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Last Updated: Saturday, 19 January 2008, 22:29 GMT
Masters semi-finals as they happened
Saturday's semi-final matches at Wembley
Both matches were best of 11 frames

Stephen Lee (Eng) 6-2 Marco Fu (HK)
68-0, 22-99 (84), 67-6 (66), 78-1 (69). 66-67, 77-4 (77), 67-31 (62), 69-5

Ken Doherty (Ire) 5-6 Mark Selby (Eng)
1-76 (54), 65-20, 69-28, 0-102 (69), 8-76 (61), 1-108 (107), 61-42, 68-50, 1-73, 99-29 (79) 102-31

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By Tom Fordyce

2227: It's all over - Lee misses a red, but Fu's gone. A Selby-Lee final it is. Lee's obviously delighted, and Fu crestfallen - very poor display from the Hong Kong star.

2223: At last Lee sinks a red, and you can see the self-belief flow through him. 69-5 up, the frame and match are surely his.

2218: Neither man has potted anything for an age. The pair of them are limping towards the line like octogenarians.

2210: They're falling apart out there. Lee is suddenly consumed by fear and couldn't land a minnow, while Fu is still playing with the heavy-shouldered resignation of a man who wants to call a cab home.

2206: Lee's 42-1 up, but he's still making silly errors. He should have put this frame to bed on three occasions, but the finishing post is monkeying with his mind.

2203: The same happens again - a Lee miss leaving Fu a wide-open red which he misses in abject fashion. Not good.

2200: It's just not happening for Fu. Lee gives him an easy red, but his positioning on the black is woeful and he has to play safe.

2151: Fu concedes after fouling when he needed two snookers, with only green onwards left. 5-2 Lee, and Fu needs a miracle.

2148: Wonderful work from Lee. He sees off two nasty reds on the rails and knocks away the brown to leave Fu needing snookers.

2142: Fu misses a medium red by long, long way, and he gets up from the table with his tongue hanging out. If Lee doesn't see him off here, he's only got himself to blame.

2137: Fu's not quite there - he gets bad position on a black and leaves Lee a red to middle, only for Lee to nick the jaws. Let-off for Fu, and we're back where we were.

2134: Dreadful break by Fu, but after Lee lands a sweet red to centre-left the ball ends up touching the green. An average safety puts Fu in with one of his first decent long pots of the session.

2133: Lee sportingly calls himself for a foul on the white, but with three snookers needed Fu concedes. Good riposte from the big man - his lead is back to two frames.

2129: And build he does - 58 and counting with a series of aggressive pots.

"He knew why he lost that last frame - he was too tentative in his thinking." BBC commentator Clive Everton

2123: Super pink from Lee, having split the pack with his approach and left reds available left, right and centre had he missed. Another chance to build a lead here.

2119: Brilliant black from Fu, cutting it fine and then achieving perfect position on the yellow. He rattles off the colours to steal the frame by a single point. 3-2 when it could and should have been 4-1.

2116: Fu back on, 42 behind with 43 on the table, after Lee fails to nail a tough red along the cushion.

2110: Poor misses again from the pair before Lee finally lands a biggie, sinking a tough green with screw-back to set up an easy red and get down to the bottom cushion to get busy with the main pack.

2104: Bad misses from both players to the centre-right, which gives Lee the chance to get busy again. But his position off an easy black is poor, and he gifts Fu a chance. That had 4-1 written all over it. Nowhere near as fluid since the interval, Stephen.

2100: Fantastic long-ranger from Lee, sliding home a red despite bring trapped tight on the baulk cushion. He tucks the cue-ball up against the green and picks up a brace of snookers as Fu gets his angles skew-whiff.

2050: Fu's come out of the traps at better speed than Lee, who's played two sloppy safeties already. Marco drains a long 'un but then inexplicably wobbles out an easy red to let Lee back in.

2027: A break of 67 is enough - Fu knows there's no comeback, and Lee strides into the mid-session break with a healthy 3-1 lead.

