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Page last updated at 14:30 GMT, Saturday, 13 November 2010

Abu Dhabi GP qualifying as it happened


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By Mark Orlovac

1422: I've just about caught my breath. That was a pretty special way to end qualifying for 2010. Vettel is only the seventh driver in F1 history to have claimed 10 poles in a season. The final grid positions are very good for Alonso and pretty bad for Webber. Has he blown it? We'll find out all the answers tomorrow as this incredible season reaches a climax. Thank you for all of your messages today, keep them coming in today and I'll try to use as many as I can tomorrow. I'll be back at 1100 GMT on Sunday to take you through the race. Don't. Miss. It. Bye for now.

BBC F1 commentator Jonathan Legard on Twitter: "Mark Webber's been used to doing things the hard way in his career. His toughest F1 challenge awaits tomorrow to become champion from P5."

Danny_15 on Twitter: "Webber fifth? Now that wasn't in the script! Can't wait for tomorrow!"

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Ryushinku on 606: "Front cars to take each other off and a bemused Button to win."

BBC F1 pundit David Coulthard on Fernando Alonso: "He got all sideways coming out of the hairpin, and that's the worst thing before the long straight. To be only 0.3 seconds behind Vettel's pole is very impressive."

BBC F1 pundit Eddie Jordan on Mark Webber: "I did not like his body language. He was not at ease with his car. I was disappointed with how he said those comments, he did not fill me with confidence that he is going to win this title."

BBC F1 pundit Eddie Jordan on Fernando Alonso: "That Ferrari didn't deserve to be in third place. He dragged it there. He made it happen."

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner: "The tyres didn't feel like they were going to be ready after one lap, neither driver wanted to do a one-lap run. But it hasn't come together for Mark, the second lap was going to be the optimum lap. Mark has lost out to Jenson by a tenth. The job for Sebastian is quite clear. Sebastian has to get his head down and get on with it. Mark has to beat Alonso. The degradation on the option tyre is going to be a key factor, and we looked pretty good on that. It's going to be a long race."

1409: So then, Vettel and Hamilton are on the front row, Alonso and Button on the second row, Webber and Massa on the third row. I wonder if Alonso will afford himself a wry smile tonight? If was how it finished tomorrow, Alonso would win the title, five points ahead of Vettel with Webber in third.

Red Bull's Mark Webber (fifth on the grid): "I could not get the pace. We are still in the hunt, that's the main thing. It is disappointing but there is still a long way to go. The fat lady has not sung yet."

1404: Absolutely incredible. That's the 10th pole for Vettel this season. Could that be the end of Webber's title challenge? He's fifth on the grid. Button fourth. Webber stormed out of his car, onto the scales and then out to the garage. Not a happy bunny I'd wager. Meanwhile, there was pandemonium in the Red Bull garage when Vettel was confirmed on pole. A storming lap.


1402: Alonso can't do it either. He's on the third row but crucially he's ahead of Webber.

1400: Now Hamilton... a 1:39.425. He's on the front row. Alonso is still out on the track...

1400: Webber sets a 1:39.925. He's fourth at best.

1359: And Vettel improves to a 1:39.394. He's got clear road ahead of him while Alonso is stuck in a train of traffic. Big problems for Ferrari.

1357: Have that. Vettel sets a 1:39.448 on his first flying lap. Webber is also out and about but he's struggling to match it. Two minutes left.

1355: Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo shakes his head on the pit wall after that lap from Alonso. The big boss is watching Nando.

BBC F1 analyst Martin Brundle: "This is the most pressure they have been under in qualifying. There are a lot of fast drivers out there."

1353: Ted Kravitz says Hamilton is incredulous that the Massa incident was not his fault. "He says he was trying to avoid Massa but that the Ferrari driver turned in on him," says Kravitz. Hamilton is fastest for now (1:39.582), followed by Button. Alonso is third.

BBC Radio 5 live F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "This is it, crunch time. Which driver still has it upstairs? Alonso is going to have to drive the lap of his life. This is the moment. He has to be ahead of at least Mark Webber."

1350: Here we go then, the Q3 shootout. This is going to be tasty.

