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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 August, 2004, 17:55 GMT 18:55 UK
Men's triathlon results
Results - Triathlon : individual  


Discipline (Triathlon)

Men's individual - 26.08.04

1. Hamish Carter (Nzl) Total Time:0.00
Swimming: (Time:18:19, Rank:33)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h00:44, Rank:1)
Running: (+2nd transition time:32:04, Rank:4)

2. Bevan Docherty (Nzl) Total Time:7.87
Swimming: (Time:18:13, Rank:17)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h00:51, Rank:4)
Running: (+2nd transition time:32:11, Rank:5)

3. Sven Riederer (Swi) Total Time:25.53
Swimming: (Time:18:17, Rank:25)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h00:45, Rank:2)
Running: (+2nd transition time:32:31, Rank:7)

4. Greg Bennett (Aus) Total Time:33.85
Swimming: (Time:18:19, Rank:29)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h01:29, Rank:7)
Running: (+2nd transition time:31:53, Rank:2)

5. Frederic Belaubre (Fra) Total Time:52.80
Swimming: (Time:18:04, Rank:7)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h00:58, Rank:6)
Running: (+2nd transition time:32:58, Rank:12)

6. Andreas Raelert (Ger) Total Time:1:27.89
Swimming: (Time:18:07, Rank:12)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h01:40, Rank:10)
Running: (+2nd transition time:32:48, Rank:9)

7. Rasmus Henning (Den) Total Time:1:29.59
Swimming: (Time:18:19, Rank:28)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h01:29, Rank:7)
Running: (+2nd transition time:32:49, Rank:10)

8. Olivier Marceau (Swi) Total Time:1:36.63
Swimming: (Time:18:18, Rank:26)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h00:46, Rank:3)
Running: (+2nd transition time:33:40, Rank:19)

9. Hunter Kemper (USA) Total Time:1:38.60
Swimming: (Time:18:11, Rank:16)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h02:43, Rank:21)
Running: (+2nd transition time:31:52, Rank:1)

10. Simon Thompson (Aus) Total Time:1:39.45
Swimming: (Time:18:19, Rank:31)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h02:34, Rank:16)
Running: (+2nd transition time:31:54, Rank:3)

11. Simon Whitfield (Can) Total Time:2:08.08
Swimming: (Time:18:21, Rank:36)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h02:35, Rank:17)
Running: (+2nd transition time:32:19, Rank:6)

12. Carl Blasco (Fra) Total Time:2:12.43
Swimming: (Time:18:06, Rank:11)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h01:43, Rank:12)
Running: (+2nd transition time:33:31, Rank:17)

13. Hirokatsu Tayama (Jpn) Total Time:2:20.68
Swimming: (Time:18:03, Rank:5)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h01:43, Rank:12)
Running: (+2nd transition time:33:42, Rank:20)

14. Stephane Poulat (Fra) Total Time:2:43.62
Swimming: (Time:18:04, Rank:9)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h01:43, Rank:12)
Running: (+2nd transition time:34:04, Rank:26)

15. Igor Sysoev (Rus) Total Time:2:43.64
Swimming: (Time:18:00, Rank:3)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h02:55, Rank:24)
Running: (+2nd transition time:32:56, Rank:11)

16. Andrew Johns (Gbr) Total Time:3:08.14
Swimming: (Time:18:11, Rank:15)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h00:53, Rank:5)
Running: (+2nd transition time:35:11, Rank:33)

17. Daniil Sapunov (Kaz) Total Time:3:25.42
Swimming: (Time:18:14, Rank:18)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h02:41, Rank:20)
Running: (+2nd transition time:33:38, Rank:18)

18. Tim Don (Gbr) Total Time:3:34.40
Swimming: (Time:18:07, Rank:13)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h01:40, Rank:10)
Running: (+2nd transition time:34:55, Rank:32)

19. Maik Petzold (Ger) Total Time:3:43.19
Swimming: (Time:18:17, Rank:23)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h02:36, Rank:18)
Running: (+2nd transition time:33:57, Rank:24)

20. Eneko Llanos (Spa) Total Time:3:44.64
Swimming: (Time:18:18, Rank:27)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h02:36, Rank:18)
Running: (+2nd transition time:33:58, Rank:25)

21. Marko Albert (Est) Total Time:4:18.86
Swimming: (Time:18:01, Rank:4)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h01:48, Rank:15)
Running: (+2nd transition time:35:37, Rank:37)

22. Andy Potts (USA) Total Time:4:28.74
Swimming: (Time:17:49, Rank:1)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h03:05, Rank:25)
Running: (+2nd transition time:34:42, Rank:30)

23. Ivan Rana (Spa) Total Time:4:36.54
Swimming: (Time:18:08, Rank:14)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h02:46, Rank:22)
Running: (+2nd transition time:34:50, Rank:31)

