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How to go solo

Cavan's Jason O'Reilly demonstrates the solo run

The solo is the skill used when making a run while in possession of the ball.

The rules state that while running with the ball it must either be bounced or dropped onto the foot and kicked back into the hands.

This is soloing.

If the player does not do this then they will be penalised for over carrying the ball.

The best players can solo while running at speed and while dodging challenges from opponents.


When soloing the natural running rhythm need not be broken.

The ball should be carried in both hands to ensure a good grip with eyes focused on the space you are running towards.

During the stride as the ball is released from the hands in front of the kicking foot the kicking leg should come forward in the normal way but extended to make contact with the ball.


The toes should be curled upwards at the time of contact with the ball so it is flicked back up towards the body.

As the stride is completed and the ball returns to the hands the player should continue running as normal.

While the ball is in flight it should be watched but while in the hands the player should look around to see what passing options they have.

The ball can also be bounced while running, the same technique should be used without the kicking action coming into play.

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