1347: Kamui Kobayashi, Adrian Sutil, Heidfeld, Liuzzi and Alguersuari are the other drivers to fall out of Q2. Eddie Jordan believes that Hamilton will get a penalty for that little run in with Massa and then says he has absolutely no idea who will get pole. I don't either. But I'll say... Hamilton. Brundle predicts Vettel. "I would be very nervous if I were Red Bull," he says. "The track is so long but it is so close. I wonder if there is going to be a surprise like Nico Rosberg."

1343: Big shock... Kubica can only set a 1:40.780 and he misses out on Q3. Wow. Team-mate Petrov has made it through, though. Vettel fastest, then it was Button, Rosberg, Webber, Hamilton and Alonso. It is worth noting that Rosberg set that 1:40.060 on the harder compound tyres. Brazilian pole sitter Nico Hulkenberg is down in 15th, a little bit different to last week, eh?

1342: The immediate danger is over for Hamilton as he sets a 1:40.119 to go second. Massa up to sixth. The flag falls. There's a few cars out on the track though, the leaderboard could still change.

1339: Ted Kravitz reports that all the top runners are on the softer tyres now while Mercedes have decided to go back to the harder compound. Hamilton is down in 17th. Could this be a shock? Hang on... there's a bit of trouble as Hamilton, on a slower lap, doesn't see Massa, on a fast one, on the outside of him and has to cut across a corner to avoid him. Will that incident go in front of the stewards?

harrierpaulh66 on Twitter: "Ferrari boss standing right behind Stefano Domenicali on the pit wall... no pressure there then."

1336: Quite good actually. Bang. Vettel sets a 1:39.874. "That's a proper lap time," says Brundle. Webber, also on his first flying lap on those softer options, only manages fourth. Slower than Button and Alonso on the primes.

1334: As Button improves to a 1:40.156, Hamilton runs wide at Turn 11. That lap is ruined then. The Red Bull boys are on the option tyres. What can they do?

BBC Radio 5 live F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "I don't think Felipe Massa is going to be much help to his team-mate Alonso this weekend. Where does a driver in his position find the motivation at this stage of the season? I just feel, well, since Hockenheim really, that Massa has been a bit of a broken man."

1331: Massa is the first driver to post a time in Q2, a 1:40.906 but then team-mate beats that Alonso with a 1:40.475. Fernando is faster than you. Now it's Button... and he's quickest with a 1:40.267.

1326: Q2 is under way. Rosberg, by the way, posted a 1:40.231 right at the end of Q1. "It certainly caught the attention," says Kravitz. "It was on his third flying lap, his fourth in total on the harder tyres."

f1manicgsm17 on Twitter: "Is Lewis going to deliver? I do hope so. I want him to at least win the race. That's all he can possibly do."

BBC F1 pundit Eddie Jordan on Buemi: "You look to see improvement, especially with young drivers and we are not seeing it here."

1320: That's the end of Q1. Team-mates Alguersuari and Sebastien Buemi are trying to save themselves. Alguersuari is first to cross the line... and he's up in 17th. What about Buemi? Oh dear, he almost smacks into the barrier at Turn 19. That will cost him. And it does. Buemi drops out. In order, the drivers to go out are Trulli, Kovalainen, Glock, Di Grassi, Senna and Christian Klien.

BBC Radio 5 live F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "This is fantastic. Both Alonso and Hamilton are in there mixing it with the Red Bulls - it's going to come down to whoever can switch on their option tyres for that one flying lap."

1318: Toro Rosso's Alguersuari is the man in trouble and is with the new teams in the bottom seven drop zone. He hasn't got long to save himself.

BBC F1 analyst Martin Brundle: "If Red Bull have the fastest car, Mark Webber is still the favourite for the title, they are in control and can call the shots. Ferrari don't have the fastest car, and Alonso has a load of guys around him like Hamilton that he just doesn't need. Ferrari have to disrupt Red Bull's race somehow. Can Massa get among them, or can they put him on a long strategy? Alonso needs Massa to help him out."

1313: The German Red Bull driver hits back with a 1:40.318 while Alonso is in third after a 1:40.409. Oh no he's not, Alonso now posts a 1:40.170. Crikey this is lively.

1311: Vettel is now quickest after a 1:40.617 but here's Hamilton... he's flying and takes top spot for the moment with a 1:40.335... but Vettel is coming again... this is superb.