2025: Lee is potting beautifully here. The break is up to 51, and he's gliding the cue-ball around in dreamy fashion.

2015: Cunning snooker laid by Lee, tickling the cue-ball in tight to the green, and Fu ships two fouls before opening up a pottable red with his honest effort.

2010: Negotiate it he does, and Lee is looking in useful shape here. 2-1.

2000: Fu drifts on too far after glancing home a blue tight on the pocket, and leaves himself nothing to go at. Lee is soon amongst them and is up to 21 with one tough red to negotiate before the path to the frame is strollable.

1954: He takes full advantage in that poker-faced Fu way, polishing off every morsel on offer. It's one apiece. Surely we can't have another slug-fest on our hands?

1944: Splendid slider from Fu across from the left-hand rail to pouch a stray red in the bottom-right pocket. It's 22-22, but the table is at his mercy.

1935: Lovely safety tight to the baulk cushion from Lee to get us going in frame two.

1927: Lee gets himself out of a bit of a pickle by picking a red from the bottom of the bunch into the middle left pocket and carries on to put the first frame just out of reach.

"I am very impressed with Big Steve's turn-out today. He is looking like a champion. Can he play like one?"

1925: The sturdily-built Lee starts with a break of 24 before stumbling but Fu shows signs of pressure as he rattles a red in the jaws of the bottom right corner.

1920: The afternoon crowd have been kicked out of Wembley Arena sharpish and there's a new lot in as we kick off the evening session.

1848: But Ken ends up short on his next attempt and Mark is in, cutting in a fine red and clearing from there. He thumps the table with delight - he's into the final!

1845: There's one of them - beautifully set up too. 37 behind, 35 on the table.

1840: The break runs out of steam with the score at 68-20, but Ken needs two snookers to stay alive.

1836: He gets out at the second time of asking, but Selby is in the driving-seat. He clips home a lovely red and, with four others left, is now 54-20 up. Odds-on surely now to go through...

1830: Big, big shot - a perfectly-played cannon into the pack to open up half the reds. But he over-hits the next red and has to bail out at 36-20 up. Ken is left snookered behind the brown.

1827: Could that be the most costly mistake of the match? Kendo jousts at a high-risk plant and misses it. Selby has the baton.

1822: Ken sends a raking long red barrelling home to get his nose in front in this final frame of an absolute gripper.

1819: Great clearance from Ken - a fluid, nerveless 79 to take us into yet another decider.

1812: But he gets lucky now, fluking a red with the table at Selby's mercy to set up a great chance to level us up once again.

1804: Ken's had a stinker - he slides home a lovely red with his break at 20 and looking good for more, only for the white to wander on in to the bottom-right. Ouch.

1755: Selby seizes on another Ken slip and then plays a delightful cannon off the black to nudge three reds apart. Four raking pots later the frame is in the bag - he leads 5-4 with two to play.

1746: Early scores on doors from Selby in this ninth frame, easing up 36 points before he gets jammed behind the brown. He lays the snooker and Ken mis-judges his effort to gift him four points and decent table position.

1439: It's Ken - he sizzles home an epic brown from miles out and polishes off to pink to drag himself level at 4-4. Never write this man off - never.

"Doherty is pulling all sorts of trees up here." BBC commentator Willie Thorne

1737: Mark nails the green long, but as he chases the brown he lets the cue-ball drift into the centre-right pocket. Who can stay strong to put this one away?

1732: 49 plays 47 when Ken misses a straight green, only for Mark to do the same. Nerves clanging like you wouldn't believe out there.

1725: 33 plays 47, but Ken puts Mark into a nasty snooker behind the yellow after getting super-lucky with a wobbly red.

1720: 40 and counting from Selby, with a super red down the right-hand rail to keep him in shape for more.

1715: Big grimace from Ken - he lines up a plant from distance and misses it by an inch, leaving Selby with a lovely chance among the reds.

