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Last Updated: Sunday, 13 January 2008, 22:24 GMT
Masters day one as it happened
Sunday's matches:


R DAY (Wal) 6-2 B HAWKINS (Eng)
70-8 80-38 (63) 67-11 41-58 113-0 (113) 67-91 (73) 77-0 (55) 121-4 (120)
(wildcard round)

63-84 (56 Maguire) 72-47 (68) 17-112 (103) 1-84 (84) 50-64 117-8 (112) 72-7 (72) 16-57 106-19 (66) 83-0 (64) 47-62

S MURPHY (Eng) 6-3 A CARTER (Eng)
67-75 29-71 87-15 (66) 72-1 38-77 (77) 73-13 (73) 60-23 67-32 68-55 (65 Murphy, 54 Carter)

To get involved use 606 or text us your views & comments on 81111. (Not all contributions can be used)

By Phil Harlow

2217: Ryan Day takes full advantage of Hawkins's lack of form and knocks in a frame-winning break of 120 to bring the match to a merciful conclusion.

It won't be one either player will tell their grandchildren about. Or if they do, they are seriously lacking in decent stories.

What little quality there has been has come from Day and it is fitting that he finishes it off with a fine ton.

2216: "Barry Hawkins looks like a player very low on confidence to me."
BBC commentator John Virgo

2210: Barry Hawkins misses another red after getting a chance. To say he's not played well so far would be pretty kind. Almost nothing has gone right for the Kent-based player.

2204: Day makes a break of 55 to win the seventh frame, with Hawkins failing to trouble the scorers. Potentially just the one frame to go.

2152: Day is in first again. He picks off all the loose reds and the frame could be decided by his shot into the pack.

As it turns out, as series of kisses don't go his way and he's forced to take on a tough pot. It rattles in the jaws and comes back out and Hawkins is at the table.

2148 Finally, the frame comes to a close and Hawkins pulls one back on Day. The standard hasn't got a whole lot better, if truth be told.

2144: Hawkins misses a difficult cut on the green, and we keep on going.

2141: Hawkins gets the yellow and then plays safe. Day now needs an unlikely three snookers, but decides to play on.

Come on Ryan, put this frame out of its misery...

2139: Day gets the four-point snooker he was after and can now win by clearing up. It's still set to be a tactical battle though, with both players looking for snookers.

2135: Hawkins breaks down on 73 to let Day into the frame. After a Day break and a tactical exchange, Hawkins is 30 clear with 27 on the table. It could be a lengthy one as Day looks for the snooker....

2125: Hawkins, who has looked out of touch from the off, gets in amongst the balls. He needs this frame desperately if he is going to make a match of it.

2119: Day develops the difficult 15th red and blasts a superb pot past the blue but runs out of position. He takes on an impossible black and gets far too thin a contact.

Still, a great effort from the Welshman and it takes him within two frames of victory.

2116: Dare I say it, but Ryan Day is on a potential 147 here with - as I write - 10 reds and 10 blacks down. Talk about coming out of nowhere. The frame is safe and now he can concentrate on the maximum.

2114: "It can't be an advantage playing this late. Can Hawkins stay awake long enough to make this a contest?"
The Boss on 606

2008: Right then. Hold onto your hats, people, we're up and running again.

2057: Importantly, Hawkins takes the final frame before the interval and we're at 3-1. If I'm to be honest, this really isn't great stuff. Day, provisionally ranked 11, is clearly a class above Hawkins, provisionally ranked 30, but even he is not producing sensational stuff and a slip-up lets Hawkins back into the frame.

The Englishman looks far from comfortable out there - mixing some nice potting with tentative misses and poor positioning - but manages to haul himself back into contention with a nice pot on the pink.

2030: After a close opening to the frame, Hawkins misses the two remaining reds twice when snookered to go 28 behind. Day puts away one of the two before snookering Hawkins once more and again he misses. The 27-year-old Welshman wraps up the frame and a 3-0 lead with a break of 23.

A pretty cushty lead heading towards the mid-session interval.

2018: Referee Michaela Tabb calls for quiet from the audience, sections of which (believe it or not) are making too much noise. Mind you, it's hardly surprising people have started nattering away given the overall standard of snooker thus far in this clash.

