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England v NZ as it happened


New Zealand 32-22 England (Result)

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By Pranav Soneji

1102: That's that then. Let the post-mortem begin, they'll be all sorts of incisions and examinations with some very sharp scalpels in an effort to get to the very bottom of this dire campaign. Kicking? Passing? Handling? Everything? Have your two-pence worth on 606, I'll be back for the World Cup final next Saturday, hope you can join me then.

"Simply just not good enough, like our national football team." Matt, Manchester via TEXT 81111

"The real underperformers are the usual suspects...Gardener, Wellens, Pryce, Calderwood and of course Tony Smith for selecting them. At least we're spared the humiliation of a thrashing by the Aussies next week."
Venemous13 on 606
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80 min:
Lance Hohaia spills the kick-off, but the hooter sounds, much to the unconfined joy of the men in black, while those in white look for anything beyond the eyeline.

Two points
Mr Fien punts another bomb for Manu Vatuvei, who sends the ball backwards into the hands of Jerome Ropati. The centre's outside pass flies into Danny McGuire's hands, but England's two-time tryscorer fails to grasp the ball as Benji Marshall nicks over for a simple score. Goodbye World Cup, thanks for the not very many memories. Smith misses the conversion, not that it matters a jot.

76 min:
Oh Ade Gardner! The Saints flyer offloads a forward pass on his 10m line. Will NZ go for the one point?

74 min:
Superb play from England as they complete their six tackles complete with a thrusting high kick from McGuire, which Vatuvei knocks on attempting to catch and Keith Senior collects the ball to find he has six more tackles to play with inside the NZ 30m line. However, a key knock-on from Rob Purdham on the 20m line gives the Kiwis the chance to clear their lines. Is that the moment?

Two points
Hope - and it comes from a man clad in red and white as Danny McGuire bundles over from a 10m burst for his second try of the evening. Video ref Phil Cooley says the grounding was fine. Sit back down fat lady, you ain't singing just yet. Rob Burrow adds the two points.

71 min:
Top defence from New Zealand as Ade Gardner is bundled into touch from Ropati and Benji Marshall. England look spent - ideas are at a premium at the SunCorp Stadium, well for anyone in white anyway.

Two points
Debilitating play from England as another Nathan Fien kick causes mayhem in defence, the ball slips through Gardner's grasp and straight into the path of Jerome Ropati, who touches down for his second score of the game. Referee Hayne doesn't need video ref Phil Cooley's help this time to award the score. it was bound to happen after two drop outs from under England's posts. And Smith adds the extras with the boot.

66 min:
Another clever Nathan Fien grubber sees Ade Gardner fling himself in front of Jerome Ropati to send the ball over the deadball line as England once again drop out under their sticks.

65 min:
An error from Ade Gardner inside his in-goal area and he is engulfed by a sea of black as England are forced to drop out from under their posts. Pressure stuff right now.

64 min:
Lance Hohaia is decidedly dodgy under the high ball as he spills another kick as Jon Wilkin, James Roby and Martin Gleeson attempt to bundle the full-back over the tryline. However, England are penalised for a throttle tackle as Hohaia goes bananas, throwing the ball at Wilkin's head which sparks a mini brawl. A man in my office shouts "COME ON!" He enjoys these moments more than anything else I fear. The result is that New Zealand are awarded a penalty.

Two points
Although England's passing is wobblier than a jelly factory, Danny McGuire and Leon Pryce combine to send over Martin Gleeson for a fine score. The centre was held back by Jerome Ropati, but used all of his upper body strength to ground the ball over the tryline. And a top kick from Burrow means the deficit is reduced to six.

60 min:
Massive error from Lance Hohaia, who spills a simple high ball, but referee Hayne blows up just as Rob Burrow was about to dart through for the score. The little Leeds man is not amused.

58 min:
Some news for you - Leon Pryce is playing at full-back and Paul Wellens is off the pitch.

Two points
Just when you thought the Kiwis were tiring, Nathan Fien sends through a beautifully weighted pass for Bronson Harrison to cut through the England defence, step past Paul Wellens to score to the right of the posts. The score came about from yet another England error, this time from Danny McGuire. Jeremy Smith just about lands the conversion.

