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Eddie Jordan Q&A

The BBC Formula 1 team are answering your questions in a new series for the website this year.

In the latest edition, pundit Eddie Jordan is on the spot. Thank you for all your e-mails, a selection of which the former team boss answers below.

BBC Sport Formula 1 pundit Eddie Jordan
By Eddie Jordan
BBC Sport in Silverstone

Eddie, if you were team boss at McLaren or Red Bull with the competition between the team-mates would you choose a number one driver to go for the championship, and if so when?
Paul Surgey, Scotland

The ebb and flow of the championship means it's far too early to decide that at this point in the season. Until it's mathematically clear which driver is ahead - and it's certainly not the case at either McLaren or Red Bull now - a team cannot make that decision. If a team went with one driver, as sure as eggs are eggs it would go the other way.

What impact has the new section of Silverstone had on the circuit?
Holly Woodward, UK

All the drivers love the first section of Silverstone through Copse, Maggotts and Becketts - and the good news for them is that part of the circuit hasn't been changed. The new section that has changed from Abbey back round to Brooklands is a bit bumpy. That's because when the track was laid there were fairly extreme weather conditions which froze up the ground and delayed the setting of the track. Silverstone should be able to sort that out, though. Generally, there has been a seal of approval from the drivers; they all like it apart from the bumps.

Who's your money on in the McLaren battle this year?
Ste, UK

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button
Are Hamilton and Button becoming too pally?

I'd like to see a slight change in the attitude of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. I think it's all too cosy between the two of them. The so-called 'love-in' is fine but in the car there has to be a steely determination for one to beat the other. I'd like to see Button in particular have a more aggressive attitude.

Who will win the British Grand Prix?
Damien Sheridan, Cumbria

It certainly looks like it has to be a Red Bull and it could be a one-two though it's still open as to which way it will go. I personally would love to see Mark Webber win the race because he's 33, he broke his leg at the start of last season, he does a lot of charity work and because he has lived most of his life in England just a few miles from Silverstone.

How effective do you think the exhaust-blown diffuser really is? Some say it's worth half a second but Red Bull say it's less than that.
Tim, Sussex

Red Bull will probably say that because they've perfected it. It's a bit like Brawn and the advantageous double diffuser they used last season and McLaren's F-duct - only the team who pioneered it know what it is really worth. Red Bull were playing it down in the vain hope the teams won't go to all the trouble to add it to their cars.

After Mark Webber's crash in Valencia, do you agree with the introduction of Kers and the adjustable rear wing next year as they will make the difference in car speeds even greater?
Joe, UK

The crash in Valencia between Mark Webber's Red Bull and Heikki Kovalainen's Lotus didn't have a lot to do with top speed - it had more to do with braking differences. But a potential increase in speed difference is an important issue, and it has to be taken into consideration. The reintroduction of Kers for 2011 shouldn't be a huge problem as the drivers have all run with it before and they will adapt very quickly again. I do think there are easier ways to find a solution to overtaking without bringing in the adjustable rear wing, which for me is a surprise.

Eddie, you have a fantastic sense of style. Where do you get glasses from as my husband needs a makeover in the specs department?
Sandra Murray, Scotland

I change my glasses quite a lot as it's something I'm interested in. I've designed styles of glasses in the past too. The ones I wear now are extremely light; I choose different colours and get them made in Germany.

Do you think Fernando Alonso will always 'hate' Lewis Hamilton because of their relationship as McLaren team-mates in 2007?
Josh F, UK

Well, it's beginning to look like it. I think the outburst in Valencia was particularly telling in view of the ferocity of the outburst. It would appear that he's not totally happy either with McLaren or Hamilton or both.

With your robust questioning of key F1 personalities, do you take your inspiration from Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman?
Gianni Fasulo, Peterborough

EJ and Jeremy Paxman
F1's answer to Jeremy Paxman?

Who's digging up these questions? No, I don't take inspiration from Paxman, but I do like his questions.

Sometimes I cringe when I'm watching as he's right on the mark and very tough on how he wants the questions to be answered. I don't think there's a politician out there who doesn't fear being interviewed by him.

Do you regret never having David Coulthard race for your Jordan team?
Richard Warner, UK

Well, some people call into question my relationship with him on the BBC so I'm sure it would have been very interesting if he'd have been my driver.

What are your thoughts on the Williams situation, they appear to have tailed off?
Dave Jones, UK

Williams had a good race in Valencia as Rubens Barrichello finished fourth. But it is disappointing for a team that I grew up in total awe of and who, for me, were the great team of the Eighties and Nineties. The fact that they haven't won a grand prix in more than 100 attempts is something that will frustrate them. Sir Frank Williams has stepped down as chairman and handed the reins to Adam Parr. A change at the top could be a good thing for the development of the company. As for Barrichello, well, I don't know if he will carry in 2011 but if the fire and passion hasn't been dampened he probably will.

Having run your own team, how would I go about getting a career behind the scenes of an F1 team?
Ross Gillam, UK

Getting into an F1 team irrespective of how lowly the team is or your position within it is half the battle but if you are good enough you will rise to the top very quickly because teams appreciate hard work and grafting talent. If you cannot get into F1 then try and get into Formula Three, GP2 or one of the junior formulae. Never think junior racing is beneath you as you will learn more about what's going on than you ever will in F1.

Eddie, can you please stop trying to break the hearts of the dreamers who believe that Michael Schumacher will be great again?
Andrew Nickell, UK

He chose to come back and if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. The competition has moved on and Mercedes haven't got a good enough car this season. When he drives quickly enough, I'll be very happy to say nice things about him.

Eddie Jordan is the former owner of the Jordan Grand Prix team and a BBC F1 pundit. He was talking to Sarah Holt.

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