Nsarj on Twitter: "Is it me or are too many people counting Lewis out the title race already, even before the lights have turned green?"

1307: Hamilton improves to a 1:40.743 while championship leader Fernando Alonso is second with a 1:40.991. Button is not comfortable. "I have a vibration and it is becoming really big," he says. The 2009 champion doesn't say where from though.

BBC F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "It's huge pressure on all the drivers still in the world championship, but I think Ferrari have been pretty good at hiding their speed here - don't forget that in Korea, in dry conditions, Fernando Alonso almost pipped Sebastian Vettel to pole position fair and square."

1304: Times early doors - Hamilton (1:41.245), Button (1:42.229) and Toro Rosso's Jaime Alguersuari (1:42.709).

1300: Here we go then. The final qualifying session of 2010 is now up and running. You might want to refresh this page, just to make sure you get that Alonso video. Enjoy!

BBC F1 analyst Martin Brundle: "This is the most important qualifying session I can remember in a long time. I am not sure it is going to be Ferrari's evening. Alonso is going to have to drive the wheels off that car. Red Bull look fast and McLaren are very excited about their car."

Alonso rides world's fastest rollercoaster

1254: Here it is then - the Alonso rollercoaster video. Alonso's face is simply brilliant. Although, I can't laugh too much, if I was on that thing I'd be crying like a teething toddler.

1250: David Coulthard and Martin Brundle are out on the Yas Marina track talking about the circuit and DC says Turn One could be the easiest on the F1 calendar. "The pressure will be off whoever is on pole," he says. The sun is starting set, it really is a spectacular view from the air. Stunning. A wonderful stage to host the deciding weekend of the 2010 season.

BBC F1 analyst Eddie Jordan: [Ferrari president] Luca di Montezemolo is running up and down the pit lane, shaking his competitors' hands, trying to be Mr Nice Guy - but inside there is a steely determination to be number one."

pranav_baitule on Twitter: "What are the odds that Alonso, Vettel and Webber crash into each other and Hamilton runs away with the championship?"

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Matt, Ipswich via text: "I'm currently sat in a library studying for CIMA exams and having to follow the best sport in the world via my phone - not fair! Moment of the season either has to be Lewis just keeping it out of the barriers to win in the rain or the fantastic dual between Lewis and Jenson showing the Red Bulls how it should be done; go Lewis (or more realistically Mark Webber!)."

Lotus technical chief Mike Gascoyne on Twitter: "15 mins to go to the final quali session of the season. Hope Lotus to finish as best of the new teams and then enjoy the battle at the front."

1244: Jake is back driving fast cars again and after a bit of coaching from Johnny Herbert, he takes to a single seater at the Yas Marina circuit, trying to match the pace of former Ferrari, Benetton and Jordan driver Jean Alesi. I feel nervous for him. He gets little sympathy from DC though. "Emotion is not the problem, your lack of talent is the problem," says Coulthard. Harsh.

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Steven, Milton Keynes via text: "My driver of the year has to be mark Webber, the drive of the year any of Webber's victories to be honest. Moment of the year Red Bull Racing clinching the constructors title. Webber to win Sunday!"

CLAPBRICKFILMS on Twitter: "Does anybody else have butterflies? Or is it just because I'm a huge McLaren fan? HAMILTON 4 POLE!"

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Steve in Abu Dhabi via text: "Sat here in the south stand waiting for the qualifying to start and really looking forward to it as it is our first F1. Weather is perfect, 30 degrees and a slight breeze."
Jealous. Very jealous.

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh: "I think Ferrari are in good shape. They made a fantastic recovery in mid-season. I don't think anybody expected them to be in the position they are at this stage of the season."

1237: Whitmarsh and Horner are both asked who will win the title. "Lewis Hamilton," says Whitmarsh. "A Red Bull driver," adds Horner. No surprises there then.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Abu Dhabi: "Lotus boss Tony Fernandes is doing stellar work to build a reputation as the coolest team principal in F1. The airline tycoon and West Ham fan is always very open and friendly but he stood up the media this morning because he was hanging out with Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise. Fernandes went to meet the actor on the set of Mission Impossible 4 in Dubai to talk about motorsport and future projects. Fernandes commented on Twitter: 'I think we are both the same height but I've got a bigger stomach. Tom was telling me he drinks the same power drink as Heikki [Kovalainen].'"

