced out with an injury.

1807: TRY Wales 13-14 Australia
The referee finally loses patience with Australia's front row. After they collapse the scrum, he charges under the post and awards the penalty try. Stephen Jones converts to take Wales within a point of Australia. This is a belter of a game.

1806: Australia's scrum, as it did repeatedly against England, completely collapses after a stunning piece of scrummaging. Wales get a penalty.

1805: A joined shout of "heave" echoes around the Millennium Stadium with Wales enjoying a scrum just five metres out...

1803: Wales miss a golden opportunity for a try. With a two on one, Watkins decides to keep going rather than open up the way for Shane Williams to slide into the corner. What a miss! That said, Williams twice manages to get things going again before being dumped on his bum by the advertising hoardings.

1802: Try scorer Sharpe is receiving attention for an injury to his left knee.

1759: TRY Wales 6-14 Australia
It's the worst possible start to the second half for Wales. The Welsh get caught with possession deep in their territory. Latham then darts through the centre of the field, breaking off the shackles of two tacklers before he is brought down. But Nathan Sharpe is on hand to take over the mantle and score. Rogers converts.

1758: Play is under way and Tuqiri wins the ball from Australia's kick-off with a tap back to his ensuing forwards.

1756: Australia come back out on the field closely followed by the Welsh players.


1744: A mightily close first half comes to a close as the referee reaches for his whistle after Wales do just enough to halt an attack dominated by a flying Tuqiri, a darting Gerrard and a burrowing Waugh. It's captivating stuff in Cardiff.

1742: PENALTY Wales 6-7 Australia
Stephen Jones kicks Wales to within a point of Australia with just a minute left on the clock before half-time.

1741: Latham, with his socks down around his ankles as is his custom, makes a stunning save by stopping a Stephen Jones boot from going into touch. But then he lets himself down by knocking on at the last minute.

1740: Australia get within a whisker of a second try going into the break but Tuqiri is penalised for crossing. It's a mightily close call... but probably the right one.

1738: Wales keep on spreading it wide but every time they're met by a solid wall of gold. But they still keep it going phase after phase.

1735: Australia are penalised for going over the top. Wales take their time to hoof it clear.

1734: After some earlier explosive running, the game now appears to be dominated by rucks and mauls. It's hard grind for both sides.

1730: Wales build the pressure second by second with repeated rucks. Just when they look set to cross Australia's line, though, Chris Horsman has a moment of butter fingers and knocks it on. With the half-chance, Australia break clear.

1728: Referee Tony Spreadbury bellows out "don't be silly" as a mini-fracas breaks out on the turf. The few players involve duly oblige and return to the action.

1724: Rogers steps up to the tee, faffs for a while before taking five paces back and boots the ball but is off the mark with his latest penalty attempt. There's some slight mocking laughing from the crowd.

1722: Australia are recycling the ball with pace, predominantly through Gregan and back-row duo Waugh and George Smith. But as it is spiralled out on this occasion, Mark Gerrard fails to gather the ball - not his fault though as it was monstrously high.

1720: A monstrous tackle by Dafydd James paves the way for another Welsh attack. Then it's a Williams double act as Shane and then Martyn break clear. But it all comes to nought after Stephen Jones knocks on the latter Williams' pass.

1717: Australia's confidence has clearly been boosted by the try. They're playing with much greater gusto now... Chris Latham the latest man to break and then Phil Waugh. But Waugh is dragged down by Gareth Thomas and concedes a penalty for failing to release it.

1713: TRY Wales 3-7 Australia
Much against the run of play, Australia get the first try of the day through Lote Tuqiri. Rogers sends him on his way after Wales' defence completely disappears, and then Rogers adds the conversion.

1710: Wales are again looking like the side that won the Grand Slam last season. They're winging the ball around left, right and centre. It is risky, however, and their attack turns into desperate defence before Shane Williams' solo charge turns it into attack again.

1707: There's just been a round of knock-on ping-pong. Australia, though, are the first offenders so Wales get a much-needed scrum just when Australia were moving into a potentially threatening position.

1704: PENALTY Wales 3-0 Australia
Stephen Jones puts Wales ahead with the simplest of penalties straight in front of the uprights.

1702: Australia win themselves a penalty and Mat Rogers boots it close to the halfway line for a line-out.

