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High ball

Ryan McCluskey demonstrates how to catch the high-dropping ball

Being able to catch a high ball is one of the most important aspects of any Gaelic footballer's game.

It is vital in order to gain possession of the ball so that the team can go on and build attacks.

Hand-eye co-ordination is one of the biggest skill areas in the sport and it is very important in this particular part of the game.

To time your jump and your catch too is difficult, but as with any skill it will improve with practice.


Remember to always keep your eyes on the ball, judge its flight and move underneath the flight path to the position where you will start your jump.

As you take your final stride the jumping leg should be bent slightly so you can push off it as strongly as possible and gain maximum spring.

As you take off the arms should swing forwards and upwards as the body stretches towards the ball.


The jump should be timed in order to collect the ball at the highest point of your reach.

With arms at full stretch the wrists should be straight, hands cupped with fingers spread around the ball and thumbs behind to grip firmly.

With eyes still on the ball grab it directly above the head and as the feet come back down to the ground the ball should be gathered into the body.

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