1954: Day seals the necessary points to go 2-0 up inside what is, to be frank, a semi-deserted Wembley Arena.

1952: Hawkins gets Day in a nasty snooker and gets the chance to have a go when the red is left over the pocket. He makes the red but misses the follow-up pot on the brown badly. Not an auspicious start for Hawkins.

1944: Ryan Day makes a run of 63 but misses the frame-ball black to let Hawkins in.

1936: A low-key start to the final match of the day sees Ryan Day take the opening frame after a fairly horrible start from Hawkins who has missed a series of simple balls.

1922: Here we go again. Barely time to catch your breath after that and we're off again as Ryan Day takes on Barry Hawkins. Beat that boys.

1900: "I can't believe that, what a miss, never in my life have I seen Ronnie miss a ball like that."
Case545 on 606

1858: Goodness me. Ronnie misses the blue with the rest! With the match at his mercy, he hits it too hard and the chance is gone.

Maguire makes the blue and pink and he goes through. What a turnaround!

1855: Ronnie rolls in a beautiful red and Wembley is very happy about it. This would be one of the most thrilling wins of his career if he can do it from here. Willie Thorne makes him favourite to do it from this position - make of that what you will.

1853: Maguire tenses up on what is, effectively, frame ball and misses it by miles. Ronnie makes the most of his next shot, freeing the black and knocking three reds into the open. Brilliant, but will he get the chance to capitalise?

1852: Maguire makes a 49, but attempting to go round the angles, he canons the blue. End of break, with 67 still on the table, but the balls are not exactly where Ronnie would like them, while the black is tied up too. The provisional world number one has it all to do.

1849: "Maguire is in the balls. This might be it. But I'll probably be writing something else in my next post."
BBC Sport's Saj "hedging my bets" Chowdury at Wembley

1848: The reds are spread invitingly for Maguire. The frame, and the match, are his to lose. Can he hold his nerve?

1846: Ronnie knocks a red over the bottom-right pocket and Maguire gratefully accepts the gift like a seven-year-old on Christmas Day. In actual fact, not like a seven-year-old on Christmas Day at all then - they rip open the paper and then decide they like the cardboard box a bit better than the toy.

1845: It's another one-point "break" for Maguire as he makes the red but without getting on a colour.

1842: Not now they're not. Ronnie misses with a long red, and Maguire manages to hold his nerve with a fairly simple opener.

But he is in the middle of nowhere as far as position is concerned, and has to play the yellow to leave Ronnie a difficult safety from the baulk end.

1841: All the balls are still on the table as the frame settles down a little.

1837: Ronnie breaks off with a textbook shot. A rush of blood from Maguire as he tries to cut in a red to the middle which never looked on.

He misses the pot by some distance and clatters into the pack, and is a very lucky boy not to leave O'Sullivan anything easy. The pressure is on.

1835: Ronnie sends the crowd ballistic as he clinches the frame with a classy 64 break and sets up a decider. You can't say you're not getting your money's worth with this one.

Both players leave for a short break before coming back and shaking hands in true gentlemanly fashion.

1832: Just to break the tension a little, it has just been pointed out to me by a colleague that Mark Williams is preparing for his clash with Ken Doherty by attending the BDO Darts final at the Lakeside, where his good mate and fellow Welshman Mark Webster is in a very nice 3-0 lead over the unusually coiffured Australian Simon Whitlock.

1830: "Strange thing to say this, but looking at the two players' demeanour around the table, Ronnie looks as cool as a cucumber whereas Maguire looks very, very edgy. 6-5 for Ronnie methinks."
2005me on 606

1825: Ronnie misses with a long red and gives Maguire the easy starter he has been waiting patiently for. But the Scot inexplicably misses it, with the red rattling in the jaws. A bad miss at this stage of the match.

1823: Ronnie misses a red on 14 and Maguire plays a decent safety shot, leaving the white on the top cushion. Ronnie rolls up to the pack and leaves a touching ball.

1822: "I rate Maguire as a top player, but I do question his temperament."
2005me on 606

1820: Ronnie comes back from his short ¿comfort break" and the crowd go bananas. They would rather like it if he won.

