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England v New Zealand - as it happened


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By Mike Henson

2018: Onwards and upwards to those pesky Aussies then. I trust you will be back here next Saturday to see how it all shakes down in the 1800 GMT kick-off. Goodbye for now and thanks for your company.

2013: Let's just remember the karma payback that helped England motor on to that victory. A forward pass for Briscoe try, a suspect stripping of the ball for Graham's try added 12 points to the England total. After the tough lines handed out by referee Henry Perenara at Wembley, Matt Cecchin proved much more accommodating this evening.

Conor Murphy on Twitter: "This is the best england team i've ever seen. #BBCrugbyleague mark my words, Australia will lose next week."

Mike Linwood on Twitter: "Tomkins, Hall and Briscoe give england a quality back three they haven't had in years."

BBC Sport's Arindam Rej at the KC Stadium: "England have sent out another warning to the Aussies tonight. Steve McNamara's men have the creativity and the steel to cause problems in next weekend's final. The Kiwis were much improved after half-time, wrestling back momentum with those repeat sets, but they were just not good enough in the end."

1955: England replacement Gareth Widdop thinks he is across the line for another as the Kiwis starts to throw the ball about with abandon. But the referee calls the play back for an infringement to wipe the smile from his mug. No matter for England, the final whistle goes and Elland Road is the only place to be next weekend.

Full time

Try graphic
78 min: Eng 28-6 NZ The icing on the cake as Jamie Jones Buchanan slips through a hole in the Kiwi defence, draws the last man and sends Tomkins gleefully sliding in between the posts. Sinfield maintains his 100% record from the tee and England are revelling in this.



Try graphic
73 min: Eng 22-6 NZ Game, set and Aussie rematch? I reckon so. Briscoe slyly rips the ball from a Kiwi attacker as Chase goes low in defence. The referee fails to spot it and winger sprints for the line. He gets about 75 of the 90 metres required before he is scragged. England recycle the ball and Graham crashes through the remnants of the defence before Sinfield sticks over the conversion.



70 min: Eng 16-6 NZ Briscoe intercepts, races up upfield, he has been snaffled, but the Kiwi defence is at sixs and sevens. Could be a killer blow brewing here for England.

70 min: Eng 16-6 NZ New Zealand have a set of six from within five after an England offside. Time for stout hearts and strong defence....

68 min: Eng 16-6 NZ Someone finally takes responsibility at the back for the Kiwis as Nightingale claims a high ball.

66 min: Eng 16-6 NZ Marshall's stretching arm strays up around Tomkins' neck and the referee peeps for a penalty. Sinfield opts for the tee and strolls through his round-the-corner run-up and slots it over to push the lead back up to ten points.


Try graphic
64 min: Eng 14-6 NZ Nerves a'jangling. New Zealand surge up to within five metres and Gerard Beale whips the ball across the noses of two team-mates to Jason Nightingale out on the wing. It is another excellent finish as he gets his outside knee up to stay in play as he dives over and Yeaman flies off stage right. Excellent conversion from Marshall from out wide.



60 min: Eng 14-0 NZ Again England drop-out from under their own sticks as Marshall dribbles one over the England line and the cover defence swats the ball dead. Pressure building...

59 min: Eng 14-0 NZ Carvell offloads unwisely in midfield to gift the Kiwis possession. A canny grubber kick from Marshall follows and the chase pins Briscoe in goal to force England to drop-out.

57 min: Eng 14-0 NZ Still not a lot coming from this New Zealand team. They need something soon if they are to hold onto their Four Nations crown.

53 min: Eng 14-0 NZ New Zealand are looking flaky under the high ball. Wilkin puts up the bomb, no black-shirted defender takes command and Sinfield nabs it on the bounce. He feeds Carvell on the charge and with the scent of whitewash in his nostrils. But the big man is hauled down and gets pinged for impeding the play of the ball in his frustration.

Jonni Bottomley on Twitter: "Ryan Hall you absolute hero! My respect for the big guy has grown big time! Come on #england #4nations #bbcrugbyleague"

50 min: Eng 14-0 NZ A pause at the KC as England report to referee Matt Cecchin that there is some metal protruding through the post protector at the base of one of the uprights at their end of the field. Cecchin radios back to base to get a sideline minion on the case and we are back under way.

48 min: Eng 14-0 NZ England back under pressure immediately as New Zealand have successive sets of six in sight of their line, but Briscoe pinches the ball to deflate the visitors' hopes of an immediate counter-punch.