1701: Wales get off to a belter of a start against their antipodean rivals. They put their opponents under massive pressure and win an attacking scrum for their efforts.

1700: Stephen Jones lofts a high and deep drop goal to get things going at the Millennium Stadium.

1656: Australia look suitably pumped up for the match as they belt out their national anthem. There's similar emotion for the Welsh.

1654: There's a fair volume of noise from the crowd as Gareth Thomas jogs onto the field with his Welsh team-mates. It's backed by fireworks, flag waving and soldiers sliding in from the roof.

1652: George Gregan leads Australia out for the match. There's a suggestion this could be his last match for the Wallabies.

1650: The singing has already begun within the crowd at the Millennium Stadium, with just 10 minutes to go before Wales' game against Australia.

1618: It's full time at Twickenham and England are all smiles out on the pitch.

1616: TRY England 40-3 Samoa
Varndell marks his first England cap with a try courtesy of a terrible error from Samoa. Hodgson smacks the ball upfield, Faatau fluffs the attempted pick up, Varndell scoops it up and over he goes. No points are added from the conversion, however.

1614: It's full time in Scotland and New Zealand come off the field to warm applause. They've sealed an historic grand slam. Scotland, though, put up a great fight.

1613: There's an almighty bust-up after Cueto is battered by a hideously dangerous tackle. Cueto reacts angrily and punches are thrown, with Moody getting in the thick of it straight away. Alesana Tuilagi and Moody are sent off for their part in it.

1611: TRY Scotland 8-29 New Zealand
Scotland get the try they so deserve. Phil Godman kicks through and Simon Webster beats Ma'a Nonu to the grounding. Paterson seals the kick at goal.

1610: The spirited Scots look determined to get a try. Southwell enjoys a lovely little break but he can't quite make it count in the end.

1608: Samoa produce something of a first on the world rugby stage, with a bizarre kick-off by Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu. He lets the ball drop, bounce high in the air and punt it. It brings the odd gasp from the crowd.

1606: TRY England 35-3 Samoa
Some quick hands from England's forwards opens up the way for Ellis. But he still has plenty to do and sidesteps two players en route to a fine solo effort. It brings a massive roar from the crowd. Hodgson kicks the conversion.

1603: TRY Scotland 3-27 New Zealand
For the first time in the half, Scotland's ddfence lets them down. A good passage of play of passing, running off the ball and hand-offs sends Rico Gear into the corner. A harsh late blow for the Scots. Leon McDonald, who has taken over kicking duties, adds two points.

1601: Vili is sin-binned, and rightfully, following a horrific high tackle on Cueto. It belts Sale's speedstar in the neck. Samoa have just 13 men on the field now.

1600: Still the stalemate continues at Murrayfield. That could change in a minute, however, with an attacking line-out.

1558: TRY England 28-3 Samoa
England are finally rewarded for their punishing scrum work against the Samoans. Ellis scoops the ball away in the tackle. Hodgson homes in on it, picks it up and over he goes for a deserved try. He endures a rare miss from the ensuing kick.

1556: Tindall could barely have had more players outside him a second ago. But instead he goes for a solo chip and chase. It doesn't work. Engand still get a penalty for their efforts though.

1555: Justin Va'a is sin-binned for repeated scrum indiscretions, while Moody comes back on for Forrester.

1554: Oh so near for Scotland. Parks flicks up an inch-perfect crossfield kick to Paterson. He just misses out on gathering it - it goes into the clutches of Toeava instead who is immediately bundled into touch by Paterson.

1552: Tom Varndell comes on for his first cap for England - the player he replaces Lewsey. Simon Shaw takes Louis Deacon's spot.

1550: Scotland coach Frank Hadden will be delighted with his team in the second half. If anything, they are outplaying the best team in the world now. Most of the half has been spent in the All Blacks' half (82% of the time in fact).

1549: Hodgson and subsequently Ellis both have a dabble at Samoa's try line. Their dabbles, though, can't quite do the business however.

1547: Moody is bleeding heavily, courtesy of a knee in the head by Voyce, so is replaced by Jamie Forrester.

1546: The slick passing that's become a given with New Zealand comes to the fore once more. But it's all for nothing as Lauaki spills it.

1545: After a sustained period of Scottish pressure, New Zealand finally hoof the ball out of their own half. There's not been any points north of the border in the second half... yet.

