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Last Updated: Sunday, 23 September 2007, 16:47 GMT 17:47 UK
Scotland v New Zealand as it happened
Scotland 0-40 New Zealand


By Charlie Henderson

1744: FULL-TIME Scotland 0-40 New Zealand
A strange, strange game. Scotland didn't have any gears to slip through and the All Blacks were scratching around between first and second for most of it.

"Daniel Carter wasn't at his mercurial best and he and New Zealand have a lot to work on. They didn't look like potential world champions and I'm sure they would have liked to play against a full-strength side. Scotland's understudies can take great heart and Scotland's World Cup starts now with Italy to come next Saturday. I fully expect them to have a good game plan going into that match."
Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5live Sports Extra pundit

80 mins: One final chance of an All Black score as they are awarded a five-metre scrum. This will be the last play of a lacklustre game. They spin it down the line right to left with little conviction and the game ends with a New Zealand knock-on near the line. Apt.

79 mins: New Zealand keep the ball close in the forward but still can't get over after seven phases and Scotland win the put-in as play stagnates on their own line, the ball suffocated under a heap of bodies.

78 mins: Penalty for New Zealand dead centre of the 22 and they opt for a scrum. Rodney So'oialo has a first dig off the base and gets good support.

76 mins: Doug Howlett comes screaming in for a crash ball, but the pop pass from Dan Carter goes to ground.

"I suppose if you are going to have an off day with the boot it is better to have it against Scotland's Second XV than in a real match."
Limousinloafer on 606

73 mins: TRY Scotland 0-40 New Zealand
Finally some free-flowing rugby from the All Blacks and the ball is worked to Doug Howlett who scampers in for his second of the match. Does Dan Carter get the kick? Nope.

72 mins: Yet again New Zealand cough up the ball. Amazing. In broken play a try looked on the cards but then there's another mistake. Moral of the match is that the All Blacks should never wear this strip again.

70 mins: Into the last 10 minutes and Scotland are back into the NZ 22, although it's AB ball at the lineout. New Zealand get a penalty for pulling down at the throw, so that was another short Scottish visit forward.

68 mins: One potential problem for New Zealand has been that they will go into the quarter-finals against Argentina, France or Ireland undercooked. If this is their toughest test they will go into the last eight positively raw.

"NZ are being cool - they'll take what comes tonight. They don't need to rack up a cricket score."
kealyc on 606

66 mins: New Zealand snaffle a Scotland lineout throw in their own 22. That was a chance to concoct something in attack for the "hosts" that goes begging.

64 mins: TRY & CONVERSION Scotland 0-35 New Zealand
Dan Carter has had a shocker with the boot but shows what he can do with ball in hand. He picks up a loose ball in midfield after a schoolboy handling error from Nikki Walker and streaks in under the posts. At least that means he'll slot a kick this time.

63 mins: Comedy defending from Nick Evans as he tracks back to gather a Scottish kick ahead. The old bend down to pick up the ball as you kick it away from you with your foot. Sums up the ABs in large.

62 mins: TRY Scotland 0-28 New Zealand
New Zealand rumble and trundle forward and finally, 30 minutes after the last try and 20 minutes after the last score we have more points on the board. A burst of activity and Ali Williams is free on the right, and holds off three men before stretching over a periscope of a right arm to touch down in the tackle by the corner flag. Dan Carter's worst kick of the day.

60 mins: Wholesale changes are beginning to be made by each team. That probably won't help things improve.

59 mins: This game has descended into a really drab affair. The crowd aren't into it and neither are the players by the look of things.

58 mins: New Zealand have finally got that eight-man try driving over. No they haven't. There was a knock on in there from Rodney So'oialo.

56 mins: Prop Tony Woodcock crashes over for a try in the corner but it is ruled out for a forward pass. Dubious decision. Birds are circling Hugo Southwell's head after he attempted to stop the New Zealander piling over.

55 mins: Boos ring out as Richie McCaw passes the ball to Dan Carter for a pop at goal after Scotland concede a penalty. Gavin Hastings describes it as an "extraordinary decision". More extraordinary is that Carter misses yet again, hitting the upright.

53 mins: Wonder what would have happened if Frank Hadden had gone with his first choice?

"New Zealand have been quite sloppy so far by their standards. Yet they are still in total control."
geordiebob12 on 606

52 mins: Hats off to Scotland. Their defence is so dogged and they hold firm again, pushing back Rodney So'oialo in the tackle before Dan Carter is reduced to kicking a grubber through for Doug Howlett. Simon Webster gets to the ball first.

50 mins: A bit of a lull in proceedings.

48 mins: Referee Marius Jonker urges the Scottish front row to "keep it up". New Zealand opt for ball in hand from the third scrum five metres out and Scotland repel them. Good stuff from the Scots who can eventually relieve the pressure with a penalty after an AB infringement.