And he knocks in a breathtaking long red to get their hands moving again.

1817: But Ronnie gets the chance and he seals the frame and keeps the pressure on his opponent. Who do you fancy from this position?

1814: Ronnie makes a fluent 66 but misses a tricky frame-ball red to keep Maguire - who trails 66-19 - in the frame. There are still 51 points on the table.

1806: So then, this could be the last frame of the match.... Maguire gets in first and makes a 19 but a poor positional shot stops his progress in its tracks.

1801: But with his next shot, Maguire flukes the red into the yellow pocket and Ronnie decides enough is enough.

So Maguire has stopped the rot and put himself just one frame away from putting the defending champion out. Can he hold his nerve and gain revenge for his UK Championship final humbling?

1800: Maguire is 41 ahead with 35 left on the table, but misses the clinching red to allow Ronnie the chance to play on.

1757: Ronnie takes on a risky red to the middle and the gamble doesn't come off. Rather like my bet on Manchester City to beat Everton yesterday.

Maguire must take this chance. Surely?

1756: "You can cut the tension with a knife."
The Boss on 606

1753: The mistakes are creeping in to Maguire's game just when he doesn't want them. He misses a black off the spot to spoil his break of 36 and Ronnie is in again. His fans rather like this turn of events.

1748: Maguire breaks off in the eighth frame and Ronnie knocks in a fabulous long red. But a few shots later, he breaks down and gives Maguire a much-needed opportunity.

1745: Ronnie gets himself back in the match with a fantastic break of 72, and he is looking much more like his old self. Worrying times for Maguire, who has had chances but failed to take them.

1739: Maguire gets in first again, but more carelessness allows Ronnie back to the table.

1732: A break of some class from Ronnie gets him back into the match. He was constantly out of position early on, but he kept on potting himself out of trouble until he was back in prime position.

Ronnie clears up with a 112 break, the highest of the tournament so far. Incidentally, that was Ronnie's 511th competitive ton.

1730: "Brilliant to see we now have live text commentary for the snooker! I wouldn't mind having that job... where do I apply!?"
malkys large oversized novelty comb on 606

All applications, accompanied by a sizeable cheque, can be sent direct to me, thanks malkys large oversized novelty comb.

1725: Hello! Maguire goes in off the pack and the crowd suddenly wakes up with some manly shouts of "C'mon Ronnie!" He needs to make the most of this if he's going to keep Maguire within range.

1724: A mistake from Ronnie lets Maguire in for first go in the sixth frame. Ominous times for the defending champion and his army of fans in the arena.

1720: Shot! Maguire wallops in the green and goes round the angles to come back for the brown. He clears up the remaining colours and takes a very handy 4-1 lead.

1717: The yellow refuses to drop and a double kiss gives Maguire an easy opener. He knocks it in but he's given himself a difficult shot on the green - careless stuff from the Scot.

1716: Fantastic play from Ronnie as he develops the two nastily situated reds and then rolls in the more difficult of the two. The yellow, tight against the baulk cushion, is still a challenge though.

1714: "Ronnie's struggling to get going. With Ronnie you feel one chance in and around the black and he'll be off but it's Maguire's job to make sure that doesn't happen - and so far he's doing a good job."

1709: Ronnie O'Sullivan gets Maguire in a tricky snooker which the Scot needs three attempts to get out of. The balls are getting increasing awkward as the safety battle continues.

1701: Stephen Maguire makes 25 and then misses with an attempted pot. This could be a long one.

1655: A scrappy old opening to this frame with both players making mistakes and missing pots in a way that was alien to them before the interval.

Maguire has already gone in-off and knocked in a colour with the cue ball unintentionally, while O'Sullivan has struggled with his potting. Whoever can take this one will be relieved to get away with it.

1645: The two players walk back out to another massive reception from the 1800-odd spectators at Wembley. It's game on.

By the way, don't forget you can watch all the action live on the BBC Sport website.

1635: "Stephen Maguire is a very determined character - if he thinks there's a chance, he's going to take it."
BBC commentator John Parrott

1628: A missed red ends Maguire's break at 84, but never mind - the frame is already in the bag. Maguire is bang on song so far, playing with a real fluency.