1543: TRY England 23-3 Samoa
Voyce picks up try number two of the afternoon. From a well-worked scrum, Hodgson delays his pass, Voyce runs onto it delightfully and it's another five points. Hodgson then takes England's points tally to 23 with a conversion.

1540: Corry nearly comes away with a captain's try. In the end, though, his three tacklers stop him and he is held up. In Scotland, the hosts have a penalty and set up an attacking line-out.

1538: Scotland break with sheer panache despite Southwell being tackled on his try line by Rokocoko. He flings out the ball and it finally comes to Sean Lamont, who runs diagonally across almost the entire field. He is eventually halted but it's bright stuff from the home side at Murrayfield.

1536: Once again England try and do something clever in their backs... and once again it doesn't work. On this occasion it ends with a thud - well, for Lewsey anyway as he is dumped on the turf by Faatau.

1534: Hugo Southwell does his level best to get Scotland back into the hunt against the All Blacks. Intelligently, he goes for a chip for his two outside men to chase. Less intelligently, he kicks it straight into touch.

1532: England try to be far too clever on the attack. They whip out passes left, right and centre. Sadly for them, the final one - by Lewsey - falters.

1530: There's spillages at both matches. First All Black number 10 Evans has a woeful drop under an attacking high ball, and then Daniel Farani sees a Samoan attacking move come to a halt with a knock-on.

1528: Olly Barkley replaces James Simpson-Daniel, who has a hip injury. As a result, Tindall switches to outside centre. Also on is Lee Mears for Steve Thompson. Play is under way.

1527: Things are going once more at Murrayfield, while the players are just coming out at Twickenham.


1517: It's time for a break and breather at Twickenham. England and Samoa head back to their respective dressing rooms for half-time.

1516: The whistle goes for half-time in Scotland where it's 22-3 to New Zealand. The All Blacks are well on target for only their second grand slam over the home nations in 100 years.

1514: PENALTY England 16-3 Samoa
Hodgson takes his time lining up his latest kick at goal. It's worth the wait, however, and it sails over.

1512: In something of a mirror image between London and Edinburgh, Evans sets up potentially the final attack of the half for New Zealand with a massive boot, while Hodgson does the same for England.

1510: Lewsey grounds the ball to stop Lome Faatau patting down a chip ahead.

1509: TRY Scotland 3-22 New Zealand
It's try time once more in Murrayfield. First Toeava breaks, then off-loads to James Ryan. Ryan pulls off a bizzare juggling act before patting it to Sione Lauaki, who grounds the ball. Evans adds two points.

1508: England try to unleash a move straight from the training ground. Josh Lewsey and Tindall combine nicely but they can't keep on the momentum. Once again, the Pacific Islanders hoof it clear.

1506: Somehow England fail to score and it's difficult to see how exactly. With oodles of pressure from first Hodgson and then Tindall, they lose possession and Samoa counter attack up to the halfway line.

1505: PENALTY Scotland 3-15 New Zealand
The Scots are penalised for holding on to the ball on the ground. Evans makes them pay from his kicking tee.

1503: New Zealand and England are dominating their respective games. But in turn, Scotland and Samoa are defending doggedly... for now.

1459: TRY England 13-3 Samoa
The first try of the match. Lewis Moody steals possession off the floor. Harry Ellis links up with Tom Voyce, who zig zags through the opposition defence to score. A finely-worked try. Hodgson finds the uprights with his conversion.

1458: From an attacking line-out, Scotland lose possession and before they know it Isaia Toeava charges up the field to the halfway line. He is eventually bundled into touch.

1455: Two players limp off the field in both games. Andrew Sheridan's match looks over - he is replaced by Perry Freshwater (it's his first cap) - while Cusiter's time is also up in Scotland.

1453: TRY Scotland 3-12 New Zealand
Scotland's defence capitulates after pressure from a combination of backs and forwards. Evans is the man who glides over in the end. He also adds a conversion.

1451: Samoa have the chance to make it all square once more in London but Vili misses a tough kick this time.

1449: PENALTY England 6-3 Samoa
Hodgson puts the home side ahead at Twickenham. A big old kick from the Sale playmaker does the trick.

1446: Paterson has a chance to put Scotland ahead after New Zealand are penalised for failing to stay on their feet. He fluffs a reasonably hard opportunity.