46 mins: First scrum they win a penalty, so guess what, it's another scrum. The AB eight want a pushover try for the collective collection.

45 mins: Chris Masoe and Byron Kelleher team up on David Callam off the back of the scrum and drive the Scotland number eight into his own deadball area. Five metre scrum to New Zealand.

43 mins: New Zealand stream forward after Luke McAlister breaks from deep, but it's very hard to see who's in support of Richie McCaw as he's swarmed by shirts that look the same. Someone in a kit that's not identical to his brings him down... maybe.

42 mins: PENALTY Scotland 0-23 New Zealand
Better from Dan Carter. He has been distinctly off song with just two from four, but that's now three from five with a clean strike from the right.

41 mins: Fast and furious from the ABs. Someone's given them a rollicking in the changing room judging by the tempo they've started the half at.

1657: No change in the kits as the players emerge for the second 40.

"That half was insane. I couldn't make out who or what was going on with those strips. This is not Melrose 3rd XV in a hastily arranged friendly in front of three people and a dog - it's the World Cup!"
stigmondo on 606
Stripgate is dominating the debate on 606 and let's hope someone does the right things and digs out something else to wear. Even if the New Zealanders wore their usual black it would be better. Join the debate...

"People paying 70-140 a ticket, Scotland playing their reserve team and Scottish rugby can't even organise the strips right. Needs to be resignations."
smilingvulture on 606
Great anger, but who's for the chop? The bean counters, Frank Hadden or the kit man?

40 mins: HALF-TIME Scotland 0-20 New Zealand
How do New Zealand only have 20 points? They had 52 at this stage against Portugal and 43 versus Italy so maybe Scotland aren't doing that badly after all.

38 mins: A growing buzz in the crowd. That's the sound of thousands of Scotsmen leaving their seats early so they don't have to queue for a urinal in the break. It's not as if they're going to miss anything to cheer.

37 mins: Did Richie McCaw not wipe his hands dry after applying his hair gel this morning? Nick Evans breaks from defence and arcs through an inviting gap before slipping a pass inside which squirms from the skipper's grasp.

35 mins: Scotland clear their lines with a Dan Parks penalty kick to touch. The All Blacks will be back before long. They have had more than 60% of the ball so far.

"The referee has given Scotland a fair number of penalties and it's about the only way we can get the ball off New Zealand."
Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5live Sports Extra pundit

32 mins: TRY Scotland 0-20 New Zealand
Little errors have peppered their play, but the New Zealanders are clinical there. Quick recycled ball, Chris Masoe glides away from a couple of tackles and before long they are celebrating another score as Byron Kelleher crashes over. Dan Carter's off colour with the boot.

31 mins: Scotland aren't great by any stretch of the imagination, but New Zealand aren't making them pay. Richie McCaw now knocks-on in the tackle. It's the little things.

29 mins: A let off for Scotland as Sitiveni Sivivatu skips through one tackle on the left before being hauled down by Hugo Southwell. The winger has men inside, but his limp pass out of the tackle bobbles forward.

27 mins: Chants of 'Scotland' ring round the ground in an attempt to lift the boys in blue, white and light blue, but a knock-on foils that ambition.

26 mins: Good from Scotland as they get some momentum and look to ferret through for a score. Eight phases of possession, but no way through.

24 mins: PENALTY Scotland 0-15 New Zealand
Scotland are caught offside and Dan Carter slots the points from in front of the posts.

22 mins: NZ raiders follow up a Byron Kelleher box kick and charge down Hugo Southwell's clearing kick. Nothing is going for the Scots. It's a minor miracle they're only 12 points down.

20 mins: A change for each side. Chris Paterson, who has had a nightmare opening quarter, goes off after taking an early knock to the head and is replaced by Dan Parks. Leon MacDonald crocked an ankle in the build up to New Zealand's second try and hobbles off to be replaced by Nick Evans.

19 mins: Nikki Walker fumbles as he bends to scoop up the bobbling ball and a golden chance for Scotland goes begging. He had clear green grass in front of him and a try was on the cards.

18 mins: Something for Scottish fans to get excited about. They have got their hands on the ball.

16 mins: Scotland are playing atrocious rugby. So many basic errors and their game is close to unravelling around them. There is a deathly hush at Murrayfield as the crowd comes to terms with what they are having to watch.

14 mins: TRY Scotland 0-12 New Zealand
Textbook play in the NZ backs. Draw and pass, draw and pass along the three-quarters and when Leon MacDonald sucks in the attentions of Hugo Southwell his pass frees Doug Howlett for a record-breaking touchdown, his 47th for the All Blacks. Dan Carter's conversion attempt drifts wide.