1705: He takes it, too - and there's a clenched fist from Kendo as he strides out of the arena for a courtesy break. 4-3 Selby...

1702: Not any more, he's not - a Selby miss to middle leaves him with the table at his mercy. He needs to clear to pink to steal the frame.

1658: Super exchange of safeties from the two players. Selby's driving it along though, with Ken on the back foot so far.

1653: Selby rolls along to 35 before playing safe to baulk. He's got a 41-31 lead with three cherries left on the cloth.

1647: Dear oh dear - careless from Ken, clunking a red way wide of the bottom-right pouch. He's made far too many errors this afternoon, gradually letting position slip during his breaks so that he ends squeezing the life out of them. Selby's in again.

1642: Selby looks like he's about to set off again, but a momentary lapse of reason throws Ken a life-line. Ken's break is now 30 and climbing.

1636: There is - a silky-smooth 107, with a rattled final black costing him a 114 clearance. 4-2 Selby, and Ken hasn't had a look-in in the last three frames.

1631: The break's whistled past the half-ton mark. There could be a century on here.

1625: He could be going 4-2 up here too. Another nervy Ken slip lets Selby back in, and the reds are looking good.

1617: Super potting, and The Jester's come from behind to lead 3-2.

"Mark had a chance with the rest, only for Ken to then let a chance go begging. It could be getting nervy out there." BBC expert Steve Davis

1610: Now it's Ken's turn to joust in vain, aiming for a long red to bottom-right and missing by the width of his collar. Mark's in with all but one of the reds on sale.

1603: We're back, and Mark dings an attempted safety. Ken lines up a monster and slides it home delightfully. The white pings back up to baulk so he creeps behind the yellow.

1544: There it is - 102, before the yellow proves impossible to get on. 2-2 at the mid-session interval.

"I do like watching these players - they have so many attractive traits." BBC expert Steve Davis.

1536: Super work from Selby - he takes the first glimmer he's offered and ticks off the reds in flinty-eyed fashion. Could be a century break on the cards here.

1529: He can't polish them off on that visit, but a succession of classic Kendo safeties slowly squeeze the life out of Selby. 2-1 Ken, and he looks in ominously relentless form here.

If you want to keep across the other live sport on the Beeb website this afternoon, move your mouse onto the links below. It's all happening.

1522: A wonderful long drain from Selby from the baulk gets him on the march, only for a red to the middle to curve away. Ken has been gifted another chance - 20 points in front but with the two remaining reds both tricky.

1515: He makes it as far as 42 before he runs out of reds, and leaves the white cosied up to the bottom cushion instead of taking a punt.

1509: Mistake from Selby, dribbling a red aimed at centre-right around the lip and out. The cue-ball rolls away perfectly for Ken, and he gets busy with his poker-faced patience.

1458: Ken pops away a stray red and the frame is his. Low-scoring this match might be, but it's top-draw so far.

1456: There's one of them, but he then misses a good chance to lay another. Ken's still in charge.

1452: Lucky from Ken - a fluke into the top right when he was looking for a rock-steady safety. Selby needs snookers but he's having a pop.

1448: Patient break-building from Kendo, who's up to 45 already. Looks in decent nick so far - in his quarter-final he went from dreadful to delightful in the space on one mid-session interval.

1444: He can't develop the reds, and a chancey one to the bottom right jumps clear. At 7-16, Ken is back on the table.

1440: Selby's the first man to get busy again, although the black's off its spot and dancing with the green just above the pink.

1433: Selby it is with the first strike of the match. Ken blows on his fingertips and prepares for the comeback.

1430: The lead's up to 75 already - it's got 1-0 Selby all over it.

1424: Selby's on the prowl here - among the reds and with the frame at his mercy.

1415: A slightly delayed start at Wembley, but the two gladiators are now in the arena. Selby inches into an 18-1 lead before the safeties kick in.

1340: Afternoon, baize brigade - we're almost go go go at Wembley. Kendo vs the Jester from Leicester first up - should be a beauty, going on their quarter-final form.

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