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Button & Hamilton Q&A

When Murray met Jenson & Lewis

In a special edition of the BBC website Q&A series, McLaren drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton were put on the spot by legendary commentator Murray Walker.

Thank you for all your emails, unfortunately Murray was only to ask the drivers a handful as they had so many questions for him!

What are your earliest memories of Silverstone?
Roger Clarke, Reading

Jenson Button: "I came here for the first time in either 1991 or 1992."

Lewis Hamilton: "My first recollection of watching a race here was when I was about five in 1990."

Do you feel the presence of the British fans here?
Imtiyaaz, UK

JB: "Definitely. You come on Friday and it's rammed; it's so much busier than a lot of races we go to around the world. It's such a special atmosphere at your home grand prix and the British fans have been amazing. They have been very supportive."

LH: "More than any other country, people here are so enthusiastic about the sport."

Is the new Silverstone layout better, worse or no different?
Howard Leech, UK

JB: "It loses something because it hasn't got the flow of the circuit but you gain something back because it now has some slow-speed corners, and it's not just about aerodynamics, it's about mechanical grip too. There's the possibility for overtaking and we hope we can make some moves work."

LH: "I miss Bridge and I was always terrible at Priory which was the next corner. I was determined to get it right - I did get it right in qualifying in 2007 and in the wet in 2008."

JB: "Yeah, I went off there then."

Is there any aspect of your team-mate's driving that you admire and vice versa?
Greg Joiner, UK

JB: "We do drive in a slightly different style."

LH: "You just see how it is and you adapt."

JB: "It's good having a driver who's competitive and who's achieved so much."

Murray Walker: "Could you drive with each other's set-up?"

LH: "They are similar so we probably could."

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton
Button and Hamilton have forged a new relationship as McLaren team-mates

JB: "Surprisingly."

LH: "The cars are pretty much identical but I couldn't reach his pedals. He's got a bigger (backside) than me.

JB: "And he's got shorter legs…"

LH: "Hang on, I've got short legs and a bigger backside than you."

If you had to give one piece of advice to aspiring karters, what would it be?
Martin Theodorou

LH: "Have fun. My dad was the one doing all the hard work. It was all fun to me until I got to single-seaters and then I got more serious but that wasn't until I was 17."

JB: "If you are going to go into any sport you have to enjoy it first, that's the most important thing. Then if you start getting good at it and you have a bit of talent you can build on it, but that should come later in your career."

Do either of you have any superstitions or special routines before a race?
Brian Chessell, UK

LH: "There are some things you want to do but they're not superstitions."

JB: "It's mainly because you do the same things every race and you want to keep it that routine. I always get in from the right side of the car. If I'm stood on the left, I walk round and get in from the right."

LH: "I get in from the left. I'm right-handed so I'm more comfortable for my right leg up on the car. I'd probably knock off the wing mirror if I got in from the other side."

Who would win an arm wrestle between the two of you?
Ollie Bell

JB: "I'm not sure our team would be very impressed with that. The last man I saw do an arm wrestle broke his arm and we're obviously very strong so that's a real possibility. Why don't you have a go with Lewis, Murray?"

(Murray stands up to accept the challenge)

JB: "No, Murray sit down. We were only joking."

OK guys, you've assessed the upgrades - what do you think?
Richard, UK

JB: "There are definitely some positives but there are also some areas we have to work on; we knew that coming here with the package. It's not an aero package you stick on the car and you go quicker. You have to work on it."

LH: "It's difficult on the track to evaluate it and you don't have that much time. The difficult thing is to weigh up the good and the bad and tune it by the set-up. The team are also doing some analysis."

JB: "The pace of the car is not good enough at the moment."

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