The players walk off for the mid-session interval, and you have to take your hat off to Maguire's performance so far.

1621: A fantastic double as a shot-to-nothing from Maguire opens the scoring in frame four. Great stuff from the Scot who is clearly starting to enjoy himself on the big stage.

1620: "Well, I did think frame three was Ronnie's after Maguire let him back in. But no. Maguire is on fire - not literally."
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury at Wembley Arena

1616: After getting Ronnie in trouble with the snooker, Maguire gets his opportunity at the table and grabs it with both hands as he knocks in the first century of the day to go 2-1 up.

1603: Ronnie breaks down on 17 after getting in first in the third frame. Maguire knocks in a lovely long red, but the cue ball absolutely flies off the right-hand cushion and ends up miles past his intended target, leaving the Scot no option but to roll in tight behind the yellow.

1555: Maguire lets Ronnie in after a short safety exchange, and the defending Masters champion needs no second invitation as he clears up to the blue with a break of 68 that clinches the frame.

1549: Maguire makes a break of 47 at the start of the second frame before running out of position and playing safe.

1540: "Shot of the tournament by Maguire escaping from behind the pink to hit the green. That'll take some beating and we're only on day one!"
oneball2 on 606

1539: Maguire knocks in the pink to seal a fascinating opening frame of an enthralling encounter. if the rest of the match lives up to that, we're in for a treat.

John Parrott is as impressed as I was with that snooker escape on the green from Maguire, saying it will probably be the best shot we'll see all week.

Anyway, it was crucial for Maguire's confidence to take that opener, and it sets us up nicely.

1532: Maguire is in a frankly ridiculous snooker which you would need an advanced diploma in algebra, trigonometry and, probably, quantum physics as well to even contemplate how to escape from it.

Amazingly after one narrow miss, he plays a delicate double and deliberately catches the white in the jaws to nudge the green. One of the best, and most imaginative, escapes I have ever seen.

1528: A horrible shot from black to yellow ends Maguire's break, as he snookers himself. He shakes his head with bemusement but does at least manage to get some distance between the white and the yellow in getting out of it.

After a few more shots, Ronnie lands the yellow but a poor miss on the green throws the frame wide open again.

1522: Another slice of luck for Maguire as Ronnie misses a relatively straightforward red to the middle to end his break on 48. No-one expected him to miss that, and by the way he stays down on the shot after the red bounces back off the jaws, neither did he.

1518: Whoops. A missed pot sees Maguire stall on 15 and lets Ronnie into proceedings. A classy long red to the yellow pocket shows he's in good nick right from the off.

1514: It's a cagey opening between these two exciting players, but Maguire eventually breaks the deadlock with a long red. He trusts to luck with position and is rewarded when he gets on the pink to the middle, and subsequently rolls it in.

Given he got approximately zero luck in his UK final thrashing by O'Sullivan, Maguire will already be feeling better about snooker, and life in general.

1504: The MC announces the next two players on the stage at Wembley, and Ronnie O'Sullivan gets an absolutely thunderous reception from the crowd. I think he might have a few fans in the arena.

1500: "The O'Sullivan v Maguire match will be a treat. Shame it's so early in the tournament. Hey ho.

"Call me "Sticking My Neck Out Chowdhury", but I reckon it will a slightly pacier affair then Murphy v Carter."
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury at Wembley Arena

1454: At the darts at the Lakeside, last year's Crucible runner-up Mark Selby has the honour of a leg with the legendary Bobby George.

As it turns out, "the Jester from Leicester" - as his darts shirt proclaims him - is not too bad, but he loses out to George, despite getting down to a finish.

"Anyone can win one leg, can't they?" jokes Selby.

1449: Murphy clears up the remaining balls to win the deciding frame on the black. Carter can't say he didn't have chances. Like John Virgo, Steve Davis says Carter's decision to take on a "suicidal" double was partly to blame.

Next up, we've got Ronnie O'Sullivan v Stephen Maguire.

1445: Murphy pulls one of his trademark long pots out of the bag to get himself out of trouble, and he now has the chance to seal the frame and the match.

1443: A reprieve for Carter as Murphy only makes a break of three before missing a red with the rest. Carter leads by 52 points, with 67 on the table.