54 min:
Jerome Ropati makes a brilliant break and has Manu Vatuvei outside, while Benji Marshall is charging through on the inside. Ropati opts to go inside via Marshall, but the stand-off is tackled by Mark Calderwood and he loses the ball as he desperately tries to find a team-mate. Good defence from the Hull winger, although Ropati would have been better sending through Vatuvei, who probably had an easier run to the line.

52 min:
Superb play from Leeds' Danny McGuire, who jinks through to send club team-mate Keith Senior just metres short of the tryline. The dome-headed centre had no-one close to offload. And England run the sixth and are held just short of the NZ line.

50 min:
New Zealand are caught offside and Rob Burrow kicks deep into New Zealand territory. England make good ground with their first four tackles as Danny McGuire stabs through a grubber, which is collected by Simon Mannering inside his in-goal area, but the centre is tackled inside his area and England have another set of six from a goal-line drop-out.

47 min:
New Zealand fashion the ball out to Nathan Fien, who sends through a lovely grubber kick for Sam Perrett and Simon Mannering to chase, but the former grounds the ball just after the deadball line. Still, lots of attacking intent from the Kiwis.

46 min:
Ade Gardner belts through on the right flank - but referee Shane Hayne pulls play back to the NZ 40m line as Martin Gleeson's pass was quite obviously forward. More worrying news for England as Gareth Ellis goes off the field clutching his chest. Not good, Ellis was one of the better players in the first half.

44 min:
A lucky break as Rob Purdham attempts to offload in the tackle, only to see the ball stolen by Isaac Luke. But the replacement knocks on and the ball finds England hands for another set of six. A deep kick sees Sam Perrett collect the ball inside his in-goal area, but the winger has ample time to run the ball out - where was the chase? Basic stuff this. Leon Pryce looks set to make an appearance.

42 min:
Awful kick from Paul Wellens, who attempts to clear England's line, only to slice the ball horribly. And to make matters worse, England are caught offside on the 30m line. Not the best start.

41 min:
New Zealand kick off to England, apparently the usually sanguine Tony Smith went absolutely bananas at half time, doing a Daniel Anderson during the Grand Final. Wonder if his histronics will work...

1004 GMT: The teams are out and we're seconds away from kick-off.

"Keep them away from our line because we can't defend there! Both teams were way below par this half. We need Pryce on at full-back - Wellens is having the worst game I've ever seen him play."
hesstillgoing83 on 606
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0954 GMT: Blimey, that scoreline does not reflect England's woeful performance in the first half. Still, a six-point deficit is hardly the end of the world, but Tony Smith will have to pull out the greatest teamtalk of his distinguished career to give his players the biggest proverbial slap across the face going. Once again, apologies for getting the scores wrong early doors. Also, to avoid confusion, here are the teams once again:

New Zealand: Hohaia, Perrett, Mannering, Ropati, Vatuvei, Marshall, Fien, Cayless, Leuluai, Blair, Manu, Fa'alogo, Smith.
Replacements: Luke, Eastwood, Harrison, Rapira.

England: Wellens, Gardner, Gleeson, Senior, Calderwood, McGuire, Burrow, Graham, Roby, Peacock, Westwood, Ellis, Purdham.
Replacements: Pryce, Morley, Higham, Wilkin.

Referee: Shayne Hayne (Australia)


Two points
Brilliant! New Zealand make a handling mistake and Rob Burrow sends through a beautiful grubber kick from the base of the scrum, dissecting the NZ defence as Danny MacGuire sprints on to ground the ball under the posts. Referee Hayne once again goes to the video ref to check whether the Leeds stand-off was behind the kicker and Phil Cooley award the score, although through the benefit of the doubt ruling. Looked level to me. Anyway, the score counts and Rob Burrow adds the simple extras. What a filip just before the interval.

37 min:
The error count machine will be smoking right now as Jon Wilkin knocks on with England 15m from the Kiwi tryline. England assistant Steve McNamara holds his head in horror. You're not the only one Steve...

34 min:
This is more like it from England as they complete their sets and pin New Zealand back inside their 20m line. Rob Purdham makes a quality break but his offload to Danny McGuire is knocked on, although the Leeds stand-off reckons he was taken out off the ball. But Shayne Hayne isn't having any of it and awards New Zealand the scrum.