1443: PENALTY England 3-3 Samoa
Matt Stevens gives Samoa a chance to get back into the game. Vili steps up for the three points.

1442: Scotland shove New Zealand's forwards over their own try line and appeal for a try. It goes to the video referee who says a simple "no". The Scots don't look happy but they're having a cracking start against the All Blacks.

1441: PENALTY England 3-0 Samoa
Hodgson moves England into the lead with a penalty after Samoa infringe at the scrum.

1440: TRY Scotland 3-5 New Zealand
An easy score for the All Blacks are a deft little chip from Piri Weepu. Rico Gear beats his man to the chase and touches down. Nick Evans just misses a very tough conversion.

1439: England's backs spark into life with a stunning break as Cueto darted inside Mike Tindall. They're looking to play an expansive game today.

1437: PENALTY Scotland 3-0 New Zealand
Somewhat surprisingly Scotland take the lead courtesy of a Chris Paterson penalty after the All Blacks are caught encroaching off-side.

1436: Tanner Vili puts Tom Voyce under pressure immediately with a delightfully-placed crossfield kick. Semo Sititi chases, puts Voyce under pressure and causes him to spill it. But Sititi is judged to have knocked the ball on.

1434: Charlie Hodgson endeavours to launch England's first break of the afternoon. But his chip down the wing is blocked by the Samoan defenders.

1432: New Zealand are already looking threatening. Their first real break of the game, though, comes to an end when Joe Rokocoko spills a pass. Chris Cusiter gathers and then clears.

1431: Dan Parks gets things under way for the Scots, while England, led by a heavily-bandaged Martin Corry, link arms to face Samoa's version of the haka.

1430: Everyone's heftily wrapped up in Scotland where the temperatures are fairly arctic. That doesn't take out the sting of New Zealand's haka.

1426: The national anthems are being belted out in force at both Murrayfield and Twickenham. All four sides involved are pumped up for their respective matches.

Ireland 43-12 Romania

80 + 3 mins: Romania end the match brightly with a 60m break from hooker Marius Tincu down the left touchline, but the try their efforts deserve will not come.

The referee blows up for full-time and Ireland complete a workmanlike win over the brave Romanians.

80 + 1 mins: Romania belatedly find some ambition to send the ball wide from inside their own 22, but a thunderous tackle from Andrew Trimble on Ioan Teodorescu stops the move in its tracks.

76 mins: TRY Ireland 43-12 Romania
A great break from Denis Leamy and Shane Horgan gets Ireland in behind the Romania defence. A huge overlap is almost wasted by unthinking passing, but substitute Girvan Dempsey finally gets over.

Substitute Ronan O'Gara misses the kick.

73 mins: Romania - again through a tight maul through the forwards - get the ball over the Ireland try-line for the third time. For the third time the official asks for assistance from the video referee and for the third time the ball is not grounded.

70 mins: TRY Ireland 38-12 Romania Ireland's superior fitness is telling as Geordan Murphy goes over in the corner. A swivel of the hips gives him just enough space and he shows great strength to hold off the tackle and dot the ball down.

Humphreys kicks a difficult conversion from wide on the right.

68 mins: A second decision from the video referee goes against Romania as prop Pepe Toderasc is adjudged to have grounded the ball just short of the try-line.

From the resultant scrum Romania finally use their backs and it is clear why the side usually prefers the forward route. The move breaks down in midfield and a hack through from David Humphreys moves play back to the other end.

64 mins: Romania are battering the Ireland try-line albeit almost exclusively through close-range drives from their big forwards. Alexandru Manta is just held up over the line, and Romania get a scrum 5m out.

60 mins: Ireland concede another penalty as they make a hash of the kick-of. Romania draw cheers from the crowd as they opt to kick for touch rather than at goal.

Full-back Catalin Fercu is inches away from a try in the corner after going through a couple of weak tackles, but David Humphreys saves the day for Ireland.

57 mins: TRY Ireland 31-12 Romania
Ireland start to put some daylight between themselves and Romania with a score from Johnny O'Connor.

A break down the blindside from scrum-half Kieran Campbell is kept going by lovely quick hands from prop Marcus Horan. O'Connor takes the pass and shrugs off a poor tackle from Ovidiu Tonita, scoring with an extravagant dive.