1439: Carter, with his back against the wall, is looking as fluid as Niagara Falls as he sweeps to a break of 54.

But a misjudged canon sees him fall out of position and he attempts an ill-advised treble which gets nowhere near the pocket. John Virgo is certainly not impressed with that choice of shot in the commentary box.

1432: The reds are spread far and wide with three or four up at the baulk end. Carter looks to be in trouble with the white hidden behind the black, but he conjures up a magical pot to the left-hand middle and then rolls in a tight black. A useful opportunity.

1427: "It certainly hasn't been pretty. But I reckon Murphy will wrap things up now. I think."
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury at Wembley Arena

1423: Carter does not get another chance as Murphy makes no mistake with the remaining balls, clearing up to go two frames up with three to play. Carter will be kicking himself.

1422: A missed red from a tight angle along the baulk cushion from Carter. He bangs the table with his head in a show of pure frustration. Surely he won't get another chance in this frame now...

1419: Murphy makes 16 and then misses another red, leaving him 20 points ahead but with plenty still on the table. This is not the best snooker you'll ever see, but compelling all the same. This is a pivotal frame, and both players have had plenty of chances.

1417: Given the chance to make his reply, Carter does not get too far before missing a straightforward red with the long rest. The nerves are jangling out there, no question.

1415: Afternoon all, panic over. I'm here now after some rota "issues" (ie I misread the time I was meant to start).

My arrival has coincided with a missed longish red from Murphy just as he seemed to be getting into his stride. Carter knocks in the simple starter, but the remaining balls are not exactly where he would like them to be.

By Ian Westbrook

1408: Not much action to report in this frame at the moment. Carter leads 7-2 after 16 minutes of play. On that note I will hand over to Phil who will be your eyes and ears for the rest of the day. Thanks.

1358: "It's a battle between Carter's class and Murphy's bottle out there. Which quality will prevail in the end?"
The Boss via 606

1353: Don't forget you can watch all the action live on the BBC Sport website.

Coverage is also live on BBCi and currently on BBC Two as well.

1352: It is too much for Carter who concedes the frame after a brief return to the table by Murphy, who now leads 4-3.

1349: The cue ball does not run for Carter as he pots a red in the middle. The pink and black are not in pottable positions so he now needs a snooker to win the frame.

1346: Back on the table, this see-saw match seems to be going Murphy's way in this frame - although as I type that a kick on the blue, frame ball, sees it cannon into the mouth of the pocket but stay out. Murphy leads 59-2 and Carter comes to the table with a possible 59 points remaining.

1341: Now Saj has finished his lunch he is turning his thoughts to the rest of this week.

While down at Wembley he will be putting a series of your questions to the referees at the tournament.

If there is anything you want to ask them about, here is your chance. Post your questions on 606 on the BBC Sport website and the officials will answer a selection of them.

1332: Murphy shrugs off the disappointment of losing the last frame with a clearance of 73 giving him the frame and levelling the match at 3-3.

1328: The tournament is in its second year at Wembley Arena after the move from the Conference Centre next door. The facilities have impressed BBC commentator John Virgo.

He has just said: "I must say they have made a very good job of the Arena. You do not get the plush armchair seats you got at the Conference Centre but there is a good crowd in for the first morning session of the tournament."

1319: While Saj tucks into his lunch, Carter is tucking in on the table - taking full advantage of Murphy's slip to wrap up the frame with a break of 77 to take a 3-2 lead in the match. Don't forget - it's the first to six who wins the match to earn a second round tie against either Ken Doherty or Mark Williams.

1318: You will all be pleased to know that Saj is being well looked after at Wembley.

"I've just had a couple of sandwiches courtesy of Wemberlee catering - smoked salmon and some sort of cheese-styled creation and a cup of cha. Nice."
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury at Wemberlee Arena

1311: Murphy misses a fairly straightforward blue into the corner pocket when leading 38-0 and he may now have given Carter a chance to get back into the frame.

1309: Hi all. I am holding the fort between James' departure and the arrival of Phil Harlow.

By James Standley

1305: The players are back out and the action resumes at Wembley Arena. I am signing out now to concentrate on Wasps v Llanelli Scarlets in the Heineken Cup. Thanks for your company.