"Finally! You guys are over the line! Up until that point you guys have been your own worst enemy. Simple drop balls and poor defensive work off your line, my my .. I hope you can string some better passes together, for me you guys have been the biggest let down of this whole world cup, hope you can change my opinion on that very soon."
worldwaugh4 on 606
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Two points
At last England have some decent possession after a New Zealand mistake inside their 20m line. The passing is static, but good work from Gareth Ellis, who keeps the ball alive and Rob Burrow sends through Jamie Peacock, whose powerful burst splits through two tacklers for the all-important score. But Rob Purdham misses a straightfoward kick, The Quins man has not had a good night with the boot so far. If you've woken up to see England in front, apologies - I stupidly got the teams the wrong way around. Sorry to spoil your morning...

"This has been pathetic from England, even worse than the last two weeks."
Radio 5 Live's David Oates

25 min:
Lots of tactical changes from England as Adrian Morley, Mickey Higham and Jon Wilkin are all introduced. But Rob Burrow drops the ball as New Zealand race through deep inside England's half. And Martin Gleeson is mighty lucky not to concede a penalty on the tryline after taking out Manu Vatuvei as he attempts to grasp another testing high ball. Right now I wouldn't be compromising my BBC objectivity to say England are all over the place here.

Two points
More lovely play inside England's 10m line sees Lance Hohaia send through the brickhouse that is Jerome Ropati for another easy score. Video referee Phil Cooley is once again called in action, but after deciding that David Fa'alogo did not take Rob Purdham out, he awards the score. Two mistakes in quick succession sees England concede two tries in four minutes. Poor. And Smith atones for his earlier miss and lands the conversion.

20 min:
Oh dear, England are really making this difficult for themselves - Rob Purdham boots the restart dead, giving the Kiwis the perfect attacking platform just seconds after scoring their second try.

Two points
Ben Westwood is penalised for a late challenge on Benji Marshall and the resulting penalty sees Lance Hohaia dance past England's ragged defence for an easy score. Top play from Wigan's Tommy Leuluai at dummy-half, who creates the try with a lovely feign, complete with two decoy runners. But Jeremy Smith misses a relatively simple conversion.

16 min:
Excellent play from New Zealand. Camped inside their 10m line, the Kiwis produce solid set of six complete with a penetrating kick that pins the Poms back inside their 10m line. Apologies for some clumsy fingers with my typing - Martin Gleeson is playing at centre with Gardner on the wing.

14 min:
But Benji Marshall knocks on from the resulting scrum, courtesy of a robust challenge from Ade Gardner. The resulting set of six sees England eat up further valuable ground as New Zealand are penalised for not standing square. The tap is taken and the ball is fashioned out to Gardner, who has the ball down across the tryline, but referee Hayne goes to video referee Phil Cooley for confirmation. However, the Aussie official sees Gardner's foot just dragged on to the touchline, so England are denied four points. Harsh, but fair.

12 min:
Lovely jinky run from Rob Burrow through three defenders sees the Leeds scrum-half eat up valuable yards, but former Rhinos team-mate Gareth Ellis makes a basic error knocking on from the play the ball. Infuriating.

Two points
Lovely run from Benji Marshall across Rob Burrow and Mark Calderwood sends through Sam Perrett for the first score of the match in the right-hand corner. Paul Wellens is claiming there was a forward pass, but referee Shane Hayne isn't having any of it. And Jeremy Smith adds the two points.

6 min:
Danny McGuire punts a massive up-and-under towards Mark Calderwood's flank as Sam Perrett makes a right hash of his attempt to catch the ball, but the awkward bounce doesn't quite fall the Hull winger's way as he is held up just two metres short of the line. The ball is knocked on as England look to make their advantage count, a massive relief for the men in black.

3 min:
Handling errors from Ade Gardner and Jerome Rapati mean we haven't seen any decent football so far, but sides look nervy.

1 min:
New Zealand are awarded an early penalty as they launch into English territory. After a solid first five tackles, Lance Hohaia sends the bomb towards Mark Calderwood, who looks thoroughly uncomfortable under the high ball against Sam Perrett.