"I can't see Scotland holding NZ to less than 70 points."
gregory84 on 606

13 mins: Slow ball for the Scots as they weigh up their (limited) options and a terrible clearing kick from Chris Paterson. He slices the ball into touch on the Scotland 22.

12 mins: Penalty for Scotland, but they don't find touch as Doug Howlett hooks the ball back in play as he totters on the touchline. Scratchy old start from both teams.

11 mins: New Zealand take a quick throw and are off and running down the left wing... until lock Ali Williams knocks on as he takes an inside pass. Loose from the ABs.

10 mins: The Scotland scrum is in all sorts of bother, but they keep the ball and Hugo Southwell finds touch off his left foot.

9 mins: All Black flanker Chris Masoe looks to punch a hole through the blue defensive line on their 22 but drops the ball.

6 mins: Scotland look to bounce back immediately, but Chris Paterson's drop goal attempt is wide. "That would have been a good decision if it had gone over," comments Gavin Hastings on BBC Radio 5live Sports Extra. You can listen to commentary from Murrayfield on the BBC Sport website.

5 mins: TRY & CONVERSION Scotland 0-7 New Zealand
So simple for New Zealand, and so, so embarrassing for Scotland. An easy try as Rodney So'oialo goes blind off the back of a scrum before releasing an inside pass behind his back to skipper Richie McCaw who strolls over. Dan Carter is on the button off the tee.

4 mins: This game's going to be a stroll in the park for New Zealand. They splinter the Scots at scrum time and are soon on the charge.

3 mins: An early chance for New Zealand but the crossfield kick bounces in and out of Sitiveni Sivivatu's clutches.

1 min: Ridiculous. These two kits are shockingly similar. If Scotland were wearing dark blue that would be fine, as it is there's splashes of white and light blue all over the place. They're both sporting dark shorts and dark socks as well.

"It's a cunning plan from the SRFU to get a few interception tries hoping the All Black players won't be able to tell them apart."
captaincarot on 606

1601: The preliminaries and posturing are done with and a game of rugby breaks out.

1559: Carl Haymans leads the haka. Scotland are lined up facing them down on halfway. Come the end a few of the ABs feel the need to have some sort of staring competition, strolling a few steps forward to eyeball the Scots. Their number includes skipper Richie McCaw and lock Ali Williams, who looks particularly up for things.

"The haka may be a fearsome sight, but it cannot be much worse than the fury unleashed by a Kiwi couple at Gatwick airport when I boarded my flight at 0630 this morning. They had made it as far as the boarding gate only to be told they couldn't get on the plane because they had no photo id. Their pleas of "but we've got rugby tickets" fell on deaf ears, and it's fair to say they were not impressed. I wonder if they made it up here by other means? I hope so."
BBC Sport's Phil Harlow at Murrayfield

1556: Scotland are in good voice for 'Flower of Scotland', including debutants flanker John Barclay and prop Alasdair Dickinson.

1555: New Zealand are in an unfamiliar, fetching silver get up having lost the toss to be the home team. Same old black shorts mind. The 22-man squad is standing stiff for the anthem, 'God Defend New Zealand'.

1554: Scotland have never beaten New Zealand in 25 attempts, and here come the XV that will look to make it 26th time lucky. Will it be a first win, a third draw or a 24th loss?

1551: More chat on Scotland's team selection. Coach Frank Hadden concedes it's a "hot topic", but describes the schedule of three games in 11 days as a "tough ask" in "unusual circumstances". That is his thinking on things.

"Everyone is writing this Scotland team off, and I've been overly negative, but it's time to be positive. I hope they play the game of their lives otherwise it could be a real smashing."
Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5liveSports Extra pundit

1548: Anyone at the game? Well obviously the answer to that is yes, it's packed, but if you're one of the sell-out crowd feel free to drop us a text on 81111 about the mood, the action or the craic.

1547: So Scots won't be complaining as they've got a game against the All Blacks out of their union's complicity to vote for France to get the tournament... or will they? Having forked out the cash for tickets - some are upwards of 160 - they will be watching a second-string Scottish XV. What are your thoughts on Frank Hadden's decision to ring the changes? Let us know on 606 and via a text on 81111.

"Edinburgh has been absolutely buzzing today. There has been a Kiwi invasion of the city, with the black-shirted hordes spilling out of every pub you can find."
BBC Sport's Phil Harlow at Murrayfield

1545: More than bizarre to have a match in a tournament held in France at Murrayfield, but that's the result of the you-scratch-my-back, I'll-scratch-your-back means of wheeler-dealing in the dark world of rugby politics, so there it is.

"This is the French World Cup so it's simply farcical that any games are being played outside of France. However, as an Irishman who lives in Edinburgh it is fun."
Nathan_The_Red on 606

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