24. Peter Robertson (Aus) Total Time:4:36.63
Swimming: (Time:18:16, Rank:21)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h01:33, Rank:9)
Running: (+2nd transition time:35:55, Rank:39)

25. Dmitriy Gaag (Kaz) Total Time:5:21.24
Swimming: (Time:18:29, Rank:43)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:23, Rank:29)
Running: (+2nd transition time:32:36, Rank:8)

26. Sebastian Dehmer (Ger) Total Time:5:55.15
Swimming: (Time:18:23, Rank:38)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:31, Rank:34)
Running: (+2nd transition time:33:08, Rank:13)

27. Victor Plata (USA) Total Time:6:01.36
Swimming: (Time:18:16, Rank:22)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:41, Rank:40)
Running: (+2nd transition time:33:12, Rank:14)

28. Daniel Fontana (Arg) Total Time:6:06.47
Swimming: (Time:18:25, Rank:41)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:30, Rank:32)
Running: (+2nd transition time:33:19, Rank:15)

29. Filip Ospaly (Cze) Total Time:6:09.85
Swimming: (Time:18:23, Rank:37)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:32, Rank:35)
Running: (+2nd transition time:33:22, Rank:16)

30. Volodymyr Polikarpenko (Ukr) Total Time:6:31.55
Swimming: (Time:18:03, Rank:6)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:53, Rank:42)
Running: (+2nd transition time:33:43, Rank:21)

31. Leandro Macedo (Bra) Total Time:6:31.63
Swimming: (Time:18:25, Rank:40)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:30, Rank:32)
Running: (+2nd transition time:33:44, Rank:22)

32. Hiroyuki Nishiuchi (Jpn) Total Time:6:35.78
Swimming: (Time:18:20, Rank:34)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:34, Rank:36)
Running: (+2nd transition time:33:49, Rank:23)

33. Nathan Richmond (Nzl) Total Time:6:54.21
Swimming: (Time:18:04, Rank:8)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h02:51, Rank:23)
Running: (+2nd transition time:37:06, Rank:41)

34. Paulo Miyashiro (Bra) Total Time:7:09.03
Swimming: (Time:17:57, Rank:2)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:59, Rank:43)
Running: (+2nd transition time:34:20, Rank:27)

35. Tyler Butterfield (Ber) Total Time:7:19.26
Swimming: (Time:19:34, Rank:47)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h04:20, Rank:27)
Running: (+2nd transition time:34:32, Rank:29)

36. Gilberto Gonzalez (Ven) Total Time:8:04.47
Swimming: (Time:18:24, Rank:39)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:29, Rank:31)
Running: (+2nd transition time:35:19, Rank:34)

37. Norbert Domnik (Aut) Total Time:8:05.52
Swimming: (Time:19:34, Rank:48)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h04:19, Rank:26)
Running: (+2nd transition time:35:20, Rank:35)

38. Eligio Cervantes (Mex) Total Time:8:20.08
Swimming: (Time:18:44, Rank:46)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:12, Rank:28)
Running: (+2nd transition time:35:31, Rank:36)

39. Brent McMahon (Can) Total Time:8:36.84
Swimming: (Time:18:30, Rank:44)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:25, Rank:30)
Running: (+2nd transition time:35:49, Rank:38)

40. Reto Hug (Swi) Total Time:10:32.70
Swimming: (Time:18:19, Rank:30)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:37, Rank:37)
Running: (+2nd transition time:37:44, Rank:42)

41. Juraci Moreira (Bra) Total Time:11:28.26
Swimming: (Time:18:27, Rank:42)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h09:37, Rank:46)
Running: (+2nd transition time:34:31, Rank:28)

42. Martin Krnavek (Cze) Total Time:11:46.86
Swimming: (Time:18:19, Rank:32)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:37, Rank:37)
Running: (+2nd transition time:38:58, Rank:44)

43. Daniel Lee Chi Wo (Hkg) Total Time:12:22.66
Swimming: (Time:18:17, Rank:24)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:38, Rank:39)
Running: (+2nd transition time:39:35, Rank:45)

44. Javier Rosas (Mex) Total Time:12:56.24
Swimming: (Time:18:43, Rank:45)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h09:21, Rank:45)
Running: (+2nd transition time:35:59, Rank:40)

45. Marc Jenkins (Gbr) Total Time:14:25.87
Swimming: (Time:18:15, Rank:20)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h08:51, Rank:44)
Running: (+2nd transition time:38:27, Rank:43)

- Xavier Llobet (Spa)
Swimming: (Time:18:15, Rank:19)
Cycling: (+1st transition time:1h05:44, Rank:41)

- Andriy Glushchenko (Ukr)
Swimming: (Time:18:05, Rank:10)

- Vassilios Krommydas (Gre)
Swimming: (Time:18:20, Rank:35)

- Conrad Stoltz (Rsa)
Swimming: (Time:19:35, Rank:49)

- Csaba Kuttor (Hun)


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