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Sunday, 7 April, 2002, 11:49 GMT 12:49 UK
Tanni's marathon of motherhood
Tanni Grey-Thompson
Tanni reckons she is ready for London
By BBC Sport Online's Mike Burnett

If competing in a gruelling 26-mile race through the streets of London is not hard enough, Tanni Grey-Thompson has managed to make the challenge even more difficult this year.

Since February, the eight-time Olympic gold medallist has been busy adapting to the joys of parenthood.

Most mothers would find it difficult to plan past the next nappy-change or feeding time, let alone prepare for a marathon.

I trained to some extent most of the way through the pregnancy and I think that kept me fairly healthy
Tanni Grey-Thompson
But Grey-Thompson was back in training just three weeks after baby Carys was born and believes she will be ready for the big race on 14 April.

"It's probably quite strange that I started training so soon," said Grey-Thompson, who notched up her fifth win in the women's wheelchair race in 2001.

"It's probably not most women's idea of fun, but it is mine.

"Actually I trained to some extent most of the way through the pregnancy and I think that kept me fairly healthy."

This will be her 12th London Marathon in a 14-year career of competing at the highest level.

But racing so soon after Carys' birth, the British star is not expecting to break any records and prefers to set her sights on the big event this summer.

"I think that the time I do in London is not going to be fantastic," she explained, "but just getting round and being back fit will be good for me."

Tanni Grey-Thompson
Tanni Grey-Thompson crosses the finishing line in 2001
"I think the Commonwealth Games is my really big goal of the year.

"London in-between is quite good motivation for me to go out and get the miles back in."

The 32-year-old might be determined to get back in the swing of things, but there are easier places to do it than in London.

Despite five wins, Grey-Thompson believes that she has had more than her fair share of unlucky breaks in the British capital.

"London's a really challenging course - there's lots of twists and turns, but the cobbles are by far the worst bit ," she said.

"And it's pretty late in the race, so if you're feeling bad then the cobbles will finish you off.

"I don't have a lot of luck with London. I think I've only ever punctured in four races and three of them have been London."

Tanni Grey-Thompson
"I think it was the right time to stop training and have a baby"
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