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 Sunday, 26 January, 2003, 23:05 GMT
Live: Bucs 48-21 Raiders
All the action from San Diego as Tampa Bay crush Oakland in Super Bowl XXXVII.
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Fourth quarter

0311: As time runs out, Rich Gannon serves up another interception return for Dwight Smith, who puts the seal on Tampa's first-ever Super Bowl win.
Tampa Bay Bucs 48-21 Oakland Raiders

0306 Warren Sapp sacks Gannon, who throws up his fourth interception on the following play to Derrick Brooks, who runs in to score.
Tampa Bay Bucs 41-21 Oakland Raiders

0300: Tampa Bay are trying every trick to run time off the clock, but they are forced to punt and hand Oakland possession on their own 26-yard line.

0248: Jerry Rice then latches on to a perfect Gannon pass to run in a 44-yard touchdown score. The two-point conversion fails, but it is only fitting that one of the all-time NFL greats has made his mark on the game.
Tampa Bay Bucs 34-21 Oakland Raiders

0243: Jerry Rice has had a disappointing game for the Raiders, but he pulls in a rare reception as Oakland drive on in desperation.

0236: The Tampa drive stalls, but it sets up a 27-yard field goal attempt. The ball is bobbled after the snap, however, and Oakland regain the ball with the score unchanged.

0231: Pass interference is called against the Raiders on third down to give the Bucs a priceless first down in the Oakland half. The impressive Michael Pittman takes full advantage, busting loose to the 11-yard line.

0223: Special teams give Oakland hope when Tim Johnson blocks a punt and returns it for a touchdown at the start of the fourth quarter. The two-point conversion again falls short.
Tampa Bay Bucs 34-15 Oakland Raiders

Third quarter

0219: Tampa Bay run time off the clock by giving the ball to their running backs as the thrid quarter ends.

0212: Gannon goes deep and finds Jerry Porter, who is adjudged to have stepped out of the endzone. Oakland challenge the call and a touchdown is duly awarded. An attempted two-point conversion is thwarted.
Tampa Bay Bucs 34-9 Oakland Raiders

0203: Life is not getting any easier for NFL MVP Rich Gannon, but he does scramble well to pick up a rare first down.

0155: Gannon's pass, intended for Jerry Rice, is picked off by Dwight Smith, who runs back 44 yards for the touchdown that surely kills off Oakland's hope.
Tampa Bay Bucs 34-3 Oakland Raiders

0147: A Ken Dilger receipt takes the Bucs to the one-yard line and Keenan McCardell adds to the Raiders misery with his second touchdown to put the game almost out of reach.
Tampa Bay Bucs 27-3 Oakland Raiders

0145: Joe Jurevicius is on the end of a 36-yard pass as Tampa Bay drive into the scoring zone again.

0139: Brad Johnson scrambles for a first down as the Buccaneers resume with confidence. Keyshawn Johnson is also having a big game and he pulls down his fifth catch of the game.

0132: The Raiders get the second half started, knowing that they must score early to have any chance of winning the Super Bowl. But Gannon fails to move the chains again and Tampa win back possession deep in their half.

Half-time show

0116: Shania Twain tops a half-time bill that also features No Doubt and British artist Sting, who team up to sing "Message in a bottle".

Tampa Bay fans are in good voice after watching another dominant defensive display.

Crucially for Jon Gruden's team, Brad Johnson and his running backs have also been able to deliver at the offensive end.

Oakland will need to regroup in the dressing room and must start the second half with a quick score.

Second quarter

0100: As the first half winds to a close, things are beginning to look desperate for Oakland. Their QB Gannon is hurried again and Tampa take a 17-point margin into the second half.

0057: Keenan McCardell catches an immaculate pass from Brad Johnson to extend the Tampa advantage. Gramatica converts.
Tampa Bay Bucs 20-3 Oakland Raiders

0055: Michael Pitman and Mike Alstott continue to run the football well for the Bucs. This drive could be key to the outcome of this Super Bowl.

0052: As the sun sets in San Diego, Tampa benefit from a defensive penalty by the Raiders, handing them first-down at the opposition 29.

0049: Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden is winning the strategy battle against his old charges.

0046: Only the Washington Redskins - in Super Bowl XXII - have rallied from a ten-point deficit. The Raiders will need to emulate them, but show few signs of doing so.

0042: Gannon gets his eye in with a completed screen pass to Jerry Porter for a first down. But he falls short on the next series of downs, reliable receiver Tim Brown guilty of dropping the ball.

0035: Tampa turn up the heat, rushing the ball to the Oaklandd two-yard line. Fullback Mike Alstott runs the ball home for the game's first touchdown, and Gramatica converts the extra point.
Tampa Bay Bucs 13-3 Oakland Raiders

0033: Tampa get good field-goal possession off their subsequent punt and the Raiders struggle again on offence, Gannon going three-and-out yet again.

0025: Gannon is looking a shadow of his usual self and is hurried into another intercepted pass. This one is returned by Dexter Jackson to the 45-yard line.

0023: Oakland get a first-down for the first time since their opening drive.

0016: Tampa Bay drive forward behind the sure arm of quarterback Brad Johnson. Their offence has settled quicker than Oakland's and Martin Gramatica converts a second field goal, this time from 43 yards.
Tampa Bay Bucs 6-3 Oakland Raiders

First quarter

0010: Gannon is having a tough time of it and he is picked off when only needing a one-yard completion for a first down. The first quarter ends with Tampa Bay in control of the ball.

0006: Oakland QB Gannon, the NFL's regular-season MVP, takes back over half-way up the field after the Bucs offence splutters to a halt.

0002: Tampa Bay get the ball straight back, and Gannon looks frustrated as he sits back down on the sidelines.

2356: Three-and-out for Brad Johnson, who is forced to throw the football away under pressure from the swarming Raiders defence.

2351: Gannon has the ball back for Oakland and he tries to find 40-year-old veteran Jerry Rice, but the pass is incomplete. Gannon then takes another sack and the Raiders punt.

2345: The Bucs drive falters and coach Gruden has to settle for a field goal from Argentine kicker Martin Gramatica.
Tampa Bay Bucs 3-3 Oakland Raiders

2341: Tampa hit straight back. Joe Jurevicius takes the ball into Oakland territory on a 23-yard completion, and Johnson then advances his team further with another big throwing play.

2336: This is fast becoming a nightmare start for the Bucs. Aaron Stecker makes a good kick return at the restart, but appears to fumble the ball to the Raiders.

However, Tampa coach Jon Gruden challenges the play and the ball is handed back to his team.

2333: Gannon takes his first sack from Simoen Rice, but his Raiders are in good field position and Sebastian Janikowski kicks the first three points of the game.
Tampa Bay Bucs 0-3 Oakland Raiders

2230: Rich Gannon completes a third down pass to keep his first drive going. He looks settled and assured in the pocket.

2227: Johnson makes a terrible start throwing up an easy interception to Charles Woodson. The Raiders pick up the ball in Tampa territory.

2326: The action gets under way. Brad Johnson has the first chance to marshal a scoring drive.

2325: Tampa Bay win the toss and elect to recieve.

Pre-match build-up

2320: The Dixie Chicks sing the American national anthem and a packed crowd in San Diego erupts.

Controversy surrounds the game even before kick-off, as all-star center Barret Robbins is banished from the Oakland bench for disciplinary reasons.

BBC Sport Online rounds up the latest news from the NFL.

Bucs 48-21 Raiders

How they got there

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