1234: McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh and Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner are being interviewed by Jake Humphrey on BBC One. They are both pretty relaxed considering what is at stake. Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali is the only one who isn't there. "Maybe it's team orders," quips Jake. Whitmarsh says of Alonso: "He is a formidable competitor. He is going to be tough to beat for anyone."

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Evered7 on 606: "Moment of the season: Alonso's win in Hockenheim. Drive of the year: Alonso leading the title race with a car slower than the Red-Bulls all through the year. Comment of the Season: 'Massa, Alonso is faster than you, do you understand?' I am in no way critical of Ferrari, but they took the right approach to maximise the chance for their lead driver. If only Massa had been a little more consistent and finished in the top five frequently, Ferrari would have been in a better position in the WCC too."

Ferrari on Twitter: "Today it will be tough. A place in second row would be a good result, then we'll push like hell in the race tomorrow."

1228: And BBC One have played that Alonso on a rollercoaster video clip. Massa is alongside him and seems to be loving it while Alonso's face is an absolute picture. Awesome. That is going to keep me giggling for a while.

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Jack in Newcastle via text: "Best season for years, moment of the season the Vettel/Webber crash in Turkey, drive of the season - Hamilton holding off Jenson in the same race. Only one song - Fleetwood Mac 'The Chain'."

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Ken in Florida via text: "Best moment of the season was hearing Lewis ask the team. 'If I back off, is Jenson going to pass me or not', being told no - then having Jenson pass him - priceless!!!"

BBC F1 pundit David Coulthard: "It is a fantastic weekend. We have two guys that have won the world title, and two guys that haven't, all in the hunt."

1220: And we have the return of the BBC F1 White Jeans. Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard are both sporting them today. Maybe they couldn't decide who would get them this weekend so one of them obviously went out to buy a pair. EJ is wearing a cerise shirt, DC a more reserved pastel pink. All very colour co-ordinated.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Abu Dhabi: "I popped into McLaren HQ before qualifying and the team said they were not worried by Hamilton's performance in third practice even though he was half a second off the pace of the Red Bulls. McLaren are confidently expecting Hamilton, who took pole here last year, to find more time when it counts. McLaren were also pleased to see Jenson Button improve to set the fifth fastest time. Hamilton and Button are now both running the new version of the rear wing, which the team trialled in Suzuka but have now perfected. McLaren need both drivers on song for Hamilton to have any hope of overhauling his 24-point deficit in the championship."

Ferrari on Twitter: "45 mins to the most important qualifying session of the year... the crew is working on the cars, the engineers are working on the run plan."

clarkbatfan on Twitter: "Driver of the year? Nico Rosberg. Only 13 points less than a Ferrari in a car that clearly isn't good. Cracking effort."

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Adam on 606: "C'mon Williams, end the year on a high, oh how I long for the old glory days when they challenged for the title."

1214: There's also a bit of Premier League football action today and the delectable Jonathan Stevenson is the man to take you through the action. BBC One coverage is about to get going, you can also catch it above this live text commentary.

1209: A little reminder that it was Lewis Hamilton who took pole in Abu Dhabi last year. He set a time of 1:40.948, 0.667 seconds ahead of Seb Vettel, with Mark Webber and the Brawn of Rubens Barrichello making up the second row.

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Ben in Notts via text: "My best moment of the year was standing amongst the travelling F1 community with my mates on the banks of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, belting out the national anthem after Lewis had just triumphed! Fingers crossed for another rendition come Sunday!"

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James, London via text: "Best moment of the year, or at least the most amusing, was Felipe Massa being threatened with jail time if he let Alonso through at Interlagos. Bonkers."

1205: There's just 10 minutes before qualifying coverage gets going on BBC One. And there's only 15 minutes before we see Eddie Jordan's latest shirt. Excited? I haven't even had a sneaky preview yet. Boo.

f12010bbc on Twitter: "What a fantastic season for Formula 1... now who would bet against Nico Hulkenberg getting pole again this afternoon or evening!"