0904 GMT: And we're off as England kick to New Zealand.

0903 GMT: This time England have not turned their back as the Kiwis as they get stuck into the haka - they line up and is that a smirk on the face of Adrian Morley? Careful fella, the last time I saw someone disrespect the haka was Willie Mason, who got absolutely "owned" by Dave Kidwell, have a little search on a popular internet video website for that particular hit.

0901 GMT: Hull KR coach Justin Morgan has told Radio 5 Live he is hoping for big things from England's half-back pairing of Rob Burrow and Danny McGuire: "They could certainly provide some spark. England are going to need the half-backs to lead them around the park and playing two players who play together at club level could be an advantage. "

0900 GMT: Anthem time as the sizeable Pom contingent get stuck in to a round of "God Save The Queen". Equally, there are plenty of supporters clad in black from across the Tasman having a hefty joust at "God Defend New Zealand". Haka time...

"I have officially given up on England and chosen to go to work rather than watch Smith's no-hopers. Have I made the right decision?"
Matt, Liverpool via TEXT 81111

I'll give you an answer in 80 minutes.

0854 GMT: Kiwi coach Stephen Kearney has made a late change, with Canberra Raiders second row Bronson Harrison coming off the bench to replace Sika Manu. The Melbourne Storm player has recovered from an eye injury, so whether this change is tactical or to annoy Tony Smith, we shall find out soon...

"There's a lot of pressure on both teams. It's not about England's reputation, it's about New Zealand's as well. We can expect a nervy, edgy game."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Dave Woods

"Good decision dropping Pryce. We need a partnership who look like they've seen each other before. McGuire and Burrow will give us this."
Al, Preston via TEXT 81111

0845 GMT: Much to Tony Smith's chagrin, Australian referee Shayne Hayne will take charge of this encounter in Brisbane. It's fair to say Tony hasn't endeared himself down under, some have even suggested Tony earned his "whinging Pom" spurs when he received his British passport last summer. But it's all about what happens in the 80 minutes at the Suncorp Stadium, home of the Brisbane Broncos.

New Zealand: Lance Hohaia; Sam Perrett, Simon Mannering, Jerome Ropati, Manu Vatuvei; Benji Marshall, Nathan Fien; Nathan Cayless (capt), Thomas Leuluai, Adam Blair, Bronson Harrison, David Fa'alogo, Jeremy Smith.
Replacements: Issac Luke, Greg Eastwood, Sam Rapira, Sika Manu

England: Paul Wellens; Ade Gardner, Martin Gleeson, Keith Senior, Mark Calderwood; Danny McGuire, Rob Burrow; James Graham, James Roby, Jamie Peacock (captain); Gareth Ellis, Ben Westwood, Rob Purdham.
Replacements: Jon Wilkin, Adrian Morley, Leon Pryce, Mickey Higham

0838 GMT: It has been a bit of a rum week for our Tony. Reports in Australia have suggested the Aussie-born Brit is in the frame to take over at Parramatta, a job which former Saints coach Daniel Anderson is also gunning for. However, an insider claims the report "smacks of disruption", so the conspiracy theories continue. My colleague Paul Fletcher has written a fine blog on this particular subject:

0833 GMT: Let's have your thoughts about this England side via 606 (which opens at 900 GMT) or TEXT 81111 with the word "RUGBYL" before your message. My initial thoughts are: "Tony, why didn't you just name this team a few days ago and not kop a load of pointless flak?" Controversial? You decide.

0830 GMT: Right, some interesting team news to tell you about. England coach Tony Smith has made three changes to the starting XIII he named earlier in the week, with Ade Gardner returning to the wing while Danny McGuire resumes at stand-off, with Leon Pryce on the bench. And Ben Westwood comes in for Jamie Jones-Buchanan.

The pair had originally been left out of the 19-man squad on Wednesday, but Smith has been accused of indulging in a bit of cloak and dagger tactics by his opposite number Stephen Kearney and the media.

0828 GMT: Here we go again. Only this time there's a whole lot more riding on this match-up than last week's sort-of 34-26 victory to New Zealand.

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