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banner Saturday, 4 November, 2000, 13:50 GMT
Dumas keeps the faith
Jerome Guisset has been retained by Gilles Dumas
Jerome Guisset has been retained by Gilles Dumas
French coach Gilles Dumas has retained the 17 players who beat Tonga in his squad to face South Africa in Albi on Sunday.

Dumas has made just one change to the starting line-up with prop Frederic Teixido preferred to Jason Sands who will come off the bench.

The French, after beating Tonga 28-8 on Wednesday, need a win by two points or more to guarantee they advance in the tournament.

Les Bleus lost their opening fixture to Papua New Guinea to cast doubt on their chances of making the quarter-finals.

Tonga need to beat Papua New Guinea in Perpginan if they hope to reach the knockout stage.

South Africa, winless so far, have made one change to their starting XIII with hooker Justin Jennings replacing Chris Hurter who moves to the bench while Jaco Webb and Richard Louw get their first call-ups to the substitutes.

France: Banquet, Garcia, Cassin, Dulac, Sirvent, Devechi (cap), Rinaldi, Hechiche, Wulf, Teixido, Guisset, Tallec, Jampy. Subs: Despin, Carrasco, Sort, Sands.

South Africa: Best, Noble, Barnard, Johnson, Dames, Van Wyk, Bloem (cap), Booysen, Jennings, Powell, de Villiers, Rutgerson, Erasmus. Subs: Hurter, Webb, Mulder, Louw.

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