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Carol via text: "My best moments of the season were Rubens finishing fifth at Silverstone, fourth at Valencia and getting past Schumacher at Hungry."

francescolombo on Twitter: "I spent the break making a strong coffee and reading about the latest race conspiracy theories. genuinely excited!"

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TDC on 606: "First lap collisions, blow-ups, DNF's who knows, but it should be a great race. Pity I can't watch it live and can only follow it on text. Music for the montage: 'The Eagles - Long Run'.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Abu Dhabi: "Ferrari say they do not have any new updates to the F10 this weekend. The team have been experimenting with higher and lower downforce rear wings in practice but otherwise the car is the same specification as Brazil. When asked which rear wing Fernando Alonso would use during qualifying, I was enigmatically told: 'Time will tell.' This, I suppose, is the only true answer to all of this weekend's championship questions. Alonso, who was fourth fastest in final practice, reckons his title chances could be helped by a McLaren pole. Anyone but Red Bull is key to the Spaniard's campaign this weekend."

1152: How do you see this qualifying session going then? Red Bull have had 14 pole positions in 2010 and need one more to equal the record set by Williams (1992, 1993) and McLaren (1988, 1989). I'll also need your moment, drive and driver of the season and well as the song that would sum up the campaign. You can tweet me on Twitter, join in the banter on 606, or text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with F1 before your message.

1148: So how did you spend your break? Making lunch or a cup of tea? We've had a look at a video clip of Fernando Alonso riding the frankly terrifying rollercoaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Absolutely superb. Apparently it's coming up in the qualifying programme on BBC One which starts at 1215 GMT. Don't miss it.

1145: Hello again. You weren't going to miss this were you? Qualifying gets going at 1300 GMT. Will Sebastian Vettel become the seventh driver in F1 history to claim 10 pole positions in a season? Not long to find out.

1115: Time to stand down for 30 minutes or so. I'll be back at 1145 GMT to take you through the final qualifying session of the year. See you in a bit.

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Desolation_row on 606: "Surely Ferrari's lack of running has more to do with Alonso's engine then anything else. From what they've shown so far they look like the third quickest team."

BBC F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "It is very strange that Lewis Hamilton is slower than yesterday. He has a lot more time to find."

rrengland3 on Twitter: "Can't help but feel if Red Bull threw their weight behind Webber instead of Vettel he would have the title by now. My quote of the year 'Not bad for a number two driver' (in relation to Vettel breaking his front wing and being given Webber's)."

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MUFC_4_E3VER on 606: "My Top five prediction for quali: Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Webber, Rosberg."

Chequered flag
1101: That's your lot for third and final practice. Vettel posted the fastest time of 1:40.696 with team-mate Webber 0.133 seconds behind in second. Hamilton was third (1:41.280), Alonso fourth (1:41.490) and Button fifth (1:41.578). An honourable mention for Petrov, who finished sixth fastest. The Ferraris come out again, not to set a time but to perform a practice start.

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "Ferrari must be very sure of themselves because they are sitting in the garage going absolutely nowhere. Fernando Alonso must be very sure of the balance on that softer tyre. There is no panic here. That tells me they must have a great set-up for qualifying."

1054: Button, with that late change to his rear suspension, sets a 1:41.578 and is in fourth. Webber is second with a 1:41.153, he was helped there by a very considerate move from Vitaly Petrov, who pulled over near the end of that lap. Six minutes to go.

1051: Webber leaves the pits and David Croft says he is on a five-lap run while Alonso moves up to second with a 1:41.490. "These option tyres are staying alive for a surprisingly long time," says BBC F1 pundit Anthony Davidson. "And that may have implications for qualifying, we may see drivers doing more than one lap on them."

BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "Jenson Button has made a further change to his rear suspension quite late in the day - let's see if he can find any extra time in that McLaren."

1047: Nando is on the softer 'option' tyre and he comes very close to hitting the barriers coming out of Turn 19. He sets a 1:41.790 which is good enough for fourth.