1303: We are still in the mid-session interval, with Murphy having fought back from a two-frame deficit to level the match at 2-2.

1301: Ronnie O'Sullivan beat Ding Junhui 10-3 to win the 2007 title. O'Sullivan begins his defence against Stephen Maguire on Sunday afternoon, but not before 1430 GMT.

1253: You can watch Murphy v Carter and Ronnie O'Sullivan's afternoon encounter with Stephen Maguire live on the BBC Sport website and this evening you can see Ryan Day take on Barry Hawkins in the wildcard match.

1246: Murphy levels matters up with a solid break and it's 2-2 at the mid-session interval.

1240: "Ronnie O'Sullivan's just made a little kid happy. The young lad, along with his family, was brought into the media room to have his pic taken with Masters champion. Well done Ronnie."
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury at Wemberlee Arena

1233: "Murphy can't keep relying on his long potting to get him out of jail. He needs to play position better than he has been."
The Boss on 606

1230: Carter breaks and Murphy is immediately into the groove, sinking a sublime long red. John Virgo thinks winning the last frame may have "settled" him, making him feel less "panicky", but he can only put 13 on the board before playing a safety.

1227: Murphy gets on the board with a break of 66 which included a left-handed effort on the penultimate shot of the break.

1213: Murphy breaks in frame three and Carter promptly misses with a long red to give his opponent an opening, but he only makes it to 13 before losing position.

1211: Carter takes a 60-1 lead in frame two. After getting into a break Murphy flukes a red which leaves him needing to sink the pink with his next shot to be able to tie the frame score, but he misses and Carter eventually closes things out following a safety duel to take a two-frame lead after 65 minutes of action.

1159: Carter produces a fine escape from a snooker which is sportingly acknowledged by Murphy. This is the first of three matches scheduled for Sunday.

1153: According to our man on the scene, Wemberlee Arena looks all "snookery" for the occasion. He spoke to Murphy in the build-up to the tournament.

1144: Great news snooker fans, BBC Sport's top Geordie potting expert Saj has overcome near insurmountable transport difficulties to reach the promised land of Wemberlee. He will be chipping in from table-side in just a minute.

In the meantime, on 606 The Boss says Carter's first frame win proves he has "more class" than Murphy. Do you agree? We've started a new thread for day one's action, so feel free to have your say.

1138: Carter breaks to get frame two under way.

1134: Murphy loses the safety duel and Carter scrambles his way though the clearance to take the opening frame.

1129: A superb long red gives Carter the chance to clear but he loses position after potting the pink - admittedly it was a tricky shot and he only just failed to hold it. However, he rolls the cue ball behind the pink to put Murphy in a difficult position.

1125: Carter hits the pink on the way back up the table after an attempted full bore safety shot goes wrong to let in Murphy, and he takes a 61-41 lead before losing position.

1114: Murphy, who is only 25 but first played in the tournament eight years ago, fails several times to escape from a fine Carter snooker, and a break of 14 helps the latter take an early 35-0 lead at Wembley.

1110: "I'll tip Murphy, but Ronnie is also a very likely candidate and I'd love to see Doherty win it."
BulletInTheFaceOf via 606

"I think Ronnie will punch up everyone on route to a classic final with Ding, which could go either way."
The Boss via 606

1101: We're off, Murphy breaking and leaving the ball nestling safely against the cushion. Just is case you're wondering, I'll not be doing a shot by shot commentary, but you can follow the live pictures on the BBC Sport website.

1059: Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan is in action this afternoon but first up is 2005 world champion Shaun Murphy, who gets under way against fellow Englishman Ali Carter in just a couple of minutes.

1054: "Ronnie is always very dangerous but the man on form and the man I think could take over the reins as the best player for a while is Maguire. I will go for him."
Nigeweir via the medium of 606, our interactive discussion forum

1045: Morning all and welcome to the start of what promises to be nine days of top-class snooker at Wembley.

We have three matches to get the tournament under way today - starting with Shaun Murphy against Ali Carter.

Our man Saj Chowdhury will be at Wembley, once he has overcome his travel delays, ready to chat with you on 606 when he battles through so please send him your thoughts, or send us your comments back at base via text.

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