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BBC Sports news correspondent Gordon Farquhar
provides further details on the case
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Tuesday, 26 September, 2000, 04:14 GMT 05:14 UK
US drugs crisis deepens
Hunter and Jones speak at a Sydney press conference
Hunter and Jones speak at a Sydney press conference
CJ Hunter, the husband of Olympic 100m champion Marion Jones, has pleaded his innocence after it was revealed he failed drug tests on four separate occasions.

The American shot putter tested positive for the banned steroid nandrolone four times this year, the International Olympic Committee revealed.

"I can't explain," said a tearful Hunter at a news conference on Tuesday. "I don't know what has happened. I can promise everybody I'm going to find out."

This latest revelation in the on-going drugs crisis in American sport, is bound to increase speculation that US Track and Field tried to conceal positive tests of Hunter and other American athletes.

I don't know what has happened - I can promise everybody I'm going to find out
  CJ Hunter
There are signs that the new chairman of the US Anti-Doping Agency, former Olympic gold-medallist Frank Shorter, is growing impatient with the whole affair.

American athletes who test positive are not suspended until the appeals procedure is completed - but Shorter believes the issue of privacy should no longer prevent federations such as US Track and Field from announcing the results of tests.

"That will not be an excuse any longer," said Shorter, who won the marathon at Munich in 1972.

"We have a duty to make these things public. It is the moral and ethical thing to do."

Four failures

News that Hunter tested positive at the Bislett Games broke on Monday - but IOC Medical Commission chief Prince Alexandre de Merode said Hunter had three other positive tests.

Marion Jones
Marion Jones: Aiming for five gold medals in Sydney
"The tests were over a period in June and July. There were three out-of-competition tests in addition to the Oslo test and they were nearly all the same level and nearly the same result," de Merode told reporters.

Hunter tested positive out of competition in Rome, Barcelona and Oslo, as well as the positive in competition in Oslo.

Hunter claims innocence

Jones appeared before her husband at the news conference. "I am here to show my complete support for my husband," she said before leaving the room.

Hunter repeated three times: "I don't know what has happened", before breaking down in tears.

The revelations threw an even bigger shadow over Jones' bid to win five gold medals during the Sydney Games.

Johann Koss, the IOC representative on the World Anti-Doping Authority, said US Track and Field tried to conceal Hunter's dope tests and was to blame for the announcement coming in the middle of Jones's Olympic campaign.

"I should think this is affecting her a lot to prepare for the rest of the Games and I think that's unfair for her," said the former Olympic speed skating champion.

"But I think the US Track and Field should have released this a long time before this happened so this wouldn't happen now just during the Games."

Iron supplement

But Nutritionist Victor Conte from the Balco laboratory in San Francisco also appeared at Hunter's press conference.

He said the positive test was caused by an iron supplement which Hunter had been taking.

He said it had been tested and found to be positive for nandrolone.

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