The class of 2010
A Schumacher-less line-up, is that who Ross Brawn is calling?
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Abu Dhabi: "Bernie Ecclestone staged a 'Class of 2010' photograph under the floodlights in Abu Dhabi on Friday night. The call from the F1 supremo meant drivers re-jigged their schedules to fit in media interviews and drivers' meeting. Alas, the photo was missing the most famous face of all the drivers as 2010's comeback kid Michael Schumacher was a no-show. He had been spotted hanging around the paddock after practice in a pair of ill-advised above-the-knee denim shorts. Maybe he didn't want those caught on camera..."

1041: Vettel improves his time to 1:41.252 while Webber moves up to second after a 1:41.621. Hamilton posts a 1:41.669 and is in third. Holly Samos is in the Ferrari garage and she says they are making adjustments to Alonso's rear suspension and will be back out again soon. He is currently seventh fastest after completing six laps.

1037: ... and Hamilton is straight up to second after a 1:41.994. He looked strong in practice on Friday, could he claim his second pole of the season later on today and his first since Canada? BBC F1 analyst Anthony Davidson says McLaren's data showed that Hamilton was the fastest car yesterday, with Alonso "two-tenths behind the Red Bulls".

1034: And there's Vettel with a 1:41.628 while Rosberg moves up to second after a 1:42.099. Alonso is third (1:42.291). Hamilton has not yet set a time but is out and about now though...

1030: Schumacher sets a 1:42.518 while Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg is fighting with his car around the Yas Marina. He runs wide at one point and the bottom of the floor whacks a kerb. I'm going to miss those yellow gloves over the winter.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Abu Dhabi: "Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel has been the master of one-lap pace this season and there is no better time to capture his 10th pole. The 23-year-old German's title chances hang on him finishing first or second in Sunday's race with other results going his way. Vettel says: 'I felt strong and think there is a bit of lap time still to gain. Ferrari and McLaren looked competitive and it's tight as expected but hopefully we can pick up some pace and be ahead."

1026: Some of the bigger boys are coming out to play now. Renault's Bob Kubica leads the way with a 1:43.186, Sauber's Nick Heidfeld second after a 1:43.493. Kravitz notes that Renault have not had any developments on their car since Belgium. Can I nominate Kubica for my driver of the year by the way?

hazrin on Twitter: "My quote of the year - 'Don't you worry, we'll get them,' Vettel at Singapore."

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Stargazer on 606: "Moment of the season: Vettel and Webber committing mass suicide when a one-two would have sealed the drivers' title for Red Bull. Having palpably the best car, they always seem to find some way of losing."

1019: There's an intense discussion down in the McLaren garage involving Hamilton, Whitmarsh and other members of the crew. We'll see when he gets going again. Timo Glock sets a 1:47.106, then it is Jarno Trulli (1:47.132) and Di Grassi (1:47.148).

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "The teams are just waiting for someone to do some laps. The circuit is rubbered in to an extent but not with F1 rubber. The big teams want others to go out and lay some rubber down, they want a true and representative view of the track before this crucial qualifying session."

1014: It's the calm before the storm. Only one time on the board so far, and it's a 1:48.532 from Virgin Racing's Lucas di Grassi. McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh is chatting with Jenson Button and Crofty is away with his conspiracy theories again. "I woke up with a suspicious mind," he says.

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Anon via text: "F1 moment of the year: Fernando is faster than you and then the pass. Driver of the year: Mark Webber despite being a clear number two in the team, he kept at it and could be the champion. Drive of the year would be Alonso keeping Vettel behind all race to win in Singapore."

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Dan in Birmingham via text: "My best moment of the season was Lewis breaking the Red Bull hold on pole position and then winning in Canada. Let's hope for a repeat of that!!"

1008: Hamilton complains that he "already has vibration" on his installation lap. He comes into the McLaren garage and Kravitz notes that the front right tyre has a flat spot on it but he believes that it is not bad enough to prevent them using that set again. On the Red Button, F1 commentator David Croft is speculating about what could happen in tomorrow's race, with lots of theories as to how Massa can help Alonso to the title.

link text here "Best Drive: Webber's Monaco. Best Driver: WEBBER! Moment of the year: Webber's crash in Valencia. Music: 'Don't Stop Believing'"

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ben on 606: "Drive: Kubica in Australia. Driver: Webber. Moment: Nico Hulkenberg putting it on pole by 1.1 seconds in Brazil!"