Humphreys again adds the conversion.

53 mins: PENALTY Ireland 24-12 Romania
Romania are making a decent fist of things against a side eight places higher in the IRB world rankings.

A break from number eight Ovidiu Tonita puts them on the front foot and is followed up by further drives around the base of the ruck. Ireland concede another penalty at the breakdown and Mitu keeps his 100% record.

50 mins: A sweeping move gives Ireland winger Tommy Bowe a glimpse of the line, but his effort is ruled out for a foot in touch just before the try-line.

47 mins: PENALTY Ireland 24-9 Romania
Romania's forwards are showing no signs of giving up. A drive up the middle sees Ireland flanker Johnny O'Connor given offside. Mitu kicks the tricky penalty to cut the gap.

43 mins: TRY Ireland 24-6 Romania Romania make a hash of securing a David Humphreys high ball and Ireland take full advantage, Tommy Bowe cutting in off his wing before slipping Andrew Trimble through for his second try. Humphreys adds the conversion.

41 mins: Romania's forwards launch a 50m drive as Ireland make a shaky start to the second half.

40 + 7 mins: Romania finish the remarkably-long half strongly with their first period of prolonged possession in some time, but a chip to the corner goes straight into touch to bring the half-time break.

40 + 3 mins: A great angle from Andrew Trimble sees him make a 50m break straight down the middle. He links up with Gordon D'Arcy, but the centre is tackled and concedes a penalty for clinging onto the ball.

40 mins: TRY Ireland 17-6
Ireland take immediate advantage as the impressive Neil Best crosses to extend his side's lead. The home side go through four or five phases and quick ball gives Best the chance to power through two tackles for Ireland's second score.

Humphreys kicks the easy conversion.

38 mins: A good break from Andrew Trimble sees him set the ball up. Romania's Alexandru Manta cynically spoils the possession for Ireland with a clear kick at the ball while on the floor. The referee has no hesitation in sending the flanker into the sin-bin.

34 mins: Ireland are dominating possession and territory, but are struggling to really break down the hard-working Romania defence. A great break form Humphreys is wasted as Andrew Trimble passes to no-one in particular and the ball bounces into touch.

27 mins: TRY Ireland 10-6 Romania
Humphreys' decision pays off as, after a few phases, Geordan Murphy spots a mismatch and glides past two forwards before drawing the full-back and giving the pass for the supporting Andrew Trimble to score his first international try.

Humphreys adds the conversion from in front of the posts.

24 mins: Romania, not for the first time, are given offside in midfield to concede a penalty 25m out in front of the posts. But Humphreys opts for a scrum instead of a straightforward strike at goal. The hefty wind at Lansdowne Road may have influenced his decision.

21 mins: Ireland are spoiling some impressive build-up work with basic errors at crucial times. A penalty takes them into the Romania 22, but the throw to the back of the line-out goes awry and the underdogs clear their lines.

15 mins: Donncha O'Callaghan is driven back in no uncertain terms as Romania, who have made a very encouraging start, defend well.

11 mins: PENALTY Ireland 3-6 Romania
Tommy Bowe makes a good run, but his support are slow to get there and eventually concede a penalty for going in at the side. From 40m out, Mitu kicks his second penalty to put Romania into a surprise lead.

7 mins: PENALTY Ireland 3-3 Romania
Romania's pack again make headway and draw a penalty in front of the posts after Ireland infringe at the breakdown. Petre Mitu slots the simple kick.

4 mins: PENALTY Ireland 3-0 Romania
Neil Best takes a good line-out at the back for Ireland and his fellow forwards embark on a powerful drive. Gordon D'Arcy takes the ball up and Romania are adjudged offside.

David Humphreys opts to kick for goal, and sends the ball between the posts to give Ireland the lead.

1230: Romania get the match underway, and David Humphreys miscues his first kick to touch. The Romania pack - made up entirely of France-based professionals - show they will be no pushovers as they drive Ireland back into the 22.

1228: Both teams go through their pre-match songs, with singer Marie Canning hitting some very high notes in her rendition of "Ireland's Call". There are a few empty seats at the Lansdowne Road stadium, but the atmosphere seems good.

1220: The Romania team jog out onto the Lansdowne Road pitch, led by captain Sorin Socol. Shortly after fly-half David Humphreys takes his Ireland side out.


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