Try graphic
45 min: Eng 14-0 NZ It's that man again. Ryan Hall with another superb finish as he dives over, reaching round Kieran Foran's despairing tackle to ground the ball. Sinfield's kick set up the chance with Jack Reed allowed to claim and off-load to Westwood with no challenge forthcoming from the Kiwi defence. Sinfield splits the uprights with another excellent kick.



43 min: Eng 8-0 NZ Sky Sports report that Chase and Luke were continuing their argument back up the tunnel. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves rolls over Jack Reed in the tackle and that looked less than expensive as shots go.

41 min: Eng 8-0 NZ Back under way at the KC. Solid set of six in response to the Kiwi kick-off from England and they are parked up just outside the Kiwi 20-metre line.

1902: England are looking on top, but you fear that after the inevitable half-time rocket from coach Stephen Kearney New Zealand will have to improve after the break. The Kiwis would progress to the final on a superior points percentage in the event of a draw. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

BBC Sport's George Riley at the KC and on Twitter: "Half time England 8-0 NZ.Eng absolutely dominant,Tomkins & Chase dazzling. Need to be more potent in last 1/3 though. And several of you suggesting taking Sinfield off for Widdop. I think that would be madness in a game like this #bbcrugbyleague"

BBC Sport's Arindam Rej at the KC Stadium: "Amazed that England don't have more points to show for their efforts. All this defensive work will take its toll on New Zealand and more England persistence and composure should lead to a flood of points - especially if the Kiwis keep showing indiscipline and making basic errors."

Half time


39 min: Eng 6-0 NZ A cynical attempt to take Chase out of the game from Isaac Luke sparks some argy-bargy. The Kiwi defender does well to grab hold of Chase as he darts through a gap, but then twists the lower half of his leg as the England man lies prone on the ground. England boys piles in to defend 'Roger's' honour and Chase has recovered enough to get a few verbals shots off in response. Upshot of it all is Luke on report and a kickable penalty for England.

37 min: Eng 6-0 NZ Benji Marshall slings a pass wide in an attempt to inject some urgency into the Kiwi attacks but it has too much heat on it and his winger it forced to take it into touch as he gathers.

BBC Sport's George Riley at the KC and on Twitter: "I managed to punch the air with my non microphone-holding fist as Briscoe went over #bbcrugbyleague"

34 min: Eng 6-0 NZ James Graham smashes into the black line of defenders and crashes over with a trio of Kiwis hanging off him. Simon Mannering has got his knee underneath the ball though and that sows just enough doubt into the video official's mind. No try.

32 min Gerard Beale knocks on in the shadow of his own sticks as he attempts to gather a long kick upfield. He is distinctly unhappy with the referee's call and the pressure is on the Kiwis.

Try graphic
27 min A try for England but, after all the complaints about the officials last weeks, it had more than a sniff of the suspect about it. Two dummy runners off Chase fix the Kiwi defence as England spin wide. There is a man over and Yeaman flips the last pass to Hull team-mate Briscoe to sprint and slide into the corner. On second inspection Yeaman's pass was a couple of yards forward, but we'll just keep quiet about that eh? Sinfield slots an excellent kick from the sideline.



23 min A set of six within striking distance for the Kiwis but the hosts' defence is solid and New Zealand, short of ideas, over-cook a kick through England's in-goal.

21 min Searing break from Tomkins as he spies a gap from deep inside his own 30 metre line, breaks through and his raking stride eats up the yards. The Kiwi cover eventually gets across to shut down his space, but that early rough stuff clearly hasn't made him retreat into his shell.

19 min Chase's cross-kick is gathered by Jack Reed but Lewis Brown wraps him up and ushers him over the whitewash before he can get the ball away. Jamie Jones Buchanan, Adrian Morley and Garreth Carvell are all off the bench for England.

16 min Another excellent claim from Ryan Hall who withstands a solid hit from Alex Glenn on landing. Less eye-catching than last week, but the Leeds man's defensive side has been excellent so far.

Sportstweet on Twitter: "#BBCrugbyleague has just described Jamie Graham as blond. Apparently I'm not the most colourblind person on the planet."
I plead "strawberry blond"

13 min Chase's crossfield kick earns England another set of six as the Kiwis fail to claim. Tom Briscoe hot-steps his way towards the Kiwi line before Ben Westwood wriggles over. No try though. The New Zealand defence has turned him to keep the ball off the floor.