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Foxxinator on 606: "I know it will be controversial should Alonso win because of those seven points gained from team orders, but on the flip side of it... it really is Webber's, Vettel's and Hamilton's fault that they're in this situation now. If they had been a bit less risky and not crashed out so much then Alonso would never be in this position."

1000: Lotus driver Jarno Trulli leads out the train of cars as FP3 begins. It's a glorious day in Abu Dhabi. Oh, there's Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo. "Di Montezemolo and the big brass turning up only serves to underline the importance of this weekend to Ferrari," says BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz.

0957: The drivers are getting ready to start their hour of final practice. Seb Vettel in the Red Bull garage is back wearing his very sparkly helmet. Very nice. BBC pit-lane reporter Holly Samos says there have been a few changes to Jenson Button's braking system after he complained of front locking yesterday.

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m5_rcc on 606: "Red Bull should of have wrapped both titles by now. Hockenheim was just one race of 19. Credit to Alonso for picking up the pieces."

HibaMS on Twitter: "Don't care what anyone says, I'm with Alonso all the way! Hoping for a great quali for him!"

Tiirshak on Twitter: "I couldn't be more nervous. Really hoping Mark can pull it out today. Hamilton on pole would make things difficult for Webber."

A celeb has been spotted
A celeb has been spotted
0951: Tell you what, it's all glamour in the world of Formula 1. Lotus Racing team principal Tony Fernandes apparently cancelled breakfast with the press to hang out with Tom Cruise on the set of Mission Impossible 4. I know how he feels. I've just seen Strictly Coming Dancing judge Len Goodman downstairs. That's about the same, right?

Sarah Holt and members of the BBC crew pose with Bernie
Sarah Holt and members of the BBC crew pose with Bernie
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Abu Dhabi: "Hello again. The desert has turned up the heat on the four title contenders as cloudless blue skies and 30C temperatures grace the final qualifying day of 2010. Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso were separated by less than half a second on Friday and they will expect to fly in these conditions for final practice. The organisers in Abu Dhabi are giving everyone the chance to be a contender at the season finale. Fans can pretend to be one of the 'big four' and then lift the trophy on a podium."

0945: You may remember yesterday that I talked about a big picture of the title contenders sitting with Bernie Ecclestone, with the faces cut out so fans in Abu Dhabi can put their heads through for a snapshot. Well, our very own intrepid reporter Sarah Holt and other members of the BBC crew have sent in a photo to give you a demonstration of what it looks like. Sarah's Fernando Alonso is priceless... pic to follow.

0942: Final practice at the Yas Marina circuit gets going at 1000 GMT, with coverage on the Red Button and in the console at the top of this page, with qualifying at 1300 GMT. This is where you come in, I'm going to need your drive, driver and moment of the year, as well as the music for your 2010 montage. Get in touch via 606, Twitter or text on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with F1 before your message. It's all yours.

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton on Twitter: "I'm ready, let's GO!!"

0935: Morning all. Welcome to final practice and qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Pumped? Of course you are. Hope the bacon butties are being cooked at this very moment. Sorry to kick-off with a little controversy but Alonso's win at Hockenheim, when Ferrari appeared to give race leader Felipe Massa a coded message to let the Spaniard through for victory, is brought up again in many of the papers this morning. Views?

0930: "There is no doubt that this championship will be devalued if Fernando Alonso wins and the points obtained by breaking the rules define the final result." Former FIA president Max Mosley in today's Times talking about the Ferrari team orders rumpus. Discuss.

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After 60 of 61 laps
Position Driver Team

Race stopped at 60 laps

1 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes
2 Germany S Vettel Red Bull
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull
4 Spain F Alonso Ferrari
5 Brazil F Massa Williams
6 France J Vergne Toro Rosso
7 Mexico S Perez Force India
8 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India
10 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren
11 Finland V Bottas Williams
12 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus
13 France R Grosjean Lotus
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso
15 Sweden M Ericsson Caterham
16 France J Bianchi Marussia
17 Great Britain M Chilton Marussia
18 Great Britain J Button (ret.) McLaren
19 Germany A Sutil (ret.) Sauber
20 Mexico E Gutierrez (ret.) Sauber
21 Germany N Rosberg (ret.) Mercedes
22 Japan K Kobayashi (ret.) Caterham

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