10 min A terrific take from Ryan Hall who races forward to claim a steepling kick in almost casual style. The Kiwis have lost Kevin Locke who has limped out of the fray.

8 min A clash of heads between Thomas Leuluai and James Graham and it is the Englishman's blond mop that has come off worse. He is up and on his feet with a rueful roll of the neck though.

5 min A high arm from Matulino catches Tomkins as he attempts to run the ball back from deep and then Jeremy Smith drops a deliberate-looking elbow on the Wigan man as he hits the deck. Referee Matt Cecchin puts Smith on report but there is nothing else doing. England will have to protect Tomkins themselves.

3 min Bit of push and shove between Benji Marshall and Rangi Chase. Both have a few observations to share.

3 min Huge let-off for England. Westwood and Tomkins leave the fielding of Benji Marshall's kick to each other. Neither lay as much as a fingernail on the pill and the New Zealanders gather and scamper over. The video official sharply spots an offside in the Kiwi chase though to repreive the hosts though. Phew.

1 min: Eng 0-0 NZ First test for the New Zealanders in the air as Kevin Sinfield hoists a kick into the night sky. Gerard Beale is safe as houses underneath it though.

1 min: Eng 0-0 NZ Deep kick-off from England and Ben Westwood leads the chase after it. Marshall slaps a kick downfield in response which Sam Tomkins pockets with ease.

1802: Plenty of slap and howl in the New Zealand haka tonight. Kevin Sinfield purses his lips a fraction as he watches. We are ready for the off...

Leeds North West MP and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Rugby League Group Greg Mulholland on Twitter: " It'll be a close game. NZ will be desperate to win as reigning champions & world champions. England need to be at their best."
Something of a celebrity prediction there for you. Get your own comments and predictions flying in via the hashtag BBCRugbyLeague on Twitter.

1755: An impeccable minute's silence precedes the anthems. Both sides wearing poppies large and proud on their shirts.

England: Sam Tomkins, Ryan Hall, Jack Reed, Kirk Yeaman, Tom Briscoe, Kevin Sinfield, Rangi Chase, James Graham, James Roby, Jamie Peacock, Jon Wilkin, Ben Westwood, Chris Heighington. Replacements: Gareth Widdop, Adrian Morley, Jamie Jones-Buchanan, Garreth Carvell.
New Zealand: Kevin Locke, Gerard Beale, Lewis Brown, Simon Mannering, Jason Nightingale, Benji Marshall, Kieran Foran, Matulino, Thomas Leuluai, Russell Packer, Sika Manu, Adam Blair, Jeremy Smith. Replacements: Issac Luke, Alex Glenn, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves,Elijah Taylor.

1755: The teams are making their way out at the KC Stadium. The big England team news is Jon Wilkin replacing Gareth Ellis in the second row, while Garreth Carvell makes the bench. Full line-ups to follow.

1752: What does Chase himself have to say on it all then? "I know I'm not English, I haven't got the English tongue, but I'm behind them 100%, I'd do anything for my team-mates. This is my home, what matters is that I've got the same intentions as my team-mates," he explained in a superb Daily Mirror interview yesterday .

Rangi Chase
Chase playing against England for New Zealand Maori in October 2010
1748: Instead four months later he switched goalposts it for the red and white of England. New Zealand coach Stephen Kearney, who represented Hull for a season in 2005, has stirred the pot claiming that Chase is "still a Kiwi" whatever the colour of his shirt. Benji Marshall, Chase's former schoolfriend and housemate has proudly said that he taught Chase "pretty much everything he knows".

1742: Only in June the scrum-half was saying how he hoped a stellar performance for the Exiles against England could win him the promotion from the New Zealand Maori to the New Zealand squad. "That's my goal to wear the black and white of my country. It's a dream of mine since I was a little kid," he said.

1736: Imagine the scene. You bump into the person who spurned you at a big social get-together with a new partner on your arm. You wouldn't be natural if you didn't want to put one over them by demonstrating how swimmingly things are going in your life now. Things might get awkward, possibly a little angry. Rangi Chase is going through something of the sporting equivalent.

1735: But first excuse me while I play Agony Aunt.

1730: Welcome one and all. After running the Aussies close at Wembley last week, England are facing the harsh reality that their Four Nations campaign could be ended by New Zealand this evening. Instead of England getting a second shot at the Kangaroos at Elland Road in next weekend's final, defeat for Steve McNamara's men would mean the Kiwis preparing to defend their title in Leeds.

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